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CoolMist E-liquid

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CoolMist is perfect for any vaper. Never over-powering, with no tobacco undertones, this E-liquid provides a subtle, sweet menthol experience that is perfect for mixing with other flavors or vaping on its own.

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CoolMist is perfect for any vaper. Never over-powering, with no tobacco undertones, this E-liquid provides a subtle, sweet menthol experience that is perfect for mixing with other flavors or vaping on its own.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our e-liquids undergo independent testing: CoolMist E-liquid's test results

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  1. My favorite flavor review by Jean

    My favorite flavor of e-liquid is CoolMist. It is crisp, cool, has a good throat hit, and clean menthol taste. I occasionally try other menthol flavors, but keep coming back to the CoolMist. It is the best! I've used this e-liquid from Halo for probably 2-3 years and would not buy from any other company. Halo has great customer service and fast delivery. I can always depend on them to promptly fill my order. Thanks HALO!!

  2. Best e-liquid you can get review by Sarah

    CoolMist is the only e-liquid I use. I have made the mistake several times of trying others, and obviously didn't learn from them—no more. I'm going to stick with this stuff for life.

  3. Perfect review by Dan

    I have tried them all and in my opinion, this is by far the best. No smell whatsoever while vaping, and it has a perfect throat hit. The only kind I buy now! Halo rocks!

  4. Great Vape review by Hades

    Great flavor. The taste is like a menthol hit with a hint of mint—great flavor. I will reorder this again.

  5. Best product ever! review by Angela

    I've been using this same juice for over a year now. I've tried others, but nothing has been as good as the Cool Mist. I will continue to buy this same kind. Please don't ever stop making it!

  6. A little sweeter than review by Mary

    Menthol V but a great all day vape. I just love menthol and sorely miss TruePure ... this one doesn't have as much "tobacco" but it's a nice and mild and sweet vape.

  7. Overall good flavor review by michael

    I was a smoker of Marlboro menthol lights (gold), then went over to American Spirits light green box. It's pretty hard to find an actual e-juice that replicates any of those cigarettes in my opinion. However, this one I would say is a step closer than most. I have tried SubZero, Menthol V, and CoolMist so far and this one is the best by itself. Eventually you will start experimenting by mixing e-juices and come up with a flavor and nicotine strength that will suit your needs—though probably never exactly the same as smoking.

  8. CoolMist- Best Menthol Mild Flavor review by Kim

    CoolMist-Best Menthol Mild Flavor! Kringle’s Curse was my favorite, mixed with a couple drops- Kringle’s Curse and CoolMist make for a nice mild throat hit! If you’re on the fence with trying CoolMist Menthol I highly recommend TRYING COOLMIST!!! I also would recommend Menthol Ice mixed with CoolMist-or visa versa. I like to mix Kringle’s Curse, Menthol Ice and CoolMist. I always try different combinations when I get bored with a flavor combination. If you like a mild Menthol throat hit TRY Cool Mist!!!!

  9. Minty Mint review by Big MIKE

    The mint in this is not buck wild silver back gorilla strong like Kringle's Curse-which I love by the way. It's a more subdued mint that goes down smooth and is a lot more of an all-day smoke. Much like Kringle's Curse, it is also a very straight forward flavor with nothing alternating the mintyness. If you are looking for a pure minty flavor that doesn't feel like liquid nitrogen going down, give this flavor a try.

  10. Smooth Wintery Blast review by Jared

    This is a really smooth menthol e-liquid and that comes with a frosty bite at the end. If you are looking for a smooth menthol flavor then this is the flavor for you. The menthol taste is not overpowering. I definitely recommend this!

  11. Mild mint review by Dawn

    CoolMist is my go-to for Menthol juices that Halo offers. It's definitely not as intense as SubZero and it has no heavy aftertaste. I like it!

  12. Good menthol flavor review by Michele

    What I love most about CoolMist is the fact that it’s not extremely intense as some other menthol e-liquids. I do love that you can choose to vape this alone or mixed with e-liquids that don't contain any menthol. It’s a smooth flavor with good vape production. If you don't particularly care for strong menthol e-liquids, this one is a good choice.

  13. Their perfect Medium/Strong Menthol review by Bruce in Ocala

    If you want a good menthol but not the icy blast of Menthol ICE, CoolMist is for you. It’s the next step down in menthol intensity. It burns well and clean, even in Evods. As with all Halo flavors, it also has very nice vapor production.

  14. Another hit! review by Bob

    CoolMist has a lighter, milder flavor than say SubZero. It is a great everyday flavor and you don't get tired of it. This e-liquid has no tobacco undertones, just a pure fresh menthol flavor. It’s great!

  15. Thumbs up review by Barbara

    I ordered the menthol sample pack. CoolMist is not overpowering and the menthol is subtle. It is a great all day vape.

  16. good liquid review by Nicolas

    CoolMist and Menthol Ice is by far my favorite e-liquid on the market. I will switch back and forth just to change it up a little.

  17. Clean taste review by Y

    CoolMist has a very clean menthol taste. It is not as strong as Subzero so I mixed it with CoolMist. If you are looking for some menthol flavor without the minty sweetness that almost every e-liquid has then this is the one you are looking for!

  18. Smoooooth review by JOHN

    Coolmist is a wonderful full menthol without the harshness. I tried a small bottle and right after ordered a larger bottle immediately!

  19. PUREST E-LIQUID I EVER TRIED review by Roz

    Every other e-liquid brand I would try prior to Halo had left me felling ill after 2 days of vaping. I have many chemical allergies and could not tolerate the other brands. This left me with everything from headaches, sore muscles, to stomach issues. However, I then discovered Halo and have been vaping this with no illness effects whatsoever. Coolmist is the best and purest! Keep up the great work Halo!

  20. Favorite flavor review by Matt

    Coolmist is probably as close to menthol as you can get. I mix this with a little Turkish Tobacco flavor out of it.

  21. pretty good mixing flavour review by Chris

    From a menthol sample pack, I didn’t use it much until I got more Twisted Java and Kringle's Curse to mix it. I am not a big fan of menthol like I thought. My only opinion is if you are going to mix it, like I did, then get Subzero because it will last you longer. It is a good quality, like all of Halo products, and if you like menthol then this is what you want.

  22. Really Great! review by Brandon

    Coolmist has quickly became one of my favorites. This is a must try!

  23. The best liquid I've ever had review by Susan

    I have had a lot of menthol flavors but this is by far the best I have ever had. It has a nice throat hit of menthol without it tasting like straight Listerine. It is incredibly smooth and has a nice coolata mint effect in your mouth. I would receommend this to anyone who wants that menthol flavor with just a hint of tobacco. 5 stars and hands down!

  24. Smooth review by Jeremiah

    After the first hit of this e-liquid and I was instantly hooked. It is a very smooth vape with just the right amount of menthol taste. This is definitely an all day vape.

  25. A nice vape review by Adam

    Subzero is my all time favorite menthol. It has a clean cool vape and is good for those looking for less extreme menthol.

  26. Refreshing review by Matthew

    An amazing vapor production, light and refreshing menthol taste! I highly recommended it!

  27. Favorite vape flavor review by Rob

    CoolMist is my favorite Halo flavor I have tried so far. It's been my go to flavor for almost a year. It is a light menthol with a hint of sweetness towards the end of exhale and minty undertones in the flavor. It is perfect for anyone who enjoys a light menthol. It produces a very cool smooth hit with not as much throat hit as other Halo menthols like Subzero. It is a true flavor that comes out best when paired with the G6 mini tanks or other tank systems.

  28. Nice and Mellow review by Holly

    If you're a menthol-lover with more mellow tastes, this is the perfect blend. It leaves you with a fresh, clean taste that is neither overpowering or intense as other. It feels crisp without burning. It is mellow enough to not flavor your coffee or any other drinks after each vape. I definitely recommend this for anyone wanting a relaxing companionable vape.

  29. Great Transition review by Jojo

    If you are a normal menthol smoker of any brand then this is for you. A minty cool flavored with just enough throat hit to be taken serious.

  30. Definatly a got to contendar review by Christopher

    If you like menthol e-liquids and mostly vape menthol then you must be hooked on Halo's very own "Subzero". It is hands down the best and most menthol vape around. Coolmist is a very sweet mint like a spearmint taste. It has a strong throat hit, it doesn't last as long, and is best when it is mixed with other Halo flavors like "Subzero".

  31. Cool mist review by Sharon

    I love CoolMist! If you try it you won't be disappointed! It has a great throat hit. Halo is the best!

  32. Good menthol flavor review by Juan

    The first time I tried Cool Mist I was amazed how good it tasted but it was pretty smooth.

  33. better than cigarettes! review by Kenneth

    If you like menthol then you need to try CoolMist with Halo's Triton Tank e-cigarette. It comes in different nicotine levels, plenty of other menthol, and tobacco flavors. I personally love CoolMist e-liquid 24 mg strength. Thanks to Halo and their wonderful product! Give it a try, and remember, "you are going to like it".

  34. Sweet mint review by Scott

    I've tried Mystic and Menthol Ice, but only in mini tanks on my Triton battery. I ordered CoolMist, along with a big tank, based on the other reviews. To me it has just the right amount of light sweetness with a crisp, but not drying, menthol taste - if that makes any sense. It has long slow draws when the coil heats up to the perfect temperature. It really brings out the best flavor with massive amounts of vapor and light/smooth, but noticeable throat hit, too. I'll have to try the others again, but I'm really liking this one.

  35. Great smooth menthol flavor review by Wes

    I really enjoyed this flavor before Sub Zero was my go to menthol flavor but I have grown to like the smoothness of CoolMist. Great product!

  36. Yummy! review by Joshua

    This is my second favorite menthol flavor. It has a nice, strong, and cool menthol flavor. It is always on my list to keep in stock.

  37. Decent, takes some time to get used to. review by Karen

    I received this in the Menthol Sample pack, and while this isn't my favorite, it's still enjoyable. When I first started vaping this, I noticed it left a weird cough syrup type after-taste in my mouth. But after vaping on it a good 45 minutes it went away. It's a very smooth throat hit and good vapor production.

  38. Refreshing. review by Kelly

    Tastes like a mild menthol with a bit of eucalyptus . It is a bit “cough droppey,” so it is not for everyone, but I like it. It has a decent throat hit, though I wish there was more vapor. I Ordered this in 18 nic.

  39. Love this flavor review by Aaron

    It is so crisp and a great flavor for a menthol e cig.

  40. 5 star review by michael

    CoolMist is a nice, smooth hit with a smooth throat hit. This is a flavor that I will be smoking a lot of. I do not have any problems with this flavor, which is why it gets a full 5 stars.

  41. Smooth Menthol With A Crisp Clean Finish review by Eli

    I really dig this juice. It's not as spectacular as Mystic or Kringle's Curse but it does end up winning the Bronze medal in the Halo Menthol lineup. I like how smooth this e juice is. It has very mellow and smooth throat hit. I tried vaping it at a higher voltage and got only slight increase of vapor and a burnt taste. But nevertheless I like it because it isn't overpowering and doesn't linger for too long in my mouth after I'm done vaping. This is also my preferred juice to mix with Sub Zero as it compliments it really well while toning down the harshness. I recommend this to former light Menthol smokers.

  42. great taste and vapor review by Michael

    I have been using cool mist for over six months and could not think of other eliquid that comes close. Halo products are of high quality. They need to come out with a wickless or bottom coil cartomizer.

  43. smooth review by Luis

    This is real smooth, not too strong of a menthol but fits my type. You could puff it slow and it like melts away. (If that makes sense) I recommend as a first menthol to try and then the others later.

  44. Possibly the cleanest burning liquid on the market. review by Ludmila

    One of the biggest complaints I hear around the message boards these days is how fast peoples atomizers get clogged up with black gunk (burnt sugar). This greatly diminishes the amount of vapor production and flavor, which requires constant replacements. This juice is as clear as it gets without missing out on the flavor. I was able to vape this one for 2 weeks+ before having to change the coil. Changing the coil was not even due to gunk, but because the coil burnt out! Excellent juice.

  45. Coool! review by Jarrett

    Got 7ml to try out in my mini tanks. It is hard to describe, as it is not really a strong menthol flavor. It is more of a very cool one. The throat hit is very cooling and lasts through the exhale as well. The name of this one pretty much sums it up. Coool!

  46. Not much menthol review by Egbert Fitzwilly

    I tried the Cool Mist as part of the menthol sampler and overall I found it disappointing. There is a very, very mild mint flavor that I could barely taste. At the end of the day, I found it seemed to be harsh tasting. This did not remind me any menthol cigarette I have smoked. However, users of regular tobacco who are experminenting with menthol might enjoy the mild levels.

  47. By Far---Simply the Best review by Daniel

    If you are looking for a cool, crisp, yet at the same time not overly minty menthol flavor---look no more. I spent some time finding a eLiquid flavor that suited my taste buds. CoolMist is the one for me!!

  48. great flavor review by oscar

    Very good flavor, strong menthol without being overpowering.

  49. The name says it all. review by Menthol4life

    Cool, crisp, smooth, touch of sweet menthol flavor. This is def an everyday vape. Not a strong menthol, for me this is reminiscent of light or ultra light analogs without the tobacco flavor.
    I'm really loving it , will def order more.

  50. Very Nice and Smooth review by fstate33

    Very smooth and pleasant flavor. Not much of a throat hit but nice nonetheless. Good for relaxing days by the pool. Not an all day vape for me, but nice when I'm relaxing...

  51. Great menthol flavor review by drew

    CoolMist is a little sweeter and a tiny bit less minty than mystic. It's not an overbearing mint at all which is a good thing. Smoother than smooth with a nice throat hit. Easily an ADV, if you enjoy genuine menthol flavors at all, you will not be disappointed!

  52. Awesome review by Nikki

    This is an amazing e juice and is just as good as all there other menthol flavors. It is an awesome a experience and is indeed a coolmist of goodness.

  53. CoolMist review by NIN

    I'm Not A Menthol Person But Tried The 7ml And Now I'm On My 2nd Order Of A 30ml Bottle

    Halo As A Company Is Great
    5 Stars All The Way

  54. Love! review by Christy

    I thought kringles curse was my fav halo flavor but now its cool mist, this is a great all day vape not to harsh on the throat, and a very yummy sweet mint. Its not one of those overpowering strong mints I reallly like this one.

  55. One of my favorites review by Kevin

    CoolMist is one of my favorites. Smooth and mild flavor - I go through a lot of it!

  56. My favorite Eliquid review by Lauren

    I absolutely love this flavor. I have been using it for about 4 months, and have yet to grow tired of it. It has the perfect balance of menthol with a hint of sweet. It almost reminds me of "Orbit" Sweet Mint. So far this is the only e-liquid I will use, unless I can find one that has a blend of tobacco flavor with menthol flavor.

  57. Pure Menthol review by Brian

    It is a milder Menthol than some of the other Halo has to offer. It lacks much of any other flavor besides that. If you need some other flavor notes in your vape, you will be happier with one of the flavors. If you want just a clean crisp menthol then this is the one for you.

  58. The BEST! review by Karen

    This is the one I choose out of all of them for my every day vape! I love it for the taste and throat hit! I get the lowest nicotine and it is perfect for me! Just ordered a large bottle and cannot wait to get it!

  59. ~CoolMist~ review by Kat

    This is definitely another fav of my in Halo's line of Menthols! Just can't go wrong with this e-liquid.

  60. Fairly Solid Hits review by KDAWG

    This menthol has a solid throat hit, but overall is lacking in flavor and execution. Go for any other menthol flavor.

  61. My favorite Halo menthol review by Sam

    I LOVE Cool Mist when I'm in a menthol kind of mood! Much sweeter and milder than any of Halo's other menthol flavors. Definitely much less "mouth wash" taste compared to Sub Zero or Mystic. More of a menthol taste than a mint taste, which is GREAT. I like putting a few drops into my Tribecca when I'm feeling icy! If you like menthol but have been disappointed with Halo's other menthol juices than you will be very pleasantly surprised but this one. Great to mix with tobacco flavors!

  62. Great taste. review by Jason

    I was looking for the closest thing possible to the taste and feel that I've grown accustomed to. CoolMist is very close. I'm still working my way through the menthol sample pack, but so far this is the closest one. Very solid throat hit when used through a mini tank. I've not had it with a cartomizer so I'm not sure how that would affect the taste, but out of the tank, this is a very solid juice.

  63. Enjoy this one review by Herbert

    I enjoyed the cool mist 12 MG 7ML bottle so much that I vaped all of its minty beauty. I purchased the 6 MG 30ML bottle and its just as tasty. I love Halo and all the products it produces!

  64. nice coolness review by Brent

    I wasn't a menthol person but I wanted to try a menthol ejuice and I bought a 7ml bottle of CoolMist and it has a nice coolness with a broad aftertaste.

  65. Great vapor production review by Colin

    This particular flavor seems to give me the most "smoke" when I exhale. I wish they all worked this well. This is the only menthol flavor I've tried so far but I like it a lot. Its not exaxtly like a Newport, the menthol is a bit different .... I'd say it reminds me note of a viks vapor rub type of menthol which is surprisingly good. My number one reason for the high grade revuew is how much vapor I exhale from cool mist. It feels more like a real cigarette to me when I see more "smoke" on my exhale.

  66. Very crisp and refreshing review by Joan

    Nice mild menthol without the teeth freezing blast of the Menthol Ice or the Sub Zero. No real sweetness or bitterness, just a pleasant menthol that could become your ADV. I put it in my tank and before I know what happened, it is gone. Very palate cleansing without overpowering.

  67. Great nicotine flavor review by Rain

    The cool mist eliquid is one of my favorite eliquids made by halo. The menthol flavor is not "too much" but it is definitely present. As with all of halos eliquids there is a great amount of vapor production. I would have given the full five stars but I ended up ordering the xhigh strength (24mg/ml) due to the fact that when I've ordered form lesser companies, their highest strength was not satisfying. I admit this is my fault so I plan on ordering the high strength (18mg/ml) next time. Even though this is a bit harsh because of the extra high nicotine content, I still continue to vape it!

  68. the perfect liquid for menthol lovers review by mike

    Coolmist is the perfect liquid for menthol users looking for a realistic menthol experience.

  69. Love the taste review by Chrystal

    I just received my order and tried this oil first. Have to say that I am very impressed with the flavor. Not too sweet or too menthol.

  70. Got this as part of the menthol sampler... review by Herbert

    I am not a normal menthol smoker, but I got this as part of the menthol sampler.
    Minty delish.. that's all I have to say.. will buy again!

  71. crisp menthol review by Gene

    I found the CoolMist to be pretty subtle.

    I let it steep for about a week before using and found that it seems to increase in strength with a little aging.

  72. Refreshing review by Phillip

    This was very smooth and refreshing. One of the first I tried. I was surprised by the flavor and really liked it. So far so good, keep it going!

  73. Nice menthol flavor that is also good for mixing review by Don

    The Coolmist e-liquid has a great flavor that is one of the more unique versions of a menthol liquid. If your looking for a new type of menthol e-liquid that has a nice subtle flavor I would pick this up if I were you. I have also found it goes great with the shamrock e-liquid and kringle's curse. Smooth body and very refreshing cool aftertaste that you can feel all the way down your throat. Keep a bottle of this stuff around always when your looking to just have a nice clean vape without strong tastes. Quality e-juice.

  74. COOLMISTINESS! review by Michael

    Not as koolada heavy as Menthol Ice but more minty goodness. I like this one more than the Ice as it has a better mint flavor. Great vapor production and moderate throat hit, which can definitely be nice sometimes. Definitely would recommend this juice to the menthol enthusiasts.

  75. Great tasting smooth review by Michael

    I got this e liquid when i first received my triton tank and i have tried other flavors as well and in my opinion this is the best tasting one. It is a very smooth sweet mint taste and it is just enough to give you that kick and say "ahhh that was goood." Very refreshing and smooth with very little throat burning sensation compared to other e liquids.

  76. Decent mild vape but won't blow you away review by M

    I liked this as a vape, but there is a whole lot of overlap between CoolMist, Menthol ICE and Mystic. It is smooth, and the menthol sometimes seems milder than Menthol ICE with a little more of a minty sweetness. It's the type of thing that could be a menthol user's all day vape, but I wouldn't say it's anything special.

  77. I love it! review by Olive

    I tried a different menthol that was a different brand and it was terrible it was so rough I couldn't stand it. I needed a good smooth menthol so I ordered this and it was perfect. I also got Sub-Zero and mixed some in and it was a great combination.

  78. *Perfection* review by Jim's Bro

    Just ordered this the other-day after vaping Mystic Menthol exclusively and just found my new favorite. Cool Mist isn't overly powering and bares no overly fake minty taste, it makes a great menthol to vape on all day. Just the right amount of menthol and tobacco flavor, now it's on to try Menthol Ice. Two thumps up for this liquid & highly recommended to any menthol users!

  79. I've found my favorite! review by Christopher

    CoolMist is my very favorite e-liquid flavor from the Halo arsenal. It's a simple vape - a pure, mid-strength menthol flavor. Every part of the CoolMist flavor experience is a top-quality menthol. It's solidly minty without being overpowering at all. It's great for a daily vape, and that's exactly what it is for me.

    I'll enjoy some of the other flavors at certain times of the day. I like to vape Mystic for ten or fifteen minutes after a meal. And when I'm in the mood for a real kick in the pants, I'll enjoy a bit of straight SubZero. But CoolMist is the one I'll always come back to. I've tried several e-liquid flavors from several brands, but I could tell immediately that Halo's CoolMist is head-and-shoulders above the rest.

  80. Great Vape! review by Jasper

    This is probably actually my favorite e-liquid in the menthol sample pack besides Kringle's Curse. It's absolutely delicious, it gives off a nice crisp menthol flavor, that is just pure satisfaction. I've given it a few drops of sub-zero for more of a deeper menthol, but coolmist gives me that flavor that I want. Mystic was too sweet for my liking and coolmist is great. It smells kinda perfumey on the exhale though (that's where the sub-zero comes in again). This e-liquid is definitely worth a try, if you don't like, try mixing it with something and find a nice combination with it!

  81. great menthol flavor!!! review by melissa

    This was my favorite menthol flavor. The closest thing to a real menthol cigarette. Just the perfect amount of menthol flavor. Now I have mystic and I cant decide between the two. I love them both. This is one of my everyday oils. I cant wait till I can buy more!! This is a flavor I will not be letting myself run out of EVER!! If you are a menthol user this and mystic are the oils you want to try. Great throat hit, perfect amount of menthol flavor, with the perfect hint of tobacco. You will love this flavor i can promise you that.

  82. CoolMist is Cool review by Christine

    I like this, it's the perfect blend of tobacco with a touch of menthol! Keeper!

  83. perfect review by judy

    I absolutely love cool mist. It's light and sweet and the perfect balance of minty goodness. This is by far and away my absolute favorite menthol from Halo. it's subtle and true, though light - but I prefer that. It is, as someone else mentioned, true to it's namesake. The coolness lingers, but the sweetness on hit is excellently measured. I've already stocked up a bit on this one, and I feel I've found my forever menthol. It's not in a rotation, it's an every day, all day vape for me. Thanks Halo.

  84. Another one really close to the real thing... review by John F.

    I can't make up my mind whether this flavor or Mystic is the closest thing to a menthol cigarette I have tasted yet. Both of them are really good... nice, smooth and rich tobacco flavors. I think this one has a little bit more of a throat hit than does Mystic though, but that's just my opinion. But, either way, if you like menthol flavor then you need to try this one too.

  85. I like it review by Jessica

    I really like this. It's got a nice tastes and good throat hit. It is as close to smoking a camel as I have found. I really like it mixed with a little Kringle's Curse. I'm still trying to figure out what strength I need. I would suggest this in a heartbeat to Menthol light smokers.

  86. not bad.. review by zach

    Coolmist is a nice, light minty flavor. Not much throat hit, doesn't leave you too minty - good for someone who smokes light menthols. Substantially lighter than subzero.

  87. Did not fancy this one review by Naseeruddin

    Okay menthol vape, but nothing to write home about. The mystic is the best e liquid in the menthol category. If you want to knock yourself out on menthol.....go SubZero!

  88. Kool with a "K" review by Daniel

    As I mentioned in my other Halo reviews regarding their menthol juices. They are miles ahead of the competitors. They have it down to a science. Great job by Halo.

  89. Mild and delightful review by Helen

    This is a mild, minty menthol. It, as with all Halo liquids, is a delight to vape all day long. Now I want to try it mixed with Sub-Zero for a little extra kick. Thanks again Halo!

  90. Menthol Light review by Danny

    If you like some menthol but don't want it to be overpowering this is the way to go. I have used this as one of my all day vapes for the past 3 months. As with other Halo liquid I find the flavor to be very clean. Nothing to figure out just a mild menthol that will please. The throat hit is med. to low at my preferred 12mg. If you are unsure about whether you will like a menthol or which one of the liquids you should start with then my suggestion is the line forms here.

  91. My favorite menthol flavor review by Jessica

    I have recently switched to Halo products and cannot believe the difference in the e-liquid flavors. I ordered a sample pack of the menthol flavors, and I absolutely love CoolMist. It is sweet, but not overly sweet. There also is no funny aftertaste like the ones I have noticed from other brands of e-liquid. There isn't as much of a throat hit with this flavor as with other Halo menthols, but that is okay with me. It is still satisfying, and with great flavor to boot. I will definitely be ordering more of this flavor!

  92. Nice smooth mint flavor review by Ian

    This flavor is a good all day vape juice. Unlike some of the other menthol juices this one does not have the mint "tingle" effect which leaves you with just the taste of smooth and sweet mint. Very good flavor and would highly recommend.

  93. The purest menthol review by Mike

    This is the clearest and cleanest menthol e-liquid that Halo makes, in my opinion. Mystic, Subzero, and Ice have some sort of extra aroma---vanilla in some cases---whereas CoolMist is straight menthol the whole way through. I recommend it over Mystic for menthol fans who wants to try something straightforward. I'd recommend this over the Subzero.

  94. My pick for top menthol review by mntcrisis

    To me, CoolMist has the optimal mint-to-tobacco flavor ratio of the Halo menthols. Or any menthol, for that matter. It's pleasant, which is often what I'm seeking in a vape.

  95. Menthol Sweetness 5★'s review by Robert

    CoolMist is an interesting menthol to say the least! It begins with a very subtle smooth minty menthol flavor and finishes with a sweet aftertaste that you can easily vape all day. Its tough to compare but I'd have to say its close to the flavor of thin-mints minus the chocolate. Medium throat hit and produces excellent thick vapor that's great to have fun with! This juice is definitely on the lighter/smoother menthol spectrum that Halo has to offer, which is excellent for an all-day menthol choice. I really enjoyed this sweet twist of a menthol and I will certainly be ordering more especially during the winter when some stronger menthols are just too chilly for the cold weather. Thanks Halo for yet another great flavor. Halo has the best menthols on the market. You can't go wrong with any of them.

  96. A refreshing cool vape review by Michael

    The 24mg had a nice throat hit, that was soothed by the cool taste of the vape. A very nice vape after eating.

  97. GREAT VAPOR GREAT TASTE review by Judy

    I have tried a variety of e juices and HALO is by far the best tasting, and my friends enjoy it too!!!

  98. Favorite menthol flavor so far. review by Lilla

    This is the best menthol flavor I've tasted so far. Smooth, minty, and doesn't come on too strong.

  99. Not bad review by Aaron

    Mild yet satisfying, not bad.

  100. Great review by Stack Wooten

    This is my first eliquid experience, my nephew started me up on ecigs. I like CoolMist because it is similar to my cigarette brand in flavor. Cool and refreshing but hits well. I recommend to first timers.

  101. Name says it all review by Danny

    CoolMist is exactly what this turned out to be. It has a pleasant menthol flavor that is right in the middle of the spectrum. It does not have a wow factor but neither does it offend. For you folks that are looking for a noticeable throat hit this is not for you. This is a good place to start for someone new to vaping and looking for a clean menthol flavor. As for quality Halo is fantastic.

  102. Refreshingly Mild and Flavorful review by l_strider_l

    I had this flavor pressed upon me by an ECF friend who was annoyed by my lack of adventurism concerning the other Halo menthol flavors. The sample I received immediately struck me as being mild, the aroma was light and minty. Upon the first vape it was apparent that no steeping process would be needed for CoolMist. The menthol aspect of the flavor is more of a "true" menthol with a hint of mint. The flavor has a slight sweetness, but not overly so. I would liken CoolMist to Mystic with this caveat, CoolMist has a mild tobacco undertone and more of a menthol taste. I would recommend this flavor to anyone who enjoys the former or just wants to try a mild and refreshing menthol flavor.

    Yours Truly,


  103. Very nice review by Jeff

    Cool mist is one of my favorite flavors from Halo. It has a nice cool menthol flavor (not as much menthol as menthol ice, mystic or sub zero) and maybe it's the name... but to me it has a "misty" quality to it. Sort of like the mist on a warm morning after it has rained. Will be ordering more of this one!

  104. the name says it all review by adrian

    Nice cool menthol flavor. Great chest hit. Fresh taste. What more do u need. I prefer this flavor to the mystic flavor. Still need to try the other 2 but for your first time trying menthol I would without a doubt recommend this crisp cool flavor liquid you will not be disappointed.

  105. Very smooth stuff.... review by George

    I'm new to vaping (about 2-months). I've been searching for the right liquid. I used to smoke Salem Slim Lights. I've tried quite a few liquids from different companies. Most of the menthol liquids either just plain taste bad or had way much menthol. This one is by FAR the best I've tried. It's just as it's described! I don't know how they blend it but it's pretty good stuff! Halo rocks and eventually I plan to try other flavors they make.

  106. LOVE IT! review by Allen

    I'm a new Halo user and I'm really surprised how much I like all the menthol e-liquids from them. None of them taste like a chemical (had that with other companies), and CoolMist is exactly that--a cool mist flavor. Mild, not overpowering, sweet--but not overly so. Vapping it all day now and it's just great! More mint than menthol, but I'm loving it!

  107. LOVE THIS review by Kayla

    I wanted a small bottle of this Coolmist e- liquid and it is awesome! For all the menthol smokers out there I strongly recommend this flavor.

  108. Halo has done it again! review by Patrick

    Halo has done it again! I have to say the menthol flavors are hands down some of the best liquid that Halo makes! The name is perfect because that's what it's like to vape this. Cool mist!

  109. Super clean flavor! review by Bela

    I absolutely love the clean crisp flavor of CoolMist. It is my #1 go to vape. I live on Oahu and there are numerous kiosks that sell everything but Halo which is a shame. No worries for me because Halo orders are processed super fast and is usually in the mailbox in 4 days. Thanks Halo!

  110. Very smooth review by Lynn

    This is the smoothest e liquid by a couple of levels that I have ever tried. The only reason it was not 5 stars is it needs a little more flavor hit, but the vape is one of the best.

    Note: Probably not for those non menthol smokers that like a strong throat hit.

  111. MY Menthol of choice! review by CaptDonna

    There's still more to choose from but on COOL MIST oh..where to start!?
    I tend to favor menthol flavors. The name truly says it. Every time I think I’ve found my All day vape, then I go for something new and hmmm. HALO does it just right for me with Cool Mist it is so VERY smooth, loads of vapor and just a really nice throat hit. This definitely is a menthol not a mint for a through and through cool menthol every time. The only problem is I can’t keep my tank full! This is on my reorder list for sure. Thanks again HALO for pure quality taste!!

  112. just-chill !!! review by jennifer

    I wasn't to sure about this flavor at first. It is quite a strong menthol but, there is more to it than just that. It has an excellent throat hit and not just from the menthol. Very satisfying vape! I wasn't as fond of the Menthol Ice as I was of this one. Could vape this all day! This flavor reminds me of the dentyne ice chews. Love it!!!!

  113. Perfect Menthol Flavor review by Douglas

    This is a great flavor!! It has a wonderful rich cool mint flavor almost the same as a "Pall Mall green" brand or a "Marlboro menthol black". The hit to the back of the throat is perfect and to get that nice cool menthol feel and taste on both inhale and exhale. I ordered a small 7mil bottle with my new Triton set just received today and went into a panic as I know I will need more as I cannot put this down. I just placed a order for the large 30ml bottle a few minutes ago. Glad I took the time to look at reviews on Halo products and juice flavors and went with this company. Just wish you had 10ml bottles of juice for order.

  114. Cool Mist- Refreshing and Crisp review by jason

    Where Halo's Malibu is like relaxing at the beach on a vacation trip, Cool Mist is like going out into the ocean on a boat. It has a very nice mellow flavor and menthol experience, but it is mellow and crisp. Refreshing and cooling, like the light ocean spray that you might feel while out on a boat.

    Throat Hit - Mellow but very appropriate for this vape
    Flavor - Cooling and refreshing menthol, great as a mix base, Cool Mist is the perfect name for this vape because it reminds me of a cool mist like the mist that sprays vegetables at the grocery store or ocean spray out on a boat.
    Vapor Production - Exceptional performance, produces noticeably more vapor than some other flavors.
    This is a 5 star menthol juice for me, I order this every time I order more Halo juice. Thanks Halo.

  115. Nice and cool review by Ken E

    Cool and refreshing. This is what I wanted in a menthol vapor. I think this is my favorite of all the Halo menthol flavors. Sub Zero is a close second. This has a good balance between cool and sweet. More of a natural flavor mint like quality. Great stuff.

  116. Simply Unique review by Scott

    Great taste, vapor, and throat hit. The menthol flavor is different then the traditional menthol which I really enjoy so i was skeptical at first but this flavor really grew on me!

  117. Pretty good! review by sarmen

    I bought this, along with the Subzero flavor with my Triton kit, and I do really like this flavor! The Subzero was a bit too strong for me, this flavor is much better (was a Marlboro menthol light smoker for years). I will be purchasing the Mystic and Menthol Ice flavors before I buy this again, however if the other two don't beat this as the better menthol, then I'll be back with this again, and I don't mind that...

  118. THIS ROCKS!!!! review by Dave

    I never write reviews unless it's something that I really like and this is it! Cool Mist is a perfect name, it has a pleasant taste not a super hit like Sub Zero (which I use as a mixer with HX3 ) but a mild vape that leaves your mouth feeling fresh. It's my all day vape, so if you're into menthol you gotta give CoolMist a shot.

  119. Best Menthol ever review by Matthew

    I have vaped three other menthol vape juices and this is by far the best menthol I've ever vaped. Although I haven't tried other Halo menthol flavors, but once I find something I really like I stick with it. But someday I might try the other menthol flavors.

  120. That's clouds! review by Mike

    This one gives the thickest vapor of the menthol trial kit, it even remains after re-inhaling. Nice dry and slightly peppery taste, with herbal aftertaste (I taste a bit of cucumber too, which adds to the freshness). Great juice, my favorite menthol!

  121. You may like this! review by Danny

    I enjoyed this misty vape. The first thing I noticed about cool mist is it's high vapor production. I'm new to vaping, but from what I hear that means higher vegetable glycerin content. So, very mild throat hit and higher vapor production in Cool Mist compared to other Halo liquids I've tried. The flavor to me is a mild menthol combined with eucalyptus. Very nice! Because of its mildness I think it could be vaped for long periods and the clouds of vapor it produces are pleasant!

  122. Good, but has a "different" taste review by Garrett

    This eliquid is good, I'm always on the hunt for a good menthol flavor. It has a "lower tone" flavor if that makes sense. Not as vibrant, but mellow and tastes really good. This could easily be an all day vape for someone who appreciates menthol like i do!

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass