Triton Tank

Triton Tanks feature Leak-Guard technology to prevent e-liquid spills and leaks, holds 2.4 ml of e-liquid and are made of clear acrylic that allows consumers to see exactly how much is left in the tank. The tank comes standard with a 2.2–2.4 ohm resistance coil.

IMPORTANT: For best performance use with HALO standard e-liquids.

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Triton Tanks are engineered to offer both style and performance when used in conjunction with Triton Batteries. Available in seven different colors, each tank holds up to 2.4 ml, is made of a clear acrylic allowing you to see exactly how much E-liquid is loaded. Triton Tanks feature Halo’s Leak-Shield technology to help prevent spills and leaks, and come standard with a 2.2–2.4 ohm resistance coil, but replacement coils of varying resistances (1.8-3.2 ohms) can also be interchanged allowing for a greater customization.
Brand Halo