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Captain Jack E-liquid

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Inspired by the pipe of the famous pirate, Calico Jack, this E-liquid comprises notes from traditional pipe tobaccos—cured Virginia and Oriental, with a dash of Latakia spice tobacco—resulting in a distinctive flavor profile that is perfect for tobacco lovers.

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Inspired by the pipe of the famous pirate, Calico Jack, this E-liquid comprises notes from traditional pipe tobaccos—cured Virginia and Oriental, with a dash of Latakia spice tobacco—resulting in a distinctive flavor profile that is perfect for tobacco lovers.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our E-liquids undergo independent testing for diacetyl and acetyl propionyl: Captain Jack E-liquid's test results

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  1. Favorite flavor review by VapeApe

    I've tried a few of the tobacco flavors and this is by far my favorite. It has light tones of that hard liquor flavor that I really enjoy. It is worth a try, if you haven't already done so.

  2. Nice. Spice! review by James

    Captain Jack is yet another outstanding tobacco flavor from Halo. The best I can do in describing the flavor is "sort of a Turkish-style flavor, without the floral notes but with a spicy, peppery-type flavor and aroma. It's a nice vape for those looking for a light, slightly sweet, tobacco flavor with a little bit of a punch (in the form of a spicy-pepper taste). It has a decent, but not harsh throat hit.

  3. Great end of day vape review by JB

    I started vaping in April and have tried a variety of tobacco flavors from Halo. This is my number one favorite, especially with a little Devlin mixed in to sweeten it. It has a very distinctive tobacco flavor: strong, smooth, a little sweet, and very satisfying. Tastes great with a glass of red wine or a robust craft ale.

  4. Excellent flavor! review by Shotty

    This flavor does resemble pipe tobacco. The tobacco flavor is spot on with hints of honey and spices. After sampling the 7ml bottle I used my rewards to get the 30ml. Captain Jack will definitely stay in a designated Triton Tank ready to vape. Arrrr matey!

  5. Great tobacco taste review by Melissa

    This is the perfect taste for anyone that loves the traditional tobacco taste. This taste great, just like a regular cigarette. If you like the tobacco taste, you will for sure like this flavor, so give it a try.

  6. Great Cigar Flavor review by Michael

    I know the description says this is a pipe tobacco, but to me it tastes just like a good, old fashioned cigar. Taste is subjective, but that's how this flavor comes across to me. If you want a strong cigar flavor, this is it. I've never tasted anything this close to the real thing. When you're in the mood for a full-flavored strong tobacco flavor, this is it.

  7. Dry, old style tobacco review by Hugo

    I got a 7ml sample of this with an order. At first I was “meh,” and found it a little rough, kind of smoky-- until I vaped it while drinking a Porter beer. Its lack of sweetness goes perfect combined with toasted bitter flavors. I guess a Stout beer would do just as well. It came up with a whole new set of flavors like burnt caramel and some coffee with a little vanilla—really awesome and incredible match.

  8. Good for certain folks review by Chris

    I got a 7ml sample bottle of Captain Jack in a recent order and it's definitely an interesting flavor. The flavor reminds me of a stiff drink. I've always been a beer kind of guy myself, so I'm not a big fan of the distilled liquor-like taste of this juice. I didn't think this flavor resembled pipe tobacco at all, but everyone interprets flavors differently. I think people who enjoy a strong drink at night would really love vaping some Captain Jack along with it. For me personally though, it's just not my type. Thanks to Halo for letting me try it out though!

  9. Better than Tribeca! review by BenFifty

    I got a 7ml of this in one of my packages, and I'm surprised to say that I actually prefer this over Tribeca, and I'm not even a huge tobacco flavor fan! It's really dry and nice, not sweet at all and doesn't have any funky notes in it. Even as someone who isn't crazy on tobacco flavors, it's a really nice vape! Anyone who is mildly interested in tobacco flavors has to give this one a try--perfect for evening long drag vape sessions.

  10. Very nice review by Benjamin

    I wanted to try Captain Jack since I started vaping. I was intimidated though by how harsh Halo made the flavor sound. I'm not one for kick you in the face harsh tobacco. I smoked the famous red box brand when I was still smoking and I enjoyed them (though cannot compare to vaping). So one day I bought the tobacco sample pack from HALO and the first one I tried was Captain Jack. First impression, the nose knows and the smell of Captain Jack is honey with a touch of ginger. So far so good—it smelled delicious. I loaded up my tank and that first hit was amazing. The tobacco notes were there with just a touch of honey in the background. I was hooked. It does have a very slight chemical aftertaste though. Overall I am so glad I finally tried this and it will be in my regular flavor rotation for a long time.

  11. This is probably by far my favourite review by Vivian

    It may be a girlish thing, but I love this flavor so much. It's got that sweetness of honey water, but also maintaining the hint of tobacco at the back. I don't really find any throat hit, but then again I never understood what it is. I think the picture quite accurately depicted this flavor - it gives a sense of sailing in the clear water of the Caribbean, rum in one hand and the beautiful girl in another hand. I suggest people who like Tribeca, Midnight Apple, or any sweet-ish flavor juice to try it.

  12. Arghh review by vincent

    If pirates vaped this, it would be their juice of choice. The liquid smells just like my grandfather's pipe. And the scent left by the vapor might make you think you're on the black pearl itself. Flavor is heavy tobacco with spiced rum. Maybe a bit of clove? Intense throat hit with a medium amount of vapor. I can't use this for ADV but it definitely pairs well with a stiff drink, or when sitting on the porch at night after a long day.

  13. Actually Pleasant review by Big MIKE

    This is definitely a bold flavor with a decent throat hit but I didn't find it to be at all harsh or acrid. Typical with most Halo flavors it is a complex flavor with a lot of different spice notes. I highly recommend it for all lovers of Halo tobacco flavors. It doesn't have the sweetness that many of the other flavors do, which makes it an especially nice flavor if you’re looking for a break or to change things up. Highly recommended, please enjoy!

  14. Great Stuff review by Joe

    Captain Jack is an excellent vape! A great strong throat hit with tons of flavor and light sweet overtones. I really love it. It’s not my everyday juice but a great switch up for me when I am in the mood for something different with great flavor. Everyone should try this!

  15. Dry and Heavy, but in a Good Way review by Oliver

    Surprisingly simple, uncomplicated taste for being so heavy. It’s a very dry, dark, musty, woody flavor. It somehow brings to mind the candlelit hold of a wooden pirate ship. At first taste it might seem far too rough to vape for long periods, but if you pace yourself it seems to become smoother as you go. I wouldn't go so far as to say it could be an all-day vape, but you might find yourself surprised by the subtlety underneath the intensity.

  16. A True Tobacco Lovers E-Liquid review by Joe

    I tried Captain Jack for the first time with my last order, along with a few others. While it’s not my everyday vape, when I want a true tobacco flavor this is what I turn to. The throat hit is a 10 out of 10! The vapor production is a giant cloud of heaven.

  17. Good vape review by Judy

    You get an inhale of a honey type flavor, then a nice dry tobacco exhale. I didn't get a throat hit as much and it didn't taste much like a pipe tobacco to me. I will let it steep and see, but overall a good vape.

  18. Very potent. Strong throat hit. review by holden

    Words cannot express how much I love Captain Jack. When I'm not in the mood for a caramel tobacco or a more sweet tobacco, Captain Jack is the only juice I turn to. It's straight up harsh, but in a really good way. It kicks your throat in a way no other juice can. It’s a straight pipe tobacco with nothing else clouding the flavor. It's not something I vape all day long, but it's perfect for when you want that extra punch. I usually start the day with a little Captain Jack because it's so potent it wakes you up and gets you nice and alert. It also goes well after a meal. A lot of people like dessert flavors after a meal but I never really did. A really strong in your face tobacco is where it's at for me right after every meal. It feels exactly like a strong cigar does in terms of throat hit in my opinion. I have other juices that are cheaper but they also aren't as well made. They also don't come in glass bottles with an eye dropper. Halo really shines with the small details that make everything seem much classier. I will always have a place in my rotation for Halo.

  19. Great Throat Hit review by Brave

    Having now tried many of the different flavors on offer from Halo, the first thing that struck me about Captain Jack was a distinctly similar taste. It was similar to both Freedom Juice and Longhorn blends. Although different to both these juices, Captain Jack falls into a similar category for me, as it too seems to share that same Longhorn top note. As with Freedom Juice however, the distinct taste is somewhat restrained compared to Longhorn. The rest of the blend is perhaps a little more woodsy and natural tasting than the other two. Overall a decent vape which I enjoyed, but I'm yet to find a variety that tops Prime15 for my heavy daily vaping choice.

  20. The Best Period! review by Philip

    I have been vaping for a little over a year and Halo's Captain Jack is the only e-liquid I will use. It is the best on the market and I have tried them all. Truly, if you are vaping anything else you are wasting your money!

  21. Unique Awesome Flavor review by Alex

    I was worried when I first ordered Captain Jack that the flavor or throat hit would be too strong. I was pleasantly surprised with amazing complex flavor and a robust throat hit. I will definitely buy a larger bottle and let all my friends try this e-liquid. This is awesome and unique. I love it!

  22. nice! review by kevin

    I have tried other tobacco e-liquids which Halo carries such as Tribeca, Longhorn, Torque 56, etc. but this flavor is what I have been looking for years. It has a rich tobacco flavor and just the right amount of throat hit for me. I really enjoy Captain Jack! Please keep up the good work Halo!

  23. Amazing Stuff!!! review by Bradley

    Captain Jack is another one of my favorites from Halo, great juice! A fantastic throat hit and vapor production. It has a fairly strong honey nut taste with a hint of cherry. A good pipe tobacco flavor and can easily be an all day vape. I love to mix this with 2/3 to 3/4 of Torque 56 and 1/3 to 1/4 of the tank with Captain Jack. This is my favorite combination and my all day vape.

  24. Haha me heartiest review by Neville

    A nice aromatic and fresh taste. It is better than I imagined it would be. Also, it gets better with each vape. Well done Halo team!

  25. true flavour review by Chris

    Captain Jack has a great flavor! I love the taste you get with Captain Jack. It is similar to a Caribbean Cigar with a rustic aroma it produces. It can add up when you vape for awhile. Especially, if your tank has some leftover in the morning and it can be tough to start your day with it.

  26. From the first I found this marvellous review by Alistair

    Captain Jack is a great substitute for a pipe tobacco and full body experience.

  27. Harsh but flavorful review by Timothy

    I do enjoy the taste of Captain Jack but it has a lingering odor. It is not bad at all. However,t I definitely prefer Tribeca over Captain Jack.

  28. mysterious masterpiece review by Deneb

    Captain Jack is a robust, complex, bold and intense. This is one of the most interesting and unique juice I ever came across. After more than a year of enjoyment, I still can not put my finger on what flavors compose this puzzling blend. In my opinion, it is a pipe tobacco infused with spiced rum, burnt lemon peel, and candied ginger. I'm certianly missing the mark by a few hundred nautical miles. it is still mysterious as it can be, I can't get enough of this bold masterpiece.

  29. Straight up tobacco review by Dylan

    I really like Captain Jack and will certainly buy it again. It is similar to Longhorn but more straight forward. The throat hit is great. The only thing I can say sort of negative about this e-liquid is that the scent of it lingers a bit. It's not an unpleasant smell by any means but I won't be able to vape this around people without someone noticing it.

  30. old cigar review by yadier

    Captain Jack reminds me of an old cigar odor and tastes strong. However, if you are into cigars you are going to love it. I really enjoyed this with brandy.

  31. Perfect! review by Rob

    A strong pipe tobacco flavor that is not too overwhelming with a honey sweetness on the exhale. I love my tobacco flavors and this one is exactly what I was looking for!

  32. Do What You Want Cuz A Pirate Is Free! review by JoJo

    Arrrr Matey!!! 1 star for the presentation, 2 stars for flavor, 3 stars for strength, 4 stars for the morning head rush (we all love), and 5 stars for the somber classy cigar scent lingering in the air. Cheers!

  33. Decent flavor but not my favorite review by Christopher

    This is not my favorite e-liquid and is not the worst e-liquid I have tried either. It has a strong throat hit and like always Halo's products has a ton of vapor for a nice big hit. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a tobacco related flavor. It is worth checking out.

  34. Crazy Great Pipe Flavor review by James

    I took one puff of Captain Jack and said "Amazing". It really is! It has a complex, a very rich flavor, and great throat hit. I do not know what else to say except it hits perfectly. If you are a fan of a pipe tobacco with a boat on it then this is what it should taste like. It is magic!

  35. damn good review by Herbert

    I decided to bust open my Captain Jack, 12mg, 7ml bottle tonight. I am surprised how good it is and to me it has a sweet tangerine flavor. I need to vape it a few more times before I decide to get a larger bottle. As always thanks Halo!

  36. Not bad at all! review by Brian

    This is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite flavor (Tribeca being my 1st favorite). It's has a good tobacco flavor with a hint of cherry tobacco mixed in. I love cherry tobacco! I just wish it had more of a cherry tobacco flavor (like the kind you smoke in hookas).

  37. love it! review by Wendy

    I originally got Captain Jack in a sample pack and didn't like the smell so I didn't try it. However, one day I ran out of e-liquid and decided to give Captain Jack a try instead of running to the store. I fell in love with it! It has a wonderful and unique flavor. I just love it!

  38. Pleasantly surprised review by Josh

    I have found that the taste is mostly like honey to me but I find it very enjoyable.

  39. Great pipe flavor! review by Anthony

    Captain Jack has a hint of a cherry finish which is just right, not too strong, not too subtle, and the throat hit on this juice is great. My wife likes to mix this with Torque 56 at about a 1:3 (Captain Jack:Torque) ratio. I highly recommended it!

  40. Captain Jack review by Jesse

    Captain Jack is another favorite of mine just because of the originality comparison. The throat hit is unbelievable and the taste is subtle. Way to go on this one!

  41. Nice classic pipe tobacco flavor with honey undertones. review by Elik Anao'i

    Several weeks ago I decided to order a 7 ml bottle of Captain Jack e-liquid. The first thing I noticed after opening the bottle was it's rich aroma. It smelled like a rich pipe tobacco with hints of bourbon and honey. I shooked the bottle vigorously and put it away in a cool dark place for 3 weeks. When I opened the bottle and smelled the aroma it had a strong hint of pipe tobacco with hints of honey and vanilla...the bourbon undertones seemed to have disappeared. I filled a Smoke Triton tank with Captain Jack and vaped it at 3.0-3.2 ohms at 4 volts on my Variable Voltage battery. I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first drag. It definitely has a strong classic pipe tobacco taste on the inhale with hints of vanilla. Also, On the exhale I got a nice honey and vanilla top note with pipe tobacco undertones. The throat hit was amazing... I decided to order a 30 ml bottle and I can definitely vape this all day... I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a classic pipe tobacco flavor with hints of honey and vanilla with a reckless throat hit. Five stars all the way!!!

  42. Not my favorite but magnitudes better than an RY4 review by Chris

    I am not a huge fan of this one as it has a very strong and sweet honey flavor to it but it is 100 times better (at least to me) than an RY4 style. While it is not a favorite but I will definitely finish the bottle using it as a mixer for other flavors. I giving it four stars only because the tobacco taste (again, only to me), is very subtle/in the background and the dominant flavor is honey. The Halo quality as always is there so if a sweeter taste that is not caramel is what you think you would enjoy, give it shot and you will be pleasantly surprised.

  43. One of my favorites review by Cliff

    I love the taste of this liquid with it's hint of pipe tobacco flavor. It is a very satisfying flavor. I've tried a lot of different flavors but still come back to Captain Jack!

  44. Good tobacco flavor review by Amanda

    I definitely prefer Captain Jack ( a "harsher" tobacco flavor over the harshness of the Turkish Tobacco) while the Turkish Tobacco has a lot of floral flavors and a hint of perfume taste. This can be alluring to some and sometimes it's just a matter of an acquired taste. Captain Jack has a good throat hit (I'm on 12mg-weening off the 18mg) and has a honey flavor to it. It reminds me of those lemon honey sticks when I vape on it and I think this might be a good change when I want to switch it up from my Tribeca. I regularly vape Tribeca but enjoy my Malibu or Midnight Apple after dinner to satisfy my sweet tooth. Captain Jack might be my new go-to when I need a bit of a punch to my morning coffee and drive to work.

  45. Great Taste and Vapor Production! review by Chris

    Captain Jack tastes amazing, with a solid throat hit, and amazing vapor production. What more could you ask for?

  46. General impressions review by C-O

    First, this flavor is not for me. It is not intolerable but just doesn't suit my taste. With that being said, I will not lower the review for personal preference. It is a very strong, consistent, clean and crisp flavor. It mixes well with other flavors and that's why I will finish the bottle. When mixed with Malibu it gives it a sweet taste of honey! Quality and attention to detail earns a 5 star. I am going to order the sample tin to find my favorite. The bottle and dropper are forged from glass which, again, also speaks to quality and detailed attention. I will most likely buy all of my e-juice from Halo as long as the quality stays up and the price stays reasonable.

  47. Just not for me review by matthew

    This flavor shocked me when I tried it right out of the mailbox. Some others said they got "strong perfume" flavor or "Synthetic floral". After about 4 weeks, it had settled down a bit, but still way too fragrant and intense for me. Doesn't mean I won't try it again down the road, as tastes change!

  48. Flavor!!!! review by Brian

    If you love a real strong tobacco flavor with some extra flavors mingled in, this is it! This juice is not for light weights. At first I wasn't sure about it, but after steeping for 3 days, it came around. If you want a strong hit of great tasting flavor, give this one a try.

  49. This is the closest you are going to get to smoking a cigar or a pipe. review by Metzger

    Captain Jack e juice delivers the throat hit and authentic tobacco taste of sophisticated tobaccos. I used to smoke cigars, dip Red Man tobacco, and American Spirits were my smokes of choice. This e juice is the closest thing I have found to the real deal. Captain Jack e juice delivers where so many others failed. Captain Jack has some very earthy tones like pipe and cigar tobacco. If that is what you are looking for, look no further. I have tried several e juices and always went back to Captain Jack. This is my everyday vape and I fall in love with it more and more every time I take a drag.

  50. can't be beat review by Steven

    This is very simple. CAPT'N JACK is the best tasting e-liquid you will ever smoke, so what are you waiting for?! GET SOME TODAY!

  51. The best review by Jeff

    This is by far the best ever juice I have had since using the electronic cigarette. I have tried many different tobacco flavors and nothing compares. Try it with Kringle's Curse, you will love it!

  52. Fun and Spicy! review by Gail

    Captain Jack is awesome! It's got a vibe all it's own. A spicy pipe tobacco with great throat hit. I love to mix this with Southern Classic for a spicy, sweet vape. My local Halo reseller knows to keep this on the shelves for me!

  53. Great smoke review by marcie

    This is my favorite juice. It gives an awesome throat hit and flavor. This for anyone looking for a smoke that is not sweet and reminds you of an analog cig or pipe. Thumbs up Halo.

  54. Flavorsome! review by BANSI

    Unlike the discription - its actually quite smooth & not harsh at all. A hint of pipe tobacco, anne seeds, caramel ...... very nice!

    I puffed up a 30 ml in 2 weeks & am going for more.

  55. Mixed with Turkish is PERFECT for me!! review by Robert

    Granted, I just received this yesterday and have a strong reason to think that Captain Jack requires some steeping because even on the second day, it's just too strong *all by itself* for me. I gave it 5 stars because my tastes have moved more to love Freedom Juice and Torque56. Even though I loved Turkish, it just was not enough of a throat hit and vapor producer for me.

    This is where these reviews by actual Halo users on this site becomes *so* valuable and appreciated. A few people here suggested that mixing Captain Jack with Turkish was perfect for them and since I have one and a half 30ml bottles of Turkish, I thought I would try varying mixtures.


    For me, a half/half mix of Turkish/Captain Jack is a very nice fresh and true tobacco flavor with such a nice throat hit and awesome vapor production. I am using Triton with one of my Variable Voltage Batteries from Halo at a 4.1 level with a 2.6 coil. (also highly recommend Halo VV Battery as it's night and day enhancement to vape heaven).
    Since I have recently really been loving Freedom Juice, I would say Captain Jack is about 4x that flavor and definitely a true tobacco flavor. Captain Jack is totally void of the sweetness you get from say, Tribeca. It has a sort of inherent (very slight) sweetness of likes of honey/vanilla, whereas Freedom Juice gives me that *no sweetness* and dry, rich throat hit and vapor production. I actually can see future experimenting by mixing Captain Jack with other flavors. Definitely a keeper, just not an ADV on it's own for me. Very complex and far from boring. Try it!

  56. Good pipe tobacco review by Fran

    I find this to be strong but not too strong. It is very smooth. A good pipe tobacco flavor.

  57. Wowza review by Jeremy

    This is the grandaddy of full tobacco flavor. I like to think that this flavor tastes the way a cigarette smells before you smoke it. There is not any of the ashy flavor of a real analog, just the smooth taste of the leaf. This might have the strongest throat hit of any e-juice I've tried anywhere, so if you're like me and really like that kind of stuff, you'll have to check this one out.

  58. Was expecting more. review by LVE

    I’m really kinda disappointed in Captain. I’ve been working on a tobacco mix similar in taste to Marlboro reds. I have an 18 base to which I’ve added Torque–18 (2:1) to get that dusty/smoky flavor & tobacco smell, and was hoping to add Captain (18) to give it a little more kick. But, I found Captain to be actually quite mild (especially with Halo’s description – harsh, reckless throat hit, not for faint of heart). Don’t get me wrong, I like Captain – and may still use it for the flavor – but will have to look elsewhere for the kick I’m looking for (unless maybe bump Captain to 24). I would have rated Captain a solid 5, but because of the description, I really feel I have to drop it to a 3 – a good tobacco juice, just not the ‘bad-boy’ it’s advertized to be.

  59. great tobacco flavor review by Brandon

    Great tobacco flavor, smooth, a hint of sweetness, slightly harsh. I love this liquid one of my top 2 tobacco flavors halo had an awesome flavor here big throat hit and nice vapor output. Great job halo!!!

  60. Pipe tobacco at its best! review by Chris

    This is hands down the best e liquid out there in my opinion. I have tried various e liquids from many company's and I have finally found exactly why I was looking for. It tastes like honey rum with little notes of chocolate and vanilla. After you let it steep a day or two it keeps getting better after it. I will continue to buy this over and over again! In the morning before I wake up it smells just like Captain Black royal after I mixed it with half and half. Asking as this product is made Halo will always have a loyal customer. Fast shipping, fresh e liquid. My search for the perfect e liquid to smoke has ended.

  61. Highly Recommended review by ThePezz

    Having had true pipe tobacco before, this is maybe the closest I've gotten to something similar. I don't find it as rough, but it's definitely a bit harsher than the menthols. I had my friends who swears off e-cig liquid try this, and he admitted this was really good.

    Very pleasant smoke! I highly recommend it!

  62. Good straight tobacco review by Chuck

    This one is a little on the strong side for me but it has a really good tobacco taste. I keep some around for when I want something with no sweetness. The throat hit is pretty good with this liquid.

  63. Well at least I tried it. review by Andrew

    This was incredibly strong as advertised. I gave it a try and immediately not for me. If you like that kinda stuff. I'm not sure what rating this deserves, I'm not a huge pipe tobacco guy. It was the last one on the list of tobacco flavors to try so I went for it. And boy was it something.

  64. Reminds me of Grandpa review by Brian

    I had forgotten what the description on this one was, when I pulled out the sample bottle and dumped it into a tank. My first couple of puffs, I was instantly whisked away to memories long past, sitting in my grandfathers lap while he puffed on his corn cob pipe.

    I was so amazed by that, I quickly came back to the site, and looked up the description for this juice.... and it was DEAD ON!!! This stuff taste and smells exactly like regular old american pipe tobacco, then kind you used to smell wafting of porches in the summer months. This wont be my all day vape, but I do plan on ordering another 7ml bottle to keep around, for those times when I need a bit of a taste change up, because it is the only tobacco flavor that isnt heavily spiced that I really REALLY enjoyed.

  65. Marvelous pipe tobacco flavor review by Denise

    Although mine is steeping following my first vape, I can say that if you are looking for pipe tobacco flavor, this is the one for you. It has a strong and powerful taste as described.

    You cannot beat the quality of halo liquids. Vape flavor depends on your taste buds, but great quality is hard to overlook. 5 stars to all halo liquids IMHO.

  66. Really nice flavor. review by Alex

    It tastes exactly as advertised. If you enjoy any form of pipe smoking you will enjoy this.

  67. LOVE IT! review by Tim

    Words cannot describe how fantastic this is. I love the spicy uniqueness. I'll definitely be buying more!

  68. Great tobacco flavor review by Amy

    I bought this as a gift for a family memeber who likes the "pure" tobacco flavor. He really enjoys this one, and has even gone as far as to mix different tobacco flavors to enjoy various tastes.

  69. Second opinion after 2 weeks steeping review by Sam

    Ok i wrote review on this 2 weeks back and have since changed my opinion! This stuff is amazing I suffered a stent where taste buds shut down and had what some call vapors tongue , this stuff along with longhorn where the only flavors i could taste and they kept me satisfied! I have grown to really cherish this flavor and just ordered 30ml bottle . Halo has so far hands down best eliquid i have tasted but I'm still new to the game and have only tried from 6 different well known vendors. Steeping improves taste, love the heavy flavor sand the complexity that this liquid has. Its a must try at least get the sample bottle!

  70. Great vape review by Brenton

    I like Captain Jack. A lot. Very clean tasting and great vapor production. Personally, I wouldn't use this one as an all day vape, but to each their own. This has a great throat hit, but not overwhelming. The taste reminds me of "unflavored" pipe tobacco, but better. A great tobacco flavor all around, not sweet like a lot of others. Get this one to add to your collection, you won't be disappointed.

  71. liked it, even at first review by candace

    The first try I knew I'd LOVE this tobacco flavor. It's one that I like at night. I like this when I have a few drinks, it's stout and my adv being voodoo I can't taste as well when I drink, so captain Jack is my all night drinking buddy! You need this in your halo juice collection if you love tobacco flavors liquids. Every halo flavor rocks, I just wish they made a strawberry with coco I know they could I hit it right, they have the cleanest liquids. They have been known as expensive e liquids, but that just wrong bc of the purity my wicks and coils last 3-4 times longer if I use halo, bc of their pureness, thanks HALO for being #1. I love Halo!

  72. True tobacco review by Luis

    True tobacco flavor. Really reminds me of some fine rum. Good and leaves a good scent. I love this one.

  73. Perfect Aromatic Blend review by Justin

    I bought a 7ml bottle from a local vendor to try. I have this in a aga T-2 using a 28awg micro coil at 1.8ohm and vaping at 5v with the Vamo. I have just about given up on Tobacco flavored liquids, the majority are just far too sweet. This was an immediate surprise, Captain Jack is a shoe in for a cavendish blend tobacco so it was instant throwback. The dominant notes are of very mildly sweet chamomile tea with a lot of the tobacco notes being a bit more subtle, I do not mind this as the tobacco parts are similar to British tobacco rather than American. All in all a great tobacco vape and easily an ADV for those who appreciate complex tobaccos.

  74. This juice is well above the rest! review by Jonathan

    I just got my hands on this juice, my first of the Halo line. I'm hooked! I will continue to be an avid supporter of this company. I've experienced well over 100 juices to date, this is by far my favorite! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended!

  75. Not for me ! review by Sam

    Was very excited to receive this in the mail, i let it warm up to room temp and steep for a little while. I took a whiff from bottle noticed some caramel tones to it with a tobacco smell . First impression on my first vape was wow very pipe tobacco taste almost too much, was scared to inhale. After vaping for an hr i think it taste very much how a fresh pouch of pipe tobacco smells, especially on the exhale of the vape . The inhale has more of a caramel taste with pipe tobacco tones! The TH was good but not over whelming as many have claimed . If u love taste of pipe tobacco this is a good choice. I just cant get past the fact it taste so strong that it makes you feel as though you should not inhale. This was not a flavor for me.

  76. Gnarly Stuff review by Brett

    Loads of pipe tobacco flavor and an excellent throat hit make this a staple in my rotation, especially on nights out when the beers are a-plenty. This is a good pick for those looking for a true tobacco flavor.

  77. Excellent Choice! review by Danzig

    This, to date, is my favorite Halo flavor. The tobacco flavor is an undertone, and does not become bitter as in other tobacco flavors. The dominant flavor is the vanilla which, rather than overpowering the tobacco flavoring, mellows it and softens its pallet - enhancing and contributing to the overall flavor, while the aftertaste is pleasant. The throat hit is excellent, as is vapor production. All-in-all, a five star flavor.

  78. Amazing review by Christopher

    I've been looking for a nice throat hit and great taste this is it, great vapor and great taste, will be ordering a 30 ml bottle.

  79. Best I've tried so far review by ross

    Out of the belgian cocoa, tiki juice, and malibu, this is by far my fav from halo. Very good TH and strong but nuanced notes. I spilled about 20mL of this on my desk by accident the other is that my desk smells classy as hell.

  80. Very good aroma and taste review by Eric

    I liked this juice. If you are looking for a juice with a strong aroma of a pipe than this is for you. This one has definitely been put on my short list. If you have tried longhorn and like it I'd give this a try because I consider this a stronger version of that. This juice definitely gets a thumbs up!

  81. My next Big Bottle Buy! review by SmokieDJ

    Harsh, reckless, crazy tasty, yup.
    Not for the faint of taste though!

  82. Very smooth review by Gil

    This is an outstanding flavor. I really enjoy the slight hint of pipe tobacco. Captain Jack is smooth, no harshness that I could feel. I use this with my mini tank and enjoy every puff. This is a great choice if you're looking for a tobacco flavor that just a little different without being bombarded with obvious flavor additions.

  83. Does taste and smell like pipe tobacco review by LAwaters

    Been enjoying this on my G6 manual battery in a mini-tank, and find it to be smooth and very much like mild, slightly sweet pipe tobacco. It's a better occasional flavor than all day vaping. For me, on its own, it has too much of a perfume taste on exhale. Seems like most people experience that as sweet rather than perfume, so it may just be me. Mixing with Turkish toned that down and made it more enjoyable for me. My preference is plain tobacco flavor. One star off for the perfume effect.

  84. One Of My Top 3 Halo E- Liquids review by Tiffany

    I cannot say ENOUGH wonderful things about this e-liquid. It has quickly become one of my all day vapes. The description that Halo gives is not exactly how I would describe the flavor. Yes, there is excellent throat hit and fantastic vapor production.

    The flavor, to me (taste is subjective), has a honey type taste to it. It's smooth and silky. I also detect a very light buttery undertone to it. The smell is divine!!! It reminds me of my grandfather's pipe tobacco but not the taste.

    I have found that if I combine it with Halo's Turkish tobacco (which tastes like cloves to me), it is the perfect combination.

    If you are looking for a smooth, mellow flavor (with an AMAZING throat hit) then PLEASE try this one!!!

  85. Great Flavor!! review by Bama Girl

    I recently ordered this flavor in a 30 ml bottle and I am very pleased. If you are looking for a great smooth pipe like flavor then look no further this one is perfect for you!! I can vape this flavor all day long without getting tired of it. It definitely has a smooth throat hit and taste great!! In my opinion Captain Jack is among the Best!!

  86. Great Flavor review by Derek

    This is the first time trying this e-liquid and I can say that it will end up being one of my favorites. The taste was more mild than I expected and the smell of this liquid was really good. Many of my friends commented on how good it smelled. I really enjoyed this one!!!!!!!!

  87. Authentic strong taste review by Don

    Very nice tobacco flavor in Captain Jack e-liquid. If your looking for a strong taste and excellent throat hit you must pick up a bottle of this. Goes great with some twisted java mixed in too. Pick up a bottle of this and some gourmet flavors for mixing. When your looking to really taste your e-liquid have a bottle of this around. Fairly smooth with nice vapor production. A taste you can really feel all the way down your throat. If you have not tried a tobacco flavor I would recommend getting a strong flavor like this first. Quality e-liquid.

  88. Just what you're looking for review by Sean

    I was very surprised just how much this E-liquid taste like pipe tobacco, I don't know why but I can Vape Captain Jack with almost any coil resistance and battery setup be it a G6 or Triton and its stillextremely satisfying and that's actually very important for me!
    All in all I'm very satisfied with Captain Jack and I'm going to recommend it to friends.

  89. I can't really fault it but it felt a bit plain review by M

    There's a great throat hit for this one. I'm a little torn about Captain Jack, for some reason I want to like it more than I actually do. There is kind of a nice raw tobacco flavor, but at the same time it feels a little one note especially compared to something like Voodoo.

  90. A decent alternative to take a break from Tribeca review by David

    This one is okay, not as good as Turkish or Torque56, but more along the middle ground lines as Tribeca. Those looking for something a bit darker and sweeter than Tribeca would probably like this.

  91. Straight Tobacco review by Michael

    This tobacco e-liquid gives a very strong heavy tobacco flavor that is a bit too harsh for me on the exhale. The tobacco flavor is bold and in your face with nothing to mask its flavor. Insane throat hit and decent vapor clouds using my iTaste SVD in a Nautilus Tank. Not my favorite but my friends like this one a lot. Tobacco purists will love this one!

  92. another winner review by ken

    I've been vaping halo e liquids and using halo hardware exclusively. Captain Jack captures a true tobacco flavor while adding a touch of nostalgia in the's cool is that?

  93. Pipe Tobacco review by Charles

    Just tried this, a friend of mine had it. Wow, if I hadn't just ordered a 30ml bottle of Tribeca I would be ordering this. It tasted just like pipe tobacco, delicious. Going to order a 10ml bottle next time I restock on Tribeca. Gave it 4 stars cause I haven't tried it in my device yet, my friends equipment isn't so great. Can't wait to try it in my HH357.

  94. Captian Jack review by Alan

    As described, this e juice is somewhat harsh with strong throat hit. It does have a distinct pipe tobacco flavor that I find pretty tasteful. Overall, I am pleased with this product. Thanks Halo.

  95. Tastes like Capt Black pipe tobacco review by Gene

    This flavor does a good job of recreating Capt Black that and is a really smooth vape.

  96. Smells/tastes like Grandpa's pipe! review by Wilhelm Von Schlemp

    WOW! Just, WOW! I love it! This stuff is unbelievably good! Halo has really captured the smell of my Grandpa's pipe tobacco. If I close my eyes, it takes me back to my childhood. The smell of pipe smoke lingering in the air. Nothing like it. Excellent TH and tastes like sweet Burley and Cavendish. Spot on, Halo!

  97. Captain Jack rules review by Joseph

    Great tasting vape with a nice throat hit. Also Turkish is good as well.

  98. My Favorite All Day Vape review by Eric

    I love this flavor and it is my all day vape. I don't even carry any other flavors with me. I use the lowest nic version and it works great for me. Great throat hit and flavor. It is to me the best blend of pipe tobacco, cigarette, and cigar. It has elements of them all but is it's own thing at the same time. If you like tobacco and not sweets, give this one a try. It is the only flavor I need and could not be happier about that. Thanks to Halo for the Captain Jack, G6, and the mini tanks. Best combo in the e-cig business. Keep up the good work guys and gals.

  99. Best Pipe Tobaco Flavor review by Nephelim

    The Captain Jack flavor have been a most delicious discovery, looking for a long lasting flavor in mouth, and fantastic hit. The flavor is perfect for a tobacco pipe like experience. The taste is not invasive, and very durable. You can vape this flavor all day long with out fail. This is my daily choice, for watching tv or reading on the couch.

  100. Excellent pipe liquid review by Ron

    In my Protank 2 it's to strong for my taste but mellows down in a E-pipe and becomes very relaxing to vape. Spicy robust tobacco taste that suits it's name.

  101. Awesome review by foo

    The description of this is flavor is spot on. It has a great pipe tobacco taste and fantastic vapor production. After trying Longhorn (and enjoying it) as well as Midnight Apple (another great flavor) I would have to say Captain Jack is my new favorite.

  102. solid liquid review by dave

    This was my first liquid. I had tried some blu disposables but they had no flavor and were pretty harsh in the back of the throat but not in a good way. This was the opposite. I found the flavor smooth more than anything. Throat hit was good but pleasant, almost like getting hit with a pillow. Perfect in my opinion. the flavor gets more delicate, yet more pronounced as you vape. Also tasted great with some Kringle's Curse mixed in. Gave it a menthol hit followed by the smooth cigar and then fades out to a hint of mint. Like fresh tobacco. Really solid. Can't wait to try more.

  103. I really wanted to like it. review by John

    I really wanted this juice to work for me. Maybe it needs more time steeping but it's been two weeks. The flavor is over run by a honey sweetness which is ruined by a watery aftertaste. It's like someone mixed water in it. Not saying that's what happened but that's what it tastes like to me. I get the tiniest tobacco flavor behind the sweetness. I'll put this bottle away for a month or two and see if it changes. If it does, I'll rewrite the reviews.

    6 nic
    flavor 2.5
    TH 2.0
    Vape 4.25

  104. Like a good strong pipe tobacco review by John F.

    After reading all the reviews, I figured I would enjoy this flavor. The first couple of drags weren't quite what I was expected... but not bad though. But, this is one of those flavors that grows on you as your vape it more. It has a really rich taste that is very thick and full. It produces a very nice amount of vapor. I will definitely be ordering more of this one!

  105. Awesome review by David

    I have tried many e-juices. The 1st Halo brad I tried was Longhorn. Wow!! Very interesting. I then ordered 5 different flavors from Halo. First time I tried Captain Jack, I was blown away. Will be my all time vape from now on. If you have not tried it you are seriously missing out.

  106. Capt. Jack review by Trevor

    Captain Jack is great! It has an excellent chocolatey flavor with a great tobacco tone, it reminds me of Belgian Cocoa! But better! Great breakfast vape.

  107. Arrrrrr! Love it! review by Beebee

    After reading the reviews of this I bought a small bottle to give it a try. So glad I did, very rich, pipe tobacco flavor, with a sweet honey and touch of vanilla thing going on. This is my just home from work vape and a cup of coffee choice now. In my office some very supportive of my vaping and not going outside coworkers said that they could smell this one vaguely, but that it was a nice barely there warm incense sort of smell. Even joked that if I vap the Captain Jack then there is no need for air freshener. Though I stopped using this one at work, because they said they noticed it, even if they don't mind. Anyway, love it, and a full size glass bottle will be in my next order. Thank you for this tasty blend Halo!

  108. captain jack review by Steve

    First I must say the descriptions Halo has for their liquid is pretty spot on. Still I bought a sample bottle of Captain Jack. It is exactly what I have been looking for. My favorites, are Longhorn, Prime 15 torque 56 and Turkish. All very nice. Thanks Halo and keep up the great work.

  109. Straight up Pipe Tobacco review by M9130

    This is THE best replication of Pipe Tobacco in E Juice period, Nothing out there like this. If you are looking for that Pipe flavor this is it. This is a dark, woodsy and rich tobacco flavor, A tiny hint of sweetness in there too which tops it off. My favorite E Juice to date.

  110. So Strong Matey! review by Gareth

    Man this stuff is strong! It produces great vapor and an excellent throat hit. Feels and tastes like you are smoking tobacco with no filter or right out of a pipe. Also reminds me of a hand rolled cigarette. There is no sweetness at all and when they say "not for the faint of heart" they mean it! Great job again Halo!

  111. Rich & Smooth review by Chris

    I enjoyed this liquid quite a bit. It has a slight sweetness to it but nowhere near a dessert flavor and is quite rich. The throat hit is pretty moderate I though yet still smooth. It reminds me a lot of a robust pipe tobacco. It even gave off a faint smell of the liquid in the room as I was vaping which was pretty nice. If you are looking for a thick, rich flavor, this is it!

  112. A great tobacco flavor! review by John

    I really like Captain Jack better than any other tobacco flavor from Halo. It is full-bodied, pleasant, with good vapor production and adequate throat hit. Cap'n Jack has an almost caramel finish which is nice! The best part of this flavor is that it is both strong and somewhat sweet (in a tobacco-ish way), and I find that this level is unmatched with the other tobacco flavors. Also has a very nice taste if you get a little accumulation drain. I must also add that it falls just a bit short of it's acclaim to be "harsh", "reckless", and "raw". I wish it had a bit more throat hit and vapor production. 4 star = quality, and definitely a must-have for tobacco lovers. Maybe like many other "pirates"...Captain Jack is really an ole' softy when you get to know him!

  113. Tastes like Pipe tobacco review by JOe

    I ordered Captain Jack in 18mg of nicotine, Upon the first hit I noticed it tasted just like a smooth pipe tobacco If you ever picked up a bag of pipe tobacco and smelled it that's what this juice tastes like with maybe a tiny hint of cherry in there.

    Vapor: 5/5
    Throat hit at 18mg: 5/5

    This is a very satisfying juice with a great flavor,I got clouds of vapor with a excellent throat hit,It's something I will definitely be ordering again in the future

  114. Overwhelming honey review by Naseeruddin

    The vp and th in this ejuice is right up there with the other halo juices. The tobacco taste is really very good, but the very overpowering taste of honey somewhat masks it. Yes! This tastes just like honey on the inhale, and tobacco on the exhale. Very smooth on the throat, but due to its excessive (in my opinion) sweetness, it cannot be an all day vape for me. I will give my 7ml bottle more time and tries before I completely make up my mind.
    Those looking for honey and tobacco...your search stops here.

  115. My absolute favorite Halo liquid. review by Dave Ammons

    I have tried every Halo flavor. This one is my absolute favorite. It has a great throat hit, good flavor, and a nice smell. Of all of them, it's my personal choice.

  116. Highly pleasant, complex cigar type of flavor! review by Bryan

    I just sampled this one for the first time, and it was so good, right out of the bottle, that I was inspired to sign on here and post a review.

    I recently began enjoying Longhorn as my after-dinner vape, and sometimes in the morning with my coffee, my taste buds have been changing, and I apparently enjoy strong, complex flavors. So Longhorn got me interested in finding more cigar-type flavored juices. I tried Midnight Apple which was underwhelming, and now sits on a shelf in my closet. Then today my local shop tells me that they just got Captain Jack's in, so I grab a bottle of it on my way to work.

    I just tried it out, and this stuff is phenomenal! First of all, the aroma alone is heavenly! I began smelling it while dripping it into the mini-tank, and my nostrils were pleased! Then I took a puff, and the flavor is awesome! It reminds me of Longhorn, but without the sweetness of it. It also reminds me of a cognac-dipped cigar that my dad likes to smoke. It's just, really convincingly tobacco flavored! And the vapor plumes are THICK! I only bought the 12mg variety, and vapor just BILLOWS from my mouth upon exhaling this stuff. I like blowing vapor rings, and the rings coming from this stuff are HUGE!

    I know it's still very new to me, and I don't want to jinx anything, but this just might be my new all-day vape. Thank you Halo, and please keep up the good work!

  117. An interesting change of pace. review by Don

    I found this to have a nice rum and tobacco flavor. Not ADV for me but I did enjoy the change of pace.

  118. Initial Impression review by Cody

    Good day Vapers!

    This is my first foray into Halo liquids.....I have had many different varieties from many different makers. I have been vaping for almost two years now, and have also tried many different devices. I am using a 'Clearomizer' setup not unlike Halo tanks.

    Captain Jack is my first taste of the Halo brand liquids, and I must say, I am not disappointed! The quality is high, as the flavor is very clean tasting, smooth, and with a medium throat hit. It nails the pipe tobacco feel IMO, it is very robust and dry with a dark flavor. It reminds me strongly of a Cavendish-type blend, there is a mild sweetness to it. If you are a fan of pipe tobacco, you will like this liquid. The vapor exhaled is very aromatic and relaxing; it will scent the room with the undertones of pipe tobacco.

  119. Sweeter than I thought review by James

    Expected very little sweetness, but for me, this flavor drips of honey. Great throat hit, good vapor, but I do not think I will purchase this flavor again. If your looking for honey flavor, with a tiny bit of harshness, this is for you!

  120. Think - "fresh pack of cigarettes" review by Mike

    The Captain Jack e-juice was not what I expected. The Halo description made me worry a bit, but when I finally vaped this juice, it reminded me of a fresh cigarette. I will keep a bottle of this juice around for those times when a cigarette would be perfect.

  121. Arrr! Me like it! review by TheNewPirate

    It took just to a couple of drags to love this one. It has a complex flavor to describe but I agree with fellow reviewers in that it tastes like a mixture of rum, cognac and cherry. The lingering smell and taste is closest to that of a fresh pipe tobacco. Throat hit is just right and not as harsh as I thought it would be even with the strongest (24mg/ml) nicotine rating. I will try a lighter dose later on to see how it feels. This is my new favorite! Ye should try it.

  122. HONAY! review by PAUL AWESOME

    Smoked this on my G6 with a mini tank. Sweeheeeet! Very sweet. Its got a honey start and rich cigar or pipe tobacco finish. This is definitely a old timer flavor. Think grandpas pipe tobacco and you've got it. Nice vape, very mellow. Picture yourself sitting on your porch drinking sweet tea. "Oh I do declare it's hottah than thuh deekins." Its a good change up flavor for me but not good enough for an all day vape.

  123. Speciality Flavor review by GreenFrog

    This one reminds of me of Long Island Ice Tea. It has a lemon-tobacoo-cigar taste. To me, it was more bold than harsh. I enjoy this one more in LR cartomizers than the mini-tanks. It's not one that I would vape everyday but its good to take to the bar.

  124. good one review by WEICHAO

    Very strong robust spicy tobacco!!!!!!!!!!

  125. A good pipe tobacco review by Jerr

    This flavor tasted like a good pipe tobacco and reminded me of a very old and dear friend. Now if I only had a E-Pipe to vape it in. Hmmm E-Pipe, next Halo Triton model?

  126. Wow! CApN Jack!! Nice!!! review by Bryan

    This stuff is great! If your looking for a strong robust spicy tobacco flavor, Captain jack might be your favorite ever!!! It's very good! Very good strong throat hit and good vapor!! Not the sweetest tobacco, kind of reminds me of a raisin"ish" type tobacco. I don't want to call it that but that's the only word I can find to describe it right now lol. It's great! So happy they sell Halo next to my house!

  127. Cherry Pipe flavoring... review by Coy

    I really enjoy this e-liquid, but it is definitely a kick-back-and-relax vape. More like smoking a pipe after all is said and done for the day. It's has the flavoring of a cherry Cavendish pipe tobacco. So, I smoke it like a pipe with an occasional inhale.

    A pirate's choice indeed.

  128. Great Rich tobacco flavor review by Delta

    I thought my search for a rich, full tobacco flavored throat hit would never come to an end. Captain Jack is the closet e-liquid I have found to a real tobacco experience in the e-cig world. It has rich flavor, and a nice tobacco aroma, the same aroma you get from a fresh pack of reds! I highly suggest using the mini tank if you own a G6. Really adds to the overall experience. This will be my E-liquid from now on!

  129. The BEST hands down review by BoneDaddy

    Started using this today and am more satisfied than words can describe!
    Full Tobacco flavor with barely a hint of sweetness! :-)

  130. A wonderful all around vape review by BCGT

    I get a dark tobacco with hints of molasses, rum, vanilla, and spices. It has a wonderful aftertaste, and leaves a very pleasant warmth on the tongue. Even at 6mg, this satisfies my need for throat hit. This is a must try.

  131. like opening a new pack of cigarettes review by ephemerata

    You know that smell when you first open a new pack of cigarettes? A little dry, a little moist, slightly fruity like dried raisins or figs with a deeper tobacco-y underbite? This juice smells just like that to me and it leaves that taste in your mouth. I'm getting a slightly odd undertaste so I'm going to let it steep/settle. This one really is a lot like pipe tobacco, just like everyone said. I almost thought it was too good to be true.

  132. This little gem could be my new all day vape. review by Brock

    I have been slowly but surely trying my way through all the flavors that Halo has to offer. Let me say first off, that what ever the ratio of PG to VG Halo uses is spot on. Flavor, vapor production, mouth feel, and throat hit are right there. I digress. I ordered a handful of flavors to keep on track with that. Among them was Captain Jack. I approached this one initially with some trepidation because the reviews and descriptions I have seen thus far seemed to indicate that this was going to blow my head off. Well, its true, it does, but in nicest of possible ways. Who ever named and branded this lil gem seemed to have a finger on the places it would take you. Yes, it is a potent tobacco flavor, BUT, it has something way more on tap. When I vape this I imagine that I am sipping a cognac. It's got all those deep dark fruity notes of raisins and currants that you would expect that liquor to have. It's like smoking a cigar dipped in a tawny port at times. It has a swanky sophistication to it. It also has a buttery mouth feel to it. If a vape could be a song, this would be Sympathy For The Devil. It's got sophistication and swagger. It's a vape of wealth and taste. Mind you, the wealth was stolen at the point of a cutlass...but's still wealth.

  133. Great Replacement for My Pipe review by Mat

    I got a small bottle (just ordered a 30ml) of Captain Jack to try based off a recommendation that it has a good Pipe Tobacco flavor. They were not wrong! This is a great flavor for sitting around and just enjoying the mood. Win Win. Great job again Halo Team!

  134. If you like american honey, you will love this e liquid review by Robert

    I started out by trying a variety of different liquids offered by Halo, and this one is my absolute favorites. To my taste, it is very similar to the flavor of american honey with a nice throat hit, and after hints of a smooth cured tobacco. I smoked pipes and cigars before this, and it reminds me of the honey dipped or rum dipped cigars I would buy. The sweet is not overpowering though, and the after notes are clean. After trying other similar liquids friends had purchased from other companies, I have to say this is by far the best I have ever tried. Keep up the good work Halo.

  135. Captain Jack is my best friend! review by Joe

    I started out using Tribeca, which has a nice mellow spicy flavor but soon tried Captain Jack. This e-liquid is a great no-nonsense tobacco flavor.
    I have had my smoker buddy's take a hit off of my Triton and they always like it. To sum it up Captain Jack has great tobacco taste and a good throat hit.

  136. Very authentic taste review by John

    Taste much like a pipe tobacco with great throat hit. Very smooth, I really enjoy it and will continue to buy.

  137. For the real Tobacco lovers review by FG

    Captain Jack has a very deep, and authentic tobacco taste with massive throat hit, that I like. While it's not a liquid I vape all day (I have my Tribeca and Prime 15 for that), I always keep a tank loaded and ready with this flavor in case I'm in the mood for a vape that will knock my socks off... I got Captain Jack for that.

  138. Capitan's first impression review by Maciej

    In past few months I've learned that some Halo eliquids needs some steeping time before they rich their real taste. So this is first impression. Capitan have dark raw flavor with some mellow - earthy hint. I'm sure a taste will change (more or less). For now it's solid, deep tobacco taste with a perspective to become great.

  139. Kinda Grows On You review by Dave

    This one here kinda grows on you one draw at a time. At first it seemed a little perfume like and way too rich for my taste... However after it steeped a few days and I tried it again it seemed a little more mellow. I found myself longing for this unique flavor, and although it isn't an all day vape it's a nice change of pace.

  140. Good strong flavor. review by Cindy

    This one surprised me. I thought it might be the one flavor I'd find too harsh to enjoy. That turned out not to be true. It is a strong tobacco flavor, but in a good way. To me it's smooth with clouds and clouds of vaper. I've added it to my list of favorites for those times when I want a hit of good, strong, pure tobacco flavor. Not an all day vape for me, but really works well as an afternoon pick me up. it seems to me that nobody does tobacco flavors better than Halo!

  141. Its just like smoking a real pipe! review by Devin

    I thought I would give this E liquid a try, and I'm glad that I did!. It smells and tastes just like premium pipe tobacco. It's basically unbelievable, if you have ever smoked fresh pipe tobacco, you can almost taste the moisture in the tobacco, if that makes any cents, and the E- Liquid gave me that same exact experience. This is definitely something unique to E-cigs, and I would highly recommend this to anyone who smokes a pipe, or enjoys pipe tobacco. The taste is superb! It tastes EXACTLY like a premium blond (pipe smokers know what I'm talking about) pipe tobacco blend, with maybe a slight hint of sweetness. This is outstanding!!!! I seriously can't believe how much this tastes like smoking a pipe! It blew my mind! I got the 24 mg, and it hits pretty hard and has copious amounts of vapor.

  142. Favorite review by Jason

    This is my favorite flavor it is like smoking a pipe. I love it .

  143. For the serious tobacco lover. review by Rob

    Not for everyone but if you're looking for a no nonsense straight forward tobacco flavor then this is for you. C.J. has a very nice throat hit along with great vapor production. Some say it's similar to a pipe tobacco, I didn't find that. What I did find (in my opinion) was probably the closest flavor and aroma to analog tobacco that I have come across. I would highly recommend at least a sample bottle which will in all likelihood lead to a full 30ml order. Another great Halo specialty flavor.

  144. Excellent Throat Hit!!! review by Elijah

    "Halo Captain Jack E-liquid has a raw flavor with its distinct pipe tobacco feel. Get reckless throat hits while experience this full-flavored tobacco e liquid." I love Captain Jack and my reaction was great. I thought it was good at first, but the more I vaped it the more I liked it

  145. Hits like a ton of bricks review by Benjamen

    This stuff is pretty awesome. Not for the faint of heart. Tastes like a super strong pipe tobacco.

  146. Love/hate relationship review by Ben

    For me, it's good in small doses, but gets too sweet to be used as an all-day-vape. Also - it might just be me, but I don't see this as a "tobacco" flavor at all. For me, the strongest flavor note is a sweet honey-type taste. Works well for me when I want to sweeten up one of my other regular, more dry flavors.

  147. My favorite review by Daniel

    I just got my G6 a few days ago and also ordered the sampler packs and one bottle of Captain Jack. Of all the flavors, Captain jack is definitely the best. It does resemble a strong tobacco and has a nice throat hit. Next up.... the big bottle ;-)

  148. Straight Tobacco Juice review by Keith

    This is the strongest tobacco juice in the Halo line up and makes for a great all day vape. A very strong dry tobacco blend without the sweet exhale taste you get from Halo's other tobacco flavors. This is one of those juices that would be in the acquired taste category. I usually stay in the 24mg range with all my tobacco flavors and it felt like i was going to cough up a lung with this flavor. I have since cut my nic for this one blend in half. If you like strong tobacco blends that are dry and harsh, this is the juice for you. Who knows, it could wind up going into your daily rotation.

  149. My Favorite review by Chad

    This is by far my favorite flavor from Halo. Strong taste and smell. Good throat hit. Seems to kill cartos quick though. Can't wait to try it in the Triton.

  150. My first experience with electronic cigerettes review by Eric

    I first heard about electric cigarettes about a year ago. I always decided against it because I thought it probably tasted like hot air.

    One day the subject of E cigs came up and a fried loaned me his for a day just to try it out. That night i found your website and ordered a G6 starter kit and a week later the Triton starter kit as well as a couple bottles of juice.

    I cannot express how truly grateful i am to have found your products. The fist juice I tried was Captain Jack and as a long time smoker of strongest brands I was truly impressed with the quality and taste and authentic feeling of smoking.

    I even bought another kit for a friend - and so glad i found your company - my sincere thanks to you all at Halo


Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - Glass