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Cafe Mocha E-liquid

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Café Mocha E-liquid offers a full-flavored blend, perfect for those seeking a gourmet coffee flavored E-liquid. Built on a robust Cappuccino base, our unique Café Mocha E-liquid blend is layered with very subtle hints of mocha and hazelnut, and rounded out with a gentle sweetness.

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Café Mocha E-liquid offers a full-flavored blend, perfect for those seeking a gourmet coffee flavored E-liquid. Built on a robust Cappuccino base, our unique Café Mocha E-liquid blend is layered with very subtle hints of mocha and hazelnut, and rounded out with a gentle sweetness.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our e-liquids undergo independent testing: Cafe Mocha E-liquid's test results

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  1. Quality inside out review by Shehab

    I have been vaping for 3 years. I have tried almost all the premium brands out there and now I only have a few solid liquids in my rotation.

    Cafe Mocha is one, if not the best, coffee vapes I ever had. It's very smooth and has a strong distinctive flavor. The coffee is there and it is not overpowering. It is truly an authentic Cafe Mocha. I highly recommended it and could not find anything that tastes even remotely like this.

  2. Very Addictive!!! review by Michael

    I have been vaping Halo's Tribeca, the best tobacco e-juice I have ever tasted! I got this sample bottle of Café Mocha and WOW! What I like about Halo, is that they send sample bottles with nicotine. So I have been vaping Tribeca in 24mg. I got the Cafe Mocha in 24mg, and it was gone in three days. It's very tasty, smooth, and not to harsh. I have tried many other mocha e-juices and nothing compares to the Cafe Mocha. It does require some cleaning of your coils but most of the darker e-liquids do. I just get a paper towel and blow into the coil. I would highly recommend this to anyone who favors coffee or any drink type e-liquids. It leaves an amazing after taste. It is perfect for my morning commute or any other time of day. They cost a little more than other manufacturers but it's money is well spent.

  3. Not what I expected review by Sr. Merced

    I ordered a 30ml bottle of Café Mocha. I drink a lot of coffee, especially espresso, and so I thought that perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to vape but frankly this was not for me. All though it is just like coffee and not cafe mocha taste. Coffee with milk are the flavors that I got when I vaped it. I gave it some time to see if maybe it would grow on me but it didn't. It is just not the taste for me. However, if you are looking for a coffee flavor and you don't mind vaping it, then this is the eliquid for you.

  4. Best damn coffee-based juice! review by Mark

    Halo has an awesome e-juice here. I've tried a lot of different coffee-based ones and Café Mocha beats them all by far. This mixture of coffee and mocha has an awesome aftertaste and leaves the room smelling like coffee mocha!!

  5. CAFE MOCHA review by Zachary

    Good,if you would actually drink a cafe mocha. Like the halo flavors I have tried so far it tastes JUST like what they say it will,turns out I just don't like cafe mocha, it's a heavy flavor that hangs in the air and has a chocolate quality that "sticks" to you. Again if you like that sort of thing, the flavors are robust and and it is most definitely "CAFE MOCHA" flavor.

  6. For Latte Lovers review by Julie

    This has the perfect balance of high quality coffee and smooth chocolate, with an almost cookie like finish. It’s perfect for the morning commute, after dinner or anytime you need a sweet, indulgent pick-me-up.

  7. My girlfriend loves this review by Eric

    My girlfriend hated when I smoked. She would almost refuse to kiss me. She loves the way it smells and that means more kisses for me. I couldn't be happier. I am a fan of coffee and this is pretty good.

  8. Pure Delight review by Sandi

    I began vaping this as soon as I received it, and I must say it was horrid. After a couple of days, I tried it again and fell in love. This is my new favorite! It’s very addicting and I will be ordering a big bottle.

  9. Good stuff review by Coltyn

    Very nice flavor if you like coffee and chocolate! Being a heavy coffee drinker myself, I immediately was drawn to this flavor. I recommend this flavor!

  10. Good coffee break juice review by Lisa

    I didn't like this juice at first. It seemed to strong—maybe because I like a lot of cream with my coffee. This juice has a definite black coffee aftertaste on the exhale. It's the sweet mocha taste that you get on the inhale that sold me. I will be keeping this juice on the rotation.

  11. Morning Vape review by Jane

    This and coffee gets my morning started on a great note! This was my first Halo purchase and I keep coming back for more.

  12. Great wake me up juice review by Thomas

    I bought this because, to put it lightly, I love coffee. While I was a little disappointed by the comparatively low profile coffee taste at first, I very quickly came to love this flavor. The mocha flavor to it is spot on. It reminds me a lot of coffee flavored ice cream with chocolate syrup.

    I started to vape this on my way to work, and it's genuinely the most enjoyable flavor I've found for mornings. After a little time with it, I found myself vaping it all day. The sweetness is at the exact level you'd want for a more dessert-like flavor, but not so in your face it couldn't be an all-day flavor.

    Great work again by Halo. My curse as a black coffee lover is the only thing putting this short of 5 stars.

  13. Coffee Shop in my face! review by Kate

    While it's not my most favorite flavor, the Cafe Mocha is pretty close to the description. You definitely taste the nuttiness and I would even chance a caramel aftertaste. I would liken it a bit to a coffee flavored ice cream cone experience. It's worth a try!

  14. Magical Delicious Journey review by Big MIKE

    This flavor rocks pretty hard. Upon vaping you will discover gobs of chocolate, the right amount of sweetness, and the perfect amount of coffee. I got it in the gourmet pack and blew through the 7ml in record time. It’s definitely a dessert flavor but not cloyingly sweet and very doable as an all-day vape. I also found the flavor to be very well balanced and half the reason I went through it so fast was that I really, really enjoyed the flavor. Halo does a really awesome chocolate vape and this particular flavor is fantastic.

  15. Deliciousness review by Adam

    I'm a heavy coffee drinker and this one does not let me down. I've mixed it with Kringle’s Curse and it's fantastically Christmasey (if that's a word). By itself it stands tall. It's third on my depth chart behind Tribeca, and Turkish. It’s worth a puff or twelve.

  16. Love this e-juice! review by Frederick

    I have been disappointed too many times by cheap e-liquids. All of Halo products are good quality. Cafe Mocha has all the subtle attributes described and has a dry aroma. I like to add mint or something fruity to spice it down. I mixed Cafe Mocha with Kringle's Curse to give it a peppermint mocha flavor and it was so delicious!

  17. Coffee anyone review by victor

    Thank you Halo for always taking care of customers with the freebies. This was one of them and I could not be any happier. Outstanding flavor and great vapor aroma. It was just very intense and very flavor full along with a cup of coffee is just a perfect match. Except I probably would go on a very low nicotine base or it will be too much to handle. However I cannot vape this more than a half hour due to how rich and power full the product is.

  18. Good stuff review by zack

    I got this juice in my last order as a promotional offer. It has a bold coffee or mocha flavor and a substantial throat hit. I would definitely buy this again to switch things up. Halo has the best e-liquid by far. You may not like everything, but you will find a flavor you enjoy with them.

  19. Delicious! review by Larry

    This is a perfect blend of chocolate and coffee that leaves a sweet dry chocolate taste in your mouth. It makes for an excellent after dinner vape! I love it!

  20. My favorite e-juice review by CONNIE

    I am a big coffee junkie so this hits the sweet spot for me. I love the smooth chocolate taste! If you enjoy coffee with a hint of cocoa, you must try Cafe Mocha.

  21. Cafe Mocha is another great juice review by Frank

    I've been vaping for about six months now. In that time I've tried juices from about 4 or 5 different vendors and Halo is by far the best experience for me. I originally bought the Gourmet Sample pack which included Cafe Mocha. This juice is just a perfect blend of chocolate flavored coffee. I just don't know a better way to describe it, but if you like macchiato you will love this juice. I ordered the 12mg nicotine level and will re-order at 6mg. The throat hit of the 12mg is ok, but I have since lowered my nicotine consumption to 6mg. And I think this might even increase the vapor production, which is just another plus.

  22. Great in the morning review by Barbara

    Café Mocha's flavor goes great with your morning coffee. I would recommend to try this e-liquid.

  23. Hot chocolate review by Amy

    I am not a coffee person and I don’t drink it. However, I think Café Mocha tastes just like hot chocolate to me. It is now my morning vape.

  24. Smooth Chocolate review by Joseph

    A nice smooth chocolate flavor with a slight hint of coffee. This definitely goes well with a cup of coffee.

  25. I was expecting Starbucks Mocha review by Lane

    I went into this e-liquid expecting a nice mocha taste but it felt like I was drinking a dull Starbucks Mocha. It is not packed with flavor but just enough to know it is chocolate cappuccino base. It tastes like a blend of hot chocolate and french vanilla. I don't know if I would buy this again but I do enjoy vaping Cafe Mocha.

  26. Best coffee! review by Chris

    I will not cheap out of coffee flavors. I have been burned too many times by cheap e-liquids. All of Halo products have a good quality. Café Mocha has all the subtle attributes described and has a dry aroma. I like to add mint or something fruity to spice it down.

  27. love this product review by jennifer

    I mixed Café Mocha with Kringle's Curse to give it a peppermint mocha flavor. It was so delicious!

  28. silky coffee perfection review by Deneb

    I have tried a great amount of coffee flavors in the past two years but this one is simply the best. It has just the right amount of sweetness and nutty flavor. Café mocha is nothing less than balanced to perfection. Hats off to a coffee masterpiece.

  29. Best tasting e juice. review by Julie

    Café Mocha has the best tasting e-liquid. I will definitely order this again!

  30. Mellow, flavorful, true cafe mocha flavor! review by Lisa Bateman

    Café Mocha e-liquid is very smooth and flavorful. It producces great vapor and makes a great all day or dessert vape. This e-liquid has such a mellow yet tasty aftertaste that you can't help but reach for just a few more puffs before you finally put it away.

  31. Rich flavor review by Donna

    I enjoy this flavor in the morning with coffee. The mocha and hazelnut taste are not overpowering. I will definitely add this to my rotation.

  32. Cafe Mocha most pleasant vape ever review by Pretzelal

    Café Mocha is the most pleasant vape that I have ever had. It is difficuly to nail down the exact flavor. It is neither coffee, chocolate, sweet, or bitter. The smell from the bottle reminds me of a sweet butter and the taste is almost that good. If I had to give it a name, it would be Blonde Brownies. The fact that I can't determine the exact flavor is what I enjoes the most. Also, with its mild flavor I can vape it with meats, fish, dessert, or alcohol. Out of all the flavors none of them are as close to Cafe Mocha with a smooth blend rich flavor.

  33. great if you like black coffee review by david

    This is great if you like the smell and taste of coffee without any flavoring or sugar, You will need to mix something sweet like hazelnut or chocolate of Halo's e-liquids. I really like the smell but don’t really like the taste of coffee. However, I absolutely love this and will buy more. I will mix this with my daily vape Tribeca. I gave it 4 stars becuase I wish it was a little bit sweeter.

  34. Re Do Review(1st one was for belgium cocoa) review by jesse

    I love this flavor! It tastes like a real coffee with a nutty chocolate undertone. I tried lots of other coffee flavors and this one blows them away. I will be continuing to buy this flavor with every order.

  35. Holy Mocha review by Matthew

    I love it! It has hints of Hazelnut which makes this highly enjoyable. Give it a try!

  36. Mucho Mocha review by thepm

    If you like a traditional coffee shop Mocha then this may not be for you. If you like Starbucks or Nescafe Mocha that is mostly milk and chocolate then this may be for you. This e-liquid by Halo, vapes well but the coffee flavor and aroma is almost completel overpowered by chocolate and nutty flavors. The throat hit is decent and the aroma is pleasant. However, it is just a bit to sweet and the taste is lacking the coffee and expresso I was hoping for.

  37. Tastes just like coffee review by Christopher

    This vapes and tastes just like coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker and I am the kind of person that puts a ton of sugar in their coffee. I like it real sweet and almost like a dessert and not a morning brew. In my opnion, this is not a liquid I would recommend unless you love the before and aftertaste of coffee. It was mild and no throat hit. Although, it does have a good vapor production.

  38. great morning vap review by Dawn

    I was looking for a vape that would go good with my morning coffee. Cafe mocha is great! Thanks Halo!

  39. Can't Stop Vaping review by Janet

    The flavor and the amount of vapor are so good that I have not been able to stop. What a pleasant surprise! When I allowed the flavor to steep for a couple of days, vaping the Cafe Mocha was so good. It has a great throat hit and so much vapor production that I could not believe that the vapor just kept coming, and coming, and coming. The flavor reminds me of that cup of coffee that you wish would last all day and that's just why this has become one of my all day vapes. Yes, it made my short list of favorite e-liquids. However, for those who like coffee you have to try this!

  40. Ghirardelli's 86% Midnight Reverie review by jesse

    Fresh out of the bottle, Cafe Mocha, tastes like Ghirardelli's 86% Midnight Reverie but I do not taste the espresso flavor yet. I do know with all the Halo flavors if you steep them it comes out in a perfect blend. I know the coffee flavor will come out. However, even without the coffee flavor it seems to be the chocolate flavor is the most rich and real chocolate I have ever tried in a liquid and pre-filled cartomizer.It really just tastes like my favorite dark chocolate candy bar.

  41. Not bad. review by Wugglez

    This is not my favorite but it is definitely good enough to buy again.

  42. It's just so-so. review by Kristy

    I'm not a huge fan of chocolate based e-juices and this one was pretty strong. The coffee definitely comes through but I wasn't fond of the chocolate taste. I liked it better upon adding a little of the Belgian Cocoa and want to play with it further upon adding a hazelnut or Irish Cream flavor.

  43. Very good mocha taste review by Gavin

    Cafe Mocha smells just like the Belgian Cocoa e-liquid but it tastes just like mocha coffee. It is real smooth and leaves a great after taste that hangs in your mouth for awhile. I vape this in the mornings.

  44. Like that cup of joe but lasting all day..... review by danny

    This is a great tasting vape. If you miss your morning coffee, just vape this on your way to work. What can I say? This is becoming one of my favorites. I'm sure you'll enjoy it while sitting out on the patio or porch in the morning or even afternoon while listening to nature. It's a great all day vape and I'm sure if you try it, you will want more of it . It's like having that first cup of Joe all day. I just have to give Cafe Mocha 5 stars.

  45. Pretty Good review by Sean

    Cafe Mocha is my least favorite of the gourmet group.It still has a great flavor just too bitter for my taste to vape all day. It is still a very smooth hit!

  46. So good. review by Nebuler

    I didn't think I would like non-tobacco flavors. When I got my starter kit, I tried it, and I could not have been more wrong. I love this flavor! I will have to order more before I get half way through the other tobacco flavors I purchased.

  47. LOVE IT review by christine

    Cafe Mocha was my first one to try and I love it!

  48. Good with morning coffee! review by anthony

    For me this was not an all day vape e-liquid but I found that it was vaped best during the morning hours with my coffee. It was a little robust at first, so I let it steep for just 24 hours...and now it is perfect!! I did cut it with Fusion 36mg nicotine, but added a lot more than just a few drops. I figured, for my taste at least, that a 30/70 blend was spot on for taste and the nicotine. Good throat hit, not to harsh. Exhale was flavorful but not overbearing. Not my favorite, but I will be buying more in the future.

  49. miam review by alexandre

    The best taste and vape for the morning ... It helps me reduce drinking coffee so i love it ;-) good vape Halo nation

  50. Halo Cafe Mocha helped me stop smoking cigarettes. review by Boss

    Halo e-liquids are the best e-liquids comparing to many others and I've tried a lot of other brands. Another thing I love about Halo is they are MADE IN USA !!!

  51. Cafe Mocha E-liquid, Great! review by Kirill

    I have just tried Cafe Mocha and should say that it tastes great. It is a real taste of coffee - not the artificial copy of that. The hit is also good and I have the 12mg of nicotine. This is the taste a will definitely buy later as a weekend option.

  52. Amazing review by Alder

    I have tried a variety of different coffee flavors, but this one just blew me away! The taste is not too overwhelming but very smooth and good for an all day vape. This one came with the gourmet sample pack and I just made an order to get a 30ml bottle of this. Twisted Java just didn't do it for me, if you like a nice smooth coffee flavor, this one is for you!

  53. Not my favorite but still Great review by Dion

    I think this one takes 24 hours of steeping before you vape in order for it to be good. When I first tried it I didn't like it at all but to be honest after I let it sit it tasted great. It tastes like Starbucks to me and all my friends agreed it tasted like Starbucks. I'm pretty sure they said they are going to place an order for this one pretty soon. It's a good flavor however not my personal favorite.

  54. Very Good Flavor! review by Ricky

    Cafe Mocha has a great coffee taste to it! Bold flavor. I like to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and have Cafe Mocha. I brush my teeth and then smoke Kringle's Curse afterword. It is the perfect flavor duo.

  55. Great morning vape! review by JOHN

    I just tried the Cafe Mocha and it is great in the morning with my coffee.

  56. Amazing! review by cody

    I got a 7ml bottle to try it out. It tastes just like it says. It's wonderful and smells great too! I will definitely be buying more and recommending it to friends.

  57. A solid coffee juice review by ross

    A very flavorful blend with just enough left-field flavors going on at the end to prevent me from giving this 5-stars, but all in all very tasty.

  58. Best Gourmet Flavor! review by Elik Anoa'i

    I love me some Cafe Mocha! This juice is just awesome. I love the TH and it has decent vapor production. I'll be honest with you guys. If you don't have a proper set up, this juice will gunk up your coils and if you don't top it off regularly, you will get a burnt taste. My personal setting for this juice is on the VV 3.0-3.2 ohms at 3.8 V. That's the sweet spot. Now when you first vape this exquisite delight of an e juice, you will be overwhelmed by a heavy hazelnut cream and slight mocha flavor. I recommend that you steep this juice in a cool dark place and give it a good shake everyday while you it steeps. You will be rewarded for your patience. Once you've steeped it for a week or two, give it a good shake. Like 2-3 minutes of vigorous shaking. Then load up your Triton tank and be prepared to be amazed. On the inhale you will taste a delicious cappuccino top note that is very sweet mixed with caramel. Very nice. As you exhale, you will pick up the hazelnut and mocha flavors with sweet caramel undertones. This stuff is Amazing. When I don't have Tribeca this is my ADV followed by Belgian Cocoa. Here's my top 10 list of Halo Juices in order from most to least favorite.
    1. Tribeca 2.Cafe Mocha 3.Belgian Cocoa 4.Mystic 5.Kringle's Curse 6.Twisted Java 7.Voodoo 8. Malibu 9.Torque56 10. Cool Mist

  59. Go To Morning Vape review by Cory

    If you're looking for an excellent flavor to have in the morning with your coffee, this would be it. The coffee and chocolate flavor aren't too overpowering, but definitely strong enough that you taste it. The vapor production is great, as per all of the Halo juices that I've tried. Right now, this is my favorite Halo flavor.

  60. Good Morning review by Jeff

    I really love this juice in the morning. I use it in a stronger nicotine for it's what wake up too. Simple an amazing coffee / cappuccino flavor. It's perfect for my mornings. No better way to start my day.

  61. my favorite review by Brittany

    Excellent vape. This is my go to all day blend... rich, cappucino, nutty, smooth- a dry coffee, accompanied by a hint of sweet. Truly a pleasure. Very smooth, luxurious vapor with a light throat hit. Definitely my favorite.

  62. Perfect Cafe Mocha review by Ludmila

    Most juice retailers give their juices names of specific types of flavors and when product arrives it never tastes as advertised. Halo is famous for doing the OPPOSITE... if their name says Cafe Mocha that is exactly what you will be vaping. I have no idea how Halo manages to pull this off but they do. 1 for 1.. exact same taste as a cup of your favorite Cafe Mocha. Decent throat hit, great vapor production.

  63. Surprise surprise. review by Jeremy

    That's exactly what this juice did for me: took me by surprise. It has a flavor complexity second only to the "Voodoo" in my opinion. It is rich, dark, and has a flavor complex enough that each vape will be slightly different. I wouldn't call it a strictly "coffee" flavor because the mocha and hazelnut flavors add that complexity I was talking about. I feel like this juice has a "round" flavor that kind of rests on your taste buds well after exhaling. I highly, highly recommend it! Also, if you like this one, check out Voodoo.

  64. Amazing review by Leslee

    I love the cafe mocha e liquid it's amazing! I love the mocha taste, reminds me of a mocha coffee it's great!!! I highly recommend!

  65. FANTASTIC FLAVOR review by Lucjan

    Went to my local special e cig store and tried many flavors this one hit my fancy. Two weeks later and i still love every puff of this stuff and this company's e-liquid seems to be of top quality as they state. Next I will try Tribeca.

    I use itaste vv on a 4.0 setting with a mini protank 3 and this juice works fantastic with my setup.

  66. coffee review by heath

    I'm not a big fan of this type of liquid but it was decent. If coffee flavors are your thing this tastes exactly as advertised and I'd recommend this to fans of coffee liquids. It's spot on flavor wise, decent vapor production also.

  67. My favorite of the gourmet flavors.. review by michael

    I was a big fan of Shamrock but found it would taste quite sweet after awhile. Cafe Mocha is fantastic alone but I also mix it with Belgian Cocoa for a special blend. If only HALO made espresso flavor next!!

  68. For Coffee lovers! review by Fernando

    My WIFE Loved it!!!! In combination with the Turkish Blend! she says... its like going with my friends to a coffee shop having a Mocha latte a cigarette and a nice conversation! hahahaha...

  69. Very sweet review by Dana

    I was unable to get a coffee flavor from this E Liquid and would more or less describe the taste as an off putting hot chocolate. For someone looking for an overt chocolate taste, I would recommend Cafe Mocha; however, I found it too sweet for my pallet.

  70. Very Delicious review by Andrew

    As with past reviews has said, the minute that you open and take the cap off, the smell is mouth watering. I am a big fan of sweeter coffee drinks, and this taste and smell was exactly what I hoped for. I bought the 12% because the 18% on the Malibu was drying out my throat (probably because I smoked it too much too often). Anyhow, this flavor at 12% has a very weak throat hit, smooth, but weak. If you long for the stronger throat hit, go for the 18% as I would. It as a very strong hazelnut smell, tiny bit of coffee, and small amount of chocolate. I am a huge fan of hazelnut coffee so this was a huge plus for me. The only "heavier" tasting E-liquid I've tried was Tribeca and this I'd say, for me, rivals it purely because it has a delicious scent too except without the almost bitter after taste that Tribeca sometimes will have.

    If you're tired of your usual and want to try one of the many coffee/chocolate flavors that Halo supplies, I highly recommend this one. When I leave my G6 in my pocket at school with this E-liquid as the choice, I can smell it and gosh, I smell good.

  71. very chocolatey review by Kyle

    This juice is just as advertised. Mocha java. It has a very strong chocolate taste with a subtleness of coffee. It makes my room smell like a Starbucks. Very good and easy to vape all day or for a morning pick me up. Once again another awesome juice brought to you by halo.

  72. Straight up one of my favorites. review by Sheila

    This is a smooth coffee/chocolate flavor that is totally good on its own. Makes a good day all day vape! I use it every day!

  73. Reminds me of Greenbeans review by Christopher

    First I must start by saying that I am not a coffee fan. I received this flavor in the gourmet sampler, so of course I could not let it go to waste. After trying it, I realized how great it actually is. It brought me back to those hot days in Iraq and Kuwait when I'd be lucky enough to stop by greenbeans and get myself a frozen mocha. It tastes spot on to that. A lot of coffee flavor mixed with a lot of chocolate flavor. The vape is a bit on the dry side which I don't care for, but I can easily see this flavor going into a daily rotation. It is really good enough to be an all day vape, but you don't want too much of a good thing.

  74. Yes! review by holden

    This was the first halo juice I tried and I had very high expectations for it. I read a lot of reviews for a lot of halos ejuice and this is what I thought I would like best. As soon as I got it I put it in my new triton and was instantly hooked. It wasn't just the taste that I loved but also the smell. Everyone that came in my room said it smelled like really good coffee. For the first few days it's all I used. I couldn't get enough. Thought I might get tired of it because of it being too sweet but that didn't happen at all. Halo has made this perfectly. The liquid itself is very dark and thicker than some of the other halo juices. However, being a coffee and chocolate juice it is surprisingly thin. I had this in a tank constantly and it was very hard to tell the difference in the thickness. It didn't clog up my tank like I thought it would. This is very good for after dinner when you just want to relax on the couch. Although this is also a really good all day vape. Some days this is all I will use. I've branched out a bit more now and am trying some of halos tobacco flavors and I love them. But I always come back to cafe mocha when I'm in the mood for something darker and sweeter. This is by far the best coffee flavor I've ever had and I would recommend to to anyone who likes coffee.

  75. its sweet review by karen

    I do like the flavor of the café Mocha however the smell on the exhale is not for me. I vape at work and have to be careful not to offend anyone, the sent it leaves behind makes that very hard.
    That being said this one reminds me of a really sweet cup of joe! its great if you are having a sweet tooth craving at the end of the day!

  76. Just Great...This is exactly the flavor I've been looking for for a Coffee/unsweeten dark chocolate taste review by zachary

    This Halo company is just FANTASTIC...I've tried other products from other top shelf companies that make e-liquid and NO OTHER COMPANY comes CLOSE...Perfect blend of Coffee and unsweetened Chocolate...This is what vaping is all about...Thank you Halo !!!

  77. Tastes like hazelnut coffee creamer review by Dana

    The Cafe Mocha E-liquid tastes less like coffee and more like hazelnut coffee creamer. If you're a fan of the sweetened cappuccino type of coffee, you'll love this flavor. I'm an avid coffee drinker who likes its natural robust, bitter taste, so this E-liquid flavor just wasn't for me.

  78. Thick n gooey goodness review by Brian

    First of, when you first open the lid and smell this, you will drool.

    None of the flavors are overwhelming, they just sort of move from one to the next as it wafts into your mouth. Starts with that coffee flavoring, moves to a slighty nut taste and ends with a not overly sweet taste.

    One word of warning, this is a very thick and dark liquid, YOU WILL need to clean out your tank, coil and wick often with this one. Or you will end up getting a burnt after taste very quickly. This is not to be unexpected, just the nature of the beast.

    For a mixing suggestion, mix 2 parts Cafe Mocha and 1 part Kringles Curse. It brings a nice light mint taste to the mix, and it makes your tank assemble able to go a bit longer before you need to break it down and clean it.

  79. Tasty! review by Tim

    This has a great flavor. A perfect blend of coffee and chocolate.

  80. Smooth and Mild review by dennis

    For those that like a nutty flavor, i don't care for the nutty flavor.....but i have tried a lot of other e juice w/the same nutty flavor and this one is different....the nutty flavor is very mild in it, i could vape it. The Belgian Cocoa is my favorite.

  81. Quite nice review by Erica

    I think mochacino would be an excellent description of this liquid. Taste of chocolate, coffee, and a kind of marshmallow-type taste and smell, but not too sweet.

  82. Great review by Nmzippo

    This is now my daily smoke. Great e liquid for coffee drinkers.

  83. Eh... review by M

    The first few puffs of vapor from this e-liquid is pretty nice. It kind of seems like a mix of the Twisted Java flavor and the Belgian Cocoa. But after those first few puffs, there's a slight aftertaste which is kind of hard to explain. I want to say that its almost chemically-tasting, but that seems to severe. I recommend that if you buy this flavor, use it sparingly - take a few puffs of it, then switch to another flavor, then switch back. Repeat. Somehow, that process allows you to bypass the aftertaste.

  84. Only Gets Better With Time review by Blake

    Out of the box Halo Café Mocha (18mg) smelled so good that I just had to drip a couple of drops. The mocha element reminded of Halo Belgian Cocoa but it was strong enough to overwhelm the coffee part of the juice. I gave it a vigorous shake, uncapped the bottle and parked it in my steeping box for a day. I re-capped the bottle, shook it again, and returned it to the box for another couple of days. When it came out it had learned it's lesson and the mocha and café were playing nicely together. It can really stand up to the heat without scorching too, (2ohms @ 4.3 volts). Take the time to steep this juice and it will reward your patience...who knows...it might even get you to quit coffee.

  85. My favorite! review by Katrina

    Very best flavor I have tried so far!

  86. Hazlenut Coffee review by Sam

    This is another Halo gourmet flavor that just didn't do it for me. Pretty much tastes like hazelnut coffee creamer. I guess I'm just not a flavor kind of girl so I'm just gonna stick with the tobacco juices. Don't get me wrong it's still a quality e-juice and has the Halo quality, throat hit and vapor production but the flavor is just not for me. But if you're a big coffee fan then you should definitely give this one a go.

  87. Great Taste review by James

    Great flavor- perhaps just a bit too sweet. Very good mixed with Twisted Java!

  88. Not my cup of Joe review by Randy

    Began vaping in late January and got this liquid in my first order. I LOVE coffee and thought this was going to be the end of my java rainbow. Unfortunately, it was not. Nearly two months later I still have about half of the 30ml bottle that I procured. The biggest issue I have with it is that the taste sits very heavily on my tastebuds. Been blending it with Shamrock to jazz up the taste (and finish the bottle).

    Have tried -- and enjoyed -- other Halo liquids. But for me, Cafe Mocha comes up way short of the mark.

  89. awesome review by Alicia

    This is a great flavor! Sweet and very good mixed with Malibu or java twist.. Love these products.

  90. The aroma (cape) is like drinking a cup of coffee! review by BAPSTER

    I tried this flavor for the first time last week. It was so good. As a coffee lover I have been trying forever to find the perfect e-liquid to vape and have spent lots of unnecessary money with no outcome. When I tried Cafe Mocha from Halo I finally stopped looking and wasting money. This flavor was terrific. I vape it in the morning with my coffee and actually all day as well. Halo really hit the mark on the coffee flavor seeing as though there are so many brands out there it just gets so confusing. Halo taste makers KUDOS to you because I can not stop searching for my perfect coffee e-liquid. I'm ready to load up!!! Thank, Halo Brand Enthusiast.

  91. the name says it all review by candace

    ThIs is the perfect vape, it's better the more you vape, you start with an I like it, and keep going until it's your ADV. If you like a guys coffee drink you'll love this rich taste. Great for morning or after dinner, for me all day! If you try, u better get a 30ml bottle, or you'll be disappointed waiting on the mail!

  92. Cafe Mocha review by michelle

    Just tried the Café Mocha, and I think that it is an okay flavor. It smells like a mocha coffee. I think that it taste is like a chocolate mocha flavor with a hint of coffee. I like this flavor in the morning while drinking my coffee. Not my all-time favorite, but a good flavor none the less. I love the halo e-liquids they are smooth and always a great quality product!

  93. Creamy review by mn9130

    I just filled my tank with some of this and it is delicious, Creamy coffee and chocolate taste. A great medium throat hit at 18mg. Smooth vape.

  94. Very Good review by Joseph

    I like this a lot I vape it allday definitely gets better as it steps. Curious to try Belgian Cocoa but this is so good I don't want to use anything else. Try it for sure I already got a few 30ml bottles and I'm sure I will get more.

  95. 2 Thumbs Up! review by Zulma

    This by far is my favorite of the gourmet flavors! I was surprised I did not see 5 stars across the board on this one. Then again in order to love this you have to have a sweet tooth and be a coffee lover. I could vape on this all day! The throat hit is one is great! I will definitely keep this on hand at all times. Good job Halo!

  96. Not my cuppa Joe review by Sledman

    I’ve been looking for a nice coffee juice for a long time. I've tried many different coffee's but never found one that felt real to me. After reading many favorable reviews here and on various e-cig websites I decided to give it a try. I used a little right out of the mail, bad bad idea. Very perfume like with a terrible taste that resembled nothing close to coffee or chocolate. After a 2 week steep it was much better however I get strong floral notes, like putting your nose to a hawaiian lei, unmistakably floral. Theres a slight coffee taste in there, but nothing obviously recognizable to me. I do get the mocha a bit, again, very light. I find the vapor to be dry leaving my mouth feeling like an arid desert and the aftertaste is horrible. To make things worse the odor from the vapor really smells bad. It will quickly fill the room and linger for an hour. I love Halo juices and hardware (Triton is awesome!) but this is just not my thing.

  97. Coffee anyone? review by Gil

    So far, this is my favorite Halo E-Liquid (but I have many more to try). I was looking for a good coffee flavor. Just straight up coffee, no other flavors or sweets mixed in. This turned out to be the coffee flavor I was looking for. I think there is a slight hint of chocolate, very slight, but still an outstanding flavor. It vapes very well through my G6 mini tank. So if you enjoy a nice cup of gourmet black coffee, you'll enjoy Cafe Mocha.

  98. never got the hang of it review by Charles

    I love the smell, but it never seemed to translate into a vape. There's coffee flavor accompanied by something warm and floral, otherwise I can't figure out what is going on. Moderate throat hit with my gear, but I just can't use this stuff.

  99. Eventually fell in love! review by Kristen

    At first, even after letting it sit 24 hours, I was disappointed with the flavor and thought great I have a 30ml bottle thats gonna go to waste. Got to vaping and gradually the flavor started pulling me in. Its sweet but not too sweet. It's very difficult to describe. Its like something familiar that I just can't put my finger on. Please listen, if you don't like this flavor when you first get it, stay with it! Been vaping it for a little over a day now and haven't touched my other favorite at all.

  100. awesome review by James

    This is the best coffee flavored e liquid i've tried. It has good throat hit, good vapor, and awesome flavor...more full and rich flavor of almost any liquids I've had, of any flavor.

  101. Strong Throat Hit review by steve

    This juice has a very good and strong throat hit. I guess it tastes like coffee-ish, I'm not a huge coffee drinker so I may not have the best palette for these type of flavors, however it definitely feels great on the inhale and smooth on the exhale. Just not my cup of tea... or café mocha ;) quality is still very present as with all Halo liquids.

  102. Not so great of a flavor review by Olivia

    I'm a huge coffee drinker and a fan of coffee/mocha flavors. But this one did not set well with me.

  103. Pow!!! review by Joan

    I like the coffee flavors but this one is a real strong smack in the face. It is very complex like Halo e liquids tend to be. After the coffee smack, I got the caramel sweetness just slightly and then a slight tingle of the mint mostly on the exhale. It had steeped for about 3 weeks. I won't write it off just yet as my taste buds are still changing and I will try it again in a month and see what I think of it then. If you like the dark roast coffees, then this one may be it.

  104. WHOA!!! Strong coffee!! review by David

    I am a coffee lover.... and I do like my espresso, but this e-liquid really grabbed me by the throat the first time I tried it. I found it too harsh for my personal taste right out of the bottle, but after mixing some Fusion with it, it rounded out nicely. If you are a lover of real strong coffee (and I do mean real strong!) you will like this flavor.

  105. Smooth Delight review by Laine

    Wow, what a flavor this ejuice provides! I expected the coffee flavors to be overpowering for some reason...maybe because I've tried quite a lot of candy and cakes and whatnot that are coffee flavored because I love them so much but often have found that they go overboard on the java. This isn't the case at all with Halo's Cafe Mocha. The coffee flavors are perfectly balanced against the deeply rich chocolate that is found in several other of their flavors...and this one is a clear winner. Not so sweet that you can't vape this all day. And I do vape a single flavor all day very often, and this one actually woke up my mouth every time I inhaled. Nicely done!

  106. Yum review by Herbert

    Today I cleaned out my crystal clear mini tank and tried Café Mocha that I received in the gourmet sample pack. I am a huge fan! I taste the coffee flavor and the delish mix with mocha. I don't really taste the hazelnut that is in there, but none the less it is a tasty treat if you are a fan of coffee flavor.

  107. Pretty Authentic Mocha! review by Jessica

    My boyfriend and I have been vaping on this for the last 2 days and it is a pretty amazing Mocha replication! Very impressive. I couldn't give it a perfect 5 star rating though because it does leave a tiny bit of a funky aftertaste and smell in the room. I can't quite describe it but it was a slight turnoff..but overall if you are a fan of a) Mocha or B) Belgian Cocoa by Halo definitely give this one a go!

  108. Great morning vape review by Ray

    Cafe' Mocha tastes and smells like freshly-brewed gourmet coffee. It has chocolatey and nutty tones, along with a dominant (but not overpowering) coffee flavor, with just the right amount of sweetness. This is my go-to vape first thing in the morning. Goes great with that first cup of coffee!

  109. Hazelnut Mocha Cafe review by Michael

    Cafe Mocha E-liquid is another delicious coffee vape. It is definitely different from the twisted java as it lacks any minty notes. Instead this cappuccino coffee flavor has chocolate and hazelnut notes. It is a dryer and thicker vapor than the twisted java but is excellent just the same. Really tough to decide which of the two Halo coffee flavors I enjoy more....hell try both :)

  110. My favorite flavor review by Sa

    Super delish. Great to vape with your morning coffee.

  111. great desert flavor review by melissa

    This flavor is great! I love it. I like to vape this flavor through out the day a little at a time. It taste just like having a mocha coffee with a hint of tobacco. I also like to mix this one with the kringles curse and java. This is my husbands all day every day flavor. I recommend giving this one a try. I think you will really like it. For menthol or non menthol users.

  112. Not too good review by Brian

    I'm sorry to have to give this juice a poor review, but, it must be done. I tried this juice yesterday after having it steep for about two weeks. I was very shocked after my first few puffs. All I got was the taste of burnt popcorn! I tried it again and again, but it just did nothing for me. Sorry, Halo, but this was the first juice from you I didn't like.

  113. Great liquid if your looking for a strong taste review by Don

    This e-liquid is a lot like the twisted java but it tastes a lot more like chocolate. I would describe this flavor tasting just like a cup of caramel coffee. Great flavor if your looking to really taste your e-liquid. If your looking for more subtle tastes the menthol flavors would probably be better for you. This flavor also goes great with a mix of any halo tobacco flavors. I do not recommend mixing this with a menthol flavor or mint because the taste you will get will be very strange. Has an average smoothness to it and a nice throat hit. The flavor is so good and strong that you feel like you can taste it all the way down your throat. Very good e-liquid.

  114. Taste like mmmmmm so good! review by Eugene

    First experience with Cafe Mocha was like ecstasy in your mouth. Tastes just like a mocha latte, it is absolutely tasty and delicious. For me it feels as if I am taking a sip of coffee, without the effects of caffeine. I like how this company has gourmet flavors and not too many of the fruity flavors. I will buy this product again because its just that good. MMMMmmmm good!!

  115. A Top Of The Line Chocolate-Coffee Combo review by robert

    I'm always on the hunt for more coffee flavors. It's one of the most consistent categories for me personally in terms of delivering just what I want when I want it. Within that category, there are a lot of variations. Some have more caramel or more vanilla, and some (like this one), focus more on the chocolate.

    After ordering the Halo Gourmet Sample Pack (an excellent choice if you're new to Halo eliquids), this is the one that hit the most buttons for me personally. I now keep a 30ml of it on hand at all times.

    If you're into coffee-chocolate combos, I think you'll find this one plenty rewarding and you might just end up with a new All Day Vape out of the deal. I certainly have days where it's just about all I vape.

  116. might be my new favourite review by Luke

    I just got this flavour in the gourmet sample pack and after smelling all of them, knew I had to try this first. The taste is not too strong on your tongue but the smell is great, like a sugary coffee with the right hints of cocoa and cream. Finally a flavour I can get hooked on, I literally cannot put it down!

  117. Great with a cup of java! review by Patrick

    I am not sure if the Cafe Mocha e-liquid really tastes like coffee. I personally feel that the taste is closer to a very good hazelnut flavor. Overall, it gives the impression of smoking an aromatized cigarillo. The taste is very good and rich, and people who like to vape with a cup of coffee will find that the taste of the e-liquid combined to a sip of coffee goes together incredibly well! I strongly recommend that flavor.

  118. Avoid unless it's in a sampler pack review by M

    Cafe Mocha may be the most disappointing eliquid Halo has put out, which is so confusing to me considering how successful "Belgian Cocoa" is. The flavor just isn't there, and what flavor is there seems to be wrong. The coffee flavor barely registers before it's drowned in a sickly creamy sweetness and a few other ratios of flavors that ends up with Halo reinventing "cola" without realizing. To make matters worse, this thing will gunk up your wicks and coils at about the same rate as belgian cocoa, but without the flavor. Halo has some great liquids, but this isn't one of them.

  119. Taste is great but the vapor smells funky.... review by Preston

    Out of the packaging this stuff is very strong and i strongly encourage steeping this one. After steeping 2-3 days the taste is great, creamy coffee and I love it! My only complaint with this flavor is the vapor has a very musky odor to it that smells nothing of coffee. If your looking for a coffee flavor that has a little cream and sugar then this is perfect but be warned of the odor.

  120. Pretty Decent Coffee Flavor review by Anthony

    It wasn't as good as expected, but pretty good nonetheless. I got it with 6mg and it was very smooth, the throat hit was nice, and the taste was consistent.

  121. B+ review by Nicholas

    It had a good full flavor. I liked it

  122. GREAT STUFF review by Diianeee

    I just got my Cafe macha today, at first I didn't think I would like it but the taste really does grow on you.

  123. Great review by Gunnar

    Much better than other "coffee" flavors that honestly taste more like popcorn than coffee. The mocha actually comes through which is nice. Good hit, and blows a nice cloud. This is a big step up from the e-cig brand PG base that blew almost no cloud at all. Worth adding to your library!

  124. Coffee House in a bottle review by Jeff

    The description of this says it all, I taste the Cappuccino, Mocha and Hazelnut. These flavors are dead on. It is a little dry as it also says but I think it would be a great addition to a tobacco flavor. Its not my favorite but it definitely is what it says as I've noticed all Halo juices have been so far. Great job Halo!

  125. absolutely perfect review by judy

    Cafe mocha is absolutely, hands down, the best coffee e-liquid ive tried and ive tried at least 40 different versions from various places. I've recently switched to Halo after hearing good things, and let me say, I'm not disappointed. This e-liquid is absolutely delicious. It's smoky with a hint of sweet mocha, and it's rich. The lingering taste is completely absent of the bitter and sharp I've found in others, and all in all, is genuine and realistic to the point it's familiar. It's so good, I find myself frowning at every sip of my own coffee because it's just not as good as the cafe mocha e-liquid. I consider that a success. I'll be stocking up on this because I find myself replacing morning coffee with this, and craving it throughout the day besides.

  126. Always Have an Extra; Can't Run Out review by Steve

    If I could only have two flavors (and no others), this would be one of them. While it is not very sweet, it has a great throat hit. I often mix it with Belgian Cocoa (my first must have). The only complaint I have is that it doesn't come in a larger quantity. Come on Halo; you know most of us would love to have 50ml or more (the shipping charges are getting a bit much).

    Great product.

  127. accurate flavor description review by dave

    I didnt personally care for cafe mocha but i went ahead with a 5 star rating because it tastes like the description. I just find myself not liking it as much as i thought. my wife loves it though. I tend to enjoy more tobacco flavors but i had to at least try branching out.

  128. Better of the coffee flavors from Halo review by John F.

    I drink coffee sometimes (not nearly as much as I used to), so I wanted to try all of the coffee flavors. This one is definitely the better of the bunch, I think primarily because it is not overwhelming with the coffee taste. The Twisted Java is very strong, almost to the point that it is over-powering and you really can't taste anything else. This one though has a nice blend of the coffee taste with not too much chocolate, but enough for you to really enjoy the flavor.

  129. Yum! review by Stephanie

    I'm a major coffee drinker and this one is a nice vape for when I'm drinking coffee. It's generally my morning and evening vape.

  130. Wanted to love this review by DocTonyNYC

    This is one of those liquids that I've held off reviewing. I bought a 30ml bottle with my starter pack, and I believe that it was the first liquid that I put in my tank. I thought it was awesome! When I came back to, though, after trying some other flavors, I suddenly found that I didn't like it. For some reason, I felt like it tasted burnt--and I know my coils were just fine. I actually set it aside for several weeks, and I've now returned to it. With this liquid--which I know many people REALLY love--sometimes I love, sometimes I just can't stand it. This isn't an indictment of the liquid--it's a matter of my taste at any given moment. It does have a very strong earthy taste to me. It is nice to find a coffee vape that is not totally like a dessert.

  131. Good - but wanted different review by Dave Ammons

    This is the best of the "coffee" flavors offered by Halo. I was hoping for more of a "morning cup of coffee" flavor that I've found at other retailers, and was a little disappointed. It had great flavor, but burned the coil very quickly. We figure it's because the liquid is dark. The darker liquids seem to burn the coils out faster. I look forward to a better coffee liquid that is light in color from Halo. Please make one!!! Thanks.

  132. Coffee Lover's Treat review by Funzy32

    This is a great coffee vape. It's smooth and tastes phenomenal. Perfect for after dinner or all day. Give this a try if you like coffee.

  133. smokey.. review by zach

    Nice smokey flavor. Very satisfying cloud of vapor. Perhaps just my nose, but scent does appear to linger in the air for a substantial amount of time - that's not really a bad thing, call air freshener a side effect.

  134. no mocha taste but love it review by Ellen

    I am a pretty regular latte/mocha drinker so I ordered this for that reason. While I was surprised that it did not taste at all like mocha to me, it is my favorite Halo flavor. The throat hit is strong but smooth, and the flavor is fantastic -- rich and nutty (hazelnuts, perhaps) with just the right amount of sweetness. I can vape it all day on a variety of hardware and it is always first-rate.

  135. very good! review by Daniel

    I just tried this today. IT'S AWESOME! I was using Kringle's Curse and it was a little strong. So I diluted it with the Cafe Mocha and found my new favorite! Thank you Halo.

  136. Cafe Mocha is RIGHT ON review by susanne

    I LOVE COFFEE and this definitely hits the spot, Right On Target! If you want the PERFECT coffee flavor with just the right amount of Sweet- Halo Café Mocha is IT! Look No Further.

  137. Close to perfect review by Naseeruddin

    This coffee and cocoa flavor almost gets it perfect, but I end up feeling that something is missing. It is currently my best coffee vape, but I'm still looking for more. One major drawback to this juice is that it leaves your mouth really dry, and your throat feels as though it is parched. A little DIY of mixing juices will solve the problem. I wish this was it...but not there yet.

  138. Vape me up review by taryn

    The first throat hit of the morning is the tastiest. Such a sweet blend of coffee and chocolate that gives such a smooth and rich throat hit. I love vaping this in my G6 mini tank but dripping it really brings the taste alive.

  139. Great flavor review by Claudia

    This is the first gourmet flavor I have tried and I love it! The description Halo gives is a good one but if I had to describe this flavor to someone on the street, I'd say it reminds me of the Mocha Iced Coffee that I love. It has a wonderful creamy/coffee/mocha taste but isn't overpowering. Nice throat hit and a good cocoa aftertaste. I have vaped this one all day. Really nice.

  140. Great!!!! review by kk

    In the Gourmet sample pack my hubby ordered me there was this Cafe Mocha......it is a great coffee flavor. I highly recommend it if you like coffee.....I have tried other companies coffee flavors but they do not compare to Halo's......give it a try !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am picky about coffee, being the heavy coffee drinker that I am....... so anyway I love this!!!!!!!!!! Halo you're awesome!!!!!

  141. coffee lovers treat! review by Shelton

    This amazing e juice made by Halo is one of my favorites among the gourmet flavors. I love chocolate, as well as coffee. This is a great mixture with the coffee not being too overwhelming, and the chocolate being very fairly mixed in. I love the vapor production, and the taste is amazing. If only it gave me the same energy as a mocha latte would!

  142. Great for mixing review by Jessica

    This e-liquid is really great for mixing. I like to mix it with the sub zero menthol e-liquid.

  143. Tasty! review by Jessica

    Definitely one of my favorite flavors from the sample pack I ordered. Tasted like delicious, chocolatey coffee. Not too sweet. Perfect after dinner vape.

  144. Best coffee flavor I've tasted! review by Lola

    I've tried a LOT of different kinds of coffee flavored e-liquids & haven't likes any of them! I'm a coffee, espresso, cappuccino, frappucino—you get the idea—I love coffee!! So, my search continued for the perfect coffee flavored e-liquid & I've found it with Halo's Café Mocha!!! Now every morning when I'm drinking my coffee, I'm vaping Café Mocha! It's unbelievably the perfect e-liquid for me! I bought a sample on my last order based on reviews I read here & decided to give it a go. My father in law is an all day coffee drinker, so I thought if I didn't like it, I could refill his cartos with Café Mocha. After all, he's liked all the coffee flavors that I didn't :) But, he's out of luck on this one! Keeping it all to myself & will be buying a large bottle with my next order!!

  145. Completely Mocha review by Kevin

    This one has a very distinct and delicious mocha flavor, for those who crave a bit more sweetness in their vaping experience. Easily another flavor that can be vaped all day, and pairs well with others. I will definitely be purchasing more soon :)

  146. Ok review by Samuel

    It has an ok coffee flavor, but I would recommend using a hotter coil to vape this flavor because it likes to foul out the coils I have (2.2-2.4).

  147. Favorite review by Sarah

    This is by far my favorite e liquid. Its has a slight sweetness with a touch of mocha and hazel nut flavor. Not to over powering. Yum!

  148. Great wake and vape!! review by Shannon

    This juice is really an acquired taste. Since i drink coffee and cappuccino's i love it. The coffee is a very strong coffee flavor. I haven't really let this juice steep so i can't vouch for the cappuccino flavor as of yet. The throat hit is great, taste is sweet and nutty, and the clouds are huge with this juice. The chocolate flavor stands out to me, more so than the hazelnut. I do like this juice when i first wake up prior to my first cup of coffee. I did mix just a few drops with the turkish tobacco, and a weird thing happened. When i burped it tasted like tootsie rolls after mixing them two juices and vaping, but it was very intriguing to say the least. Also this is a dry juice, even though it has a sweet flavor. It's not too sweet, but just right. The greatest thing to me with Halo juices is that they are made in america. I haven't had any of the juices i received from Halo turn black on me yet, and i do some pretty heavy vaping. I did notice that every juice I bought that was made in china or some other foreign country turned black on me, and i know it wasn't the hardware i was using or the way i was vaping them. The reason i know is i vaped Halo juices the very same way through the very same hardware. Now i am concerned as to what i was really vaping and introducing into my body with the foreign juices. I will never buy any other juice, Halo now has a loyal customer.

  149. The best. review by Franco

    This is hands down the best e-liquid I've tried from Halo. I bought the gourmet sampler pack in hopes of finding an every day flavor to use, and it turns out the last one I tried was Cafe Mocha which ended up my favorite. This e-liquid has more of a forward flavor of chocolate for me than the coffee flavor, but when paired with a cup a coffee is the perfect compliment. The tastiest note in this e-liquid is something like an Italian wafer cookie, which is incredible. The flavor is consistent when used with the g6 with mini tank, and is greatly enhanced with the Triton system. It's not overbearing and there's no bad after taste or weird smell on exhale. Definitely my pick for favorite of the gourmet flavors, and for an all day vape.

  150. 5 Stars! review by joseph

    This is my favorite gourmet flavor out of the pack. This flavor is delicious. As I say in all my reviews, let it steep for 2 weeks with the top off, shaking everyday. Of course you can steal some in the mean time ;) Thanks Halo!

  151. Great for after dinner and every where in-between! review by William R.

    This is a great Gourmet e-liquid! Its perfect for after dinner or whenever you need to satisfy your chocolate cravings! This awesome flavor is like a mild hazelnut cappuccino with a really smooth chocolate blast! It has a great throat hit and a huge vapor output when kicked up to 4.8v. I find myself vaping this more and more as the temperature drops here in New Jersey. I highly recommend this for all you chocolate lovers!

  152. Excellent coffee flavor review by Eric

    I got from cafe mocha what I didn't quite get from twisted java. To me the twisted java had an overwhelming black coffee taste, while the mocha was smoothed out with some rich chocolately undertones. Could easily see this being an all day vape for me. For the gourmet flavors this is second only to Shamrock for my tastes, and definitely one of my favorite flavors from halo overall.

  153. Great E Liquid Altogether review by Frank

    The Cafe Mocha E Liquid is an absolutely fantastic E liquid! The flavor is fantastic, the smell of it is fantastic, the throat hit is fantastic, and the vapor production is fantastic as well!! Halo has really done a great job with this e liquid. The throat hit is perfect, its not too overpowering but its not too light either. I am vaping on this e liquid as I'm typing this review!

    What I like:
    - Excellent flavor
    - Perfect throat hit
    - Great vapor production
    - Smells great

    What I don't like:
    - Nothing

    Overall this is one of my favorite E liquids!
    Would I buy this E liquid again? Definitely!!

  154. Not for me review by Vapescape

    It's not terrible, but it's not up my alley. I taste the nuts and chocolate, not so much the coffee. It's got the e-liquid chocolate sweetness that's just a little too much for me. I'll finish my sample bottle with a toot here or a toot there. Not a thumbs up or a thumbs down. In pbusardo terms, I give this a no-thumbs.

  155. Good flavor but not for every day use review by Higgins

    The name says it all as far as the taste is concerned. Distinct chocolate backed with amazing espresso flavor. The only problem is that it's quite rich and not something that I enjoyed vaping all day. One or two hits is about all you'll want.

  156. More strong coffee review by Michael

    Like the Twisted Java, Cafe Mocha has a strong coffee flavor like coffee flavored ice cream. Like in the Twisted Java, the coffee flavor is definitely dominant with the chocolate flavor in the background. These two are very similar.

  157. Amazing flavor and throat hit! review by Gareth

    The flavor of café mocha with the compliment of a great throat hit makes for an amazing vaping experience. Halo really hit the nail on the head with this one. I highly recommend this to any desert lover!

  158. Coffee Coffee Coffee! review by Cam

    Oh how tasty it is! I LOVE having a good morning cup of coffee
    while vaping this wonderful juice in my G6 + mini tank.
    It is an awesome way to start my mornings!

    The flavor is spot on, and yet again Halo has provided me
    with another juice to enjoy! Do yourself a favor and just grab some.
    No one else hits this coffee sweet spot the way Halo does.

  159. Delicious review by Robert

    I let someone take a hit of Cafe Mocha. She doesn't vape. Her reaction was "That's delicious"

    Couldn't say it better. For me, it's perfect in the morning with the coffee or at night after dinner with a cup of hot tea. And every time in between. Loving the flavor of this!

  160. Heavy flavor review by Eben

    This E-liquid really packs a punch. The initial taste is a strong chocolate/mocha flavor followed by a very nice coffee aftertaste. It has a very nice throat hit and smooth thick vapor. I would recommend this for a after dinner liquid. It is sweet and tastes just like a dessert!

  161. This is how chocolate should taste review by Michael

    I'm not a huge fan of the sweet flavors (I'm usually ordering Tribeca). But if you like Tribeca and ever thought, hmm...this would be great with just a hint of Chocolate, order Cafe Mocha. It's like a warm Capuccino, but it's not overdone.

    The taste gets even better as the draw warms and you exhale...nice and slow to savor the subtle vape.

    It's just a winner.

  162. Grows on you! review by Cindy

    At first I found the flavor overwhelming, but I wished to finish the small bottle, and the more I used it, the more I began to like Cafe Mocha very much. Give it longer, if unsure.

  163. With Whip review by Imprint

    This is my first review, compelled specifically by this juice and my recent experience with it. I got it for the first time about a two weeks ago. I tried it the first few days, was nice and full of coffee and chocoate, but trying it again after a two week steep was eye opening.

    The scent as grown darker and richer, and the taste is very different now. Yesterday and today, what I taste is whipped cream, in a major way. It's a cloud of luscious, gorgeous, rich vanilla whipped cream, rounded out on the edges with the slight bitter edge of coffee and dry of chocolate.

    It's lovely :)

  164. JUST GREAT review by Marc


  165. Perfect coffee blend! review by Claude

    I'm usually not one for mochas but this blend has it just right, I have had good coffee liquids before but I think this mocha flavor fits me better. It's about as close to the perfect coffee blend as I've had so far. For now my search is over!

  166. great flavor review by Daniel

    I wish I can give it more stars! This flavor is amazing I feel like I'm drinking a cup of cafe mocha! If you've never tried it do it now. Halo juices are far above any others I've tried.

  167. Not a fan... review by James

    I tried this flavor from the gourmet sample pack, and I was pretty excited to try a coffee flavor. It smelled great from the bottle and when I put it in the tank, but when I tried it, I was pretty disappointed... the inhale was ok. You can taste the coffee with subtle hints of hazelnuts. On the exhale and the aftertaste however, it was pretty bad! Its kind of hard to describe, but the aftertaste was very unpleasant... I wound up putting it back in the bottle after trying it about five times. I'm hoping if I let it steep for a very long time, it will change. Fingers crossed...

  168. Delicious! review by Dustin

    Got the Cafe Mocha flavor with my original order of the G6 Starter Kit and a Gormet Sampler pack - this is absolutely a favorite! Re-ordered this flavor within the first month in the larger bottle along with a Triton Starter Kit, and the flavor through the Triton is even more luscious! Highly recommended for a great tasting, relaxing vape!

  169. Awesome Mocha Flavor! review by Rob

    This one tastes exactly as described in my opinion! Very rich Mocha and Hazelnut flavor. Coffee flavor is real tasting.....not a coffee candy type taste! Highly recommend this one for sure!

  170. By far my favorite review by Lisa

    I am really surprised by the poor and mediocre reviews for this flavor, but I guess different strokes for different folks. Of the 11 Halo flavors I've tried, this is my favorite, hands down. It's my go-to flavor and I really don't change it up unless my tank runs out when I'm out of the house.

  171. This is one of those coffees review by Douglas

    Yes, this is one of those coffee e juices you will want more of. Sorta like getting up in the morning and thinking you are only gonna have one cup. The next thing you know, the pots empty. Very enjoyable, very smooth!

  172. excellent cuppa joe! review by SweetVaper

    I drink a lot of coffee, always sweetened and with cream, often flavored. I've tried lots of coffee vapes, but I always come back to Cafe Mocha.

    I like this best in a mini-tank to get the extra warmth and vapor, like a steaming cuppa joe. It's less sweet than Twisted Java, smooth and full of coffee flavor with a chocolate background. It's nice to sometimes mix in a bit of Kringle's for a peppermint twist, or a bit of Belgian Cocoa for a java-flavored-hot-cocoa taste. I also like a bit of Southern Classic now and then to give it a hint of orange. They all go great with your morning coffee.

  173. Coffee Treat review by meowmix915

    Best coffee vape I've tried thus far (5 months & counting!). Can't put this 1 down no matter what time of day. Love me some Halo!

  174. Cafe Mocha!! Mmm review by Adnan

    Cafe Mocha taste just like...You guessed it...Cafe Mocha! It has a very pleasing taste. I ordered a gourmet sample pack, and it all of them were good!

  175. Not for me review by Diana

    Ordered a 7 ml just to try it out and not for my palate. Too much chocolate for me. Just ordered voodoo and southern and let's see what happens. TriBeCa is still my ADV!!!!

  176. Morning Time review by BigLiquid530

    I usually Vape this flavor in the morning, honestly call me crazy but vaping it with a cup of coffee is even better really his the spot fit that morning drive to work. Just really pleasing flavor.

  177. Just OK review by Timothy

    I got this and the Tribeca with my G6 Starter kit and loved the Tribeca, so I had high hopes for this. Smelling the bottle before use, it smelled really good but the taste was disappointing ! Real nice coffee mocha taste on the inhale but the exhale tastes like sour milk or a week old latte! Tried steeping for a week and nothing changed, same sour milk taste on the exhale. Tried to get used to it, kinda bummed!

  178. Divine coffee for someone who does not drink coffee review by Dariusz

    As the title says, and strangely enough, I do not drink coffee :O but I must say that this flavor has an excellent aroma of hazelnuts and mocha that has made it one of my favorites, especially in the mornings when I have to stand very early.

    Best of all is that the people that are around at home or office are always praising the fragrance.

  179. Nectar review by Steven

    This liquid was strange on day one, but over a few days it was good. I've had it for about 11 days now, and I can't get enough of it. When I first used an e-cig with dedication (years ago), I only got cheap imported e-liquid from the only shop around my area. I thought it was fine. I'm getting back into it and bought a bottle of this with my Triton kit. Since I knew I'd be looking for more liquid again soon, I bought from three other online vendors (two of which were fancy boutique-type places). I've got 10 other flavors from these vendors, and although some are quite good, none can compare to the boldness, the complexity, and the overall palatability (if it wasn't a word, it is now) of this Cafe Mocha. I sample what I have now from other vendors on a daily basis, waiting for it to pop with flavor the way the Cafe Mocha does. I make sure to take a few puffs of this every day (I'm running low) to remind myself how good this liquid is. This Halo juice is head and shoulders above the others. Once the other samples start to run low, I will definitely be back to get more of this nectar.

    (This is coming from a person who prefers vanilla, coffee, and whiskey flavors. Not too much into candy or tobacco/menthol.)

  180. very tasty review by steve

    For me, this cappuccino flavor is pretty good overall. The complexity in this liquid takes a few puffs to really get, but is worth the payoff. If you enjoy mocha lattes this is worth getting a 7 ml bottle to sample.

  181. Strong coffee flavor review by Aaron

    I am getting a strong dark coffee flavor from this liquid. It tastes great and I get a good amount of vapor. It kinda has a funny after taste of Mocha but that is fine with me. I would be happy to use this one all day as it is not super sweet and doesn't make me feel like I am chocking if I take a really big drag.

  182. sweetness!!! review by jennifer

    I love that this flavor has the sweetness that some of the other coffee flavors lack ! Not to sweet though, just perfect. You can taste the coffee but you really pick up the hazelnut flavor. Kind of a dry chocolate taste which I like. Kind of like hot chocolate. This is another delicious Halo gourmet flavor !

  183. coffee lovers delight review by Tamatha

    I'm a coffee addict for sure.. didn't think I would enjoy a coffee flavor vapor. Surprised for sure. This flavor is nice and smooth with a hint of hazelnut that makes it feel like you have purchased one of those expensive coffees from the coffee house. Love the aroma as well. Will purchase again in the future.

  184. A Very Nice Vape review by Fuego Johnson

    I really enjoy this flavor. It definitely tastes like coffee and puts off a coffee smell as well. In my opinion it isn't really an all day type of vape, but delicious nonetheless. If you like coffee or coffee flavors, definitely give this one a try.

  185. My favorite coffee flavor so far. review by Kimberly A.

    I order this in an iced liquid form from a coffee shop that I think we have all been to at least once. NOW I get to vape it whenever I want. I'm not kidding this juice is terrific. If you are a cafe mocha drinker like I am then I promise you that you will love this e-Liquid. I am getting the Twisted Java the next time I order. Very excited and maybe some Belgian Cocoa to add a drop or so to it.

  186. Hazelnut review by PAUL AWESOME

    Just bought a 15ml bottle of this stuff. Upon opening it all I taste is hazelnut. Gonna let it steep for a while and see if any flavors come out. Coffee-ish but not what you want if you are looking for a coffee e-liquid. after steeping i might have another review if the flavor changes at all. HALO GODS CAN YOU JUST MAKE A SWEET COFFEE E-LIQUID PLEASE! PLEASE! THASSS WHATS UH NEEED! ESPRESSO even! Very thick stuff so don't expect your cartos to last very long. Nice vape though and pure unadulterated flavors. If it was more coffee I'd be sold.

  187. REALLY wanted this to be my dessert/coffee vape but... review by Capt Donna

    Have to be honest
    Actually and unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with Cafe' Mocha. I REALLY wanted this to be my go to coffee - cappuccino e-juice. After reading through the reviews when the time came for purchase I was a bit hesitant. However since taste is truly very subjective, I decided that I needed to give it my own taste test so to speak. Ordered 12 mg nic - using a 510 battery and tank.
    Right after opening the bottle it definitely has a wonderful aroma – I couldn’t wait to fill up my tank! On first inhale I got a very dry cocoa not cappuccino taste and same on the exhale. I’ve tried it for a few days now and to me it still has a very cocoa taste unfortunately disappointed. Don’t find the Hazelnut or the Robust Cappuccino.
    May try adding a bit of either Sub-Zero or Kringle's Curse to get a cocoa-mint flavor. Don’t get me wrong - it’s not un-vapable for me may let it steep and see what happens when I return to it.
    Having said all that – again (redundant I know) everyone’s tastes are different. Just because this isn’t my go to juice doesn’t mean it may not be yours – that’s why HALO has the sampler kits which will be my next adventure.
    Did receive the Southern Classic sampler THANK YOU! I’ll be back when I get that tanked lol!

    BTW YES the HALO Rewards system works! Thank You! This was on my wish-list since day one. This is the 1st HALO juice that didn't have me at first vape so keep the good juices coming HALO!

  188. 5 Stars for Cafe Mocha!! review by Susan

    Yummy!! This is one of the best Cafe Mocha flavors I've vaped so far and coffee flavors are the ones I like the best. Definitely a robust coffee and chocolate taste. It's rich and decadent.

  189. A little slice of delicious Mocha heaven review by Wheezal

    I'm still on my whirlwind tour through flavors, but so far this is my favorite. A strong bold start of cappuccino that mellows gently with chocolate notes all in one very smooth breath.

    Even the vapor seems to feel silkier and smoother with each drag, and the scent can really awakens ones senses. Not too sweet, no bitterness at all, just a rich full flavor from start to finish. I will certainly revisit this flavor often.

  190. This one's not for me... review by Allen

    LOVE my Triton tank system and have loved all the menthol Halo e-liquids I've tried. Wanted some variety and tried Cafe Mocha based on the reviews--but this one's not for me. Not picking up a coffee flavor, and definitely has some buttery nutty undertones, but it seems like so many flavors going on here I can't identify a primary one. It's not bad, but think I'll stick with my other favs. The vapor output and throat hit of this are as good as all the other Halo liquids...but this flavor is an acquired taste.

  191. REALLY GOOD! review by Lesa

    This flavor gives you a good coffee flavor with the right amount of mocha and sweetness. It also has just a hint of nut flavor that goes really well. I haven't tasted anything this good from any coffee shops and I don't have to worry about the calories. It gives a good throat hit but not too strong and plenty of vapor. I would even say you would like this flavor if you don't like coffee. It has a lot of flavor notes going on that work well together and don't over power each other. It is one of my favorite that I reach for often during the day, not just in the morning or after supper. It is well worth the cost of the sample bottle and I REALLY don't think you will be disappointed. You may even have found yourself a new favorite.

  192. GREAT!!!! review by Ann

    I have tried other brands, and honestly Halo is the best! Great smoke, smell is fantastic, and the flavor is out of this world!! Customer service is top notch, very helpful. Thank you. And when I was told my order will be out right away it was' not waiting 2 weeks like other brands.

  193. Good flavor but lacks something review by Jonathan

    This has a good flavor, with a hint of coco it has more of a coco butter taste to it. The mocha flavors not as present as I would like and has a buttery after taste to it.

  194. Party in your mouth! review by QuietLife

    This is a complex but very smooth liquid and for a change up I use it all day. Absolutely a party in my mouth! Tastes just like a cappuccino. So if you like that taste, you can't go wrong with this eliquid. Love it!

  195. vape-able but not my favorite flavour review by vapen00b

    I got this with 6mg nic, I enjoy the throat hit and all but this is just not my all day vape. The hazelnut flavour is over-powering the other. I can't taste anything else other then the baked smell of hazelnut. I also get a buttery feel when exhaling, might be from the hazelnut. Maybe I'm just not a hazelnut guy, but hey, taste is very very subjective. So if you love hazelnuts, then this is the juice for you. In terms of the general vaping experience, this juice is up to standard like any other Halo's e-liquid.

  196. Really nice review by Val

    This is definitely my favorite of the gourmet flavors. It's smooth, and not too sweet. Nice vapor, and the throat hit is perfect. The flavor isn't heavy (I honestly don't know how else to describe it, and please know I don't mean there's not much flavor. I just mean I don't feel the need to mix it with anything. It's wonderful on it's own.) and, well, it's just an awesome eliquid all around. I originally got it in the sample pack, but I've already ordered the full size. Thanks, Halo!

  197. wonderful dessert flavor review by Diana

    It's like having a dessert in a vapor form. Highly recommend to anyone who loves cafe flavors. Halo, you've out done yourself with this winner!

  198. Great review by Dan

    I absolutely love the flavor, it tastes great! The only downfall I had was after about 1ml I started to get a burnt taste. I am using the 3.0 ohm so I didn't think that would happen. I simply had to clean the wick and great flavor was back again. Overall I would have to say Cafe Mocha is great!

  199. Throat hit review by Danny

    I'm someone who likes a good throat hit. I just cleaned my tank and refilled it with this and that might be why, but this juice has ZERO throat hit to me. I can't feel it at all which is a downer for me. The flavor is good but it feels like I'm vaping nothing.

  200. another well balanced and delicious vape review by Cliffy D

    Halo has done it again. A delightful balance of espresso and hazelnut (I was surprised that this ACTUALLY tastes like hazelnut not a generic "nut" flavor) with a light cocoa flavor (not chocolate... there's a distinction) up front and on the finish. I love that it's another well balanced medley of flavor that isn't overwhelming. Halo seems to effortlessly balance myriad flavors into a seamless and nuances vaping experience.

  201. DELICIOUS!!!! review by Anthony

    By far my favorite flavor of liquid. It makes for an excellent post-dinner desert like experience or a morning kick-start that compliments my coffee perfectly. I love it!

  202. Not creamy for you cream lovers... review by Peter

    I've smoked this juice quite a bit and have enjoyed it tremendously. Here are a few of my thoughts. This flavor is a complex blend of coffee and cocoa with a nut overtone. I get a hard throat hit from it.

    This is more like a black coffee and cocoa to me. If you are looking for more of a creamy flavor this may not be for you. It is definitely worth a smoke!

  203. Wow! What great flavor! A+ Halocigs!!!! review by Bryan

    I normally don't go for "coffee" flavors and I am almost 100 percent a tobacco vaper. But his one will make its way into the daily rotation! What a smooth, nutty, coffee flavored eliquid. There's something in there that gives it a smooth flavor that I cant figure out. I get some chocolate as well. It's a complex coffee if you ask me. Very good. I can't put it down!!! I only wish I would have tried it sooner!

  204. Nice review by Ken

    I purchased just to try it out and liked it. I mixed it with some Prime 15 and liked it even more. Worth checking out.

  205. Taste just how I like my morning coffee review by Mary

    This is a great coffee juice. I'm very impressed with it as I have tried other coffee ejuices and have been disappointed. To no surprise this was not the case with Halo's coffee. It taste exactly how I like my coffee in the morning. It taste like a hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar. Yummy! I highly recommend this if you like a sweet, hazelnut, creamy, coffee.

  206. Decent review by Jay B

    The chocolate is a bit strong, and considering I love the Belgian Cocoa that's not a bad thing, but I was hoping for a more distinct coffee flavor and it's just not there. Again, it's not bad, it's just not the coffee flavor I was hoping for.

  207. Another great flavor from Halo! review by Michael

    After going through my Tribeca so quickly, I was excited to crack open the bottle of Cafe Mocha that I bought with my starter kit. The first cart I filled with it tasted amazing. A nice subtle coffee flavor with a nutty overtone and a little chocolate on the inhale, at least for me. Vapor output was just about as good as my Tribeca which was awesome.
    When I refilled the cart (careful not to leave liquid that can touch directly), the flavor changed. I then got a more dark coffee flavor, almost burnt, with the same undertones I described before. Now I like black strong coffee so it was neat but for someone expecting a smooth flavor this might become an issue.
    After that cart died the next cart tasted excellent all the way though so Im not sure what happened on the first one. The only thing that doesn't make this a 5 out of 5 to me is that this flavor did produce a mild odor. Otherwise another great flavor from Halo!

  208. Great way to start and end my day review by David

    I'm not usually into the gourmet flavors, but this was in the variety pack I ordered...and wow! I love it in the morning with my coffee and then again at night as I'm reading before bed. TIP: Try it with the Triton Variable Voltage Battery set to 4.3v. Its awesome!

  209. minty review by Preston

    I found this to not have as much java in it as i hoped. still a great coffee flavor, i really enjoyed this after several hours of vaping. I'd order again no problem, or reccommend to a coffee drinker.

  210. Bad review by Halfrican

    I am new to ecigs and I bought some different flavors from Halo. I enjoyed them all except for the Café Mocha. On the draw there is a robust coffee kick, but on the exhale the vape tastes like a 3 week old mocha latte. I loved all of the other flavors from Halo that I have tried and I am sadly disappointed in the Café Mocha.

  211. I'm not a "gourmet flavor" type of guy, but this is a great flavor! review by Dave

    This was one of the sampler flavors and think I tried it last. I'm not too keen on coffee flavored anything, but I was very impressed with how rich and smooth this flavor was. Might not be your ADV, but this was an excellent and very pleasing break from the tobacco flavors I enjoy.

  212. Great Flavor!... Decreases the Life of My Cartomizers review by Ari

    I absolutely love the flavor! It reminds me of eating a good mocha chocolate chip ice cream with out the coldness. The flavoring in Cafe Mocha is wonderful... for the first day or so. It seems as though the life of my cartomizers is significantly reduced using Cafe Mocha. With Torque 56 and Captain Jack my cartomizers will give me good vapor and flavor for a good week or so. The 2 cartomizers I used for Cafe Mocha stopped producing good vapor output after about 2 days. I even tried a G6 mini-tank and that lasted for about 3 days. I am not sure if it's the PG/VG ratio that is being used for Cafe Mocha, the flavoring itself or the batch I received, but something isn't right with it. I'm not sure how I will finish up the remainder of the 30 ml bottle.

  213. Awesome review by Michele

    I am a huge coffee drinker and this has to be one of my favorite e-liquids. One thing that I really like is that Halo allows you to purchase a small bottle to try the flavor and if you like it than you can purchase the larger 30ml size. Great flavor!

  214. Could be the one review by JMK

    I've been looking for a good coffee liquid for awhile. I've tried a bunch and many of them are sour or just taste too much like a coffee candy.

    Cafe Mocha is a bit sweeter than how I like my coffee but its definite good. No sour aftertaste! I can taste the chocolate-y notes as well.

    Not bad, not bad.

  215. Decadent review by skyM

    Such a luxurious, rich, mellow flavor. To get all the true notes in a mix and really appreciate it, use the tank. Layers upon layers of the most decadent taste. Easy to daydream you're lounging in some European cafe bistro. Ahhhhh, life's little pleasures. Thanks, Halo!

  216. Good For that evening Vape review by Tommy

    Good for the evening vape of chocolate and coffee. Great throat hit. Received with the variety pack will order again.

  217. You will slowly fall in love with this one. review by Brock

    I am trying to sample all of the flavors offered by Halo. Feeling a certain esprit de corps for Halo as they got me started in vaping I have a sense of commitment to their product line. I initially started with their tobacco flavors and found a few of them simply wonderful once I learned which applications seemed to suit my own tastes best. On this one, I tried it straight out of the bottle in my mini tank. There was a lot more going on there than I expected. The creaminess with the chocolate and hazelnut notes dominated my taste at first and thought perhaps it was a bit much. I loaded a cartomizer with the liquid and tried it. The sensation was a bit subdued which let the coffee notes come through. After letting the juice steep for a few days, I refilled the carto and noticed that I got the mild flavor of coffee with the smooth mouth feel of the cream and the hazelnut/chocolate taste and feel sort of dancing on top. I went from being "eh, its okay" to thinking that this could be a mainstay vape for me. I have liked to alternate between this one and the Tribeca throughout the day in the past few days. I really like this one.

  218. Impressed! review by Dave

    I'm not a "gourmet" flavor guy but I picked up the gourmet sample kit to try some of them, and was shocked that I found Cafe Mocha to be quite pleasant! I also mixed it with a little Twisted Java for some bite. Maybe not my personal ADV, but definitely very tasty.

  219. Great Coffee Juice review by Chris

    This coffee is an amazing blend with nice undertones of chocolate and nuttyness which I really enjoyed the combination the worked so well together this has turned into my all day vape this is definitely one of Halo's best e-juices and it won't disappoint.

  220. Great flavor for limited use review by Dan

    I spent some time with the Cafe mocha, overall i really enjoy this flavor. It comes on strong but doesn't linger. I think this would be a great flavor for morning or late night/dessert treat, but for me, it's a little too sweet to use as an all day vape. Def worth a shot if you like coffee flavors.

  221. Delicious review by Traci

    I really enjoy this one in the morning with my coffee. Just the right blend of coffee and chocolate...

  222. The taste of cafe mocha review by Angel

    This is a great flavor for vaping. I didn't think I would like flavors, but now I am totally loving this Café Mocha. It really goes great with a cup of coffee. But I also use it all day long. I do have a sweet tooth, and I think this flavor curbs my desire for a little sweet . I find myself puffing all the time just to taste it. It also smells great . I can smell it in the air slightly after I blow out a puff of vapor. It's like surrounding myself with the smell of sweet . I can't wait to try some of the other flavors, like the chocolate, but for now I am hooked on Café Mocha. I have to say great job Halo, for your American made sweet smoke juice.

  223. Wanted to like this more. review by Danny

    This and Twisted Java are similar. They have the same coffee base which is somewhat like roasted coffee but strikes me as thoroughly cooked popcorn. Roasted popcorn if you will. But the popcorn base in this strikes me of hot buttered popcorn. If that makes any sense. I pick up a bit of cocoa flavor like the cocoa from Halo's Belgium Cocoa. It's also a bit sweeter than Twisted Java. If you're curious you'll just have to try it for yourself. It's just not for me. I think its best experienced as part of the Halo Gourmet Sample Pack which is a great value by the way!

  224. The Best Café Mocha I've tasted review by Mebahiah

    The best Café Mocha I've tasted, the chocolate is delicious and the taste of coffee, recommended 100%

  225. Great by Itself or Added to Other Flavors review by Kevin

    I'm giving it 4 stars because as an after dinner or morning vape it's the perfect choice however, it's sweetness (for me) is too much for an all day vapor. However, as an added bonus, I read other users were mixing this with other e-liquids (Tribeca especially) so I decided to give that a try and WOW! A few drops of this can add a different dimension to your tobacco liquids and I was an instant fan of the new flavor.

    I still use this (not mixed) as a great after dinner vape...as a smoker it's one of the most important so you need the flavor to be spot on. The Cafe Mocha does not dissapoint.

  226. Wonderfull review by Brian

    I was very hesitant to order this flavor at first but I'm glad that I did! All I know is, it's like I'm vaping a very popular chocolate candy!!!! Wow this juice is the best chocolate out there. Everyone who likes chocolate should have it.
    Thank You Halo

  227. Like vaping Starbucks caramel mocha review by Ben

    Let me start off by saying I'm a big coffee drinker. This stuff is delicious.. It tastes like Starbucks coffee. Not an all day vape but I keep some in a mini tank for in the mornings...if your a coffee person, like I am, give this a try it will be like coffee ambrosia in your mouth....

  228. Wake up with a morning coffee and a Mocha Cafe! review by Macinto

    I will (as I always do) start off with the truth. This is not my go-to all day vape. However this is a CLOSE second to my favorite (Tribeca).

    To define Cafe Mocha I will first have to define myself. I smoked analog little cigars. My flavor has always been natural. I have 3 loves in my life... smoking (now vaping), coffee of all sorts and my family. When I tried this flavor (which my wife ordered first for her) it was just for fun. Who would of known that it would be love at first puff!

    There is a definite tobacco taste, but it's like smoking after you just ate the most delicious chocolate just prior to smoking. You can really taste the coffee too! I would compare it to smoking a real cigarette while eating chocolate covered coffee beans!

    Again not my all day vape, but it is to my mother in law, which shared the same brand of little cigars and love for coffee.

    Be prepared to have your mind blown!

  229. Wonderful to use as a flavor additive to any of the Tobacco flavors! review by Drew

    This is by far my favorite Halo eLiquid. Honestly it is a bit too sweet by itself, but used as an additive for any of the Tobacco flavors and it really smooths out any overly harsh feelings from any of the more robust eLiquids. It has good vapor production, though not quite as much as the Prime15 or Turkish Tobacco flavors. This flavor used as a mild boost makes any Halo Tobacco eLiquid all the more attractive. WARNING: This is a strong, sweet flavor. If you do not like the flavor alone, try a FEW drops only in conjunction with a cartomizer filled with Prime15, Tribeca, Cap'n Jack, or Turkish Tobacco.

  230. Cafe Mocha ... This stuff ROCKS !!! review by Robb

    Just tried Cafe Mocha for the first time ...I LOVE it by itself, and ALSO mixed with Midnight Apple !!! YUMMMMMMMMMMM !!!

  231. Nice change in vape review by Keith

    Nice relaxing vape with a nice coffee taste on inhale not sweet, but along the lines of a morning first cup of coffee flavor. Exhale still gives the faint coffee taste that blends with a nice creamy mocha note. This juice would make for an added flavor to the days juices, not an ADV. I found that mocha is the strongest flavor in this juice and also blends well with it. It quickly turns the coffee into a nice creamy not too sweet vape. If you like mocha and coffee this is a juice for you.

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass