Bubblegum Salts E-Liquid

Like your salt eLiquids sugary-sweet? Well, vape on this: eVo Bubblegum leads the pack in satisfying sweet flavor. Pop some of this longtime-favorite taste into your salt-ready device and vape away. You’ll be tickled pink.

Salt eLiquids are not recommended for use in cetain devices. Read more about nic salts below.

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About Bubble Gum Salt

They’re the most in-demand product in the e-liquid world today, and we’ve got them! eVo Salt eLiquids take vaping to an entirely new level of satisfaction you’ve never experienced before.

Here are some of the features:

  • Faster, more powerful nicotine delivery
  • Minimal vapor production — allows discreet “anywhere” vaping
  • Longer-lasting nicotine effect — less consumption saves you money!
  • Analog cigarette-like experience — ideal if you’re a smoker looking to switch!
  • Perfect throat hit
  • Salts have longer shelf life
  • Works with user-friendly devices

eVo salt eLiquids are not recommended for use in certain devices. We recommend using the Aspire Breeze 2, Suorin Drop, or Suorin Air.

Brand Evo
PG/VG Ratio High PG
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