RY4 Fans Should Move to Tribeca

RY4 Fans Should Move to Tribeca

In an industry riddled with ongoing change, it’s refreshing that certain things never go out of style among E-cig users. One of these stalwart topics is the ongoing search for the “perfect RY4” E-liquid.

Nearly eight years after E-cigarettes first broke big on these shores, the vaping community still clamors for this elusive flavor, which is, according to legend, the perfect marriage of sweet, savory, and authentic tobacco notes. The E-cig umami. The gold-plated unicorn. A Bigfoot that makes big clouds.

The only problem is that the original formula seems to have disappeared as quickly as it arrived, with many rumors indicating the creator has long since passed, taking the recipe with him to a better place. This has left E-cig users to actively hunt, buy, and vape various renditions of this magical potion, usually resulting in disappointment.

That is, unless they tried our Tribeca vape liquid. But more on that in a bit.

Are Why For What?

Before we get into the finer points of our own take on this blend, let’s first delve deeper into vaping history.

RY4 E-liquid was originally made by Chang Ning Dekang Biological Technology Co., on behalf of a company called Ruyan Group Limited. Together, this collaboration worked to create a wide range of E-liquids for the burgeoning international E-cigarette marketplace.

One of these creations was part of a special numbered series of authentic tobacco blends bearing the Ruyan name (RY=RuYan). Parent company Dekang, which still makes E-liquids today, defines the initial RY flavor series as:

  • RY1: Very subtle mixture of tobacco aromas
  • RY2: Dry tobacco with no sweet aftertaste
  • RY3: Exceptional blend of tobaccos, slightly sweet taste
  • RY4: Tobacco blend with caramel and vanilla notes

We’re uncertain how many other blends this group created, but according to the vocal vaping community, they could have stopped at number four. The winning combination of Chinese tobacco, caramel, and vanilla became an instant sensation, forcing the hands of other major E-cig companies to try and recreate the nuanced flavor. Again, most missed the mark in the eyes and mouths of vape pen users.

In fact, we’re not sure even the original companies have the exact formula anymore. While their loyal customer base continues to enjoy the current RY4 offering, many long-time vapers have indicated on forums that the original has changed considerably over time.

Today, throngs of vape juice companies sell renditions of RY4. Some are thin, bright, and sweet, with a heavy focus on tobacco notes. Others are thick, almost syrupy, put the vanilla and caramel flavors at center stage. Each of these renditions has its own qualities, with many standing out as wonderful E-liquids. But are they truly what the originator had in mind when making that initial batch? Not likely.

So, you think you found RY4, Halo?

Let’s be clear—the exact ingredients of this flavor lie solely in the hands of the nice people at Dekang. It’s their baby, and we’re not going to try and pry it from them.

But no one said anything about trying to improve on what’s currently out there.

In conducting our flavor testing, we sample countless vape liquids from around the world, and have evolved several combinations into the winning Halo flavors you enjoy today. This includes our own version of RY4.

Tribeca, as the name implies, is a modern, forward-thinking take on the RY4 flavor, designed for more Western palates. While the description tells the same story – tobacco, caramel, and vanilla – we think our rendition stands apart due to the top-tier quality of each individual ingredient we add, alongside how our production team expertly blends it together at our lab in Gainesville, Florida.

For example, we choose a smooth tobacco base, similar to our Prime 15 flavor, and pair it with our signature buttery caramel and Madagascar vanilla extracts to achieve a profile that is, at once, sweet, savory, and satisfying. This results in an E-liquid enjoyable for tobacco lovers and fans of dessert-based vape juices alike.

Unlike companies that use lesser ingredients in blends, hoping the combinations will mask flavor impurities, we ensure all Tribeca ingredients are top-notch on their own prior to mixing. As a result, each note comes through when vaping, without the harshness of lesser tobacco flavorings, or the sticky mouthfeel of cheaper sweet extracts.

Today, it’s not uncommon to hear our fans claim Tribeca as their “all-day vape,” and regularly read how Tribeca is an ideal accompaniment to a post-dinner cocktail. Accolades aside, Tribeca continues to bridge the flavor gap for those who only vape tobacco E-liquids, and those who previously never would.

Have we achieved the elusive “perfect” RY4? Well, that’s not for us to say. But we believe this is a top-seller for a reason, and think the originator of the classic RY4 – wherever he may be – would be thrilled with how we’ve honored his creation.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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