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Belgian Cocoa E-liquid

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Quick Overview

Brace yourself for the pure decadence of Belgian Cocoa. This complex e-liquid consists of a dried cocoa flavor, overflowing with rich, soothing layers of chocolate notes. Belgian Cocoa produces the ultimate semisweet gourmet flavor profile.


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Belgian Cocoa exemplifies American-made quality e-liquid, with ingredients you can trust and flavor that is second to none. Try it for yourself and we’re sure you’ll agree.

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  1. No review by Anna

    I don't understand everyone's love of this? I can maybe see how other's tastes may experience hot chocolate, but the first thing I tasted was that hard candy back in the day... Nico... Those chalky like wafers. This tastes like the chocolate one. I would agree with another fellow here in that the smell is overpowering and just plain awful. I was so looking forward to trying this and am terribly disappointed. I will let it sit for some time and see if it calms itself down. Upset I wasted money, but how will you find the gems without trial and error? Sorry Halo. Still in love with SubZero though. On to try the next flavor.

  2. Cocoa-All There review by Denise

    One of the absolute best cocoa/chocolate e-liquids out there(Element is 2nd best). Period. I find it difficult to resist chain vaping w/ this in my Smok Baby Aiien. I mostly vape chocolate/cocoa & coffee flavors.
    The down side of this flavor; Coil change faster-it clogs em. And leaves behind a dark residue in the mouth piece, and stains teeth if used as your solo juice.

  3. Deep dark and intense review by B Gabriel

    Deep, dark, intense, and just the right amount of sweetness. Not just a hint, but a full cocoa-rich taste. Seriously satisfying. I've tried other e-juice companies, but keep coming back to Halo. It's just a good vape. This juice plays well with others. Mixed it with eVo Cookies and Cream...sooo good.

  4. Strong But Awesome review by Bobby

    Holy crap this stuff has a strong smell. I had to put the bottle in a Tupperware container because I left the bottle on my side table and my whole living room started to smell like chocolate. That being said, it tastes great. It has a strong chocolate taste but isn't sweet. If you love good chocolate you'll love this, just be aware that you might want to store it in an airtight container, or leave it out and save money on air fresheners I guess.

  5. DELICIOUS! WOW! review by Jedivape

    Belgian Cocoa is AMAZINGLY YUMMY!! I'm using 6mg & 1.3 ohm. Halo must make this cocoa flavor with the help of gourmet chefs and magical e-juice fairies. This is not a sugary chocolate bar, this is a delicious gourmet hot cocoa. Smooth on the inhale, great "wow, how did they make this so spot-on?" cocoa flavor on the exhale. The aftertaste is delicious and smooth too (not overpowering). Perfect! I am using Belgian Cocoa as an all-day-vape, AND it mixes great with Devlin Caramel AND Tribeca. I'm sure you can find other combos you will like. Thanks Halo!!

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Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color10ml – Clear
30ml - Premium Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Tank ColorNo