WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Quick Overview

Disposable replacements pods for the Gusto Mini device that come in a variety of our best-selling flavors:

    • Tribeca

    • Turkish Tobacco

    • SubZero

    • Sugar Twist

    • Cryptic Blast

Each pod is prefilled with 4.2ml of e-liquid, has a resistance of 1.5ohms, and offers superior airflow. Designed for convenience, all you have to do is insert the pod into your device and go.


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Each pod is prefilled with 4.2ml of e-liquid, has a resistance of 1.5ohms, and superior airflow. Just insert it into your Gusto Mini and go.

Instructions For Use

To use the replacement pod, slide the cover from the Gusto Mini. Take the pod and pull down on the two silicone plugs, detaching them. Shake the pod in a downward motion to get the e-liquid to flow down into the pod’s atomizer. Next, hold the pod upright and insert it into the Gusto Mini. Slide the cover back on the device and wait five minutes to allow the coil to become saturated with e-liquid. Now, your Gusto Mini is ready to use!

Inspired Flavors of Unmatched Quality

Pods for your Gusto Mini are available in a selection of award-winning e-liquid flavors from the acclaimed Halo line.

Tribeca A renowned e-liquid that stands alone among all others, Tribeca has set the industry standard with the flavor of smooth, transcendent tobacco harmoniously blended with the perfect hint of vanilla and caramel to generate an exquisite, sweet finish.

SubZero An e-liquid that exhibits an intense, cool mint effect more powerful than any of our other menthol flavors. With its superior vapor production and a glacier-fresh finish, you can chill with the frigid flavor of SubZero all day.

Turkish Tobacco You don’t have to travel to the coast of the Black Sea to experience the lavish, mellow, sun-cured tobacco flavors of Turkish Tobacco. Both rich in history and taste, this e-liquid is the perfect choice for those seeking a mild but satisfying e-liquid.

Cryptic Blast Brace yourself for a barrage of sweet and tart fruit tastes. Cryptic Blast is a thrilling assortment of exotic, ripe, and juicy berry flavors brilliantly blended into an e-liquid masterpiece.

Sugar Twist Life never tasted so sweet with Sugar Twist. An oven fresh, old-fashioned doughnut blend, this gourmet e-liquid provides the mouthwatering flavors delivered by an artisan bakery. Your day won't be complete without it.

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  1. Love It! review by Mark

    I love the Aspire Mini system,it’s been my favorite way to vape for awhile now,however,I do have some complaints . The sugar twist flavor always leaks,no matter what,every one I’ve used,this needs to be looked at,also....the flavor choices should be better.Over all,great simple and convenient way to vape.

  2. Great upgrade for me review by Carolyn

    Although Halo could work on the price, I've wanted to upgrade from the Triton. This is perfect for me as I am not a cloud chaser and the Tribeca is much tastier in the prefilled Pods. When you actually do the math, there is not that much of an increase. Would like to see in a "5" pack of Pods. To say the hassle factor has been reduced to almost nothing is an understatement. Feel this is the future of vaping. Very pleased.

  3. Love them review by Kandace

    I love these little guys since they are so easy for me to use, even though I only have the use of one hand. I bought a 3 pack of them in SubZero. They were great, except for one thing: I put one in and it tasted like a tobacco hybrid(YAK!). I thought I may not have given them a good wiggle and roll, or let them sit long enough, so I did that again making sure I wiggled and waited a full 7 minutes. NOPE.

  4. Convenient for on the go review by Victoria

    I bought the unit and a box of three cartridges. And while I enjoyed vaping with the unit, I found the cartridges just didn’t seem to last as long as I would’ve liked. Although they are 4.2 mL, they just went too quickly. I realize that the cartridges include the coil. So you are paying for the coil and the liquid. I think $15.99 for three cartridges is a little pricey. But as a go-to backup unit, the mini is perfect. The flavor of the Tribeca cartridges was exactly the same as a 30 mL bottle. If you choose to go with a cartridge system I would definitely go with the mini.

  5. Great vape! review by Maurice

    Perfect vaping experience, in my opinion! I'm not looking to blow competition level clouds, so this is perfect. Awesome level of flavor that doesn't get distorted like some other devices that use cold might.

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