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Why Halo? American Made Smoke Juice


In the best interests of our appreciated customers, Halo is proud to offer American Made Smoke Juice in all of our products. Smoke juice, also known as e-liquid or e-juice, is the liquid used in all electronic smoking devices that provides the taste, vapor and delivers nicotine when vaped. Halo is committed to our customers, and could not allow an ingestible product such as smoke juice to be produced outside of our reach.

The Importance of American Made Smoke Juice

When smoke juice is made overseas, a great deal of quality control can be lost, and the integrity of the smoke juice can be greatly compromised. Other e-cigarette suppliers will rely on foreign manufacturers to produce and fill smoke juice cartridges and cartomizers in countries where quality standards fall far below that of the United States. These foreign companies are typically not susceptible to US law, and therefore will not be penalized for providing dangerous products to the public. Many times the e-cigarette supplier will sell their e-cigarettes to customers having no idea what specific ingredients or their quality actually went into their smoke juice. Halo is NOT one of these companies. By keeping our electronic cigarette cartridges filled in the USA with our Premium American Made Smoke Juice, we ensure the highest level of Quality Control in the industry. It allows us to verify smoke juice ingredients, as well as monitor the filling process. Our 100% American Made Smoke Juice is a top shelf, first rate product where consistency and quality are paramount. Attention to detail in taste and “throat hit” are the top factors which drive Halo Smoke Juice.

Quality Smoke Juice Beyond American Made

Each Halo cartridge and cartomizer contains smoke juice with a rich flavor that will delight even the most seasoned e-cigarette connoisseurs. By offering our smoke juice in a variety of fantastic flavors, you are sure to find a quality smoke juice that is perfect for your palate. Halo offers each one of our quality smoke juice flavors in various nicotine levels to suit the specific needs of our prized customers. A critical factor in the selection and development of our e-cigarette smoke juice is the infamous “Throat Hit” which is too often ignored. Throat hit is the feeling one gets in their throat while taking a drag from a nicotine product such as vaping e-cigarettes. This feeling mimics that received when taking a drag from a normal tobacco cigarette, and is an essential element of smoke juice that is required for accurately simulating the smoking experience. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to get an outstanding amount of vapor in conjunction with a good throat hit as proven with Halo Electronic Cigarettes filled with our Premium American Made Smoke Juice.


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