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Variable Voltage Battery

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Triton Variable Voltage Batteries have an adjustable range of 3.3–4.8v, allowing users to fine tune their vaping experience and get the best possible flavor and performance from their favorite Halo E-liquids. Important: Triton USB adapter required. Using the G6 USB adapter may cause irreversible damage to your Triton battery.

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Our Variable Voltage Battery, or Twist Battery, for the Triton Tank System offers the ultimate E-cig vaping experience for beginners and experts alike. With an adjustable voltage range of 3.3 to 4.8 volts, this exceptional Variable Voltage Battery will help you get the best flavor and performance out of your E-liquid. Just rotate the dial on the end of the Twist Battery to the desired voltage and you’re ready to go. We recommend using the Triton Tanks with 3.0–3.2 ohm coils for the fullest range of flavor.   Important: Triton USB adapter required. Using the G6 USB adapter may cause irreversible damage to your Triton battery.

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  1. Same quality of other batts externally, but not too sure of the utility. review by Andrea

    I ordered this battery 6 months ago in black because I felt it would look nice with all of my other hardware and wanted to try the twist type. The battery has a nice velvet and sort of rubber feeling to it. I have tried this twist battery with the higher ohm heads and it does produce a lot of vapor, but does not seem to last very long. One tank for me, anyway, and even less with smaller ohm heads. The smaller ohm heads get too hot unless you lower the amount of volts. The charging times seems about equal to the regular batteries to me. I had to order another charger too because it weighs it down when charging and I wanted to make sure I had a backup. All in all, I really feel that you don't gain much more over regular batteries and regular ohm tanks. The taste is subtle to me.

  2. Variable Voltage is Better review by Lori

    I love my Halo variable voltage batteries. They give me control over the power of my throat hit. Sometimes, towards the end of the day, I need a stronger hit than usual. So I can crank up the power on my variable volt battery and get the power I need. The only drawback, my batteries always fail in the same manner. After some use, the battery cover separates from the silver unit with the button. If you don't catch it as it is separating, it will pull out wires, killing it. If you can catch it before this happens, you can usually superglue it with success.

  3. Great Battery! review by Jessica

    This was the first battery I've ever purchased. I loved having it when I started vaping due to trying many different juices.

    With variable voltage and being able to swap the coils with ones of different resistance, I was able to test each juice until I found the perfect setup to get the most from its flavor.

    Aside from being able to tweak it to get the most from my juices, there were times where I'd want to take little vapes and times I wanted really strong hits—that’s where this battery shines.

    No need to purchase or swap different batteries of different voltages—simply turn the dial on the bottom and I was good to go!

  4. Amazing review by Gregory

    These batteries last forever and are indestructible. They can easily last me the entire day, and I am puffing on my Triton most of the day. It doesn't lose its power or vapor production while using it either. I have dropped them a few times and they just keep on working great—great product, highly recommend it.

  5. Sturdy, pretty, practical. review by Phil

    I bought the VV battery a few months ago, upgrading from a regular Triton battery and I am very satisfied with its performance. I say "sturdy" because I am not the most coordinated vaper out there; however, after numerous drops there are no scratches or dents. The base still twists smoothly and I still get consistent volts. I say "pretty" because the iridescent color I ordered is still as beautifully shiny as when I opened it and the logo is nice and subtle, which adds to the sleek look. Finally, I say "practical" for multiple reasons. It's a great size and fits in any pocket safely with the "press 5 times to turn off" feature. The charge easily lasts a full day and the ability to dial in the voltage to personal preference can really bring out the tasty nuances of any flavor—which is handy because all of Halo's e-liquids so far have been awesome. Thanks Halo!

  6. Versitile!! review by Stephanie

    I cannot say enough about these batteries. They are made of good quality and are a very reasonable price. If you feel like you want to shop around to find a cheaper battery, please be aware that you get what you pay for. I bought a few of the colored batteries and then decided I wanted to try this Variable Voltage battery. It is very long but I keep it by my bed and don’t have to charge it for days. If you want a battery that is going to stay charged for a while and be able to get different strength pulls, this battery is for you. The only thing you have to be careful of is charging it. I usually place something underneath the end of the battery (to hold it straight because it’s so long) so it doesn’t break the USB charger. The black color is classy and it really is a good battery. My husband likes to use it on a higher voltage and I use it on a little bit of a lesser voltage. It works out perfect for us! All you do is twist the bottom metal part and you will have a more or less intense throat hit. I also use different voltage depending on the liquid I use. It is also recommended to buy the more expensive replacement coils with this battery, and I feel like they do make a difference. If you want one battery that is multi-function and versatile, this one is for you. I love it but there needs to be more colors Halo!

  7. Pure Excellence review by James

    I've been a faithful Halo customer for a couple years now and have used all of their various fixed voltage Triton batteries, but only recently decided to upgrade to this battery. In a word, this thing is awesome. It allows you to dial in pretty much any kind of vaping experience you want. It can do smooth, consistent vaping or hearty full vaping with the spin of a dial. It's definitely worth the higher price, and I'd even recommend it to beginners, as it lets you find just the right amount of kick for you. Another great product from the folks at Halo.

  8. Just awesome review by Chris

    I am new to Halo equipment. I did my research and decided my step up would be Halo, from a different cigalike brand. I bought this battery first because I knew I would eventually upgrade to it anyway. I have not been disappointed. This battery is awesome—lasts me more than a day with heavy vaping. I will be purchasing another as a backup very soon. The size is perfectly acceptable and performance is top notch. I am very impressed.

  9. This tank really delivers. review by C.J.

    I have been vaping for about two years now and have tried several different batteries and tank set ups from a few different companies. I was introduced to Halo’s amazing line of fluids and products about two months ago and just recently discovered their variable voltage battery. I have used one of these batteries from another company, however, the charge didn't last very long and I had to replace it a few times. I love Halo's variable voltage battery. The charge lasts days and delivers a smooth easy hit or can be spun to deliver a fuller stronger hit and anywhere in between. The price for this product is very reasonable compared to batteries of the same quality from competitor companies.

  10. The Only Way to Vape review by Ed

    Excellent battery. I had one die on me, but that was after over a year of faithful use and regular charging. Worth the cost to me for being able to adjust the voltage. I typically use them at 3.7-3.8, and they are very consistent. All of Halos batteries are good, but their other batteries get weaker over time. These variable voltage batteries stay consistent up until about an hour before they signal it’s time to recharge (15 rapid flashes), and even then, you can get a few more vapes out of it. Just excellent. My only suggestion is to offer a slightly shorter version--the current one is a bit too long for your pocket and can result in bending where the battery meets the tank.

  11. Satisfied! review by Sean

    A good battery to step up to if you're looking for more flavor as well as good throat hit and more vapor if that's your thing. This will last all day, more if you smoke less often, and you are the one who controls it. At the 4.8V setting I can take a long hit or a short hit with a satisfying throat hit either way. It works with my other e-liquids but I'm finding Halo's liquids to be very satisfying in comparison. I got 2 Triton tanks and 5 coils at the same voltage as tanks. It’s been over a week now and still have no need to replace coil or tank yet.

  12. Other products just don't compare review by Sara

    I bought some new tanks from Halo and treated myself to a Variable Voltage Battery while I was at it. This is the best choice I've made in a while! Now I can tweak my battery to get the best flavor and vapor production from any of my juice flavors. I'm currently waiting for my second variable voltage battery and the Triton adapter. I can finally use my glass tanks with my new battery! So excited!

  13. Fantastic flavor review by Chris

    The variable voltage is great on this battery and it produces an amazing vapor hit. I've found I prefer the 4.3 volt range over the others. The battery itself lasts forever too. I went nearly three days without charging it. It also fits in your pocket perfectly. I'd highly recommend this if you already use the Triton system, or even just starting out.

  14. My Favorite Battery review by Adam

    Last November I got the regular Triton Starter Kit. I searched for a while and found it to be the best eGo style out there. Then in December I got the variable battery after reading the reviews. I must say that even though the regular Triton batteries are great, the variable battery is so much better. I've been using it since December with no problems. My only one request is a yellow jacket color option for it!

  15. This is IT in the world of pen vapes review by Coz

    There’s a lot to choose from in the world of vaping. But when you combine awesome battery life and Halo's amazing quality of products, you get this little gem. The Variable Voltage Battery is absolutely necessary and worth the extra cost. Depending on the voltage, this battery can last a day or even several days without charging!

  16. Perfect Size & Price review by Rob G

    This battery is not too big and not too small. It fits in my pocket easily, even with the tank on it. I have been vaping on this battery for almost 2 full days now and it still has juice! The versatility of the battery is great as well. It’s nice to be able to adjust it, which allows you to bring out optimal flavor from different liquids. It’s very cheap too, considering some batteries like this cost up to $70!

  17. It's good! review by Thang

    I like the Variable Voltage Battery. It has a little more vapor production when the coil is new, or the tank is full. I thought the charge would last a little longer than the standard battery and it does. Overall I’m glad I got one and do recommend it.

  18. Best battery out there! review by Clint

    I have been through the ringer searching and buying batteries in the e-cig market. I stumbled upon this one and I must say, it’s quite amazing! From the first time vaping with it until even now, it’s the most enjoyable experience I have ever had vaping. It provides you with the option of setting the voltage output, which comes in handy with different kinds of liquids you wish to use. It also has excellent vapor production 100% of the time. If you are searching for the best battery out there, your search is over. Halo has made the perfect battery and I am very grateful for it!

  19. Excellent! review by Cam

    I just got my new variable voltage batteries in, all I have to say is, Wow! These things last for so long and being able to change the voltage is convenient. I have already started finding which flavors vape best and various voltages. I give this 5 stars and I will probably be ordering a thirs one in another color soon!

  20. Variable Voltage Battery review by David

    I have to say the Halo Triton out performs others in it's class. I currently own one and plan for another! I just love the feel and size of this amazing battery offers with its incredible power. Some prefer the larger sized units. I have been there, done that, and keep returning to this baby. Thanks Halo!

  21. great feature review by Chris

    The variable voltage is the way to go. I personally began to develop of maxing out whenever I felt I could use more. I then started burning up the coil. This is great for delicate adjustments depending on the flavor or nicotine level.

  22. Solid Upgrade review by Alejandro

    I have been very happy with my Triton Starter kit so I decided to get this variable voltage battery. I am very satisfied! I have found that the variable voltage has allowed me to adjust the flavor profile I get from each individual e-liquid. I am not disappointed at all.

  23. A top battery review by Neville

    This battery is a great addition to your starter kit. It lasts forever, gives you control with the variable voltage to find your sweet spot, and gives you the control to enhance your vaping experience.

  24. Great Battery review by Lauri

    I love the variable voltage battery! Depending on the flavor, it lets you decide what volt you will need to vape your favorite e-liquid. I have several of these so I can always make sure I have one ready to go when the other needs to be charged.

  25. Blue Variable voltage review by Herbert

    I had a blue variable voltage battery and it lasted a long time. Overall, it was a good battery and I will purchase a new one. Thanks Halo!

  26. Once you've tried the starter pack review by Cameron

    I would recommend grabbing some higher resistance coils and one of the Variable Voltage batteries. This is perfect for trying out various tempatures, thickness of the vapor, and altering the intensity of the flavor. You can experiment with your favorite setting for multiple flavors. It is a definite upgrade!

  27. Long lasting review by Mark

    I vape regularly and found this to be the longest lasting battery. It outlasts the Kanger by far.

  28. Best battery you can buy! review by michael

    The variable voltage battery is by far the best battery you can purchase. Once you try the variable voltage, you will never use any other type of battery again.

  29. awesome! review by anthony

    I started with the Triton Starter Kit and it was awesome. I picked this battery up and it blew me away. It worked great every time and holds a charge well. I didn't realize how different the e-liquid can taste with the different voltage. The ability to change the heat of the vape is great too for different times of the day. Again a great product!

  30. Love my Halo review by Amy

    The batteries last all day without a charge. The tanks are easy to fill and very easy to replace the wicks. I love my Halo and own several in different colors.

  31. Excellent Battery review by Matthew

    The variable voltage features allows you to have the ultimate control over your vaping experience. It has a consistent performance and a must have!

  32. Best smoke so far! review by Stacey

    I have bought three of these batteries already and will not buy any other brand. The battery paired with the Halo e-liquids created such an optimum level of smoke. I cant even compare it a standard battery. It is a must try for all Triton users!

  33. What a beast review by Sam

    This is a beast! I graduated from the G6 and then to a regular Triton. After trying the variable voltage I knew instantly I couldn't go back. The power and control exhibited is like driving a sports car after driving a mini van.

  34. Works great, but a bit expensive review by M

    I'm a big fan of the Triton variable voltage battery. It allows you to dial your voltage up or down, which is valuable if you have an e-liquid that is burning with a lower resistance coil. Also, if you are after a cooler or hotter vape. The different voltages can bring out different flavors of more complex e-liquids. I have noticed with the Malibu and Voodoo especially. However, if you are primarily using mid range of Halo's coils then you wont notice this as much compared to switching between 1.8 or 3.2 ohms. The spinner on the bottom works well but it is pretty expensive for not having and LCD or ability to test the ohm on your coils. I would suggest if you have extra cash to get a variety of coils so you can try it. However, if you are short on cash a standard battery using 2.0-2.2 ohms will work great too.

  35. Charge Lasts Two Days review by Michael

    I own two of these variable batteries, the Midnight Blue and Iridescence. I like the looks of both but I perfer the grip feeling of the Midnight Blue over the smooth polish of the Iridescence battery. The size is not too big at all and fits comfortable in any pocket. I have dropped them many times on the hardwood floors and concrete. They keep on working and lasts two days on a charge.

  36. Simply Perfect review by Brittany

    I am a woman who loved the simple things in life and this battery is just that. The battery is smaller and lighter than I thought it would be. I certainly think it is not a bad thing especially when it is paired with the Triton Tanks which are larger than most. This battery packs a punch as well! I tend to keep mine at 4.3 volts with the 2.4-2.6 ohm coils. I want my vape to be flavorful without it tasting burnt. I bought the iridescence color and it is beautiful. The iridescence is a lot more yellow than pictures here but I think it makes it look even more striking. The iridescence color is not rubberized like the other colors, it's metal. All in all, I am so glad I bought this battery and I will be buying another one shortly.

  37. Great battery review by Sharon

    The Variable Voltage battery works great! I have had it for several months and is still working like it's new! You have to order all tanks and chargers from Halo for this battery. They don't have 510 threading:(

  38. perfect review by Nicole

    I love this battery! My husband and I like how you can choose the strength of the vapor hit. I just ordered another one :) It has a long lasting battery life.

  39. perfection! review by Joseph

    Several months ago, I got the Triton starter kit and a month or two later I purchased a Variable Voltage battery. I love this battery! I typically use the 650 mAh batteries that came with the starter kit at home and the Variable Voltage at work. The Variable Voltage fits perfectly in the Halo case alongside my other 650 mAh batteries when I am at home. It also fits great in my pocket when I am on the go. I have yet to run out of a charge and it lasts my entire 10-12 hour shift! On my way home I plug it into my car and it will be charged by the time I get home! (45mins) I've found that slightly above the 4.3 volts setting is the 'sweet spot' for both Tribeca and Turkish Tobacco. The higher voltage really brings out more flavor than the standard batteries. However, not that the standard batteries are bad but it is kind of like a really good cheeseburger compared to a really good cheeseburger with bacon!

  40. Love it already review by Tammy

    I just got the variable voltage battery and I already love it. I was using the starter kit batteries and I found out that after using them all day, when my liquid gets low, I wasn't getting the "hit" I wanted and needed. I was also getting a burnt taste and a change in the color (really dark). I decided to try out the Variable Voltage Battery, it came charged, and my first hit was perfect! Even though, it was a bit bigger than the 900, I could deal with that. I would definitely recommend this if you're a heavy user and keep your other batteries as back ups.

  41. Great product review by christopher

    The variable voltage battery is fantastic. It lasts about twelve hours with heavy use and produces a ton of vapor. The variable voltage dial lets you adjust the heat to find the sweet spot for taste no matter what flavor you are vaping. It also lets you determine whether the vapor is wetter or drier so you can adjust to your preference. The Triton tank holds a ton of liquid, is easy to fill, and won't leak at all if you don't over fill it. This is perfect for at home usage. Also, I use the G6 mini tanks with my G6 batteries for when I'm on the go. I now have everything I need.

  42. Great Product - Enjoy your e-cig experience like never before review by Michael

    I own two of these, although I should note that owning one is enough (the second just serves as a back up). The 900 mAh battery I have can go for a couple of days between recharges using pretty heavily. It is built very well and has an amazing vapor production. I followed the suggestion to use with the 3.0 - 3.2 ohm coils and this is something that I definitely recommend as it enables you to dial exactly the flavor you are looking for. I've noticed that flavors taste quite different depending on the voltage. Some I like around 4.8 volts and 3.4 or so. Go for it ... you won't regret it.

  43. Awesome review by Roger

    I initially bought the starter kit which is great. However, I then thought to myself, I would like another battery just in case. I decided I had to try this variable voltage battery. After buying it, using it with 3.2 ohm coil, I realized the range of flavor you can get with this battery... Is just wow!! At a full voltage, you get so much vapor and flavor, it is amazing. Only downside, I've found is I have to change coils more often at full voltage but that is to be expected. Also, these batteries are about 1/4 inch larger than the normal ones. I think Halo should think about making a kit with these batteries. I would totally buy it.

  44. this battery is great and gives you lots of control review by runnerchicki

    I have three other Triton batteries (600 and 900 mAh). I love them both for the quality but sometimes I could drain the 600 battery pretty quickly. I would sometimes get a burnt taste with the 900. I decided to try the variable voltage to see if I could get a better flavor from my favorite e-liquid (Tribeca) and managed the battery life a little better too. I am amazed at the difference it makes using the variable voltage! I get great flavor, vapor, throat hit using the 2.2-2.4 coil, and 3.3V on the battery. I have been vaping for two days on one charge and no burnt taste. The battery came charged, ready to use, and the packaging is outstanding. The standard batteries are great but they will be my backups now until I order a second Variable Voltage. I wish they came in more colors! Demon Red is my favorite but it is not available in the Variable Voltage. Halo.. Please add more colors to this option of battery!

  45. great at first review by Herbert

    I liked this battery very much for the 3 months it lasted... However, I will have to buy a new one.

  46. Really Nice review by Matthew

    OK...I had the 1300mah battery originally and loved it. I was a little worried that the 900 wouldn't hold up to a full day charge (could get 2-3 days out of the 1300). However, I was very surprised that it will last me one full if not 1.5 full days without having to be recharged. For me, that is typically about 2-2.5 ml of juice on one full battery just for comparison...you can use that to determine the length of the battery on how much juice you typically going through.The variable voltage is really nice...I like how you can adjust it. I would agree with some other reviews that I like mine just a smidge above what the factory settings are for the other Triton batteries. However, the thing I love the MOST about it, is that I can turn it down for the flavors that don't need to be that hot.

  47. very happy review by William

    I purchased this battery about 2 or 3 months ago wanting just to try it and I must say I am now spoiled! I have 2 other batteries from Halo, the unregulated ones and this one is more satisfying to me. Unlike the unregulated batteries their is little to no voltage drop off from my setting when I start to realize a voltage drop my battery is dead soon their after. The battery will last me 2 days normally and I would say I go through at least a tank a day 2.4 ml. The finish is the same as the unregulated batteries and I got the blue one color is the same as the other batteries. Comparing the size of this one to my 1200 mah battery,the varibale voltage battery is maybe 1/4 in taller than the regular and it is defiantly a little fatter. The knob for your variable voltage is easy to turn but stiff enough it will not get bumped off the setting you choose. The knob is knurled for grip. Overall if your a die hard Halo user or just a fan of kr-808d threading. This is definitely a great battery. I need to get a second one I am so spoiled on it. Something to say to Halo, I would love to see this battery in a bigger capacity like 1200 mah and this battery would be perfect!

  48. Excellent experience review by Eardilla

    Just received my new battery and I have to say that Halo keeps amazing me with its products. From the very unpacking you realize you have a meticulously made product with it's beautiful mate body paint, excellent weight, and dimensions. The voltage selection dial is precise and you can experience notable differences when vaping at different voltages. I will definitely upgrade my older batteries for a few of these new ones.

  49. Great Battery! review by Ricky

    For those who love the hit in the back of the throat I would highly suggest getting this battery. Gives you the option on how harsh of a hit you want. Only comes in the 900 hundred size but I think that it's perfect. Not too big, not too small.

  50. Epic!!! review by Lucid

    The Triton variable voltage battery is a beast! The voltage range is 3.3-4.8v. I found my sweet spot at about 4.2. It produces a nice and warm vaping experience, and the vapor production is awesome! For those who prefer a cooler vape, 3.3-3.8 is probably your best bet. I will be purchasing another one in the very near future! Highly recommended!

  51. Best purchase I have ever made review by peggy

    Just received my Triton VV batteries and I wish I bought these a long time ago. They are awesome!! They bring out the flavor in my e liquids, lots of vapor, oh and they are so much fun to play with. I got the pink and iridescent . The iridescent is just beautiful, so classy looking, the Pink is very feminine. They work perfectly. I will enjoy using these and can't wait to try some of my e liquids with them. Thank you Halo for nice products.

  52. The Perfect Addition to Any Collection review by Julian

    People used to tell me that a VV battery will change the way you look at vaping. I used to never believe them, and one day I said, "Why not?" When I got this battery, I put on a tank of my favorite Halo E-Juice, Turkish and WOW! Changing the voltage allowed me to get a flavor that I never experienced before. The flavor was just amazing. I do recommend the higher ohm coils with this battery, because if you crank up the voltage, there is a high chance you are burning your juice. Halo juices are best unburnt, unless you like vaping an ashtray. I recommend this battery if you would like to open your world to a better flavor out of every juice you have!

  53. LOVE THIS review by April

    I have a variable voltage battery and I LOVE it. It gives you the option to vary the strength of the hit on your ecig. If you like a light puff, or if you like a heavy puff, you have the freedom to adjust it to your own preferences. I would definitely recommend this battery!

  54. Love this! review by Christine

    I would recommend this to those that want to customize the voltage with the battery... which is an awesome option. Cool vs warmer, mellow tasting vs intense, little vapor vs a lot, are some of the options to choose and play with when adjusting the volt setting on the battery. I recommend 3.0-3.2 ohms coils with your tanks when using the VVB.

  55. Just made my vaping experience even more fun! review by Danae

    I love this battery! I came back today to order a second one. I love that I can change the voltage depending on which flavor I am vaping and how much "thrust" I want. Maybe some people call this "throat hit," I am not sure. I am still using HALO's tanks (I own six so far) on these batteries. I also ordered a tip (used on tank) so I can let my neighbor try my set-up flavors. Thank you, HALO, for another great product!!! Ohhhh, btw, I drop the battery/tank a few times a day. LOL! So far, all are still working as well as Day 1.

  56. One Of The Best review by will

    Want something that will last all day. Here it is. Get a whole day of vaping from this. I love it. Thanks Halo

  57. Truely amazing! review by John

    These have become my everyday "take to work batteries". These take a fair amount of abuse well, have a long lasting battery life, are very portable, can be adjusted easily to your ideal vapor production, and best of al,l can be turned on and off to prevent them from being activated in a pocket. On the job, I am constantly moving, lifting, or driving and this battery is with me all the time. I reach for my trusty Triton every morning to get me through the day.

  58. Awesome addition to my system! review by Bryan

    I started out with the Triton system and it's great, and I decided to try the variable voltage battery because I've read it can change the taste of different juices. Well what do you know it does and gives you a little more control. So if you want a normal vape you've got it. If you want a stronger one well you've got that too. So if you are a control freak like I am then have at you won't regret it.

  59. Great battery review by Matt

    This battery lasts and has the power you need. I definitely recommend it.

  60. Takes it to a new flavor level! review by Robert

    LOVE IT! Had I tried this previously, I would not have replaced/supplemented my gear with the albeit useful, 1300 Mah batteries. I will more than likely add another one of these and use them for my main Halo Juices.
    Nicely designed and definitely worth the extra money. There's simply no comparison.
    JUST BUY ONE and you will understand!

  61. wonderful device! review by Matthew

    The perfect way to vape the Halo tank system. I can adjust for each different juice. My only gripe is, I wish there were more colors.

  62. Very nice battery review by Don

    This variable voltage battery is more expensive but definitely worth it considering how you control the amount of battery life you have. You can choose between large vapor production or long lasting battery life. The 4.8 volts will produce massive vapor and awesome throat hits while the 3.3 volts will make your battery last a long time. Extremely useful when you are out and want to conserve battery. Then when you are inside and near a charger and want big hits, you can just switch the voltage. I would definitely recommend picking this up.

  63. The Variable Voltage Battery is the Best review by Steve

    This battery is the best. I've tried the straight voltage before. You have to change the coil to a different resistance to adjust the strength of the hit. With this no more changing coils. Just turn the dial on the bottom. It's Great!!!

  64. Super Battery review by Den

    This is the cat's meow, what a great battery, and adjustable to boot!! Only wish I had started with this one first! Last me more than all day and charges quick. Still playing with different coils and think I like the 2.2-2.4 best overall.
    Try this one out, you won't be sorry.

  65. This, is amazing. review by Nathaniel

    I should have just started here. I bought a regular 900mah and a 650mah, both of which are great, but decided to try one of these just for kicks. I just got it, and holy smokes it's great. Compared back to back with a regular battery, it's night and day. The regular ones are fine, but I found they tend to work best right off the charger. Due to the ability to control the voltage on this one, you get the same hit every time. I hear they wont last quite as long as a result, but I have only killed the 650mah battery once, so unless it's a HUGE decrease in life I'm not too worried about it. Quit thinking, and get yourself at least one of these. It makes the Triton a whole new beast.

  66. I love that i can get that just right throat hit that i like review by Sandy

    My boyfriends halo variable voltage battery i just could not leave alone. He wanted to get me one of my own so he did and i absolutely love it.

    Thanks halo :-)

  67. the best battery for the triton system review by mike

    The variable battery is the best way to get the most out of your vaping experience. Turn it wide open when you need a bit extra from your triton or fine tune it to find your perfect vaping experience. The life of the battery can also be set to last for nearly a week without recharging so that you never need worry about your battery dying at inconvenient times.

  68. Rarely useful to me. review by Paul

    Okay, I must be the only person who *doesn't* like Variable Voltage batteries. I just don't see the point. The standard Triton battery produces 3.7 volts. With the VV battery you can only turn it up to around 4.0 with the standard tanks/coils -- so the main advantage seems to be to turn it DOWN, which produces less vapor and less throat hit.
    I believe this would be good for people who enjoy fruit-flavored or gourmet-flavored (chocolate, etc) e-juices, as some of these can produce an unpleasant "burnt" taste at higher voltages. However, my favorites are Voodoo, Tribeca, and Torque56, all of which seem to be best at 3.7 or slightly* higher* (4.0) voltage. Furthermore, if you use the recommended 3.0 resistance coils with this battery, you will have to turn it up higher just to get the same results as a standard coil on a standard battery.
    I do think vaping tobacco juices like Voodoo at a higher voltage improves them. I can accomplish this much more cheaply by buying low resistance replacement coils (1.8-2.0) for the Triton tanks I already have and using the regular Triton batteries I already have. So I'm a little disappointed.
    Having said that, the quality of the battery is as excellent as any other Triton battery, and the 900mAh battery lasts me like two days before I have to recharge it. Maybe some day I'll find an e-juice that benefits from vaping at a lower than 3.7 voltage, but so far I haven't.
    I just don't have much use for the VV feature I guess. I'll stick with lower resistance coils with my standard tanks and batteries.

  69. Game Changer review by Sean

    I first ordered a Triton starter kit as an upgrade to the ego that I had been using previously and it was the best purchase I had made of the year. The difference was enough that I couldn't stop talking about it. Then, as I began looking into the other products on the site, I came across this battery and dismissed it because of its size. I like the Triton because it's stout, but short. After researching variable voltage and its benefits to vaping, I finally decided to buy the battery with a few new tanks and the coils recommended (3.0-3.2 ohm). I rushed home on my lunch break at work when I saw it had been delivered and immediately filled up a tank and went to town. The difference in taste is so vast, it's hard to describe without simply telling you to buy one. Juices have a much wider palette and you can fine tune it to the exact flavor you're looking for. It's a must have for next to the couch or at a desk. the higher resistance tanks still perform well on the regular Triton batteries, but if you aren't going anywhere (or have deep pockets or a purse), grab one for yourself. You won't regret it.

  70. Outstanding review by Mikey

    After using the battery for roughly 3.5 weeks, 10 charges, and multiple falls, this battery is as good as the day i got it. The battery life hasn't decreased as i charge it more and more. The actual switch to change the volts is very tight, no wiggles, and does not change the setting unless you change it. It hasn't ever changed volts in my pocket or during use. Very good quality.

  71. really works well with the recommended wick review by Gene

    I replaced the standard wicks with the recommended high resistance ones and have gotten even better performance out of my variable voltage battery. I have 3 of these (and bought my gf one too) and love them. Hardly ever use my original 650s now.

  72. Finally A New Color review by Dave

    My wife loves the new iridescence colored vv battery. Vapor production and battery life is excellent and she says it looks "girly" which is important to her. Plus we know which battery is hers easily.

  73. perfect review by Amanda

    I love the variable voltage battery. While I do like halos other batteries I like the ability to personalize my vaping experience. I like to smoke the Tribeca e liquid at 3.7.

  74. very happy with this! review by Joseph

    I was bummed that there wasn't a starter kit being offered with the variable voltage batteries. After some research and thought I decided to order everything that I needed separately. I'm glad that I did. I really like the versatility that this battery offers, it really does bring out different qualities in the juices. There is good vapor production even at the 3.3 volt setting and it only gets better and more flavorful as you go up. For great throat hit and vapor production as well as flavor I usually keep it around 4.3-4.5. But sometimes I just like something more mellow. Right now I'm using the 2.6-2.8 ohm coils with great results, although with some juices I'm finding that they can give a burnt taste at 4.8v with frequent or extended puffs. This isn't really an issue for me since I prefer it a little lower. No doubt the higher resistance coils would fix that if needed. The battery last me all day even at higher settings and charges in about 2 hrs. I went from cig-a-likes from another company to the Triton tank system and within a day the increased size did not bother me at all and this has improved my vaping experience dramatically. Like others have said, it's surprisingly lightweight and seems well built. So far after a week I'm really happy with the variable voltage battery and the Triton tanks. I'm not looking back!

  75. VV WOW VV review by MARTIN

    WOW! I love this battery. It was really just what my heart had been desiring... vaping heaven! The vaping experience with this battery is just so much better. Sure one may "fine-tune the flavor" with the variable voltage. But more important to me, there is more and heavier vapor (even at lower voltages). If you are looking for a performance boost, this will definitely do it for you.
    Please heed my warnings, however, if one sets the voltage too high and leaves it there, it will spoil the taste of the liquid, go through liquid quickly, burn the wick, and may bring a premature end to the life of the coil. This item is great in every way but don't expect the variable voltage battery to last as long as a regular 900 mah battery. This is because the variable voltage battery stays at the voltage and output that it is set at. A regular battery starts at 4.2 volts when freshly charged, then the voltage starts dropping steadily after a few puffs, until it drops to around 3.3 volts near the end, and then finally goes dead.
    I chose to go with the 2.6-2.8 ohm coil. Without discussing Ohm's Law or the separate formula to calculate power this is what I do: increase the voltage until I can still taste the nuances of the flavor and get lots of heavy vapor. If there is a burnt taste decrease the voltage. I usually end up around 4.1 volts +/- 0.1 volts. That's right in the middle of the 3.3 - 4.8 volt range. Not sure, but could that be an indication that I'm using the right coil?

  76. My favorite review by Lynn

    I absolutely love this battery. It's my favorite one. So easy to dial in the right flavor and vapor and the settings stay put until you change it yourself. Highly recommend this.

  77. Super battery review by Bryan

    Bought this VV battery a few weeks ago and they are the BOMB! Love the different levels of vapping you get from them. The higher you adjust it the more TH you get. The flavor also changes a bit but not too much. Be careful you don't go over 4.2 with the factory coils that are 2.2-2.4 ohms, you will need to get a higher ohm coil to vape hotter so u won't burn them out too quickly. Another great product from Halo. Thank you!

  78. Competition Grade review by Blake

    As most of us realize with time, some e-liquids benefit from a cooler "flame" while others require more heat to bring out the subtleties and nuances of their flavors. In the past this meant experimenting with various resistance levels in the coil assembly of your tank, a messy and expensive proposition at best. Now, with the Halo Triton variable voltage battery, users can take control of their vaping experience in a way that was just not possible with a constant voltage battery. The build quality of this unit is robust and elegant with an easy to read twist dial on the tip that is simple to adjust when you want to, and stays put once you've found your number. Battery life is outstanding and will vary based upon the voltage you chose. Heavy vapers can expect all day performance at higher settings while light users or those that select a lower voltage might go two days between charges. If you're on the fence about adding a V.V. battery to your rig take the plunge with this one, you deserve it.

  79. Best Yet review by James

    I have tried VV batteries from several different brands- Apollo, Smok, Vision... and this one is the highest quality to date. The voltage level is easy to read, the dial does not get loose and move on it's own, and the life is superb. It's just a great product.

  80. outstanding review by melissa

    This battery is absolutely wonderful! I just bought one to try it out. My boyfriend and i both love it so much that we fight over it. This battery is like a flavor boost. That is the best way i can explain it. I love it. I am actually buying a second one so my boyfriend and i no longer have to fight over who gets to use the one we have. This is a must have. Everyone buy this. You will not regret it.

  81. Variable Voltage Battery For That Just Right Vape ! review by ProZaCkSiLvEr

    Has been great product for me right out of box, I have tried one other kinda mainstream product and it doesn't come close to halo. I like the fact that i can tote
    this thing around and i don't have to worry about it leaking even after i refill.
    I have chosen to pick up another one soon for my girl because she is in love with it
    thanks halo and good job.

  82. What an upgrade! review by Sledman

    I have the black Triton starter kit with 2 650 mAh batteries. They system as a whole is fantastic, the batteries easily last 1 1/2 days per charge, it produces amazing vapor and is lightweight and sleek looking. After reading about the advantages using Variable Voltage (taste and vapor) I just had to get one of these. So glad I did!.

    Let me say the reviews are right. Being able to adjust the voltage you're able to fine tune the flavor of all your juices. It's amazing to find that some of my favorites (Halo Malibu) gets even better with more volts! Dialing it up and down can bring out subtle but noticeable flavors especially in complex juices. I haven't purchased the 3 ohm coils yet but on the standard coils I still get a wide range and big puffy clouds of vapor! When going above 4 volts I'm getting a slight burnt taste so I will be ordering the 3ohm coils to get the full effect.

    The batteries are longer then the 650's by little over an inch. They are slightly heavier but like the 650's they are surprisingly light weight and great looking. Due to the adjustable voltage components they last about the same as the 650's even though they are 900 mAh. The big difference is that it will hold the voltage that you dial in throughout the entire charge of the battery. It takes slightly longer to charge then the 650's but not much. Visually it does change the profile of the device since the battery is longer. I prefer the length of the 650 batteries when going out since its more pocketable, but use the VV exclusively when at home.

    If your love the Triton then you'll really love this upgrade.

  83. Wow, Flavor review by Jason

    I was impressed by the range of flavor this thing brings out. So much so that I had to order another one. Mainly to replace the one that I brought to work. My 650mah triton battery stays put in my shirt pocket but this 900mah variable volt battery is a bit to lengthy to stay put. It ended up crushed under my work truck hauling a heavy tractor. Strangely, the triton tank came out fine. An expensive battery to lose, but its a great battery and I want the flavors this thing kicks out. My new one will stay home for after work vaping.

  84. awesome review by Brian

    Can't beat this battery. I use the black VV more then the regular tritons I have.

    This is a must have upgrade for triton users.

  85. Great product review by Joan

    Purchased this as an upgrade to my triton starter kit. Absolutely love it. Vapor production and flavor are simply amazing. Dial on the bottom is tight enough to not worry about putting it in a pocket or purse and messing up the setting while still remaining easy to adjust when you need. It fits in my hand quite well and is fairly light. Another great quality product from Halo. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

  86. Best value available! review by Kurt

    I started using e-cigs a few years ago, and tried many different cartomizer kits, some which are rated by "reviews" as the best. To anyone that's new to vaping, don't trust the "reviews" that are actually paid advertisements disguised as reviews. They usually list about a dozen, or so, brands and they usually all claim that one of the brands is best. Don't be fooled, as I was! If you want to read real reviews written by real users, go to a reputable e-cig forum. I hadn't heard of Halo when I first started vaping, but after joining a forum I found that Halo is rated very favorably. I purchased a G6 kit, then moved up to the Triton tank system, followed by purchasing a Halo variable voltage battery. I can sum it up in 2 words - They Rock! I've since added several high-end vaping devices, and after spending a lot of money, I must say that Halo products (ALL of them) are the best value available. Great American made juices, tanks that don't leak, batteries that last all day, and coils that outlast the more expensive ones. If you want a reliable, affordable, well designed and built AND great looking vape, get a Halo, or several of them! Thank you Halo for the great products and service. Now, I'm just waiting for you to release a Pyrex tank for the Triton. You'll own the market then!!!

  87. For those who want that extra something... review by Danny

    I love this battery. The 900mah is perfect for all day heavy vaping. Feels great in the hand too. I have mine set mostly between 3.8 and 4.3 volts... any higher than that you would need a higher resistance coil to prevent the wicks and coil from burning out. This is my stay at home battery, a little too big for pocket carry. I think a lanyard or a case would be ideal if you are to lug this around, I don't want to worry about this breaking in my pocket. Maybe halo will come out their own lanyards and pouches... also, would be nice to see a stainless or chrome version of this. I give this product 5 stars for performance.

  88. Great! review by Priscilla

    I just got my new Triton vv batteries today and omg I love them! I ordered the pink and blue and love the colors and rubber feel of the battery. It's also really neat that the lights match the battery. I have tried lots of e cigs and this one even tops my innoken itaste, which I have also really enjoyed. Maybe Halo will make different colors in the future? I would love to have a vv in iridescence and lime green! Thank you Halo for your superior products! Best e cigarette company hands down!

  89. Upgraded from G6, amazing! review by Eric

    I had the G6 for 1-2 months and decided to upgrade to the triton system over the weekend. It came today and it's really great! The vaping experience between the G6 and the triton are quite different. I didn't think there would be such a big difference.

    The tank design is a lot better then the mini tanks for the G6 imo because the middle tube extends above the tank rim. One of the problems I was having with the G6 was juice kept getting into that middle tube causing very harsh and hot vapor and an annoying fizzling noise with constant cleaning.

    The amount of vapor produced is also a lot better with the triton! I love the variable setting. For people still on the G6 or similar system I highly recommend upgrading!

    It is larger then I thought it wouldbe but I've already gotten used to it. I'll keep the G6 around for travels

  90. it really does make a big difference review by Gene

    I decided to try the variable voltage battery and see if it made a difference with some of the juices I had purchased from another vendor.

    The variable voltage really allows you to "dial in" the vapor level. Some of the juices which I didn't like before, now vape better with a little extra "juice".

    The 900 battery size means long usage between charges.

  91. A must have review by Nicholas

    The variable voltage battery allows you to get the fullest range from every flavor you could imagine. It is a must have for anyone looking to get the most from their vape!

  92. Great addition to my collection review by Shawn

    I was so happy with the regular batteries, that I got four of them and then I saw this. I had to pick one up to see what it was all about. I can tell you that this not only has a higher capacity then my other batteries, but the ability to dial up and down is a great addition. It allows you to find a setting that is perfect for you. This removes the limitations of the regular battery. I use both products, but this is the one I use at home all the time. Thanks, Halo.

  93. Awesome review by Daniel

    I didn't' expect to taste a difference that much between volts but it is amazing the different levels of flavor you can get from one ejuice by switching volts. I love it and I am going to get another one. This is a must get for anyone who wants to expand their vaping experience!

  94. Takes vaping to another level! review by Gail

    When I first purchased my Triton Variable Voltage battery, I didn't know how much better my vaping experience could become. But as soon as I started turning the dial on the bottom, a whole range of flavors just started popping out! It's so much fun using my VV now, and discovering how different an ejuice can taste by simply adjusting the dial. I also like the feel and size of the VV. Very comfortable in my hand, even while driving.

  95. Awesome! review by Jon

    Was not sure if I really wanted to get this BUT I am so glad I did! Great battery life and the functionality is GREAT! If you use your Halo every day I would get it.

  96. Taking Triton To A New Level! review by Stylite

    WOW! I loved my Triton 650mAh batteries but this... well... this is just a whole new level of awesome. Really dial it in to your preference and bring out the best of your juice! I personally like it a little hotter somewhere between 4.3v to 4.8v. It lasts me all day and I thoroughly enjoyed every juice I tried with it THAT much more. I'll be picking up some spares in the near future, that's for sure! Another great product by Halo! Hope to see some more mods in the future!

  97. Best VV battery on the market! review by Joseph

    It's plan and simple. This is the best VV Battery out there... It is simple to use, there aren't excessive buttons to use to change the voltage and power and hit. One dial one button, less chance for things to fail. Ive been using mine for 4+ months now and I put it through hell. I drop it, keep it my pocket, drawers and it has held up great. Obviously there is some affects to the finish but that is all my fail and it still has held up better than I would have thought with the abuse I put it through. You can't go wrong buying this VV Battery. When you want a strong hit crank it up, If you're looking for a mild/moderate hit tone it down a little. Doesn't get any easier than that, and you don't have to go though clicking and clicking and clicking to get to where you want or going through all the settings because you went to far just turn the dial and Vap on!!! Kudos on this one Halo you did a great job! I've got three friends to purchase this battery and they all swear by it as well...

  98. Near Perfection review by Eric

    I am thoroughly enjoying my new Triton Tank System. I purchased the jet black battery. The only negative I can speak of is the loose fitting on/off button that causes a substantial rattle when the device is shaken. It stood out to me due to the superb fit and finish of the rest of the device. The material used for the colored covering is luxurious to the touch and I can't wait to purchase other colors. The device feels really great in your hand and works flawlessly. I highly recommend the triton battery, especially the vv model!

  99. VV is the way to go review by CB

    I absolutely love my VV. I never thought a little dial could make such a difference! If you want a good throat hit crank it up, nothing to strong turn it down. It's hard to use my smaller battery now. I love the rubber texture, it's easy to hold on to. One thing to note is buy the higher resistance coil, that makes a huge difference.

  100. This is a " have to have" battery review by Bobby

    I've been using this battery for approximately 1 month. I've found my sweet spot around 4.1 volts and it works like a champ. This is my main battery, but I also have my halo manual that I rotate with. The charge lasts over 2 days on my vv. And everything I have gotten from halo has been superior quality, the batteries, tanks and juice.

  101. Great battery! review by Paul E

    The variable voltage battery was the first hardware that I bought from Halo. I liked it so much that I ordered a second battery. It holds enough charge that I can usually vape on it all day. I've had experience with other batteries from different companies so I won't say it's the best battery I have used. I've got an Iclear vtr that blows it out of the water. However, the iclear cost me over 100 dollars and the Halo vv costs under 30. For the price, it's the best battery I've found. Definitely worth the money, and smaller than other batteries with similar mah.

  102. Winter Proof review by Sean

    It's been a few weeks since I received my Triton VV battery, It holds a charge extremely long and I don't have to worry about what coil resistance is in the tank I'm about to fill because I can adjust the volts to get it just right! Essential if you want the best vaping experience!

    Also I'd like to add a side note on durability, Not only have I dropped this battery 100 times already and it works just fine still.. I live in Canada and A few days ago I went to the beach, the water's frozen for about 100+ meters out. Well, after walking on the frozen lake for half an hour I realized I realized I dropped my Triton VV battery with a tank.

    It took me about 15 minutes to backtrack and I ended up finding it under the snow on top of the ice only 40 feet from my jeep..
    so after being buried in the snow on top of ice for half an hour it still works perfectly fine.

    In my opinion this is a must for every Triton owner.

  103. Game Changer review by michael

    If I had known that this vv battery would make this much of a difference in my vaping world , I would have started with it from the get go. Super long between charges and the v voltage has changed all my regulars flavors to a whole new level of wonderful. Keep up the good work guys!

  104. A Month Without Charging! review by Tim

    It's been almost an entire month since I received my black Halo VV battery. I can't express how much I LOVE this battery! Although I don't use it with me ADV, I do use it once or more a day and still have yet to charge it! The weight and feel of the battery is also far superior to other VV batteries I have seen and owned. Still running on the initial charge it came with, this battery has proven to me it's worth!

  105. Best on Market! review by James Bro

    I recently got my brother, the biggest E-Cig critic ever to try Halo when his top shelf brand snapped in his pocket and now he swears this system is the greatest invention since white bread lol. I recently left mine in my pants during a wash cycle and guess what still works after it dried out unbelievable! Testament to Halo's product and the quality craftsmanship. Love the ability to control the heat and looking forward to whats next from this company! Thanks

  106. LOVE IT review by southern fried glamour

    I purchased the G6 starter kit as well as the Triton starter kit before I purchased this battery. I was hesitant because of the price but I finally went for it. I LOVE this battery. Not only does it last forever but you can adjust it to bring out a range of flavors with your juice. I like a lot of the darker juices which tended to burn with my other batteries - I don't have that issue with the VV. I LOVE that it comes in pink!! I'm seriously considering purchasing another one as a back up while my original is charging.

  107. AMAZING! review by Adam

    There really are no words I could use to describe the Variable Voltage Battery.
    At first I was put off by the low voltage. It was weak. Then I gradually cranked it up and was thrown off by how much flavor there was and how much vapor was produced. Very impressed with this one.

  108. Great variable voltage battery! review by Paul E

    This is a great variable voltage battery. Long lasting charge, well made; I love the soft coating on the battery.

  109. THE LAST BATTERY YOU WILL EVER BUY!!! review by Eddie

    The Halo variable voltage battery is a must buy for anyone who wants to fully enjoy their vaping experience. I first started vaping with Blu cigs and after a while I was no longer satisfied because they don’t produce enough vapor and I would constantly have to change batteries and cartomizers. After doing some research on YouTube I decided on Halo and I am so glad I did. The Variable Voltage battery allows me to adjust the voltage to my preference and like other reviews I find that 4.3 volts is the sweet spot for most E-liquids. I can’t say enough about how long the battery last, it’s amazing that I can go all day with heavy vaping and not have to switch batteries and with the combination of the 2.4mL Triton Tank system, I no longer have to worry about running out of battery or E-liquid. I find that this setup works best but for some situations I do choose to go smaller with either a 650mAh Triton battery or G6 with mini tank for a smaller option. The Halo Triton Variable Voltage battery is definitely worth the price and you should absolutely give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  110. worth every penny review by dave

    In my opinion its a must have. Really lets you explore the flavors. Adjustment tension perfect, not too tight not to loose. Looks great, feels great.

  111. Top of the Line review by DaveOno

    After you gain some experience with your Triton starter kit,, the next step is this variable volt! Not only can you control the volts anywhere between 3.3 to 4.8, but the battery won't fade on it's charge. You set 3.8, you get 3.8 all day, until it blinks for recharge. Start low, then turn it up 1/8 turn, but back off if it tastes too "burnt". With the excellent Triton tank and this VarVolt, you have reached the pinnacle in vaping!!

  112. wow! review by Daniel

    When my girlfriend got this for me as a surprise I was so excited. Little did I know that the variable volt battery would change my way of vaping for the better forever. If you enjoy vaping with Halo Triton tank system you have to try a variable volt battery because once you do it will be the only one you use. By adjusting the volts you can get so many different taste from one single ejuice. I even think some flavors are best suited for the higher volt. Just a quick side note. If you do decide to go with the variable go with the 3.0-3.2 wicks for a wider range of flavor and less a chance of the wick burning at a high volt.

  113. just buy it already review by Jackie in San tan valley

    I kept telling myself that I didn't NEED a variable battery and to stop buying ecig stuff. Of course, I read all the reviews on here and I caved. I am so glad that I did! I just got my pink battery in yesterday and I can tell a big difference between this and my regular triton batteries. Different juices vape different at different temps. Some are good "cool" and some need to be "hot" to let the flavors come out more. I've been vaping all day on a homemade pineapple upside down cake mix blended with Kringle's Curse with 2.8 coils at 3.8 volts and it is perfect. It did not taste or hit this well using my standard triton battery. The standard battery is pretty good, but there is a notable difference when using the variable battery. PLUS, it is a bigger battery so it's already lasting me much longer! They're apx 1-1/4" longer than the standard battery. Get one, you'll be happy you did!

  114. Very Nice Unit review by John

    These VV batteries will spoil you in a hurry. Good quality, work as advertised, good price. Dial if just the right setting with your coil and juice of choice in no time. 900 is a good size with good battery life especially if used on the lower voltage settings. Relatively quick charge time. Very satisfied with this unit in Black will be ordering another in Blue. More if it comes out in 1100 or 1300 size which would make it beyond perfect.

  115. Triton Batteries are High Quality review by Tim

    I have a few VV batteries now, but decided to try the Halo Triton out recently, and so far I am pretty impressed! First thing I noticed was that the feel of the battery in my hands was much nicer than I expected. The weight seemed more substantial than other batteries I have tried, and the charge lasts twice as long as my Ego Twist. The only complaints I have, is that there should be a disclaimer saying that Halo batteries and tanks are proprietary to each other. Also, I will have had to place 3 separate orders in order to obtain all the pieces to continually vape.. since there was no charger included in my solo battery purchase.

  116. BEST E-CIG review by Barbara

    I have tried at least four (4) different ecigs from other vendors.
    I am extremely satisfied with the Triton system (liquid) offered only by Halo. I have been using Halo E-Cigs since June 2013 and I am very pleased with their products. Very satisfying.

  117. Excellent review by Jonathan

    Anyone questioning if this battery is worth buying....BUY IT! Absolutely a great addition to your hardware. I have variable volt batteries from other makers as well and this battery performs as well, if not better than any. I am a heavy vaper, taking long draws in rapid succession. I was burning the wicks in my Triton tanks in a day! I tried using higher resistance coils with little success, either wasn't getting the amount of vapor that I wanted or loosing flavor. This battery has allowed me to extend the life of my coils without giving up anything else. Anyone who has vaped for a while knows that your hardware collection can get pretty ridiculous. I wish I had purchased this battery sooner, probably would have prevented me from buying some other pieces that will just take up space in my "tool kit". Very happy with this, and everything else I have purchased from Halo!

  118. Top of the Line review by Cindy

    I highly recommend the Triton VV Batteries. I've been extremely pleased with my Princess Pink VV Triton and I'm planning on buying a Midnight Blue one soon, as a backup. I love being able to crank up the voltage for a warmer vape. And I really appreciate how quickly it recharges. It doesn't take all day like it does with my eGo Twist. It has the same excellent build quality as I've come to expect from all my Halo batteries, tanks, and accessories. I've had no leaks, or problems with it at all, so I'm very, very pleased! It's well worth the price. Thank you Halo!

  119. Great battery review by Bobby

    Just received today and couldn't wait to try it after all the reviews I've read. I highly recommend it. It is perfect for my Halo Belgian Cocoa e-liquid. I tried all the different settings and found my sweet spot at 3.8. The flavor of my juice is incredible and the vapor is insane. Thanks Halo.

  120. The centerpiece of my vaping experience review by Eric

    The variable voltage battery gives me a better vaping experience. It is so amazing and practical that I do not use the standard batteries anymore. I love the fact that I can rotate the dial in order to find the vapor production, flavor and throat hit that I want for my favorite E-Liquids. I basically have the full control. If you are interested, there is a chart available on the Internet to help you determine whether it is safe to adjust your voltage at a certain level depending on the resistance of your coil. I wish that Halo could make a professional starter kit and include two of those in the future.

  121. Wow just Wow! review by Funzy32

    This battery is amazing. The adjustment is phenomenal. Im using the 2.8 coils with it and get a lot of range on the flavor and experience. Works very well and has become my favorite. Thanks Halo for such quality. Im Vaping at around 4.2-4.3V.

  122. LOVE this battery!! review by hannah

    Absolutely The best battery ever. I have tried many e cigs and i never stuck with them because I could never get a big enough "hit" This one is perfect. It lasts 2 days between charges. Plus charges Very quickly. ( usually in less than an hr) I love how by just changing the volts the flavor changes. Although I use all the voltages my "sweet spot" is the 4.3.

  123. A must have! review by Jason

    The VV battery from Halo is off the chart awesome! It takes vaping to a whole new level. You can dial in exactly how much intensity you want when you take a drag. If you are already using the regular Halo batteries and want to take your vaping experience to a whole new level this is your ticket. It really brings out the flavor of the Halo e liquids. Tribeca is so good at about 4.2 volts. Its flavor just explodes across your palette. I can't say enough good things about this battery. I love it. At first I thought it was kind of expensive, but after reading through a lot of the reviews here I decided to take the plunge, and boy am I glad that I did, you will be too! I now want to order a second one so that I can use it while the other is charging.

    ** As a side note I have been using it with the standard coils and have not experienced any type of burnt taste.

  124. Best money I've spent on vaping review by DocTonyNYC

    My summary really says it all. I love my Triton batteries, and I didn't think that anything could take their place. Now my regular Triton batteries can go 2-3 days without charging because I'm getting so much use out of the VV! In fact, I'm excited to get another one--I just need to start spreading these purchases out a bit! What a difference the VV makes to the vape experience!

    I cannot recommend this highly enough! My only complaint is that Halo doesn't offer these in the full range of colors. I really wanted to be able to pick up a VV that would match my two regular Tritons. (In fact, note to Halo--I know several people who have put off purchasing a VV because they are hoping you will get them in more colors!)

  125. It's a Must Have review by Naseeruddin

    I decided to give one of these VV devices a go, and check out the difference for myself. WOW! All you vapers out there need to somehow get over the $10 more price tag and get one. You will never go back to the non-VV batteries ever. I had got my VV in the Midnight Blue, but I believe the Black is better looking, and hence this time around I ordered the Black VV battery. As soon as VV is available in Titanium....I'm getting one more!

  126. Never look back review by Charles

    I bought the Triton starter pack with the two 650 batteries. I thought that was as good as it gets until I saw this battery finally on the Halo website! I ordered it without hesitation and it has been awesome! You can turn down the volts on lighter vapors in order to get more flavor! When getting the battery, it is important that you have the proper parts for optimum vaping!

  127. It's a must for consistent vape experience. review by Naseeruddin

    I started with G6 and moved to the Triton batteries and tanks for more mAh and juice capacity in the tanks, and never looked back. I was on the fence for quite some time, and could not justify paying $10 more for the VV ( that too with 900 mAh, as opposed to the 1300 mAh standard battery). Finally I took the leap as my vape experience started to suffer from the fresh battery to the almost discharged state. All I can say is this.....never going back to the non-VV batteries.

  128. Wow! review by Kristin

    Another amazing product from Halo! I'd been debating for a while whether to get a VV or not... I figured it's probably just a gimmick. I thought how could a little dial really make so much a difference?... Well, it turns out everybody who raves about them really knows what they're talking about!
    I'm glad I took the chance and found out!
    Wow! What a difference!
    I'm tasting flavors that I've been using forever like they're all new!
    The battery is really nice. Feels good in my hand, and I have small hands... Feels really solid. Dial is super easy to adjust. $30 is a bargain! I can't believe ppl pay over 200 for the provari! Though I guess they know something I don't yet, but that's okay. I'm COMPLETELY satisfied with this one.
    Thank you Halo! You're the best! (and that's saying a lot with all the other companies I've tried out there)... Like others have said-- if you're on the fence about this one--don't waste another day----Jump!

  129. Wish They Could Make a Smaller Version review by Ahmad

    If you are going to buy this battery make sure to buy higher resistance coils, otherwise they will burn! I purchased the variable voltage battery to see what all the hype was about. Initially, I did not buy higher resistance coils and thus did not see a significant difference (aside from burnt coils). After purchasing the higher resistance coils, it was evident that variable voltage vaping is a significantly better experience. The subtle undertones in certain juices really come to life at higher volts as well as new undertones you hadn't realized previously existed. Every flavor seems to have a sweet spot and certain flavors that simply do not appeal to your taste buds could very well become one of your favorites if you find the correct voltage setting. If you really want to be able to taste the true potential of your e liquid, this battery is a must. Similar to the regular Triton batteries, the battery lasts fairly long and charges within 1-2 hours. The only reason I did not rate this battery as a 5 was due to its size. The vv battery-tank combo is too large to fit into the Halo traveling case that comes with the starter kits and it feels a bit bulky in my pocket. Currently I have been keeping my vv battery at home and using the regular triton batteries in public due to convenience. If the battery was just a tad smaller, I would definitely use it all day.

  130. simply lovin it !! review by jennifer

    I love all the Halo products, and e- liquids, but this VV battery just stepped it up a bit for me! Love that I can dial in my sweet spot with each flavor. This VV battery just makes an already awesome product SING !!! Once again Halo, you hit the mark!

  131. If I could give this more STARS I would review by Michael

    I now own 2 of these. 1 black and 1 Midnight Blue.
    I love using these all day long. I can modify the flavor with a simple twist to fit my mood.
    You can not go wrong with this batter. Definitely works best with the 3.0-3.2 Coils but will work fine with the others as well.

  132. This is the ultimate review by Chris

    Just received this battery the other day, and I must say it is amazing. I love the ability to change the voltage. My girl uses it set on the low setting and I dabble around with it. I also love how long it has been lasting me compared to the 400 which I also have. Another great product from a great company. Come out with it in the iridescence in variable and I might have to add another one.

  133. This battery could be better review by Peter

    I bought this battery so I can change the amount of vapor my e-liquid (Tribeca) can provide. I purchased the recommended coils (3.0-3.2) but I find that I need to adjust the voltage to its maximum level to obtain a good "hit", which shortens the life span of the battery. I'm going to try a lower voltage coil and leave a follow up to this review. In general I love the Triton system which delivers the truest favor possible due to the tanks and the long lasting power of the batteries. I own 5 batteries (3- 900mAh and 1- 1300mAh and 1- Variable voltage) and just ordered 2 more 900's with matching color tanks. All other batteries get a 5 star rating from me, and I will re-review this one after my new coil test. Till then.

  134. Great Product review by Michael

    I was looking for something that I could use that wasn't so huge when out in public. Halo made what we all needed a small variable voltage e-cig. This thing works great and duplicates what my Provari and Volcano V2 does for a fraction of the cost. My only concern is how long the battery will last. We will have to see.

  135. love it!! MORE COLORS PLEASE!! review by Jeff

    I love love LOVE this battery! No matter what I'm using, tank or cartridge or mini tank, I get the perfect hit every time with this battery!!! I've turned several of my friends on to this battery and they all love it too! We all just wish it came in more colors. if you offered this battery in even just a few more of your awesome colors, I promise they would sell like hotcakes!! Everybody loves the variable voltage battery and are glad to pay the price you set for it, but everybody is looking for a place to get cool colored variable voltage batteries. You should be that place. I can think of three colors I would buy right now if you did that. so PLEASE PLEASE get more colors!! thanks =)

  136. my new favorite battery review by allan

    The vv battery is a great product. It allows you to change the amount of volts going into your triton tank. This allows you to change the amount of vapor produced and also changes the flavor of the juice you are vaping. By far my favorite purchase from Halo yet. If you are looking to step up your vaping game this is the product for you.

  137. All Hail Halo! The Best of the Best! review by William R.

    I started out using the G6 batteries with cartomizers and mini tanks. Which I absolutely love. I got the gourmet and tobacco sample packs and I was in E-liquid heaven. While reading blogs, a lot of people were talking about Variable Voltage batteries. So I ordered a Triton VV and my vaping experience was taken to a whole new level. The difference in flavor when adjusting the voltage dial is amazing. If you really want to get the best flavors out of your e-liquid look no further. Its so easy to use too! As I type this I’m puffing on Café Mocha at 4.8 volts with a 3.2 ohm coil. The flavor is out of this world and the vapor is huge. I still love my G6, but this bad boy is awesome. Thank you Halo for being so awesome!

  138. Best Battery!!! review by Christian

    I originally bought the Triton starter kit, but decided just for the heck of it, to buy this variable voltage battery and man was that a good choice!!! Now that I have it, I no longer use the normal batteries. I only have one (for now at least) so while it's charging I'm forced to use the regular Triton batteries and as good as they are... I still would rather use the variable voltage battery. If I had known it was so good, I would have bought one from the start. Definitely recommend to anyone seeking a harder hit out of their battery!

  139. Best Available review by Dave

    This adjustable battery is excellent overall. It brings out flavors that I never knew existed. The dial is very simple and easy to operate. I don't see how I ever vaped without this thing it takes vaping to a whole new level. I love the adjustable volts its like getting several flavors from one bottle of juice.

  140. YOU MUST HAVE IT!!! review by Roman

    I watched many reviews online before getting Halo Triton. I knew that different voltage batteries will give you different smoking experience so that is why I desire to get VV battery. And I have to tell you I did the right thing. You feel significant difference between low and high Voltage settings (I also have 650mah battery to compare my VV). I like it on high - warmer vapor , my girlfriend on low voltage, same e-juice with different voltage settings give you different aftertaste. If you do not have VV battery you are missing out the full potential of e-juices. Worth every dollar!!!

  141. A-a-a-a-a-awesome! review by Samuel

    Just received my VV Battery, and all I have to say is WOW. Thick vapor clouds right out of the box. I have been experimenting all night with the different power levels and how they affect the flavor and vapor output. I do highly recommend using the 3.0 - 3.2 ohm coils. I also ordered a new tank which I believe has the standard coils in them and experienced a little bit of burnt flavor when cranking this thing up. All I had to do was swap it out with a 3.0 - 3.2 ohm coil and it was spectacular. This is the fullest range of flavor Ive ever experienced in a Ecig. Thanks Halo for all you do and keep being awesome!

  142. Best VV ever! review by Mike

    I have tried a few other pen style VV batteries and the triton VV destroys the competition, It's especially amazing with the all the Gourmet flavors Halo has to offer, it just makes the taste and throat hit so much better. I wish I got this battery at the very beginning. Thanks Halo love this one, now all you need is the VV available in all colors :)

  143. Adjustability makes all the difference review by mark

    The battery works flawlessly!! being able to adjust the voltage to the liquid being used really makes a huge difference. I have found that the darker colored liquids perform better at a higher voltage and the clear liquids at a lower voltage. Having a battery that can be adjusted makes perfect sense. You really get the full flavor and vapor with this battery. It also lasts a really long time on a single charge, I was able to get a full day out of it, moderate to heavy vaping. Yet another great Halo product.

  144. Darn you Halo! review by Michael

    So I just received my Triton system and in love. Came over here to leave a positive review for the 650mah battery and saw this product. Darn you Halo! lol

    This is just what I've been hoping for (other than a Bottom Coil unit) and I see it the day after I place my order. Well, I guess we know what that means. Order on the way soon.

    Halo, you just keep getting better and I can't wait to see all the new products in development.

  145. 5 stars so far review by Brammy

    Finding my twist battery I would call the luck of the stupid. Unfortunately, I'd dropped my ProVari end cap on my stone floor, completely killing the threads. In my desperation, I visited a local tobacco shop.

    To say overselling would be putting it mildly. I left the store kinda feeling foolish. I thought the price for the twist battery was ridiculous for something that was most likely a customized replaceable battery that would not give me nearly the satisfaction that my mod had.

    I'd intended to simply take my losses, get my shopping done, and immediately go to the Provari website to replace my end cap and get some fresh batteries. Something happened on the way to the website, when I finally made it home I did go to the website. The website is just not ProVari.

    I never expected the performance from this battery. Combined with the throat hit, I wasn't missing my ProVari very much. In 2 1/2 half years of vaping, I've never met a menthol that didn't make me wanna ralph. The lady at the tobacco shop knew how I felt about menthol juices. She talked me into trying Halo's Malibu. I took two bottles home with me.

    I would usually change my mod batteries out at least once per day. I was surprised to find that from 6 a.m. To 7 p.m. The twist was still going strong.

    What gives this product a 5 instead of 4 is the customer service. Not being familiar with the product line, I'd actually ordered the wrong thing. Even though something went wrong in the translation, Halo agreed to send me the item I intended to order once I return the item that shipped.

    Once I get my sample pack, I look forward to a long relationship with Halo. If the tobacco flavors are anything like the samples that I have and the batteries continue to be is outstanding as they are, Halo can look forward to hearing from me regularly

  146. Waiting for Iridescent! review by Mike

    The second you guys release the Iridescent color I'll be all over this bad boy!

  147. Work great review by Jim

    Through the research, Halo products appeared to be a good choice. I knew that whatever system I chose it had to work well and be dependable for me. During the last month the two v v Triton batteries have been flawless.

  148. Love my VV!! review by AngiBe

    I waited for about 2 weeks before writing this review so I could use my new VV and give an honest review. This thing ROCKS! I ordered the Princess Pink, but its not your little girl, bubble gum pink. It's a cool, slight iridescent, raspberry pink and even the LED lights up pink.

    The VV really ramps up the whole vape experience without getting too technical. It's amazing to try the different volts with a juice and finding your "sweet spot" making the taste better than you've ever tasted it prior to having a VV. A must have!

  149. Slim VV for all day vaping review by Will

    Great product! The Variable Voltage experience is wonderful. The 900 mAh battery enables me to vape all day without a recharge. Solid construction and attention to detail. Plus, the slim & light form factor was a pleasant surprise. Highly recommended!

  150. Just Awsome review by Michael

    You must have one of these it lasts me 1 1/2 days until recharge and I love the fact that I can adjust the power. The VV will enhance the taste of your E-juice, just dial it in and awesome vaporing.

  151. Great Battery!! review by Larry

    This has become may favorite VV battery. I carry it all the time. I use this VV battery with a 808 to 510 adapter and a 510 - 1.5ohm atomizer at 4.2V. The flavor of the Halo e-liquids is fantastic!!!

  152. Great Design And Performance review by Peter

    The performance and battery life on the variable voltage are excellent. I did have an issue with the battery breaking, but Halo exceeded my expectations by exchanging my battery and getting me back vaping in record time. To be honest, the breakage was probably my fault. I'm rough on things, I'll admit it. I expected resistance and possibly some kind of offer of partial credit when I sent the battery to be exchanged, but there were no questions asked. Thank you Halo - I will be more careful with this one.

  153. Love it! review by Amy

    I purchased this in midnight blue last week! This battery is amazing! It lasts all day! The higher the voltage the warmer the vapor and it really makes my flavors come alive! I love Halo! My only wish is that this was available in a starter kit.

  154. Once you go VW you won't go back! review by Sheila

    Got my Triton VV in the mail today and immediately tried it out. What a difference! My Tribeca tasted so much better and the vapor output was unbelievable. Save some money folks any go straight for the VV battery! I will be ordering another and saving the others (900, 650's) for back ups only. This is a game changer.

  155. Good performance paint chips easily review by James

    I've had this for about three months. Works well but I can't tell a difference with the different coils. I purchased the blue and within a week, it began peeling so I ended up peeling it all off to a nice shiny silver battery.

  156. Nice Improvement review by Patrick

    Got the twist yesterday and I'm loving it already, brings out whole new layers of flavor in the e-liquids and makes the Halo juices even better than they tasted out of the standard batteries.

    The battery lasts forever, I've been vaping almost non stop for a day and a half and it's still going strong! I would definitely recommend this if you want to get the most out of your e-juice.

  157. NICE review by Tony

    Just got my VV battery two days ago and I'm STILL on the same charge! got some 3.0-3.2 ohm coils when I ordered it and honestly I can't tell the difference in the vapor/throat hit/flavor between the two (tested with Tribeca). I can say however the battery is longer than i thought (about 1 1/2 times the length of my 650 mAH that came with my starter kit). all in all its a great battery, didn't watch how long it took to charge, though it was quick enough for me to run errands and get a game or five of COD in (so roughly an hour and half) and then I noticed it was charged. I did notice though that the blue light (button) stays on when its charging which is kinda nice, no more looking for the little red/blue light on the usb adapter!

  158. Great Peformance! review by GDSIII

    Ever since I first purchased my G6 kit, Halo has become my home for all my vaping needs. After receiving my Triton VV, it totally reaffirmed why. Another high quality, high performance and EASY TO USE product. Everyone knows Halo are the rock stars of e-liquid, and the Triton VV takes it to the next level. By being able to adjust the voltage you can explore all of the nuances of flavor you can get out of each liquid. I have even found myself rediscovering some liquids that I previously only vaped occasionally. Oh, and as others have said, get the 3.0-3.2 coils, it's worth it to get the full experience. Great one again, Halo!

  159. Wow! review by Patrick

    All I can say is wow! Love this battery. You get so much more flavor out of this with the 3.0-3.2 ohms coil. I hope more colors and a 1300 mah battery version become available. If you have a Triton you have to get this!

  160. im in love review by Michael

    I started on a v2 cig-a-like and the store bought ones and needed something better. This is definitely it. Love having the option to crank up or lower the voltage depending on the juice, its definitely a worth while option to have. You can tell this is well made and I haven't gotten a dry hit yet. Works especially well with the Triton tanks, although its fine with a cartomizer also. Much nicer then other EGO style ones that I've checked out. I'm going to purchase a backup in case, as I can not live without my Triton now.

  161. Attractive, solid vv battery review by Holly

    The Halo Triton VV battery is well built and attractive. It is important to use it with the higher resistance Halo Triton coils: the only reason I do not give it 5 stars is because the coil which comes standard when you order the triton tank can produce some burnt taste issues when used with the VV battery. Since getting the higher resistance coils, I have had no problem with that!

  162. Magnificent. review by Danny

    I had been waiting for Halo to release the VV style Triton battery before I bought a set up, been using my G6 kit in the mean time. I bought both a normal Triton battery and this VV version and I have to rave that the VV version is just amazing. The normal Triton battery is great for a one and done setup that works great. This VV style trumps it though with being able to choose your voltage and get the vape you want. It's nice to have that freedom especially from Halo. Highly recommended.

  163. pure win review by matt

    This is perfect. With the regular Triton batteries I had learned that I used certain flavors at certain points in the charge of the battery to get the flavor I wanted. With the twist option I can set the voltage to the level I want and get the best vape out of each of my juices anytime I want. Battery lasts a long time and looks great while doing it. Makes me like the tanks a whole lot more over the cartomizers with this battery.

  164. Awsome review by Jace

    Promise u won't b disappointed in the battery. The battery life you get is great I found that when u don't have to charge your batteries everyday really makes it much more enjoyable and the tanks for these give u way more flavor depending on voltage, def 5 stars.

  165. Max Benefit review by Smasher

    This is a great little variable voltage battery. It isn't too large and isn't too heavy. It sits in my smaller size hands just right. I usually vape my Tribeca between 3.3 and 3.5. The twisting dial is very easy to use. This is a great first step for a newbie looking for a beginners mod. I am so pleased after a week of use.

  166. New Toy review by PYTinTN

    People who vape will all at some point in time begin to explore the wide variety of options available with e-cigs. This little battery is wonderful because it offers the luxury of using a clearomizer with any kind of juice without having to switch toys. The dial is easy to read and use so even the newest of e-cig users can use this one without switching parts or other hassles. I love the flexibility offered by this battery, but mostly I love the hassle free aspect it gives me during my play time :)

  167. Best of the Batteries review by David

    The VV Twist was the first Triton Battery I bought. Some of the flavors that came in my sampler pack have gone from tasting ok to tasting awesome. I highly recommend the VV. Halo: Please add VV Twist to the 400, 650, and 1300mha batteries!

  168. Finally review by Hereal

    Finally Halo has my favorite battery type, the Twist, Spinner, Winder or whatever you want to call it, its a Halo Triton before anything & I cant wait to get this in the mail!!!!

  169. Triton Variable Voltage!! review by jason

    Finally got my Triton VV today. I am just awestruck. As a fairly new vaper, I started off with Blu (which I do not recommend), then I moved on to the Halo Triton (which i highly recommend) and now I finally have my Triton VV. The variable voltage battery allows you to adjust your voltages from 3.3v to 4.8v. This adjusting allows you to truly dial in your perfect vape. The dial at the bottom of the battery is extremely durable and simple to adjust. Once you decide to enter the realm of VV (variable voltage) you will never look back. One tip I can give to someone starting off with their first VV is your gonna want to have a look at the vaping wattage chart. And definitely order some of the 3.0-3.2 ohm coils to go with the VV. Halo has done it again. Their quality simply cannot be beat. If your thinking of moving up to this battery but you are unsure, well just do it, you will not regret.

  170. Great battery review by Alonso

    The best way to get the best out of your e liquids.

  171. Epic review by Twin

    The Triton was already a great product but now it's even better with the variable voltage. Now I can enjoy all of my eliquids. With the variable voltage I can easily adjust the voltage to get the best vape experience from my eliquid.

  172. Brings out another dimension to your ejuice flavors review by PeteC2

    The Triton vv twist is a great addition to any Triton owner's vaping experience. Very quick and simple to adjust your voltage to bring out the best flavor from any ejuice. Do beware the charging time is longer and run time shorter than the regular 900mah Triton battery, but this is right in line for a variable voltage twist battery - no issues there. The battery is well-designed with the bottom spinner being smooth to adjust, but not loose, where it could accidentally be changed. As recommended, the variable voltage battery matches up best with the higher resistance Triton coils, so if you pick this up, order yourself the higher resistance replacement coils, (It does work ok with the standard 2.2 - 2.4 coils, but it is easy to over-power them at higher voltages).

Quantity Included1
Battery LogoHalo
Battery ColorNo
Battery ThreadSilver
Battery LEDNo
Button ColorNo
Battery TypeManual
Battery Cut-Off Time10 Seconds
Battery Length106.2 mm
Battery Width14 mm
Battery CapacityNo
Battery Charge400 mAh - 480 puffs/charge
650 mAh - 780 puffs/charge
900 mAh - 1000 puffs/charge
1300 mAh - 1350 puffs/charge
Battery Lifespan300 cycles
Battery Voltage TypeVariable
Battery Actual Voltage3.3 - 4.2 volts
Battery Rated VoltageAdjustable from 3.3v to 4.8v
Battery Warranty60 Days from Date of Purchase