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Triton Tank

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Triton Tanks feature Leak-Guard technology to prevent E-liquid spills and leaks, hold 2.4ml of E-liquid and are made of clear acrylic that allows you to see exactly how much is left in the tank. The tank comes standard with a 2.2–2.4 ohm resistance coil.

IMPORTANT: For best performance use with HALO Standard eliquids

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Triton Tanks are engineered to offer both style and performance when used in conjunction with Triton Batteries. Available in seven different colors, each tank holds up to 2.4 ml, is made of a clear acrylic allowing you to see exactly how much E-liquid is loaded. Triton Tanks feature Halo’s Leak-Shield technology to help prevent spills and leaks, and come standard with a 2.2–2.4 ohm resistance coil, but replacement coils of varying resistances (1.8-3.2 ohms) can also be interchanged allowing for a greater customization.

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  1. fine when used properly review by kevin

    Read Richard's review below, it sums up what you must do to prevent problems. i was cracking tanks and destroying mouthpieces before i read his review. all in all I like Halo products (Triton) better than locally bought ones.
    Thanks Richard, wherever you are!!!

  2. Triton tanks review by Richard

    To prevent the plastic tank from cracking (microscopic cracks you can just barely see), don't tighten it to the battery like your tightening a lug nut on a car. The torque created can cause the tank to crack when you're putting it on or taking it off. Put the tank on snuggly using only two fingers. Regarding the plastic tips, avoid extreme cold or heat because the expansion or contraction of the plastic will cause it to separate from the threaded metal insert, and leak. The other cause of tip leaking is tightening the tip too much and failing to unscrew it slightly when not in use. The polymer gasket that seals the tip will compress when tightened down and by loosening it, it will return to its initial state and reseal correctly when used again.

  3. Strong and reliable review by James

    The Triton tanks are both strong and reliable. They hold a nice amount of liquid and take a good amount of abuse from dropping, which I accidentally do far too often. When used properly, they work as designed and hold a charge for a long time. Of course, coils can always be replaced. When I tighten it to a battery, I do notice hairline cracks in the plastic at the bottom but no leakage occurs and dropping can also cause cracks, but I'm thankful they are made of durable plastic. If they were made of glass, I would be breaking them far to often.

  4. Nice tank review by Devin

    The Triton tank is a solid plastic tank that is easy to fill. I really like its capacity because I don't have to keep refilling liquid throughout the day. It has a nice mouthpiece and came with an extra silver one as well. I do recommend sticking to Halo e-liquid when using this tank as it seems to keep the coil working well for considerably longer. You can't beat the Triton devices for the price.

  5. Great vaping review by Martin

    I've been vaping for a little over a year now. I was by recommend to try Halo products and my first was the Triton. However, I had to buy more tanks because I found they crack easily. I then tried several other e-cig brands and liquids, but they just didn't match up to Halo. I decided I'm staying with Halo.

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Quantity Included1
Tank LogoNo
Tank ColorNo
Tip ColorBlack
Tank Capacity2.4 ml
Tank Resistance2.2 - 2.4 ohms
Tank Length73.1 mm
Tank Width14.9 mm
Tank ThreadSilver
Tank WarrantyN/A