WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Triton Tank

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Triton Tanks feature Leak-Guard technology to prevent E-liquid spills and leaks, hold 2.4ml of E-liquid and are made of clear acrylic that allows you to see exactly how much is left in the tank. The tank comes standard with a 2.2–2.4 ohm resistance coil.

IMPORTANT: For best performance use with HALO Standard eliquids

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Triton Tanks are engineered to offer both style and performance when used in conjunction with Triton Batteries. Available in seven different colors, each tank holds up to 2.4 ml, is made of a clear acrylic allowing you to see exactly how much E-liquid is loaded. Triton Tanks feature Halo’s Leak-Shield technology to help prevent spills and leaks, and come standard with a 2.2–2.4 ohm resistance coil, but replacement coils of varying resistances (1.8-3.2 ohms) can also be interchanged allowing for a greater customization.

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  1. Triton tanks my favorite review by Gail

    When I started vaping I first tried the G6 and stayed with that for quite some time. I then decided to try the Triton, which I absolutely love and never had any problems with the tanks. Since I am disabled, I had a harder time changing the coils so instead, I would order the tanks since it was a lot easier for me to fill them instead of changing the coils. I am so disappointed that Halo is going to be phasing out the regular Triton. The tanks have been out of stock for quite a long time so I ended up trying both the Triton II as well as the Gusto. The Triton II doesn't hold as much liquid and burns hotter, so I am filling it a lot more often. The Gusto is easy, but I guess because it is designed so differently from what a regular cigarette feels like in my hands I don't feel quite the same when vaping it. Another issue for me is the pods for the Gusto that I normally vape are also out of stock. So now I am buying the mini tanks in order to be able to use all the Triton batteries I have bought. I really wish Halo would reconsider about phasing out the Triton, and I keep checking to see if the tanks have finally been restocked for those of us that have a lot of Triton batteries. It is less convenient to constantly fill the mini tanks because of the size difference. The regular Triton is still my all time favorite along with the tanks that go with them.

  2. What I wouldn't give for just two of these tanks that don't LEAK! review by Kelly

    I have been using the Triton system since December 2013 (4 years as of this writing). I'll start with this so you don't think "Novice"! I absolutely LOVE the compact size of the Triton system. I have experimented with other pen type systems and I cannot find a match to the Triton. My big GRIPE is the tank! OMG - I have NEVER been able to have two tanks at the same time that didn't leak. They will either leak through those micro-cracks (which almost always are delivered to me by Halo - thank you) or they leak from the tip. I have reached to support (who will NEVER even admit they send you a new tank that is "Shattered" in the sealed plastic when you show them a picture). I have read and followed every blog, review, and other sources of advice on how to prevent this to no avail. I say this (yes) to vent a little, but more to try and get the message to Halo that they need to take a fresh look at how they make these (perfectly sized) tanks. Some of us loyal (abused) customers would like to see this issue finally fixed so we can just simply enjoy the experience we get when we land on that "One" perfect tank that doesn't leak.

  3. Easy to use and fill review by MikeyInTheD

    The Triton I has been my go-to for vaping the past several years. It is very simple to use and understand. No guessing at what components will work well together. The plastic tanks don't offer the durability of glass, but they are cheap and last for several months before needing to be replaced. I was very sad to hear that the Triton I is being discontinued in favor of the Triton II, which I don't like as much as the original Triton. I hope Halo continues the original Triton as it offers quality at a great price and a nice transition from the G6 without being intimidating like the Triton II or Tracer could be for those newer to vaping.

  4. fine when used properly review by kevin

    Read Richard's review below, it sums up what you must do to prevent problems. i was cracking tanks and destroying mouthpieces before i read his review. all in all I like Halo products (Triton) better than locally bought ones.
    Thanks Richard, wherever you are!!!

  5. Triton tanks review by Richard

    To prevent the plastic tank from cracking (microscopic cracks you can just barely see), don't tighten it to the battery like your tightening a lug nut on a car. The torque created can cause the tank to crack when you're putting it on or taking it off. Put the tank on snuggly using only two fingers. Regarding the plastic tips, avoid extreme cold or heat because the expansion or contraction of the plastic will cause it to separate from the threaded metal insert, and leak. The other cause of tip leaking is tightening the tip too much and failing to unscrew it slightly when not in use. The polymer gasket that seals the tip will compress when tightened down and by loosening it, it will return to its initial state and reseal correctly when used again.

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Quantity Included1
Tank LogoNo
Tank ColorNo
Tip ColorBlack
Tank Capacity2.4 ml
Tank Resistance2.2 - 2.4 ohms
Tank Length73.1 mm
Tank Width14.9 mm
Tank ThreadSilver
Tank WarrantyN/A