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Triton Tip

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Triton Replacement Tips are a must-have accessory for your Triton Tank System. Whether you’ve broken or damaged your mouthpiece from excessive use, or if you’re just looking for extras for when someone wants to try your vape, Triton Replacement Tips are the perfect option.

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Triton replacement tips are perfect for replacing a broken or lost mouthpiece on your Triton Tank. Each tip is made of black contoured acrylic and fits interchangeably on any Triton tank. Whether you’ve damaged your original tip from excessive wear and tear or if you’re just looking for extras ? in case anyone wants to try your vape and you don’t want to share germs ? Triton replacement tips are a must-have accessory for your Triton Tank System setup.

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  1. Colors review by Zachary

    Wish these had different colors to choose from.

  2. A reuqired purchase. review by SeniorBoy

    Thank you Cinder :) :) :)

    These tips have MORE THREADS for your Triton Tanks since some Tanks may have the tips with a smaller number of threads. This fact makes these tips inherently far less prone to snapping off / breaking. These are a REQUIRED purchase and I suggest you purchase at least 10 since they are so reasonably priced. Trust me! It's cheap insurance! :)

  3. Thank you! review by Joe

    A while back I Emailed halo over my tips breaking at the seal and cracking over time, nothing but everyday wear and tear it seemed. Like the coils these were an item that needed replacing and I'm so glad halo has finally offered these for sale!

  4. Perfect! review by Anton

    I've found these caps to be the most vulnerable piece to break in incidents where the Triton decides to obey the law of gravity from several feet above floor level. Now it's possible to keep the otherwise functional tanks!

    I also find that making this item available shows that Halo cares about their customers.

  5. About Time!! review by Charles

    I recently had one of these break on me and i ended up throwing the tank away. Lo and behold, here they are. I recommend that you should pick up a few of these as the tips can break after a fall like mine did. I plan on ordering a few just in case for the future!!

  6. Very good quality from HALO review by Blake

    I bought a couple extra tips after buying the Triton starter kit that came with 2, purely "just in case". But really, you would have to physically lose one (cheap replacements are a plus here) or intentionally let your dog chew on it to wear one out quickly. Would love to have it a metal material, but its NOT cheap plastic. Its thick, very smooth and comfortable. VERY easy to pop off and clean as well. A very simple piece but makes a big difference in overall comfort of the experience.

  7. Great review by Jw9495

    I love that you can buy the tip now. I needed to replace one because I accidentally cracked it by dropping it on concrete, and I'm very happy with my replacement. Thank you!

  8. Perfect addition review by Shawn

    This is a perfect addition to my Trition kits. I was allowing a few people to try my Trition out to see how they liked it, but I remember thinking, "these people have their mouths on my tip and I really need something so they can use this without me worrying." Then I came across the replacement tips, so I will have that ability. Good idea, Halo.

  9. Happy to see this review by Joseph

    I have 5 Tanks that the tips broke...not from dropping just came undone...i guess i tighten to much. Came on tonight to suggest that these be sold and there they are lol. I love my Halo rig and this just makes it all the better.. THANKS HALO!!! 1 Suggestion I have give us a hard protect case that fits in our pocket:) I got one from another company but would love a halo one:) it hold 1 tank and 2 of the small batteries or 2 tanks and a battery.... great for on the go not much bigger than a credit card just thicker... Halo.. feel free to contact me i send you pics so you can make similar:)

  10. Just missing a color variety review by MOCO

    So glad they now sell just the tip. After just over 5 months, I finally broke a tip. It wasn't due to poor quality, but instead due to having it in my front pocket and leaning against something. To make it all complete, all we need now are these to come in all the other colors. I keep about 5 extras on hand now. Thank you HALO.

  11. Hooray! review by Kimberly A.

    I have had some tips break on me. The inside stays screwed on while the rest of the tip comes off in your hand. I don't over tighten them so sometimes there are some that are just more fragile. No more trying to super glue them back together. When I scrolled down a few weeks ago and saw you had these for sale now I was quite happy. So far so good for now though but if it ever happens again and probably on tanks you've had a while that aren't leaking it's nice to know I can order a new tip.

  12. new addition review by scott

    Happy to see this since i broke 2 by dropping mine. Perfect addition to the product line.

  13. Excellent tip review by Daniel

    Great way to refresh the triton tank experience.

  14. Durable and comfy review by HomebodyVapor

    I love these tips. First off, they are really durable. I've dropped my triton several times now onto a tile floor and it has landed on the tip a few of those times. It shows not a mark and obviously not a crack. The other thing i like about the tips is how comfortable they are. The plastic has a soft and nice feel. Besides that, the curve of the tip fits perfectly in between my lips. You can easily hold the cig with your lips. Basically, it is ergonomic. I doubt I'll ever have to buy a new tip.

  15. great price review by angela

    Sometimes the threading is a bit off when switching between tanks, but I like the tips and the price!! Great deal.

  16. Awesome! review by Candy

    I'm so glad you guys finally got the tips! Although I haven't bought any yet as I just bought a couple new tanks around Christmas so I'm still good. These tips are great though...very durable. I've dropped my tank on a tile floor a few times and didn't hurt the tip or anything. I bite the tips often when I have them clenched in my teeth too. In fact, about a month ago while I was loading a new co2 cartridge in my pellet gun, I bit down so hard on my tank tip that I broke my tooth! Yeah, I did...seriously...I really did, my first bottom molar right next to my eye tooth. But that tooth needed a crown anyway so it's no big deal. Although, the gap now makes for a perfect fit for my tip! So...now that you are selling tips separately, all we need now are some cool colors...ooooooo...silver and gold...that would look sharp! Well, I'll let you guys give it a think...meanwhile, I'm thankful for the tips as they are...and especially the price! Thanks Halo...you guys are so awesome! :)

  17. perfect review by josue

    These tips are one of the best things. I always have the problem when i break them and i had to glue some in the past but now with just 99 cents i can get new tips wrapped in plastic and it feels like you have a new starter kit whit this amazing tips.

  18. Sturdy product review by Benjamin

    I have had to replace a few of these from tanks that I had purchased about 9 months ago. These are GREAT! I think that they are a little different -- not as fumblingly. The original tips were a little bit of a juggle to replace after each fill, but these seem better fitting and shorter thread-base. I think that these are GREAT for a faster fill and vape!

  19. These are great!! review by melissa

    When I saw that Halo sold these replacement mouth pieces and that they were only a dollar each, I immediatly purchased a few of them!! These mouth pieces are wonderful. After using the same mouth piece for a while, it gets worn out and dinged up from your teeth. I think it is just the best idea ever that if this occurs you can just order a new one!!! They are great!! They are easy to replace, they last way longer than you might think they would, and they do not break in your pockets when buying a new one. I highly reccomend that everyone picks up a couple of these to have around just in case!!!

  20. Great Replacement Tips review by Elik Anoa'i

    The best part about having several of these at hand, at all times, is that they don't leak. If I accidentally break one, I don't have to spend another 7 bucks on a new tank. I just get a couple of these for .99 cents a pop. Love them.

  21. Have lots of these!! review by Ricky

    I am a bit of germ freak and I like to have a bunch of these handy to ensure that my mouthpiece is always clean. Sometimes, if I don't clean them for a few days, residue builds up and it grosses me out. It is super handy to have some extra ones of these around.

  22. LEAK PROOF! review by Matt

    I love Halo products and these tips are the best i've used. I have never had ANY leak problems and at 99 cents you cannot beat it. Just buy a few in case you lose one.

  23. Tip Top review by Nick

    Excellent idea to add a few of these when you make a big order. I haven't had to replace one yet but it's nice knowing you have a back up. Also, Halo I think it would be awesome if you made other color tips :) The black ones are fine but I really like customizing these babies :)

  24. Great idea review by BRUNO

    This is a great idea from Halo to make our vaping even easier and cheaper. It is always handy to have a couple of spare replacement tips for your tanks!! Cheers Halo!!

  25. I got two of these review by Talha

    The replacement tips are very useful. I purchased a couple of them because I am very clumsy.

  26. Cheap and sturdy review by Sean

    You can't beat the price! This is obviously something you put in your mouth which would wear over time. A replacement tip is a great thing to have on hand. It is very sturdy and reliable.

  27. Comfortable and Affordable review by Brandon

    For only .99 cents you can't go wrong here. The replacement tip fits perfectly between your lips. If you ever break or misuse your old tip just add one of these to your order and you will surely be pleased. Nice job Halo!

  28. great review by Chris

    I suggest to buy a hundred of these! I replaced them all the time, between them getting beaten up, or when they get dirty. I just keep a new one in my glove box for $1.00. Also, it is a great investment all around and an ergonomic tip.

  29. Excellent value!! review by sadock

    These tips are at the perfect price point for a few reasons. They are one of those small items that you don't realize you might need until you see it on the website. They're also perfect for when you're a few pennies shy of the next $20 promotion too!

  30. Great, will probably last a lifetime if used correctly review by Tyler

    I have bought four Triton Tanks over the past year and only 1 of the tips have broken. It’s probably because I let my friends try it. If your O-ring breaks, buy one of these ASAP or your tank will leak.

  31. Solid engineering review by Charles

    The tank tips are well designed and durable items. They last well over a year of heavy use, and I only had to replace one that got lost down the drain while cleaning. It is very hard to screw these tips on wrong, so the tank stays leak free as long as the tip is screwed on tight. Easy to clean, it just takes an extra 10 seconds of rinsing out when I flush out the tank.

  32. Very durable for plastic review by Chris

    These replacement tips are extremely durable - easy to clean and I haven't had any chip. The only time I've needed to replace them is user error, as in I keep my e-cig in my pocket at work and often times bang against them, causing them to crack. But that's ok, that's why they're only 99 cents! I much prefer the feeling of these as opposed to metal tips - I've never liked that cold feeling every hit I take.

  33. Add some color! review by William

    Love the tip—it works great and has a nice feel to it, but I would love to see some color. I personally would like to see a stainless and some color tips that match your battery colors. All in all great product and even better price. But I kind of want a stainless tip to go with my clear and stainless tank and iridescent battery. It would look so good.

  34. Good replacement review by Eduardo

    Good tip, they are pretty solid, but I had to replace mine once, and they are good to store incase you need them.

  35. Must have for triton review by William

    These tips are the perfect replacement for the triton system. You can't beat it for $0.99, after wear and tear of using the system they are nice to have. Shipped quickly and makes me enjoy the halo flavors even more.

  36. Does what it is supposed to do. review by Tyler

    I had one of these break from a drop of only about 3 feet which has also ruined my tank so that is frustrating. But they do seem durable for having it in your mouth as far as chewing it and holding it which is good.

  37. Get a few review by Daniel

    I've been using the Triton Tank system for well over a year maybe two. Over time you will notice that the constant opening and closing of the tank can wear the tips down. Sometimes they become stripped so it's always a good idea to have a few spare tips just in case.

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Drip Tip ColorNo
Drip Tip Warranty30 Days from Date of Purchase