WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Triton Pass-Thru

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Quick Overview

The Triton PassThru battery connects directly into a standard USB port and provides a steady stream of power to your Triton Tank System. Each PassThru battery has a silver threading, rated voltage of 3.7v and comes in Jet Black with the Halo logo imprinted on the side.

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The Triton PassThru Battery is perfect for those working at a computer or near a USB port for most of the day. The battery has 900 mAh capacity, connects directly to any USB port and offers an uninterrupted vaping experience. Just plug it in and let it keep you powered all day. These batteries have a silver threading, a rated voltage of 3.7 and can be fitted with any Triton Tank or an eGo/510 compatible tank via the use of an adapter. All Triton PassThru batteries come in Jet Black, Princess Pink and Midnight Blue with the Halo logo imprinted on the side.

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  1. awesome review by Jennifer

    Love the Triton Pass-Thru; you never run out of battery ever!! So convenient!

  2. Very well made review by MSG AJ

    The Triton Pass-Thru battery gives me better mobility without changing my tip from the G6 Pass-Thru to another battery when working around the house. I'm very pleased and I'm sure you're working on higher amps and longer run times. Thanks Halo, I really like your products.

  3. Game Changer review by Taylor

    This has been a total life saver for me. I used to hate having to wait for my Triton battery to recharge on the wall, but now I can just plug it in and keep vaping while it charges! Perfect!

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Quantity Included1
Battery LogoHalo
Battery ColorNo
Battery ThreadNickel
Battery LEDNo
Button ColorNo
Battery TypeManual
Battery Cut-Off Time6 Seconds
Battery Length400 mAh - 57.5 mm650 mAh - 74.5 mm900 mAh - 89.8 mm1300 mAh - 99.6 mm
Battery Width14 mm
Battery CapacityNo
Battery Charge400 mAh - 480 puffs/charge
650 mAh - 780 puffs/charge
900 mAh - 1000 puffs/charge
1300 mAh - 1350 puffs/charge
Battery Lifespan300 cycles
Battery Voltage TypeUnregulated
Battery Actual Voltage3.3 - 4.2 volts
Battery Rated Voltage3.7 volts
Battery WarrantyNo