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Tribeca Cartomizers

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Tribeca G6 Prefilled Cartomizers come ready to vape and feature Halo’s most popular flavor, Tribeca.

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There’s a reason why Tribeca is seen as one of the top E-liquid flavors in the entire vaping industry—and if you’ve tried it, you already know why. This Spinfuel Choice award winner’s smooth tobacco notes blend with just a dash of vanilla and caramel to produce a satisfying E-liquid with a sweet finish.

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  1. Great review by craig

    Halo cartomizers are really good in my opinion. They are very easy to refill using Tribeca and they last for weeks. They are just a lot easier to use and the flavor is always there. The only thing I would like to see is different color choices other than black.

  2. Wow, wish I'd found these ages ago! review by Barb

    Tribeca is hands down the best tobacco cartridge and liquid out there. I cannot tell you how much time and money I wasted trying others before I lucked out and found Halo‘s Tribeca. It's smooth, easy and pleasant. I keep telling myself that I'm going to try other flavors, but I just keep ordering Tribeca If you are new to e-cigs, don't hesitate to try Tribeca. You'll be back for more and will always have plenty on hand!

  3. Awesome! review by Kristen

    I absolutely love this flavor! It has such a nice, smooth flavor with a hint of vanilla, and caramel. I have not found any other e-liquid that compares!

  4. Yes!! So delicious and convenient!! review by Kim

    I'm usually use my liquid with a tank/blank cartomizer. However, in my last order I decided to purchase the Tribeca pre-filled cartomizers just to see what I thought and I'm so pleased with that choice! There was no mess, no fuss, and I just had to screw it on and ready to go! Tribeca has become my most favorite all day vape. These pre-filled cartomizers make it so easy when I don't have time for filling, (not that that's a hard process) it's just so convenient, and tastes so yummy! It is worth every penny and they produce a great amount of vapor too! I'm loving them!!!!

  5. The best Tasting Cartomizer Ever! review by Mohammed

    I ordered Tribeca cartomizers with my Halo Starter Kit and I have to say I'm addicted to them. WOW! Boy they are so good! By the way, I ordered other cartomizers with my kit such as Menthol Ice, Turkish Tobacco, and Malibu which nothing comes close to this one so far.

  6. Caramel & Nuts review by NewB

    This is a *really* smooth flavor with an excellent throat hit, but beware: it is very sweet with a lot of caramel and nut (macadamia maybe?) flavor to it. It is still an excellent flavor, but I couldn't quite give it 5 stars for the lack of tobacco flavor. Now, if this had some Turkish mixed into it, I'd say you'd have perfection Perhaps I'll experiment with some mixing at a later time. If you love sweet, these are an excellent choice- I currently have one set up with these and one with Turkish for varying taste throughout the day.

  7. Perfect for on the go... review by Bryan

    These are great when you are on the go and you don't want to carry around any e-liquid in your pocket. Just pop a new cartomizer in and you are ready to go. These save a ton of the pre-filling hassle, especially if you aren't using the highly recommended drip tips. You should defintely keep a few packs of these stashed in your car, your desk at work and in your nightstand. Trust me, you won't regret it.

  8. Great! review by James ODee

    Love this flavor. Smooth with a great after taste. In fact, I'm enjoying it right now (1.8% nicotine) as I write this review. I will definitely be buying more of this flavor.

  9. Not like the e-liquid review by Sam

    I ordered a G6 starter kit and a pack of these were included. I've been using the Triton Tank system which is the best thing ever and I don't think any e-cig will ever beat it, but I wanted a smaller option for on-the-go so I got the G6. These cartos are okay and produce a good amount of vapor but they taste nothing like the pure Tribecca e-liquid that I use in my tank system. They have a slight burnt/chemical taste which I was very surprised about because Tribecca is my #1 go to e-liquid. I now exclusively use the mini tanks with my G6 batteries because of this issue and they work GREAT. If you're looking into getting a G6 I would highly recommend ordering a mini tank and a bottle of the e-liquid instead of the cartos, but that's just my opinion. Thanks anyway Halo, I still love you guys!

  10. Best flavor I've tried yet! review by Chip

    Tribeca is the perfect all day vape. It definitely has a noticeable tobacco base, but it is perfectly complemented by a sort of smooth, caramelly, vanilla flavor that is not too sweet. It has a powerful throat hit, and lots of vapor. This is definitely one flavor I will be ordering more of. The prefilled cartomizers are the easiest method if you don't want to bother with refilling. Give it a try!

  11. awspome taste review by drifter848

    These don't spew vapor but what they do is give awesome flavor especially on the g6 passthru battery I get two days outta a full one and I even refill these which is quite easy I've gotten two weeks with good flavor outta one before it started to go.

  12. Delicious! review by Donna

    This flavor is wonderful! Finally, a tobacco flavor that tastes like tobacco but better, with a touch of sweetness, this one will be a favorite of mine. The scent reminds me of a pipe tobacco. Smells wonderful.

  13. Tribeca is delicious in a cartomizer review by M

    One of a handful of five-star reviews! If you're looking for a prefilled cartomizer, the G6 Tribeca is probably your best bet as a start. The warmer vape of the cartomizer really helps Tribeca come alive. You get the caramel and rich vanilla, but the tobacco seems to shine through even better in a cartomizer compared to a minitank or Triton. Highly recommended!

  14. Really Smooth review by Mary Ann

    I like Tribeca I can certainly recommend this cartomizer.

  15. Try this flavor first review by David

    Impressive throat hit, sweet rich tobacco flavor with hints of caramel. I prefer this flavor using the manual battery.

  16. Simply the best review by Thomas

    Any flavor you choose on this page is a 10+, you won't want to smoke anything else once you try Halo, but this one here is a hard to choose favorite.

  17. One of the best! review by Mike

    I picked these out to go with my starter kit after hearing it was the most popular flavor. It is easy to understand why. The smell of them alone before I even tried them was wonderful. Definitely one of the best I have tried.

  18. Hubby got these and he LOVED THEM! review by Gail

    When my husband and I got our G6 starter kits, he got Tribeca and I got the Belgian Cocoa. He was vaping away and I got a load of the delicious aroma, and was curious. I tried it and just fell in love with Tribeca, especially in the cartos. These cartos make the G6 look very classy, and hold up well. Another winner from Halo!

  19. A good juice to start off with. review by LVE

    I believe Tribeca is Halo’s most popular juice, and I can understand why – it’s just an all-around pleasant juice, with a nice throat hit and good smoke production. I don’t taste any tobacco, although I do pick up just a little tobacco aroma. It’s sweet, but not overly sweet. It has a nice flavor but not over-powering. This would be the perfect juice for the pre-filled cartomizers in your Starter Kit, when you are not sure what to go with.

  20. A different Tribeca!?!! review by steve

    So I have been vaping Tribeca eliquid out of my Triton tank setup and I let a buddy of mine try it out and he was impressed and confused, because he has been using these prefilled cartos and said it was different. He gave me one of his carto's and wow IT is different, not better not worse, just different. I think the caramel flavor comes out more in this carto. Now I have another great way to vape my favorite eliquid! If you like Tribeca and haven't tried it in a carto, you have too. 5 star!!!!!

  21. A cartomizer is a cartomizer, but love the finish review by M

    A cartomizer is... a cartomizer. It's really hard to say one is better than the other, and in all honesty these performed the same as very cheap ones I've gotten as a kit. *However*, I will say this: I really kinda love the almost satiny finish on these, it makes the outsides feel premium, and I like that the logo is understated. Tribeca is actually awesome in a cartomizer, though from some muting you end up with more caramel than tobacco.

  22. Great review by Dina

    I got these in my g6 starter kit and they are great. Love the flavor and great throat hit and vapor production. I have even refilled them with TriBeCa liquid and they are still going strong. Love these and would get them again.

  23. OMG gorgeous flavour! review by Leanne

    This Tribeca flavor is so lush! It has a subtle tobacco flavor but there is nothing else quiet like it, with hint of vanilla/caramel on the exhale. Such a lovely aroma! Yum :-)

  24. LOVE Tribeca review by Kim

    All of the Halo products have blown my mind, actually. I have the G6 starter kit and with it, I chose the Tribeca flavor. I am addicted to the flavor, it is SO good! I'm sorry that i can't describe the flavor-it's hard to describe - just get it and you will be very happy with it. Love everything Halo.

  25. Must have for first timers review by Geoff

    This was my first flavor ever tried in an ecig. This is great for first timers because its not overwhelming and you get good flavor out of it. If i had to pick a flavor I would honestly say it tastes like biscoff cookies. No joke. It's smooth and a little sweet at same time.

  26. Great Carts and Juice review by John

    These tanks are very high quality and they are easy to refill with the soft cap that you can remove with your fingers. Prefilled with Tribeca they are the perfect combination for a relaxing vapor. I have been very satisfied with Halo hardware and e-juice.

  27. Good with morning coffee......... review by Don

    ........after steeping for awhile. Not one of my favorites because I like bolder flavors like SubZero and Twisted Java. I get though why a lot of people really like this flavor. Good job again to Halo!

  28. Great for beginners review by James

    I would definitely recommend getting these Halo Tribeca prefilled cartriges for the G6. Especially great for beginners to vaping. I have since upgraded to the Halo Triton tank system, but I started out on these cartriges, and they were the perfect intro into vaping. The taste is slightly sweet, with hints of caramel and vanilla, but also a great tobacco taste. Tribeca was the first flavor I have every vaped, and it remains my all day vape after all these months. Would definitely recommend!

  29. One of the best. review by crimsontwist

    Ordered 2 packs of the Tribeca, so far my favorite, though sometimes it varies when you buy the prefilled cartomizers. The first one I had order along with the G6 starter kit was great (taste). The one I ordered a few weeks later didn't taste nearly as good so the consistency maybe be a little off sometimes so fair warning.

    Defiantly recommend the Tribeca though, especially if you're confused on what flavors to get. Can't really go wrong with it.

  30. Decent review by CK

    Good choice, but not outstanding. Okay throat hit. Very smooth taste and could be a solid entry choice into the brand for a newbie.

  31. Delicious!!! review by William R.

    I ordered a G6 starter kit with a pack of Tribeca cartomizers. From the first pull and exhale of this flavor I was impressed! It has such an amazing flavor. It does kind of remind me of RY4 e-liquid, but far superior then any of the competitors. It has a full rich tobacco flavor with a mild sweetness from a perfect blend of caramel and vanilla. Produces a nice throat hit and great vapor. I highly recommend this in a carto and tank. I can vape on this all day long.

  32. Very awesome. review by Jon

    Looking for a sweet tasting flavor, this one is for you. Makes me want caramel popcorn.

  33. Beautiful review by SIDHARTA

    Tribeca is tobacco flavor at it's most beautiful climax. I love this product and its on my repeat order list. I have been around the ecig industry for quite a while and have used the best ecigs around. That's why its such a beautiful surprise to see how much Halo is transforming this industry for the better by putting out the best products on the market. Halo beats the competition hands down in both pricing and product quality . Thank you Halo.

  34. Caramel?! review by Justin

    These things are absolutely DELICIOUS! Best thing I could have asked for! I do have to say though, those undertones of caramel and vanilla stand out more as overtones. It isn't bad though in any way, shape, or form! I actually prefer the heaviness of them, being a sweets fan.

  35. I'm loving it! review by Naseeruddin

    The prefiilled cartomizers are such an amazing way to get started with the vaping experience. They are so easy to use and refilling them is childs play. I had ordered the 30ml Tribeca bottle to refill these beauties once I run out of juice. I'm having fun.
    Tribeca - This is the flavor I ordered with the starter kit, and I hit the nail on the head. Vaping away on this subtle beauty. Need to stock me more of this juice. I have ordered all the flavors Halo manufactures after tasting Tribeca. Curious to know how the others taste. Until then....Three cheers to Tribeca!

  36. Halo review by Pamela

    Halo is a really good company, sends all my refills very promptly. Thank you Halo..

  37. Convenience and Flavor review by Lori

    These prefilled cartomizers were perfect for me as a new user. These come in a package of 5 cartomizers. One cart lasts me a full day if it's a work day or just under a day, if I'm not working. You will just screw them onto your battery and go! I've ordered the large bottle of the Tribeca flavor since my initial order because I love this flavor and have been refilling my tribeca cartomizers for the last month. This prefilled cartomizer set is perfect for a weekend of travel or anytime that you don't want to mess with refilling your system. Very easy to use!

  38. My Fav review by Shaun

    I purchased this one in the 24 strength and find it to be my favorite as far as taste and kick. There is also a nice, realistic thick vapor. I ended up purchasing more after my first try.

  39. TRIBECA! review by Trevor

    I'll just start off by saying that you cannot go wrong with this flavor! Halo really knows their stuff and I first ordered the Tribeca cartos with my G6 starter kit, this flavor is all around great and I could easily vape it all day it has a mellow caramel flavor and a subtle nuttiness to it, the sweetness is not too powerful either. This e liquid is a safe bet for most anyone.

  40. for those new to e-cigs review by SweetVaper

    Tribeca is a very popular favorite tobacco flavor, as you'll see from all the reviews for Tribeca in the e-liquid section.

    These prefilled cartomizers are super convenient. You get 5 in a reusable plastic case. For each carto, both ends are covered with rubber caps. I take them off with a paper towel if there's any fluid outside the carto - that way it's very clean and ready to use.

    These cost just a tiny bit more than empty cartos, so if you want 5 cartos of the same flavor, this is a good deal. Yes, you can vape these until they run out, then pop off the white cap on the mouth end, and refill them - quite a few times! If you're new to e-cigs, you might not want to mess with it, but I suggest you keep the empties, because you're going to want more Tribeca!

    One of these cartridges lasts me through at least 2 complete battery charges on a G6 manual battery. Vaping for a while every 60-90 minutes, one lasts me all day.

  41. Best Flavor I've Tried review by Amanda

    So far this is the only Halo flavor I've tried. But now I don't even want to try any others! This is delicious. There is a very very subtle tobacco flavor, and a wonderful mix of caramel and vanilla. I can't wait to order 2 - 30ml bottles ( yes I love it that much!) I'm new to ecigs so I love the prefilled cartomizers. Just screw them on, vape, and toss (or refill with more juice) when finished. Buying blank cartomizers and liquid right away is bit intimidating, so these are a great start.

  42. Easiest Method of Vaping review by Eric

    The prefilled cartomizers are a great option for those new to e cigarettes. They come prefilled with the juice of your choice -- just screw them onto your battery and go. Once the cartomizer is empty, you can either throw it away and screw the next one on, or you can refill it with your own juice. For those looking for the easier and most convenient way to enjoy e cigarettes, this is it.

  43. Tobacconilla review by MOCO

    The Tribeca is the first flavor I have ever tried from Halo. Since day 1, I loved this because of the tobacco and vanilla taste. I ordered the 30ml bottle of e liquid shortly after I tried it. I'm still somewhat of a newbie when it comes to e cigarettes, but I'm learning fast. I won't stray away from Halo e liquids because it doesn't get any better than this. There is something for everyone and after that there is something else. I plan on trying all the tobacco flavors and who knows maybe cross the road to menthol. Happy vaping.

  44. Day 4 on one CARTO review by Daniel

    This is the flavor I ordered with my starter kit. I ordered and received it last week and I am still only on my second cartomizer (which seems about empty, but keeps producing). This is with light use though. I usually only vape when I'm finally at home from my second job and I'll use it for a good hour or two. I took this one out to the shooting range and hit it a bunch of times too. Long story short, for a moderate daily user of the G6, the carto life is very respectable (about 4-5 second drags for me). I also use the highest nicotine level with the idea of quicker satisfaction equals longer carto life. I tend to still vape it anyway because it is so enjoyable. Tribeca is a great flavor; rich and sweet. The prices are great! I am very excited for the mini tanks.

  45. Great taste and throat hit review by Daniel

    This flavor is very good. It has a mellow taste with some caramel undertones. Basically what the description says is spot on. Reminds me of a tasty mocha or if I smoke while drinking a coffee. The throat hit is very consistent. Nice warm burn and truly feels like your smoking the real thing. It's great that these products are made and regulated in the USA. Vapor production is more than adequate. Tribeca is the first flavor I tried when ordering my starter kit. I also have the variety pack and I am very excited to try the other flavors. First impressions were great so I know I won't be disappointed. You won't be either...try this!

  46. Best Flavor so far review by halofan

    The Tribeca so far is my FAVORITE Halo Juice. It's tastes like heaven. It's has a good tobacco flavor with a nice sweet after taste so it's great for all day vape. My wife has also been enjoying this flavor. I'm planning to get the 30 ML bottle to use with my Triton tank. Very satisfying.

  47. great flavor with just a hint of sweetness review by Gimme

    This flavor is very smooth. I love the tobacco taste with just a hint of sweetness flavor. I would recommend this to ANYONE!

  48. I can see why this is considered one of the best flavors in teh industry review by Wheezal

    After reading several reviews, I dug into my E-cig life with Tribeca. And I'm very happy with the choice.

    The flavor starts with a solid hit of a premium tobacco and then melts into a perfect blend of vanilla with caramel notes. The throat hit is full bodied and actually quite refreshing.

    I am immediately convinced this will be my standard "Go-To" flavor in-between gourmet and menthol offerings.

  49. Love me some Tribeca review by Deterleigh

    Just got my starter kit and the pre-filled Tribeca Cartomizers. I am new to Halo so considering the reviews I started with the Tribeca. Love it.... You get the tobacco taste with a sweet caramel/vanilla taste. It almost reminds me of a slight cotton candy taste :) You will not be disappointed.

  50. Found it! review by New to vape

    I started vaping about a week ago and was looking for an ADV I could enjoy. Tribeca delivers! It's smooth and you can really taste the slight hints of tobacco with caramel. I love it and can't wait to order more! My search is over for perfect flavor too save me from buying more flavors and wasting money.

  51. Great Taste! review by Mike

    Very happy I chose this flavor for my 2nd starter kit! This is the 3rd kind I've tried so far and it's got my number one spot. To me, this flavor has a candy like sweetness to it with a good amount of vapor and it great after taste. Again, I'm still exploring my options but as a person new to ECigs, this flavor is the one that I enjoy vaping and feels like I'm getting what I need with a good amount of vapor.

    Highly recommend this one!

  52. Not my fav review by blackwidow7293

    This is a good product and high quality but I am not sure if it's for me I ordered the 24 m/g strength so maybe I need to lower the nicotine level to make the throat hit a little less harsh. The flavors are good though don't get me wrong. You should definitely try this product to see if this flavor is right for you.

  53. So good. review by taylor

    Full flavor; leaves me completely satisfied. It's a perfect tobacco taste.

  54. I'm hooked review by Kenneth E

    Very crave worthy flavor that has me coming back again and again. I've never tried a RY4 but if it was anything like this, wow! I am a bit fan of Halo products and the quality that they put into them. The carts arrived filled to the top almost. You will get a very long life out of each and knowing that they use great cartomizers, you will be able to extend the life by re filling it with Tribeca juice. Thinking about getting some in 0mg just so i can vape away at will, it really is that good.

  55. This is my daily vape! review by Jake

    When this arrived at my house I forgot what this was supposed to taste like, the first drag was a little harsh, but NOT bad! It took me by surprise the strength of the flavor. I then read this has a caramel flavor to it, and once i connected that it as amazing! The more I vaped it, the smoother it got too! It's hard to put down I have to say. I just ordered 5 more packs and 1 of each other flavor to give them a try as well, but these were definitely a score for my first flavor. Would highly recommend if you're looking for a smoother caramel flavor!

  56. Awesome and super fast shipping!! review by Smasher

    Wow!! Again I can't say enough good things about Halo flavors! I ordered my Tribeca 12 mg and and 6 mg to go along with my 18 mg! The 18 mg was perfect for the first few days and I am so thankful this 12 mg came today! It is so smooth, the throat hit is comparable to a camel light. The flavor again is spectacular. Carmel, butterscotch deliciousness. I ordered a clear tank and some liquid to see how it compares to the cartridges. Thanks Halo!

  57. Sweet tasting, smooth review by Andrew

    Got the Tribeca 18mg pack. Nice flavor, definitely has the sweetness mentioned in the description.... honey and vanilla flavors. It's pretty smooth, and has the throat hit but not too much, just enough for my taste anyway. Lasts a decently long time. Big props to the fact that the carts never drips fluid, which was a huge pet peeve of mine with another company. Next go around though I'll probably go with a less sweet tobacco variety.

  58. Sweet, nutty, perfect taste review by Smasher

    Wow! This is another amazing product from Halo. I really have enjoyed the Tribeca blend. I just received my order of the 18mg and immediately bought a pack of the 12mg and 6mg. If I find I need it stronger I will be back for the 18mg. I am really pleased this has been a great first day with my G6.

  59. Easy to refill, and flavor for days review by Brian

    Oh Tribeca, how I love you. The only flavor I've tried and think i'll ever use. Not too much vanilla flavor, but the nutty tobacco and caramel are there and strong. It would be nice if they made a 36mg nicotine version of these....

  60. Great for on the go review by Rob

    I use these when I'm at the bar and don't feel like filling my Triton in public. They last crazy long and the vaper is just as good as the liquid in the tank. Easy fix!!

  61. Best Flavor! review by Aaron

    This is my favorite halo flavor and my ADV. Doesn't get better than this! Also, Halo actually fill their carts ALL THE WAY instead of other companies that just put a few drops. HALO IS AMAZING!

  62. Incredible aroma and flavor review by Audrey

    I ordered these cartos with my starter kit. I've been vaping for about three years and have tried many tobacco flavors, and they weren't very good. Some were too acidic, others were too bland. Tribeca is perfect in every way.

    It has a certain sweetness to it, but it's not overpowering. It's like a nice, light hint of either hazelnut or maybe brown sugar. It's my primary vaping flavor as I always find myself missing it when I try other flavors.

    If you're unsure of which tobacco flavor to try, go for Tribeca! You won't regret it.

  63. Great taste! review by Enrique

    I ordered this flavor with my starter kit and it is great! It is smooth and sweet. I can't get tired of it! It is my go to flavor.

  64. Loyal Tribeca Consumer review by Michele

    I’ve become a loyal consumer of this incredible flavored cartomizer. When I first switched to electronic cigarettes, I tried various flavors and brands. Discovering Halo was one of the best “trial and errors” that I’ve made in my vaping journey. Tribeca was not my first purchase through Halo. I had chosen a different flavor and found it to be a little different than I expected. This was ok, but I wanted something more exciting!

    My next purchase from Halo was the Tribeca pre-filled cartomizers. When the package arrived, I immediately removed a cart from the container and held it to my nose. It has a sweet, maple like scent that I really liked. These pre-filled cartomizers come in a pack of five and sealed in a small plastic container. They come in various strengths and flavors.

    I really enjoyed the flavor and from then on I was hooked. It has a slightly sweet vapor and great aroma. While I have tried various flavors from Halo, I am loyal and a huge fan of Tribeca.

    When your cartomizer doesn’t have any liquid left, you can still use it again. Don’t waste your cartomizers! I was informed that you can refill these carts with the liquid and they will last for several days each. This helps save a lot of money on hardware. I have been able to use 1 cartomizer for up to a week or longer. Some have reported that they are able to use 1 for up to a month. Time frames do vary and I cannot share an exact time frame of the carts usage. I can tell you that you might experience a different flavor and throat hit after a few days. The fresh cartomizers produce the best throat hit and flavor.

Quantity Included5
Cartomizer LogoNone
Cartomizer ColorJet Black
Cartomizer ThreadSilver
Cartomizer Length35.5 mm
Cartomizer Width9.2 mm
Cartomizer Capacity1 ml
Cartomizer InteriorPolyfill
Cartomizer CapSoft Cap
Cartomizer Resistance2.4 - 2.8 ohms (Standard)
Cartomizer WarrantyN/A
Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved