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Tracer Coil Heads

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Quick Overview

Tracer coil heads are easy to replace and come in a variety of different resistances in both single and dual head varieties. Best of all, they extend the life of your tank and prevent the carryover of old flavors without breaking the bank.

WARNING: Do not use coil heads below .3 ohm in conjunction with Tracer Batteries as this could create a potentially unsafe condition. Tracer coil heads below .3 ohm are designed for use with 3rd party batteries capable of handling lower resistance coils.

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Extend the life of your tank and prevent the carryover of old flavors with these easy-to-replace Tracer coil heads. Designed with performance in mind, they feature single coil heads at resistance levels of .25 and .5 sub-ohms or 1.2 ohms, as well as dual coil heads at .2 or .5 sub-ohms. The dual-coil heads quickly heat your E-liquid and provide a denser, warmer volume of vapor, with more well-defined flavor. Best of all, they can be replaced within a matter of seconds.

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  1. Coils Last Forever! review by Linchetto

    I screwed up the original coil that came with my Tracer Twist by tainting it with a fluid I didn’t care for so just tossed it and cleaned the whole thing out. So, I think it is about a month later, or more and still am on the second coil, and still working perfect. I keep in set a 30 watts (the highest on the twist with the vents almost shut) and chain vape the hell out of it sometimes and have never had a dry hit, or burn. I only use PG fluid in my Tracer and have never had a problem. Just bought a box of .5s (when my one coil eventually fails ), but at this rate one $14 box will last me about 5 months :)
    I do disagree with the instructions when it says "when loading a new coils and fill, wait about 60 seconds to vape". Coils need to be primed and I usually let it sit an hour before I use because the coils will be saturated, plus in my experience, the longer the fluid sits (especially when mixing) The better the taste. Ideally I fill and let sit over night.

  2. Massive Vape review by Carl

    The Tracer coils are long lasting and produce thick plumes of vapor. I order all the time and have yet to experience any issues.

  3. Excellent Quality review by William

    They last a very long time and are reliable. Great quality and just a great set of coil heads.

  4. An easy to use consumable for the Tracer Tank review by Wheezal

    These new coils are certainly do suck....all the juice right into your waiting face! Multiple resistances, dual head for maximum cloudiness, easy to install, and just throw them away when you're done with them (although they last a while on their own). The 5 pack is a must-have for anyone that has a Tracer mod.

  5. Relatively inconsistent coils review by Jacob

    The coils, although they burn well usually and produce nice, not necessarily thick clouds, have some build consistency problems. I have received coils that will last anywhere from two days to two weeks, with no change in vape juice, vaping patterns, and vaping wattage. I have experienced this problem with these coils for months, so it's not a perception problem.

(5 out of 6 loaded.)
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Quantity Included5