WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Tracer Twist Battery

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Quick Overview

The Tracer Twist mod battery is sleek, combining jaw-dropping power and ease-of-use into a stylish unit that fits right in the palm of your hand.

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Available in five colors, the exclusive Tracer Twist Battery offers a massive 2,300 mAh battery cell that will keep you powered all day long. With a user-friendly and stealth-like design, the Tracer Twist battery is equipped with variable output capability ranging from 5–30W and a bypass mode. This authentic mod battery is built to last, offering an automatic cutoff feature, low-voltage protection, and short circuit-protection.
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  1. Battery Life Is Disappointing review by Theresa

    I loved the Tracer Twist when I first got it. I only used it in the evenings since I realized it leaks if you put it in any other position except standing straight up. (I've always used the Triton as my go-to vape.) I had the Tracer Twist for approximately 2 months when the battery would no longer recharge. I tried to re-order, but the battery was out of stock. It's been 7 months since it died so I thought I'd try to order it again. Unfortunately it's out of stock again (or never came back in stock??) so I have a sub ohm just sitting and unable to use it. Super disappointed!

  2. Battery failure, like clock-work! review by E

    I began my journey with Halo products in Feb/March 2017. Initially all was terrific, that is until my battery died after 80-days. As of August 2018, I've purchased and own five of these batteries. Yep, count 'em 5 batteries! Each new purchase was based upon the batteries failing consistently after daily use, often at the 3-month mark. I've not had any issues with the threads (I'm overly cautious when I screw it onto the tank), just outright failure. As another reviewer noted, it's as though it forgets what the button does, even after a full charge. And I don't abuse the battery nor am I a super heavy user. I usually go through 1-2 tankfuls per day. But this review does end on a bright note, albeit bizarre twist. One day I was about to toss out all of them and change to another style and/or brand of device .... but before trashing everything I started messing around with one of the battery's settings when I heard a distinct "click' sound, I pressed the button and WALLAH it worked. This "fix" worked on all five batteries. The "sweet spot" happens to be after the 30W setting, but just before the BYPASS and it must remain in that position or else dun dun dun ... nothing. So now I have five (5) working batteries, crippled in a sense, but functioning. I'm leaving my review at (1) one-star because this is, apparently, a huge issue for many users and my fix isn't the proper resolution. With proper care and charging practices they should last at least a year or more.

  3. Good product, but not built to last. review by Brian

    For the money, I suppose it's a good product, but I've had three of these batteries over the last six months and they've all conked out in their own special way. The threads on the first one quickly stripped, and could not hold the tank in place to deliver current to the coil. On the second, the button decided it didn't know the difference between on and off anymore. On the third, I've suddenly lost battery life entirely. In each case, I'm sure I could have done something to extend the life of the product, but then so could Halo, and that's the business they're in. If you're looking for a mobile vape to supplement your main squeeze, this might work out for you. But if it's meant to be your bff, I'd look for something more reliable.

  4. Battery Malfunction review by Parker

    There seems to be a battery malfunctioning after not much use (could be a new problem). After I purchased the twist, it worked for about 2 weeks before not being able to be charged and blinking once hitting the firing button. Bought another battery and the same issue occurred 2 days into usage. When the battery is working properly it is an incredible experience.

  5. Battery Works Great review by Linchetto

    For the person complaining about colour choices, I didn’t realize that there were women colours and men’s colours. I am a woman and quite happy with my two stainless batteries, and the black with a black tank would make a nice 3rd :)
    As for the leaking issue, it is not the battery that leaks, it is the tank because the fill holes are flush with the draw hole. The solution I found was buying these inexpensive plastic bottles on this website and using them to mix as well as filling the tank without spillage that creates the leaking. Now on to the battery which Is what this review is about. I like the fact it has warning lights telling in increments of flashes where the battery is at. I get about three bowls out of the battery cranked to the max. This is not my only device so not a big deal, plus it charges super fast. It is tall and easy to knock over on uneven surfaces. I have had plenty of knock-overs and zero breakage with the glass tip. On high it does throw some decent clouds depending on the flavour, but I care more about flavour and the battery is strong enough to provide it. Great for fluids that are not VG, so get more variety.

(5 out of 8 loaded.)
Quantity Included1
Battery LogoHalo / Flame
Battery ColorNo
Battery ThreadStainless Steel
Battery LEDNo
Button ColorSilver
Battery TypeManual
Battery Cut-Off Time15 Seconds
Battery Length99 mm
Battery Width22 mm
Battery Capacity2300 mAh
Battery ChargeNo
Battery Lifespan300 cycles
Battery Voltage TypeUnregulated
Battery Actual Voltage2.5 - 4.2 volts
Battery Rated VoltageNo
Battery Warranty60 Days from Date of Purchase