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Tobacco Sample Pack

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The Tobacco E-liquid Sample Pack comes with a variety of six (7 ml bottles) of our most popular tobacco e-juice flavors.

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The Tobacco E-liquid Sample Pack comes with a variety of six 7 ml bottles of our most popular tobacco E-juice flavors. Try each of our flavorful tobacco blends and find which suits your taste.Included are our Torque56, Turkish Tobacco, Midnight Apple, Prime15, Longhorn and Tribeca E-liquids.

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  1. Perfect for beginners review by Justin

    Being new to the world of vaping, I was looking for a good starter and sample pack. So far, I cannot complain about the variety of the tobacco blends offered. Although, I have only experienced two of the six blends. The shipping was fast, the price is perfect, and the amount of e-juice included lets you really experience their products. For those unsure in which direction to go, this makes the most sense. It would be nice if all the tobacco juice's were offered, but this pack (and whats included) is in no way a deal breaker. Kudos to Halo for the great products at great prices! Will be narrowing down a favorite or two and going after the 30ml.

  2. Outstanding Sampler Package review by Jeff

    A great sampler pack to get you started on the wide variety of Halo's product line. Warning though, it'll go quick. All the flavors are outstanding. Another home run Halo!

  3. Great way to try multiple flavors review by kettegdirb

    The tobacco sample pack is a must have if you're trying to adjust from analogs. It will take some sampling to find your personal go to favorite; this is a relatively inexpensive way to start. The packaging is nice, and the tin serves perfectly as a case for my e-liquids when traveling.

  4. Find your favorite but you will like them all review by Matthew Choochoo

    Halo has the best juice around and this is the best way to find your absolute favorite, but I promise you won't be disappointed with not a one, top shelf top notch juices. This is what I paired with my first hardware purchase from Halo and I was not disappointed used every last drop.

  5. Good Variety review by Sean.M

    This was the perfect way to try most of the tobacco flavors. Although I personally would have enjoyed something other than Midnight Apple, it was a nice addition. The other flavors each had their own highs and lows, and led to a unique experience for me.

  6. Excellent product to review different flavors review by GLEN

    What a great way to review and sample different flavors in small sample bottles before you purchase the 30ml. As for the individual flavors, I found the descriptions on the website to be pretty accurate and obviously there will be some difference because of individual taste. Torque56 was the only one that was too harsh for me, but I toned it down with 0mg of Turkish and it was then very nice. All had good vapor and throat hit—very well done Halo.

  7. great variety review by Heath

    I just ordered my new Triton Tank System and decided to order this variety pack to try several different flavors-- and pick which one I liked best before ordering a bigger bottle. After trying about half of the flavors, I just can’t decide which one is better. They are all so good! I can’t wait to see how the others taste.

  8. Exquisite!! review by Kitty

    This company is amazing!! From the finest quality top of the line products to Customer service. Being tempted to start smoking again, I decided to try Halo. Well pleased!! LOVE the G6 and finest e-liquids! I'm not going to go crazy with vape paraphernalia—my motto is keep it simple and quality! HALO is it! My favorites are SubZero, Tribeca, and wow Black Calico! I also love Menthol V for breakfast vape. Can't wait to try the remaining flavors! Thanks HALO for keeping it AWESOME and American made!

  9. Excellent Deal review by Eric

    The tobacco sample pack is an excellent deal for the price. It allows you to sample six of Halo's tobacco flavors for roughly the price of four flavors. I personally enjoy all of these flavors! I like to purchase the sample pack in order to add variety and reduce the odds of getting tired of one certain flavor. Whether you’re new to vaping or just looking to diversify your vaping experience, this is the way to go!

  10. Awesome sample pack! review by Zachery

    Halo has by far the best tobacco e-liquids I have tried! They all resemble tobacco and you’re sure to find one you will enjoy in this sample pack. I can't decide which my favorite is!

  11. Can't decide on one flavor review by Michele

    If you cannot decide on what flavor to try first, give a sample pack a try! This product comes with Halo’s best tobacco flavored e-liquids. My absolutely favorite flavor from the entire sample lot is Tribeca. Tribeca has an amazing, smooth, and slightly sweet flavor. The others are good as well, but I always end up reaching for the Tribeca.

  12. Wide Range of Flavors! review by Trevor

    This pack is honestly a great deal. If you are just getting into vaping like me, it's good to figure out what you like. It lets you try a little bit of everything. Overall most of the flavors were good, although a couple are not for me.

  13. Great product review by Melanie

    I ordered this sample pack with my first order and I really like being able to try all the different types. Turkish Tobacco is definitely my favorite of the bunch!

  14. Great Deal! review by NEWVAPER

    This is a great deal! It's an affordable way to try different tobacco flavors. My husband likes Tribeca the best!

  15. Great Sampler Pack review by Melissa

    We ordered the tobacco sample pack and was really pleased to try the flavors without making a huge commitment! The smaller bottles are great keeping a supply at work for heavy vaping days! The sample pack lets you have different flavors for different times of the day. We still love Tribeca but the other flavors are great. However, we haven't found any we didn't like!

  16. Must buy review by Farshid

    The tobacco sample pack should be the first purchase for anyone buying this for the first time.

  17. Excellent Variety review by Thomas

    I purchased the tobacco sample in 12mg with my G6 starter kit. It was a great way to discover what flavors I liked. Although, I like all of the flavors to a certain degree. I enjoy vaping Tribeca, Midnight Apple, and Prime 15 the most but I ordered larger bottles of them immediately. Midnight Apple was a pleasant surprise as I am weary of fruity flavors. The Granny Smith taste is quite natural and balances perfectly with the underlying smooth tobacco flavor. My two favorite e-liquids are Tribeca and Midnight Apple. They make an excellent mix. Also, I love the tin!

  18. Great Deal review by Phil

    Most of my original favorites are included in the tobacco sample pack. What came to my surprise was how much the ones I wasn't familiar with wouldgrow on me. They are actually becoming my new favorites. I try to pick one up whenever Halo is having a 10% or 15% off deal. It really makes this product a bargain for 42ml of e-liquid.

  19. good purchase review by Chris

    This is probably the best sample pack for a beginner or anyone for that matter. I have been pretty picky with tobacco flavors. Some people find that it may be too strong and harsh. Some would also say there was too much sweetness and vanilla but hardly any tobacco. The tobacco sample pack gives you the full range.

  20. Authentic review by Kimberlina

    Tribeca is my all time favorite. I love the tin these samples came in and you can't beat this deal. You try out the flavors before commiting to buy a larger bottle. Thank you Halo!

  21. Excellent review by Neville

    This is a great way to try e-liquids to define your taste and end your search for your favorite all day vape. The tobacco sample pack is a great idea. Halo, keep up the great work.

  22. great sample review by jennifer

    This is a great way to find your perfect match. However, some were to strong for me. I am a girly girl and I love the gourmet sample pack but the tobacco sample pack had good falvors too. The tobacco sample pack is good for tobacco lovers and it comes with an awesome tin to keep your extras in.

  23. good tasting review by nicolas

    The Midnight Apple is a good surprise and Longhorn has a great taste of cigar. Tribeca is similar to a great RY4 and Turkish Tobacco too. Prime 15 and Torque 56 have a great tobacco taste. I will definitely order more of them soon.

  24. Tasty review by Dave C.

    What a nice little sample pack. I like Turkish Tobacco the best so far. It really has a smooth taste with a tad cooler throat hit, a really nice aftertaste, and enjoyable. Midnight Apple tastes great and so does Tribeca. I will have to load up on Torque 56 which I hear great things about.

  25. Excellent variety at a great price! review by Joe

    This sample pack allows you to truly experience some of the best e-liquids on the market. I am a big fan of Longhorn and my "other half" is especially keen on Torque56 as her everyday vape of choice. However, this sample pack allows you to branch out and experience a variety of flavors to hone in on your perfect match. The reduced cost of buying these bottles individually adds to the value packed sampler pack! Anybody on the fence as to which e-liquid they want to buy and commit to a larger volume of is well suited to take advantage of this awesome offering!

  26. Yay for sample packs. review by Kelly

    I love it when suppliers offer sample packs and in sample sizes. I ordered the tobacco and menthol sample packs and enjoyed them thoroughly. Tribeca was my favorite and then Midnight Apple.

  27. The best sample pack review by Philtopia

    I have tried the gourmet, menthol, and tobacco sample packs. The tobacco sample pack is two of my all time Halo e-liquid flavors are included: Midnight Apple and Tribeca so I gave it 5 stars. I definitely appreciate that Halo offers these variety packs at a substantial discount over the regular price of the small bottles. I give it 5 stars for the discount as well. Finally, there is the fancy tin can they come in. In my opinion, this is a waste of packaging. They are a bit of a hassle to get into and with the foam packaging you can't really read the label until you pull out the bottle. I would suggest a clear straight case where the bottles were lined up so you can read the label without having to open the can and pull out each bottle individually. Overall, this is a great product!

  28. Wow. Really fast shipping. review by Linnett

    I placed my order on Tuesday morning and received notice that afternoon it was shipped. The order was in my hands by Wednesday afternoon. I didn't use the fastest shipping option either. Amazing! I have only had the chance to try Midnight Apple but am very pleased with it. The flavor is strong enough to actually test. I didn't realize what I had been missing with the other brands of e-juice I had been using. I will be placing future orders and really looking forward to the other flavors. The only improvement I could suggest is to add the option of building your own sampler kit. Keep up the great work!

  29. Great way to select your favorite review by joseph

    All the flavors in this pack were good but some were better than others. I settled on Tribeca and Longhorn as the fluids to buy in bulk. If I had not started with the sample pack I would have wasted a lot of money just trying things out. I did use all the flavors that came in this pack and then reordered my favorites in bulk. Oh and it comes in a cool container that I now use for my tanks and chargers.

  30. taste the rainbow review by jackson

    I liked them all and it helped me find which ones I liked the best.

  31. Love the Variety! review by Mere

    I love the sample pack options. This is the best way to be able to sample all the flavors without being forced to purchase any flavor in a large bottle or quantity.

  32. Good variety of flavor review by Jared

    This sample pack of tobacco flavors has some good stuff in it... Tribeca has sweet flavors of vanilla and caramel aftertaste, Torque 56 is a slight taste of a real cigarette, and Turkish Tobacco has a nice spice taste to it... The rest is pretty good too but the 3 I mentioned are my favorite of the pack... It has a good value too! All together 42ml of juice, plus the free 10ml bottle of juice that halo gives away for free with orders over $20 so cant go wrong with 52ml's total of juice and variety of flavors for the price of $25...

  33. Great way to try various flavors review by Tracy

    I'm new to e-cigs/vaping and to Halo, but after a rather disastrous intro to e-cigs via another company. I'm so hooked, sold, over the moon about Halo!! I'm actually quite shocked--since getting my Halo. I got my G6 starter kit with Torque 56 and and extra bottle of Turkish Tobacco (just in case) about a week and a half ago. I wasn't sure based on reviews which one to get, so I got them both. I love love loved the Torque. However, I got it anyway because I wanted to try the other flavors before "committing" to a large bottle. All I can say is wow!! I actually like all of the flavors to some degree (even though I won't order more of the Turkish, I'm not throwing it away, either; I'll vape it, so it can't be that bad, I just like other flavors better.). My favorite is definitely--or almost definitely--the Prime 15.(or maybe the Torque) The Longhorn is a bit too . . . masculine. The Midnight Apple is interesting to me but I'm not really sure if I like it. I am intrigued by it because it's quite nice. I guess I was expecting it to be more sweet or something, I'm not sure. (Also, again, I'm new to this e-cig thing, so maybe I just don't appreciate non-tobacco-only flavors yet). In my opinion, the Tribeca is very similar to the Turkish, which I am not crazy in love with but that may be due to my taste buds not having kicked back in. Over all, I would definitely buy this sampler if I had it to do over again because it's a great way to try the different tobacco flavors before ordering the one (or ones!) that you really like. I'll be ordering Prime, Torque, and maybe another one from this sampler . . . with the same order that includes the Gourmet sampler. Though I have to add that I do think it would be better if we could choose which flavors to include in the sampler. I would have skipped the apple one for a chance to try the Freedom, Southern, or Voodoo. This is a great deal and a wonderful introduction to e-liquids (vs. pre-filled) as well as the various flavors. Thanks Halo!!!

  34. Amazing taste and excellent option review by Zachary

    This is one of the best things I have ever found. One you get a bunch of different flavors to try and an excellent price. I think I will order more of these!

  35. nice review by alexandre

    A very good way to try different flavors at a low cost ... If you like to try flavors before buying a 30 ml this is the way to go. Thanks Halo;-) Happy Customer

  36. A great selection review by Kate

    This was my first liquid purchase when I bought my starter kit back in March (happily vaping ever since)! It's a great way to learn the different flavors and try your hand at some flavor mixing.

  37. Wow... review by David

    This is THE first sampler pack that I have ever purchased where I enjoyed EVERY flavor in the pack... These flavors are almost unexplainable. They are so complex and smooth. Some flavors are almost even aquired- I found after filling a carto and trying it, I didn't enjoy it so much. Then the next day, I tried it again after vaping on Midnight Apple the entire night. I found myself enjoying the flavor that I didnt like the day before a LOT! I can't even say which flavor I like the bes.t I think they are all absolutely delicious. They are also presented in a really cool metal tin can case! The case is handy because I can keep all the sampler bottles in one place, right on my desk, while the ones I'm not using can also steep inside of it at the same time. Great work Halo, I will be back for more ;)

  38. Good sample pack to start vaping with review by Brandon

    This is a great sampler of tobacco flavors to start vaping with. It had a nice variety of high quality e liquid flavors. They are great if you want tobacco flavors. They give a nice amount of vapor with clean flavor.

  39. Elik Anoa'i review by El

    This is one of the 3 variety samplers that I received with my first order of the Triton Tanks system starter kit. You get 42 ml of e juice for just $24.99... amazing bargain and the best value offered by Halo, hands down! I first sampled Tribeca, which is for now my ADV. I liked just about every liquid in this sampler, with Longhorn coming in last. I love the beautiful tins Halo uses to package their variety samplers. Well done Halo. I also must say this- Halo did a phenomenal job in selecting the best tasting flavors for each category of e liquid that's included in every variety sampler tin. I highly recommend that you purchase a variety sampler tin with your initial purchase of the Halo Triton or G6 starter kits.

  40. Great start review by Amanda

    I bought this to try out the different flavors and loved the price. It's hard to find sample packs with this many options for this much. Definitely loved the Midnight Apple the most!

  41. great way to explore your options review by Stephen

    It is nice to be able to try different flavors without buying large quantities. I liked all of them, but fell in love with the Tribeca. Everyone is different,so do not take this as a recommendation to avoid the other flavors. I enjoyed all of the samples, and this helped me to find what works for me.

  42. Great Flavors review by David

    I tried this before settling on the E Liquids I wanted on a regular basis. This pack contains just the right amount of each to vape prior to making a decision. If you are looking for a great variety, try this sampler pack. None of the flavors were a disappointment.

  43. Too harsh for me... review by Frances

    I had previously tried the Gourmet pack & since I had success with that I thought I'd try the Tobacco Flavors. I had only been "Vaping" for approximately a month & thought I'd try something similar to a real cigarette, as I had been a smoker 40+ years. However, the only two Flavors that appealed to my tastes were Tribeca & Midnight Apple, with the Midnight Apple being my favorite!! Saying that, I believe I will be purchasing the 30 ml bottle next! All the other tobacco flavors were too harsh for me.

  44. love being able to sample without having to commit to big bottles, wonderful presentation ! review by Veronica

    At first I jumped right in and purchased a big bottle of the Freedom Juice and wasn't sure if I liked it at first. It took a quarter of the tank and I was in LOVE with it !! I really prefer the tobacco flavors, and tend to be a creature of habit, so I thought I would stick with the Freedom Juice. Given all the wonderful experiences I've had thus far with all the Halo products, I got the Tobacco sample pack. As with all the Halo products it came in a beautiful presentation and just enough of all the flavors to pick your favorites, and so far I've not come across one I didn't like ! ! ahh decisions decisions

  45. TRIBECA ROCKS HARD! review by DJ

    I am fairly new to vaping but have been purchasing e-juice for about 6 months through our local smoke shops etc. I got my gourmet and tobacco sample packages today. I ran to the post office because they close early on Saturday. I just poured 2ml of Tribeca because of the reviews. I wish I could vape that thing in my sleep! It is that good!

  46. Loved this as a starting point! review by Bryan

    I really like the fact that as a new person to vaping the idea of a sample pack to start off and see what I like. The tin it comes with is great as well found it works nicely as a night stand container. The only thing I wish you could do is choose between the flavors you can get, but again it's just a nice option when getting started. So enjoy the samples and the cool tin they come in.

  47. plain, yum and spicy... all here review by Brian

    I am going to start off with the 1 bad thing..... Halo has more tobacco juices you need to try than are available in a sample packs. I hope someday they "fix" this and offer tobacco sample pack part 1 and part 2, or something like that.

    Now on to the show! This is a very great way to try out the different types of tobacco flavorings if you are new to vaping and new to Halo. You have your "traditional" tobacco flavors like Prime and Long Horn, and your sweet-ish ones like midnight apple. With stops in between.

    If you are only getting the tobacco sample pack, and not planning on ordering the variety, gourmet or menthol ones, do yourself a favor and consider adding on to your order of the tobacco sample pack 7ml bottles of Voodoo, Southern Comfort, Captain Jack and HX3. Adding those 4 and the 6 that come in this tin, covers what in my opinion is all the MUST TRY flavors in the tobacco family.

  48. Excellent choice! review by Esteban

    After trying several e-cigs I heard about Halo juices and decided to give it a try. On the first day upon arrival I knew these were meant to be my only choice from now on, delicious flavors and excellent quality make these juices the best buy for anyone. OUTSTANDING JOB HALO!!!

  49. Love this set! review by Leilana

    This is a great way to figure out which flavor is your favorite! Tribecca is mine! Absolutely love the tin that the sampler pack comes in!

  50. Good start review by H

    Halo was one of the first e-cigarette companies I bought from and the tobacco sample pack was an excellent introduction to the flavors that Halo provided. With a great price and cool packaging, the small bottles provided a beneficial sample size, enough to get a gauge of the flavors I enjoyed.

  51. ok but good review by philly

    Didn't care much for any of the tobacco flavors except one. I did however find one of my ADV in the sample pack TRIBECA. Pretty good stuff. the rest were very bold flavors. not my personal liking. The midnight apple was somewhat bearable but cant get it out of the tank. All the rest taste as described if you like Turkish tobacco or deep cigar flavor the other exotic blends. The products and label content and packaging are top notch however.

  52. Good tobacco flavors review by Don

    In this tobacco pack you will find some great tobacco flavors. If you want a nice and strong taste, then this pack is for you. If your looking for a more soothing and relaxing vape, then you should probably choose something else. But if your like me and want to really taste your e-liquid then this pack is for you. Prime 15 was my favorite flavor because it really had an authentic taste with a sweet flavor. These tobacco flavors are also great for mixing with some gourmet flavors as well. Before your going to pick up a 30ml of tobacco flavor, i recommend trying this pack out to see what your favorites are. Very useful and excellent flavors.

  53. Great with starter kits review by Jon

    Being new to vaping and to Halo E-liquids, I'm very glad I got this Pack with the Triton starter kit. The 7ml bottles are well packaged in a nice tin case. I enjoyed 3 out of the 6 flavors and will be moving up to the large bottles of my favorites.

  54. Good Variety review by Chad

    First off, the tin is a good quality and looks great. Great packaging and a good mix of different flavors. I found some I totally didn't like and some were very good. Would recommend for someone that doesn't know what flavor to get.

  55. just got and review by jarret

    Like 3 out 6 soo well worth getting b4 you buy bulk.

  56. Absolutely Great review by Eric

    I just cannot express how amazingly paired all these are. There was not a single one of these flavors that I did not like. I have since ordered a whole slew of them in the full 30 ml size but I think I might order another sampler just to have them all nice and portable again.

  57. Good selection review by james

    Good flavors and nice little storage tin. The only problem I am having is deciding which flavor I like the most so I can order more, maybe I will just order more of these FTW.

  58. A must buy!! review by David

    This sample pack is a fantastic way new as well as experienced vapers to try several of Halo's fantastic flavors!! I ordered this with a Triton starter
    Kit and couldn't be more pleased with both of them. The Midnight Apple, Turkish Tobacco and Tribeca are the only ones that I've sampled so far because they're all so amazing, I haven't moved on to another flavor until I finished each one completely!! Trust me: you WILL NOT be disappointed when you receive this amazing selection perfectly and beautifully packaged in the tin Halo provides!! Time to order some big bottles soon! Two thumbs way up Halo, I'm hooked!!

  59. Great way to experiment review by Pamela

    I ordered the tobacco pack which I found was a great way to try different flavors. The variety pack flavors are all different and I found that my favorite is the Turkish. I can honestly say all of the flavors are good and the quality is amazing. I also ordered the purity which is amazingly useful. Now I think I am going to experiment with the gourmet pack. What I would love for Halo to offer would be a custom variety pack were I could pick the flavors to be included as it would be more cost effective. Halo makes the best juice and I look forward to new flavors.

  60. great flavors! review by tokenvapor

    These are without a doubt my favorite flavors all in one pack. Great throat hit, fantastic vapor production! Easy way to find out your new favorites.

  61. great option for new halo customers review by Sheree

    After watching/reading tons of reviews I learned that the flavor was going to be the hardest choices for me to make. This was a wonderful start so I could personally decide what I liked. I purchased this and 2 other sample packs. My favorite out of this sample was HX3. I loved the realistic tobacco taste I got from it with a mild minty hint. As mentioned before, I love menthol so I tried mixing in different menthol's from my other sample pack and found my perfect mix , 3 parts HX3 to 1 Part Mystic. Just ordered the large bottled of both today.

  62. Great Buy review by Curtis

    I wasn't sure which flavor to get but now I have tried about all of them and love them. Still not sure which flavor I am going to stick with yet. I am going to order another sample pack then choose which one from there.

  63. Top notch review by Rawdflow

    Great presentation, best way to chose, just enough to get the craving to get more, torque56 is my flavor! Again this is the best in terms of quality, looks, taste and price!

  64. Awesome!!! review by Austen

    Love this pack my favorite is the midnight apple!! definitely worth the 25 bucks!!

  65. Best way review by BRUNO

    This is the best way to try all the tobacco flavors that Halo is so well known for. With 6 bottles of 7 mL, it gives you enough time to go get a 30 mL of your favorite juice without running out of vape. The hard part is to choose one to be your favorite among so many great options.

  66. Nice review by Herbert

    I haven't tried the selection yet, but the presentation in the tin is fantastic! Thumbs up to Halo once again!

  67. Refreshingly different... review by Tim

    I just loaded up a tank of Torque for the first time. I read the first few pages of reviews, and I must agree my first impression is "waffles with syrup", with a slight hint of mint. I personally don't enjoy the non-tobacco flavors, but this is (so far) is an extremely enjoyable departure.

  68. Hard to pick... review by Tim

    I bought this in conjunction with several G6 tanks as my first foray away from prefilled cartomizers. After sampling each flavor a few times, I find it impossible to choose a favorite. Just when I think I found one, I change my mind. The good news is they are all good. For me, there isn't any one flavor in the pack that I didn't like or that I said "this one is no good". I'm not a fan of the "Gourmet" flavors, and not one of these has any distinct "fruity/sweet" taste, while at the same time they are all consistently smooth and flavorful. I recommend highly.

  69. Great way to try flavors! review by Kimberly A.

    If you're not sure if you will like a certain flavor this is a great way to see what you like without buying the 30 ml. bottle. I have tried most already and love them but there were 2 I hadn't tried yet and wasn't ready to commit to a big bottle. Well they are great especially the Longhorn. So now I know 30 ml. bottles of Longhorn will be on my list. I also like the creative packaging in the tin. I am very pleased that I ordered the Tobacco Sampler.

  70. Great to have variety! review by Brandon

    I have really enjoyed the variety and the thought of "What do I wan to have today?" This has been a great way for me to discover the flavours I like and the ones I don't. Great buy for one starting out!!

  71. Really great value review by Scottie

    I'm the type that really likes a large variety when vaping. There are so many flavors offered by Halo and this is a great way to start. I prefer the G6 type batteries and cartridges. The cartridges are easily refilled with their liquids for a fraction of the cost of a pack of cigarettes. I find the flavors I like most and ordered the larger bottles of each

  72. Great way to try them all! review by Jeremy

    I didn't care for every flavor but it was a great way to try them all. Plus the neat tin that they come in is a very handy storage solution for all your little parts. Thanks to this sampler I found Tribeca! Thanks Halo!

  73. Great review by Daniel

    It was great to try them all. I also have to take a min to praise halo on their packaging the price is right and the packaging is very nice. I enjoyed all the flavors. Longhorn definitely my favorite. I would probably order this again because it gives me the chance to not be committed to a big bottle and I can change day to day what I Vape. Keep up the quality and I will be a forever customer.

  74. Awesome variety review by Eric

    I must say there wasn't one flavor in this assortment that I would pass on. Stand outs for me were Tribeca and Turkish tobacco but all are outstanding. I can see myself ordering one of these sample packs with each of my juice orders considering the great value and the fact that all the juices are wins.

  75. need more samples review by tony

    A great way to zero in on the flavors you like, but need to include all of them or set up a way you could pick and choose the flavors you would like to try.

  76. Great Sample! review by Jason

    I've only been vaping a couple of weeks and I'm still trying to find the right flavors for me. The sample packs are not only a great way to find a personal favorite e-liquid, but to also get the best price per ml.
    I enjoyed all the flavors, however I was blown away by the flavor and throat hit of midnight apple. I also had to buy a larger bottle of longhorn after unexpectedly loving how similar the favor was to the wrapping on a sweetened unlit cigar. I have two new flavors. Thanks a bunch.

  77. 5 Star Value review by Dave

    This sampler is hard to beat for the price and provides a multitude of vaping choices. The most difficult part is choosing which flavor to savor. You can't go wrong with this choice as there is something for everyone.

  78. The Right Choice for non-menthol users review by Derek

    My first order included the Variety Sample pack which had some really good flavors in it where as the "menthol" flavored ones turned out not to be used up right away. So this time I got the Tobacco Sample Pack and ALL of the flavors are really enjoyable not to mention is a better value (cost/ per ml) than buying them individually.

  79. Tobacco Mix review by Michael

    The Tobacco E-liquid Sample Pack includes Halo's top six tobacco vapes. It's an excellent way to find your favorite flavor at a totally reasonable price. Definitely recommend this sample pack!

  80. Good Deal! review by Michael

    What a great deal on this Tobacco sample pack. Six bottles for less than the price of five. Also comes in a very nice tin for storing. I will be getting my moneys worth out of this. I liked all of the tobacco flavors, so none will go to waste. Out of the six flavors, Tribeca has got my vote as the favorite. Looks like I will be ordering a big bottle of that. Already waiting delivery on the Gourmet sample pack.

  81. Great value! Great juices! review by V

    Getting this sampler was the ideal choice for me. I'm new to vaping and trying to find juices I like. Even though I had already sampled two of the juices in the pack (loved on, hated the other), to sample the rest individually would have cost just as much if not more. It's a pretty good value for another bottle of the juice I really like, got to try other flavors and it all came in this great little tin to neatly store my samplers in. While I initially thought it would be nice to pick which flavors went into the pack, I no longer think so. The one juice that is my favorite of the sampler is one that I wouldn't have chosen to try.

  82. great samples, ill get again review by bill

    If you mix a little apple in one you find harsh it makes a better taste.

  83. great way to try a variety of flavors review by Gene

    I purchased the tobacco sample pack with my Triton system.

    I really like the can that it came in. I use it to store my Triton Tanks and Batteries at home.

    This is a great way to try all of the flavors to find the one that is "best" for your taste.

    I found that I really enjoyed the Midnight Apple, Tribeca, Longhorn and Turkish Tobacco. They each had a unique flavor.

  84. Best Value for someone new to Halo or looking to Try new eliquid review by robert

    Sample Packs are the cornerstone of the eliquid industry. Flavor is so entirely subjective that when buying from a liquid maker you haven't tried before, I can't imagine buying anything other than a sample pack or two.

    I'm a fan of tobacco flavors, so I got this one as one of my first Halo purchases to find out which flavors I like best. It does exactly that job. Found my favs and now just purchase those directly.

    Along the way I got to try a few that I don't like quite as much but since I have a little left after trying them, I can give them a go after they steep a bit or vape them forward to another vaper.

    When it comes to this specific pack, I'd be surprised if any tobacco flavor enthusiast can't find a few they really enjoy in here. Give it a try. There's a good chance a new All Day Vape awaits your discovery.

  85. Great way to find what you like review by Traci

    The sample packs are a GREAT way to sample multiple flavors to find out what you like best. Once you have determined your favorites, then you are ready to order the larger bottles. I liked the Tribeca and Longhorn best! Thanks for offering these sample packs, Halo!

  86. Awesome sample pack review by Nicholas

    I absolutely loved this tobacco sampler from Halo. It comes in a nice tin, with firm foam to hold everything in place, and there is a secret seventh hole in the foam that is perfect for using as a stand for your Triton or G6. I read bad reviews from people saying they didn't like this flavor or that flavor, that is the point of the sample pack. You get to try 6 different flavors in small quantities without feeling like you broke the bank. It is perfect for gauging what flavors you like and which you don't

  87. You get more! review by Daniel

    I love the sampler packs because I'm a variety sort of guy. I like just about every food on the planet (no joke, I can't think of a food I don't like), so same comes for tobacco. Sometimes I like menthol, other times I enjoy tobacco. This sampler is a great variety and the total combined .ml is 12ml. more than just getting the big 30ml vile. for about 5 bucks more (almost two extra 7ml viles). This is usually what I go with and it lasts me about 1.5 months or more depending on use. I usually vape on weekday nights for 1-2 hrs (1 or more mini tanks) and throughout the day one weekends to give you an idea. Good deal! Shipping is cheap and arrives in less than 5 days usually.

  88. Great pack, but lacks some range of flavor review by M

    Like the menthol pack, this is a great way to get a sense of the different tobacco flavors to find your sweet spot at a lesser cost per milliliter, when for a lot of people they'll be leaving some unfinished bottles. The bad news is that the range isn't that broad. This doesn't include Tiki, Voodoo (arguably one of their best liquids), Captain Jack, Freedom Juice, Southern Classic or HX3. My hunch is this is less of a greatest hits and more of a "these were the flavors we had when we ordered the pack," so it's probably time for a second sample pack or a remixing of the current. On another good note, at least they aren't including Kringle's Curse in it like every single other pack.

  89. Awesome Flavors review by Kelly

    I purchased this sample pack along with my starter kit because I was unsure of the flavors I would like. All the flavors in this variety pack are great. Prime 15 seems to have a hint of chocolate undertones and the LongHorn flavor does seem to taste slightly like a cigar just like the info mentions. The Midnight Apple is also fantastic and is not overpowering. This is a great sample pack to get your feet wet and figure out which flavors you enjoy the most before you buy the larger sizes.

  90. Great value review by katzen125

    My husband favors the more traditional tobacco flavors for vaping, so I decided to buy this sample pack for him. So far, each one has been a hit with both of us. What impressed me just as much as the variety of flavors is the value. A total of 42ml for less than $25. Each bottle is enough for both of us to fill our Kanger ProTank IIs (approx. 2.5ml) with a bit left over for topping off. The packaging for the sample pack is excellent--a really nice reusable tin with firm foam material to keep everything in place. Excellent product.

  91. Great sampler review by steve

    This was a very good experience. I ended up loving 2 of these eliquids, liking 3, and there's only 1 that I don't plan on finishing. All were of the highest quality and it let me try half of Halo's tobacco selection at a great price and without having to buy a large amount that I'm not even sure I'll like. The only reason it's not a 5 star in my opinion is you can't choose which to sample and there are definitely more that sound great! If your in to trying new flavors (especially new vapers) you can not go wrong here. 4.5 stars if I could.

  92. Wonderful Sample review by Josh

    This is a great way to test out the flavors. It comes in a nice tin can which makes the purchase a little more satisfying. I have tested almost all of the flavors that came in it, and so far am pleased. By far the best way to test the flavors for a great price. I only wish you could build a sample pack but you guys have please me 100% so far so I can't complain.

  93. great sample pack ! review by Roger

    The Halo sample pack is a great way to find out what you like without spending a lot of cash on big bottles you do not know if you will even like.

    I will admit i didn't like all the tobacco flavors but I did find an all day vape! Tribeca! Plus a few others I really like, like torque and prime, so I am rating this as 5 stars because all of the flavors regardless of whether I liked them or not, were spot on with there description! And that is a hard thing to come by regarding e juice descriptions!

    If you're into high end tobacco vapes I recommend this sample pack from Halo ! I can guarantee you will find a vape you like and maybe even an ADV like I did!!!

  94. Tobacco Sample Pack review by Wheezal

    If you need to find a flavor that most resembles the familiar traditional analogue cigarette experience, this pack is a must-have. A mix of 6 incredibly high quality juices that resemble some of the finest tobacco flavors in the industry.

    It's a perfect gateway into learning about ones own taste preferences before moving on to full bottles.

  95. Try it Mike... you'll like it! :) review by John F.

    When I switched over to Halo products from Blu, I really didn't know what flavors to order. I know I tend to enjoy more of the "flavored" juices, but being that Halo has such an awesome reputation for producing quality products, I didn't not want to try the tobacco flavors. So, I ordered one of these packs so I could try all of them. And, I didn't care for all of them, but NONE of them were what I would call bad at all. Getting something like this allows you to get a great sampling of everything they have to offer and to help you decide what you really want to invest more money in BEFORE you go buy a 30 ml bottle of something that you really don't care for. As far as the value for the money, you just can't beat this!

  96. My brother loves it! review by Vincent

    "The flavors are awesome!" bought this pack for my brothers' Christmas present, and he's obsessed. so far he's tried 3 flavors and loves them all I personally like the apple one, smells like a apple wood black n mild to me.

    Anyhow keep up the good work HALO!

  97. Best Investment for a Starter! review by Nihil

    I got to taste all the flavors and it really helped me know what I want to reorder and what I am going to not. Also helped me find out what is good quality versus what is available. I forgot to reorder in time so I had to buy a cheap no-name brand. There is no comparison. Halo>anything you will find at your local vape store.If you're new to e-cigs and Halo, order this without question.

  98. A beginner's must review by Larry

    When I first ordered my Halo Ecigarette, I was clueless as to where to begin. So many flavors and choices, all I really knew was that I wanted something that had the same sensation and taste as the cigarettes. I had reservations about flavors and just wanted something similar to Marboro Reds. I was quickly surprised with each sample I tried, became won over one by one. If you are new, like I was, you need to order the sample pack to see which ones you prefer. I thought I would really be a Longhorn flavor man, but found it was actually too strong. In fact, I thought I would hate the Midnight Apple, but found that I love its sweet taste and the smooth throat hit. Order this to see what you like and you won’t be disappointed.

  99. Great Introduction review by Cyndi

    We ordered this sample pack to begin with when we first became Halo customers. It was just what we needed to decide to dump the other companies and go strictly with Halo. The fact that Halo liquids are American made is an absolute plus. The Chinese manufactured liquids have been known to contain harmful chemicals and we were looking for a great American made liquid. We found it at Halo. Thanks for offering a great product!

  100. love the sample packs! review by Libby

    These sample packs are great for people like me that tend to stick with their "normal" flavors. Before getting this pack, I would have never even tried the "Midnight Apple" because I had always gone for the typical tobacco flavors that made me think I was actually smoking. After trying this, though, I have to say that "midnight apple" is now my new favorite! These sample packs are the way to go, you get a lot of liquid for a good price!

  101. Best sample pack ever! review by James

    I have purchased both the gourmet sample pack and this one. I must say that the tobacco sampler is the best one I ever tried! Halo is renowned for their tobacco flavors, and now I understand why! All the flavors are smooth and flavorful. The tobacco tastes so natural; many of the tobacco flavors from other vendors taste so artificial and gross. Halo definitely has the flavor, throat hit, and vapor thickness that is perfect in their tobacco line! You have to try this!

  102. Well rounded line up review by Douglas

    Was very impressed with Halo's smoke juice... well balanced variety pack. Great vapor and throat hit even in a low nicotine selection (I chose 6mg).

    Torque56 was my favorite. Will be ordering more of this, just in a bigger bottle.

  103. Great Idea and price review by Todd

    I like the fact that there are so many flavors, not really close in taste to each other so you can get a real noticeable difference in the flavor itself.

    Another Awesome job by the Halo Team!!!! (Wish I was part of Team Halo!!!)

  104. Wish ' I ' could have chosen review by LVE

    I got the tobacco sampler – really liked the tin, and actually would be nice if Halo offered it as an accessory. But - wish Halo would let YOU choose which 6 of the 12 tobacco flavors YOU want to sample. Most likely, you would be basing your choice on descriptions & reviews, but at least it would be ‘your’ choice. And, when you order a Starter Kit – you choose a flavor most likely (based on reviews, etc) to be enjoyable to you. If you order a Sampler to go along with it (common practice) you may want 6 ‘other’ (different) flavors – not including the one you chose for the Starter. And, I’m not sure why Halo includes Midnight Apple in the Tobacco Sampler when there are other more ‘tobacco-y’ flavors available. It may be just fantastic – and maybe someday I will try it (when I feel like smoking an apple) – but right now, I just wanted tobacco in my Tobacco Sampler. Rating a strong 3 – great little tin, 6 flavors ‘would have been’ a good variety, 7ml is a good size to try right away and enough to let steep or set aside for later, and a good price for what you get – but do not like that I could not pick which flavors I wanted to sample (as a lot of other places do). I would have definitely chosen differently.

  105. I Liked a few flavors review by MaxKill

    I really Like the Midnight Apple and Tribeca flavors, they have a very nice flavor that is not overpowering. Nice smooth throat hits, not to the point of coughing like the Torque and Prime. Longhorn was way to sweet for me as I can only handle one hit and have to put it down. All in all I ended up ordering a big bottle of the midnight apple and tribeca. Also the turkish tobacco was ok not bad just not an every day all day vape.

  106. Great way to find out what you like review by Anthony

    I got the tobacco sample pack and was pleasantly surprised by what I got. it comes in a tin...which now acts as a holder for my triton and spare tanks. I did like some of the liquids better than others but did not dislike any of them.

    The liquids did benefit from some steeping, especially the midnight apple. Torque 56 and Tribecca ended up being my favorites out of the lot but I would vape any of them and based on what the wife vapes, these liquids are in a different league. I will continue to buy these liquids in the future.

  107. Holly Flavor! review by joshua

    Was amazed at the full body of all the favors. And the throat hit was kickin. I'm in love with the longhorn.

    First hit of the TriBeCa blew my mind.

  108. Great variety! review by Spatch

    I really enjoyed all the flavors of this sample pack. This was my first purchase from Halo and their tobacco flavors are top notch. Will order again.

  109. Great Value! review by Daniel

    I like ordering these sample packs because it is nice to change it up every now and again. I just ordered the Tobacco Sample Pack and so far everything is great. Very fast shipping both experiences I've had with Halo. Torque56 was the first flavor I pulled out of the mystery tin and enjoyed it very much. Closest flavor to pure tobacco that I've tried. I plan on ordering more.

  110. Not a fan of tobacco review by Wil

    Even though I'm not a fan of tobacco, I found some of the flavors in the tobacco sample pack to be very tasteful. Especially the Tribeca and Midnight Apple. The Midnight Apple goes great mixed with any of the menthols. I had to come back to order me the Midnight Apple one. I found the Prime 15 and Torque to be pretty harsh. Mixing those with other samples made it more tolerable.

    Overall, the sample pack did its purpose in letting me try out all the different flavors this site has to offer in the tobacco department and I found what I was looking for in this sample pack.

  111. Great sample pack review by Eric

    When I was new to vaping, this sample pack was a great starter. Overall pretty good with some interesting flavors. I wasn't into the fruity flavors all my friends were so this sampler was perfect. Through this sampler I found my daily vape to this day, Tribeca. I still occasionally vape Midnight Apple and Longhorn also which I also found through this sampler. Prime 15 wasn't for me, but it seems to be very popular among halo lovers.

  112. a great way to get into vaping review by William

    This is a great way for new vapers or anyone new to halo e liquid to just have a few different things to try. I found my all day vape in this and a few other good flavors. I loved midnight apple and torque 56.

  113. awesome review by crystal

    This sample pack is awesome. I loved every flavor in the pack!!

  114. Excellent way to try different flavors review by Shannon

    This sample pack is excellent. I really enjoyed every one of these flavors. I wish Halo would make a second tobacco sample pack with the other 6 tobacco flavors. I was super impressed with the quality of this pack, and all it's offered flavors. Longhorn is my favorite, followed by Torque56. I really liked all the flavors though. Glad I found Halo, and am honored to say I'm now a loyal customer. I did order a small bottle of cafe mocha with this sample pack, it was pretty good. Every flavor in this pack is of great quality, great throat hit, vapor and most of all taste. It's weird that I love longhorn like I do, cause as a former smoker, I never really liked smoking cigars. However, longhorn is not harsh at all, but instead like a sweet-n-spicy type tobacco. I did try the turkish tobacco first in this pack, and I liked it. I find it strange that every flavor I tried so far from halo are very good. I say it's strange because of the quality, which is superb. I highly recommend halo to anyone looking for great tasting high quality juice. I just ordered a Triton starter kit last night, so expect my review on that. Please don't change a thing of your current line up Halo, if you make any changes just add more instead of making changing to your wonderful and delicious juices. Thank you for making a great products.

  115. Best of the lot review by Naseeruddin

    Each one of the six samples included in this pack is a winner in it's own right. Up front I had a few favorites and 1 or 2 which I did not fancy. But as time goes by, you will be pleasantly surprised as to how these juices grow on you.Tribeca is my favorite is the pack, but interestingly, I cannot seem to decide my least favorite among the other 5.
    All sample packs sell for the same price of 24.99 for 42ml total. The30ml bottle of any flavor costs 19.99. This is the sample pack you WILL want to buy again and again because you get more juice for the same price point. I initially bought two of these, and plan to buy more.The best sample pack.

  116. "Ol Smoke.. review by Benjamin

    This was my first sample variety-pack. I chose this because I was looking for a blend of cigar and cigarette flavors. I enjoy Turkish Tobacco, Longhorn and Tribeca E-liquids by themselves or blended in various combos at various ratios. These flavors, in my opinion, are the best out of the sampler. Torque56, Midnight Apple, Prime15, E-liquids are a good change up from the "more cigar likeness" of the other three. However, with the variety available from Halo, I have found that these flavors get used as hold-overs as my new orders arrive.

  117. Awesome review by Cam

    This is by far the best way to figure out which flavors are your favorite. It is cost affective, and you get a wonderful little Halo tin with it!

    The tin is actually perfect, though. It comes with a bottom piece of foam padding with holes for each of the 7ml bottles. This is great for keeping up with those tiny bottles, particularly during transportation.

    Lastly, I am 99% sure that you'll find Tribeca to be your favorite. Order a 30ml bottle with your tin ;)

  118. Go Ahead, You Have to Try These! review by DaveOno

    Bought the Triton kit, the tobacco samples, a Belgian Cocoa, plus 2 extra tanks. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Other juices are like a snow cone with some added flavor. Not Halo! These juices are thick, complex, multi-level, rich. It takes more than a few toots to realize the depth of flavor. You might like all 6 flavors, but it's ok if you don't. In order best to least, Torque56, Tribeca, Prime, Longhorn, MidniteApple, Turkish. I'll reorder the top 4, if not just getting another sample pack! Not that midnight or turkish was bad, others rave about them, just not my cup o tea. Halo should offer a package of the Triton kit and a sample pack as a special Newbie offer. You just can't go wrong with this pack. Vape On!

  119. Nice selection and great flavors! review by Sammy Mok

    Wow! It's simply WOW! The Halo tobacco tastes were amazing - truly one of the best and most cig-like tobacco flavors around. I want to recommend this sampler pack to everyone! The problem with selecting a taste for your daily vape is that there are so many options. With this sample pack, inside it's high-quality case, you can taste all of the different flavors available! I spent the entire day enjoying all the different flavors. Advice - separate the blank cartomizers according to the e-liquid that you used. That way, the taste will not be affected and you can taste it fresh and tell the difference between the flavors.

  120. Sample Packs are a Must review by Bob C.

    I bought the tobacco sample pack with my Triton System and have enjoyed trying the six different flavors included. I've narrowed down my preferences, ordered 7ml bottles of the Freedom Juice and Captain Jack to try them, but eventually I will purchase the 30ml bottles to save even more money. In the long run, I will save a substantial amount of money using the Triton System with the 30ml E-Liquids.

  121. Excellent variety to find your flavor! review by Rob

    This sample pack is an excellent way to find what your preferred flavors are. The pack comes with 6 tobacco flavors (7ML bottles), and is packed in a very nice tin that is excellent for steeping juices! The presentation of the package is outstanding and reflects the quality of the companies products. I have just about finished all of my samples and am going to be ordering a few of them for sure! To sum it up, this is a great value and an excellent way to sample several of the tobacco liquids, instead of having to buy 30ML bottles of each flavor. Excellent product!

  122. Well Picked Samples review by Daniel

    Ordered this sample pack in my first order. All of them have been used in my Triton tank. I liked all of the flavors in the sampler except the Longhorn. It was just not all that good in my opinion. The different flavors in this pack are definitely meant to allow the buyer to explore different flavor profiles. Halo accomplished this perfectly. Each liquid carries it's own specific blend of sweetness/bitterness, varying throat hit and of course, flavor. I have to say the Torque 56 and Tribeca were definite favorites. Loved the adventure that arrived in this tin! I would recommend this sampler to ANYONE who is either scared or confused about which flavor to buy. This can help you make an informed decision. Vape On!

  123. Value Value Value! review by Steve

    If you're new to vaping and get intimidated with all of the flavor choices out there, this is definitely the best value you are going to find anywhere. Thanks to this pack I know exactly what flavors to invest in and what kinds will suit my tastes best. You get a little bit of everything with this pack- Longhorn reminds me the most of the robust tobacco cigs while Torque56 reminds me why I love vaping so much. Tribeca and Prime15 are my two favorites, I've been alternating with these flavors since I got the pack and they both keep me hooked. Turkish was not what I expected but that's alright, now I know where to invest my cash. Midnight Apple was and still is the wild card of the pack, a good introduction into flavors that are less tobacco and more unique. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is new to vaping and needs to find a good base starting point to settle on.

  124. Delicious review by Alexander

    Great buy, well worth the twenty bucks. Flavors taste better than anything I have had in the past. Can't wait to try some others. One thing that would be very cool and would justify me buying this again is if it was possible to customize the samples and pick and choose my flavors. Throat hit is dead on, taste is impeccable.

  125. well worth the wait! review by Flynn

    Just so people outside the u.s know I live in new zealand, I ordered the Triton starter pack with the tobacco sample pack and a sample bottle of the Belgian Cocoa. I had it all in 9 days and it's fantastic, if the little e cigs you have tried don't cut it then get this it will surpass your expectations. No problenms with customs either. Thank you Halo, I'm sold.

  126. Sampler review by Daniel

    The tobacco sampler pack has 6 great flavors to try out before you commit to buying a larger bottle. This is a great way to try your taste buds to the many great flavors Halo has to offer. 42mL for 24.99. You can't beat it! I would definitely consider buying this if you are just starting out with Halo ejuice.

  127. Great Variety of tobacco flavors! review by Nicholas

    For my second order of e-liquid I decided to try the tobacco sampler pack. The gourmet flavors that I got in the Variety pack were not my style so I thought I would see what tobacco flavors Halo had to offer. My two least favorite were Midnight Apple and Longhorn, although they were both good. The Midnight Apple tasted like a jolly rancher to me and the Longhorn was a strong cognac taste, both too sweet for my liking.
    Tribeca is my favorite Halo flavor so far and is smooth enough and tasty enough for an all day vape. Prime15 tasted like a muted Tribeca with hints of chocolate in it. I prefer the Tribeca.

    The two flavors that tasted the most like a real cig were Turkish and Torque56. Turkish is smooth and delicious right out of the bottle and has a taste resemblance to a Camel Light. On the other hand, Torque56 was the strongest tobacco flavor with a serious throat hit. Despite this, neither of these flavors was too harsh to exclude them from an "all day vape" category.

    My next order will be the big bottles of Torque56 and Tribeca, neither of which I would have known about if not for the sample pack. Overall another good mix of what Halo offers.

  128. Great Deal! review by Taha

    I received my tobacco sample pack two days ago and i just made it to try all of the great flavors. For me Prime 15 and Tribeca were both so great, it will be a really hard decision for me to choose one of those two flavors on my next order. It's impossible to tell which is better because they both taste perfect. Turkish Tobacco, Longhorn and Torque56 are also really good but they are not going to be my all day vape but I'm sure there are people who'll fall in love with them, I would've too if i didn't try Tribeca and Prime 15. But I can't say the same thing for Midnight Apple because I just actually don't like the taste of apple. I found it a little bit too sour. But anyways i just think it couldn't be better as a sample pack. I'm sure everyone will find a flavor that just suits his or her taste.

  129. Good Product. review by Doug

    I just got this tobacco sample pack and so far am very pleased. Actually cheaper than buying each one separately. Realize the flavors change after 24 to 48 hours after opening, so I will write a review of each one after thoroughly using them over time. I will say this about the sample pack though. The container is very nice to store them. It is a nice tin and has foam cutouts for each sample bottle. The bottles themselves are quality plastic and have dropper tops that work well when filling the tanks and cartridges. There is plenty enough liquid in each 7ml. bottle to fill the tanks and cartridges several times so you are able to really sample each flavor very well to see if it is for you. I liked that and pleased with the whole kit. Definitely a good product worth the money.

  130. Great Choice for Getting Started review by Dustin

    I ordered the Tobacco Sample Pack along with my G6 Starter Kit, and it's a perfect way to get going and determine which flavors are favorites and which may not be for you. I'm a huge fan of the Prime 15 and the Midnight Apple - I've already ordered a larger bottle of the latter as I enjoyed it so much. The Turkish Tobacco is also excellent and really replicates a true tobacco taste very well. I highly recommend the Sample Pack for first time users of the product.

  131. Awesome for someone new to vaping review by Raymond

    This tobacco sampler pack has all really exceptional e-liquids, and more importantly, it's a great way for someone new to vaping to see what they like. I myself just began vaping and when I ordered the triton starter kit I had no idea what e-liquid to get. The variety pack allowed to me to try a number of different flavors conveniently and economically. I have to say all the flavors in the pack are really good but Tribecca is by far the best. It has an amazing caramel flavor. Its so good that I bought a bottle in a lower nicotine level because i use it every minute of the day. Midnight apple is also awesome and has a slight minty finish. The last flavor I want to comment on is Prime 15 which i recommend for anyone seeking a analog experience. Lastly the pack comes in a really cool tin container with a foam insert that holds all your e-liquid bottles in place. If your new to vaping or to Halo e-liquids and unsure of what flavor to get you can't go wrong with this variety pack.

  132. so worth getting to try Halo's best e juice review by Diandra

    This is a great pack to get to try most of Halo tobacco juices... I already enjoy all of them and plan on getting this again for a new ecig smoker I know..

  133. Excellent choice review by Valerie

    If you don't know which flavor to vape or want a good variety, this is an excellent choice. I'm still trying new flavors out and prefer tobacco flavors. This has worked well in helping me figure out which one isn't too strong or too light, but just right. I would recommend this to anyone.

  134. great product review by larry

    Great product with outstanding flavor and vapor. highly reccomended.

  135. Great review by Samuel

    It was hard choosing a flavor, and a bit hard choosing between a sample pack, but I figured it's best that I try some tobacco flavors to start. I'm pleased with my choice and still have some flavors to try before I decide on a favorite. Very good way to find a flavor you like without purchasing a 30ml bottle right away. Now I'll have to decide which I like best!

  136. nice mix review by Tony

    I only gave this 4/5 stars simply because I don't see how the apple mix fits in with the rest. Aside from that I loved it! Came in a neat tin package, perfectly sized for the 7mL bottles, even had a center hole where I was able to fit in the HX3 that I ordered (which would have gone better with the pack than the apple in my opinion.) Rather your looking for a harsh throat hit, mild throat hit, heavy vapor, lighter vapor, flavor nuisance, strait tobacco taste, this mix is for you! I instantly fell in love with the Tribeca flavor with the Torque 56 and Longhorn coming in a close second/third. Great idea for people new to the brand!

  137. My first sample... review by Timothy

    After having just received my Triton, I decided to try a variety of tobacco flavors to begin with. I have tried all the flavors in this pack, and was pleased with all of them. Tribeca is a must for anyone who prefers regular tobacco flavors. It was my favorite of the bunch. Longhorn was also a great flavor as well. A bit stronger and richer, almost like a full flavor. The Turkish tobacco was nice and sweet, and the Torque and Prime flavors were nice as well. Midnight Apple was good too, but I preferred the others more. Overall, this sample gave me a nice taste of great the Halo products truly are, and I have already told all my vaping friends about it. I am now happy with vaping, as Halo has the best liquids around!

  138. Bought my second sample pack. review by Eduardo

    Got a second sample with lower nicotine and will say this, the flavor is much tastier, more pronounced and you can pick out the different notes. I have been working to reduce the nicotine, while tasting several flavors, and i am very pleased with the flavor difference with low nicotine.

  139. Great and fast delivery review by Jean Nicolas

    Product is fantastic, cute little metal tin packaging, love the Turkish blend and the Midnight Apple. It's a great way to evaluate product. Package arrived within a few days. The only (big) downside is the shipping price, way too high !!!! Please, make it affordable for your Canadian cousins.

  140. Great for starters review by daniel

    All the flavors are great in the sample pack. Anyone that has never ordered any of Halos e-liquids before should try these sample packs first.

  141. GLAD I BOUGHT review by Joseph

    The value of the sample pack made this purchase easy. As a newbie, I simply was not sure what flavors to get, so I ordered this with my starter kit.

    Just reading the descriptions and reviews, I considered getting the three that I figured I would like. As it turned out I only really liked two of those. Out of the three I had not considered, I found one of my favorites, plus one that I like to use once in a while to mix things up.

    Overall a great value for someone who is just starting. A word of advice, besides the extra blank cartomizers you will need, get a couple of tanks.

  142. Great Selection review by Buzz

    This is a really nice selection of flavors to work with. All of them are good, and they run the gamut from mellow to sweeter all the way up to the big tobacco tastes of Longhorn and Torque. If you're trying to figure out what you like, or just trying Halo on for size, this is a great way to get started. Enjoy.

  143. Great Starting Point review by Eric

    The Tobacco Sample Pack is perfect for any user (there is also a menthol pack for menthol lovers). I ordered mine shortly after getting the G6 starter kit, and found this to be a very convenient and affordable way to quickly identify my favorite flavors.

  144. A cost-effective way to try much of the Halo line review by Bill

    It's a no-brainer. Try six flavors inexpensively. The tobacco sample pack has six relatively varied flavors packaged together. Although the 7 ml bottles are inexpensive to begin with, the sample pack is even more cost-effective: currently $25 dollars versus the $36 if purchased separately. (If my math is correct, that's a 25% savings.) Also, the sample pack comes in this cool little tin for storage. It has a foam "seat" inside so that the bottles won't bounce about inside. The foam even has another space (which can be punched out) in order to carry a 7th bottle.
    I would suggest only 2 sales "improvements". Halo should offer a second Tobacco Sampler which provides the other six tobacco flavors that are not included in this pack; and they should also sell the empty tins with the foam so that I can store my other 7 ml bottles (DIY bottles and other flavors that I've purchased separately). Thanks Halo! I love it!

  145. Packed with lots of good eliquids! review by Hans

    Very good package with lots of nice liquids! Great to start discovering Halo! The only thing i disliked about the sample package is that you cannot choose the flavours you want in the package, would be nice if you can choose six of the flavors you want to try out (Therefore the 4 star rating).

  146. First Time E-Liquid user review by Josh

    I have bought disposable e-cigs in the past. This was my first purchase of e-liquid and would recommend Halo to anyone looking to start vaping. I decided to try a sample pack to test out multiple flavors until I find the exact flavor I am looking for. I have found that I enjoyed a lot of them in this pack and tend to vape them at certain times throughout the day depending on my mood.

  147. Great way to try before committing to a lot of one kind of E Liquid review by Bbeebee

    I ordered this with my G6 starter kit and 2 mini tanks. There are so many different liquids, I didn't want to commit to 1 or 2 and a big order right off the bat. I have had WAYYYYYY to much fun trying all the flavors, staying with 1 for a day or 2, then switching to another, going through them all, then back and trying them again to figure out which ones are my favorites. I DO have favorites, and a couple that at first I didn't like so much but then on the second try ended up loving. Maybe they needed to settle out and mellow a bit, maybe we just needed more time to get to know each other. I would strongly suggest ordering this and a couple mini tanks with your starter kit if you can. I did order a small bottle of Freedom Juice based on how others reviewed it, GLAD I did. It is either my first or second favorite. I wish that the starter had of come with that instead of the midnight apple. It is good and all, but I was going for straight up tobacco flavors, not fruity tobacco flavors. I LOVE the packaging too, they are all snug and safe and in one place. Highly recommend!!!!

  148. Sample Supreme! review by Melinda

    What a great way to get introduced to Halo's amazing tobacco flavors! I ordered this pack with my G6 starter kit and have already found some favorites. I like the tin packaging it came in, a real way to stay organized! Tribeca is lovely and sweet, good for the morning and after dinner. Prime 15 is nice and dry and a great adv. The Longhorn was a bit aromatic for me, but perhaps it will change a little over time with some steeping. I didn't think I'd like the Midnight Apple, but it turned out to be quite surprising and delicious. Torque 56 was a bit sweet for me, but I did like the tobacco strength of flavor. The Turkish was very light and breezy, a good option for an adv or for someone who used to smoke ultra-lights. I also tried Voodoo as it was a freebie (thanks Halo!) and it is definitely my favorite. Not a big tobacco flavor, but tons of blackcurrant and a hint of spice. Overall, a great pack to include with any Halo Starter Kit. Highly recommended!

  149. Good selection, Great flavors! review by Kalash503

    Nice sample of some great tobacco flavors. Love the Tribeca and LongHorn. This even came with a sample of Voodoo which is a wonderful new flavor from Halo. The free tin that it came with is a nice touch and I am very pleased with my order.

  150. It is a must have for a new Halo customer review by Peter

    I have been searching around for some tobacco juice to sample and this pack is a MUST HAVE. The samples are definitely like taste testing different tobacco. I was a rolling tobacco smoker and I am having a blast trying to figure out what I want. This will be going on for days... :)

  151. Great e liquid review by Jewell

    I ordered the G6 kit and the tobacco sampler pack. Torque 56 is my favorite and to me feels just like smoking my favorite cigarette. Next was prime 15 it was a lot more mild than torque 56. I ordered my sampler in a 18 mg and the levels seem to be working just fine. I plan on lowering my nicotine level with my next order and eventually being nicotine free. The only flavor I didn't like in this pack is the midnight apple. I was really excited about this one because I have read some great reviews. I like the tobacco flavor in this I just didn't care for the apple. It might be because I'm not use to flavor. Great kit and I love the tin!

  152. That's what it's all about review by Philip

    Early Wednesday morning I ordered my tobacco sample pack and I received it on Saturday - today by the way. The first one I have tried so far is Prime 15. Did I let it steep? Sure I did - about a minute. After the first drag the first thing that came to mind is that's what it's all about. I've been vaping for five months and today it was like the first time for me. I started out with V2 pre-filled cartridges. Then I tried 5 different flavors of Johnson Creek and as many of Viking Vapor. In my mind and according to my tastes this blows the competition completely out of the water. The juice is clear, crisp, clean and absolutely yummy. I can't wait to try out the other samples. If you liked a good strong analog you'll love Prime 15. Am I coming back for more? You bet I am.

  153. Good for a starter set. review by Angela

    I purchased this with my starter kit as a way to sample the different flavors. It has some an interesting mix and is a great way to find your "regular" flavor. Tribeca is in this set and has now become my everyday e juice.

  154. One of the best products review by jose

    I enjoyed 5 out of the 6 flavors. The shipment came in 3 days so I thought that was pretty good. My favorite would have to be Prime 15 and second will be the Tribeca. Nice, perfect tobacco flavors. My least favorite will be the Turkish.

  155. Great start review by Kenneth E

    I love the way Halo ships these out. The tin is just perfect. It assures your liquids are going to arrive in great shape.
    Now, onto the juices. A few that were not to my particular liking, but it sure beats getting a big bottle and not liking it. I'm going to give it a few weeks to narrow down what my favorites are but off the bat Tribeca, Torque, Midnight Apple and Longhorn are my favorites. In that order you have a nice sweet, analogue, crisp and dry pipe variety.
    Just be patient with them if you are just starting out on e liquids. Let them come to a rest for about a day with the tops off in an out of reach area so that they can develop their flavor. Halo makes FRESH juice.

  156. Great way to experience Halo E-Liquid review by Nick

    I ordered this sample pack along with my Triton Starter Kit. There was just too many choices of liquid, so this pack was perfect for me.

    Each flavor comes in a 7ml size, and arrives in a cool-looking tin (my wife commented how professional the packaging seemed for all of the Halo products).

    So I had four empty tanks, and started with four different flavors, then later tried the other two remaining flavors. My top 3 are definitely Tribeca, Torque 56, and Turkish Tobacco. I wanted to be able to try a few of the flavors before I committed to a 30 ml size, which I was able to do with this pack....just ordered my 30 ml bottle of Tribeca.

    I won't go on about how I think each flavor tastes, because each of our tastes is pretty unique, but if you're looking for a good way to try some of the Halo tobacco-flavored liquids, you can't go wrong with this pack!

  157. Great selection and a great value. review by Kevin

    Even if you are an experienced vaper, you will want to get this Halo offering to acquaint yourself with their awesome selection of tobacco flavors, and at this price you cannot go wrong.

    From the sweet, mild flavor of Tribeca, to the dry, earthy Prime 51, to the high-octane Torque 56, there is something here for every tobacco lover's taste. You may not love every one, but they are all undeniably good in their own way.

    I initially filled a blank cart with each and just randomly worked my way through them. Of course, I gravitated to some more than others, but after a few days (and empty bottles) I returned to give those less favored a second chance. Guess what? Either my tastes had changed, or their flavors had opened up while steeping. There really is no bad juice in this bunch.

    My only regret is that they did not include Freedom Juice in this sampler; however, I somehow had the foresight (and was just short of $75 and did not want to pay for shipping) to spend the $5.99 extra for a 7ml bottle. It is a great addition to this pack. And there is an extra spot available in the middle of the tin for it. That's kismet!

  158. Definitely worth it review by Benoit

    Getting this sampler was better than I expected; the flavors are similar, but with clear distinctions. You will definitely find a favorite, but you won't hate any of them.

  159. Awesome Way to Find Your Flavor review by CookeMonster

    Halo just makes great juice. Period. Not a single flavor in this pack is bad, and only one that I didn't really like -- which was Prime 15 and is a favorite of many and was the flavor that my dad tried and sold him on a G6 Starter Kit.

    We started with Tribeca and already knew we loved it, but I was very impressed to find that I liked the Longhorn just as much, if not more. Each other flavor makes a nice change of pace for me now and then when I'm not filling from my big bottles. I have too many other flavors to try as a new Halo customer to get this again right away, but I will in the future because variety is nice, flavors are good and this is actually a better deal, dollar per ml than the 30 ml bottles.

  160. Liked half of the flavors review by Scott

    Really enjoyed the flavor of the Tribeca and Turkish liquids. The Midnight Apple grew on me. The Torque is livable. The Prime 15 had a dirt taste to it tasted and smelled more like a cigar. The Longhorn had more of dry cigar taste and smell as well which some people might like it just wasn't what I expected from the descriptions.

  161. great sampler! review by skyM

    I chose this pack to introduce myself to Halo products, and really glad I did.
    Some of my most favorites I use now were in this pack. The selection is fair and gives a pretty good range of flavors. With some other company sampler packs you end up with 3ml of liquid, and sometimes that's just not enough to truly understand the flavor. 7ml is plenty to give each liquid a second or a third or even a forth chance, and experience how the flavor evolves over time with steeping. I think I could have easily dismissed some of the juices had the amount been smaller.

    I'm also re-using those bottles to carry liquid around. They are pretty durable. And the lovely tin can they came in is now used to store small accessories.

  162. A great mix of Halo's BEST! review by Jessica

    This is definitely the way to go to try Halo's tobacco flavors! So far I have ordered the Tribeca and Midnight Apple in 30ml! Yum! I am now revisiting Prime 15 and Torque 56, and I am loving those also! Will probably end up ordering these in the 30 ml bottles! These are in my ADV! They are yummy and subtle in their taste. Kudos to Halo for making AMAZING e-liquids!

  163. Great deal, lots of options, smooth taste. review by Smasher

    I am happy I ordered the 6mg sample pack. I got to really taste the flavor up front with a nice minor throat kick. Now that I know which flavors I like I can go back and order higher mg's. I will also let this pack sit for a few days/weeks to steep, try them all again and see what strikes my mood. I really enjoy the cigarish tobacco flavor of the Tourque56, the Turkish reminded me of the spices in Gin which was actually really nice out of my mini-tank, the prime15 really has a pronounced coco flavor to me, Tribeca will always have a large place in my heart, I got an apple flavor which was very interesting nice after dinner vape and I have one more to try I believe. Really a fantastic deal for all the great liquid you get!

  164. Solid review by Richie

    There is a very good selection of liquids in this pack. I bought it along with my original G6 ecig a along time ago, and like almost of the liquids. Apple and Torque G6 being my favorites. I would strongly recommend this product to any new customers.

  165. helped me find just the right flavor review by miguel

    Being new to vaping I was spending a lot on different E-liquids trying to find one that I really liked. I ordered this sample pack and was very happy with the e-liquids. Each bottle was large enough to fill my clearomizer a few times. This really helped me find just the right flavor. The Tribeca ended up being my favorite!

  166. Great choices review by Craig

    What a great way to try out some of these tasty e-liquids. Like them all but love the Tribeca and Prime 15. Now I have to try some of Halo's other flavors

  167. As good as it gets review by Cheryl

    Before trying this sample pack, I had given up on vaping tobacco flavors. Halo you have turned me into a fan with this. There is not one bad apple in this sample and all are distinctly different. The Turkish flavor is so close to capturing the essence of my old evil analogs that my eyes almost fell out of their sockets.

  168. Great value & taste! review by Dave

    This being my first vaping experience (bought the Triton along with this sample pack) and it has been a great one so far. I was most excited to try Torque first and wasn't all that impressed, so I tried Longhorn next. I immediately liked Longhorn and figured I'd try Torque once again and I think I now might enjoy it more than Longhorn. Maybe it's the "steeping" I've heard about that helped bring out the flavor more. I have truly been impressed with Halo's products and service to date.

  169. Great value and education! review by Danny

    First off I wanna say I appreciate Halo offering this. It's a great value, especially for a beginner like myself. Only $5 more for 12ml more liquid over the biggest size bottle of e-juice that Halo offers. Since they offer 10 different tobacco flavors this can help you with your decision of which flavor you want to purchase in 30ml size. Less chance for regret. Certainly out of the 6 in the sampler kit you'll find at least one you like. My favorite being Turkish Tobacco. Second for me would be Tribeca and if you haven't sampled much e-juice before Midnight Apple should make quite an impression! Your favorite may be one of these but you won't know until you make a small investment in this great sampler!

  170. For you tobacco buffs review by Keith

    An excellent variety juice pack with the main staple Halo tobacco flavors. This is one pack you can not pass up. If you have never tried Halo juices, or are just wanting to try different tobacco flavors for an ADV of your own, this would be the best of the bunch. You do not have to grab a lot of larger bottles of juice to try you get a little of everything with this pack. Believe me, they will not go to waste, and you might end up liking them all.

  171. Great Deal. review by J Guns

    Comes with my 3 top flavors: Tribeca, Prime 15, Torque 56. The rest are just icing. Halo does tobacco right.

  172. Great way to try different flavors review by Vapor2

    Being new to vaping I was spending a lot on different E-liquids trying to find one that I really liked. I ordered this sample pack and was very happy with the e-liquids. Each bottle was large enough to fill my clearomizer a few times. This really helped me find just the right flavor. The Tribeca ended up being my favorite!

  173. Torque 56 review by John

    This is my all day fluid. I absolutely love it. It has great throat it along with the closest tobacco flavor I've come across.

Pack TypeTobacco Pack
Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle ColorClear
Select Bottle Size7ml
Cap ColorWhite
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper ControlN/A
Cap MaterialPET Plastic
Dispenser StyleEye Dropper
Dispenser MaterialPET Plastic