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G6 Silky Necklace

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By far our softest E-cigarette holder, the G6 Silky Necklace is stunning having a silky smooth feel and great appearance.

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By far our softest E-cigarette holder, the G6 Silky Necklace is stunning having a silky smooth feel and great appearance. With smooth clean lines, this electronic cigarette holder is quite the contrast from the rugged natural look of our Hemp and Nettle Necklaces.

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  1. Good Customer Service review by Carrie

    After complaining about the damages silky necklace I received, customer service was great and refunded the cost of the item. I really appreciate that since I spent about an hour repairing it as best as I could. Kudos and thank you Halo for standing by your products!

  2. Stylish review by Michele

    This silky necklace is perfect to hold your G6 around your neck. You do have to twist the battery into the holder, but it slides in easily and snug. This is perfect if you don’t always want to carry your unit in your pocket. I have carried mine in my pocket many times and sometimes the e-liquid drains into the top portion of my mini- tank. This causes the tank to gather liquid within the atomizer. It also causes the mini-tank to have a lower shelf life. If you don't mind having the e-cig hanging around your neck for all to see, I recommend trying this product.

  3. Just Buy One! review by Veronica

    A tip in case your G6 might seem difficult to insert into the holder. I have found that if I apply a slight twisting motion, my G6 goes into the holder stick as a whistle! I purchased this handy item in black and I am quite pleased with the decision! It keeps your G6 very handy and a quick slip under the neck of your shirt, dress, or coat. You alwasys know where it is at all times too. I have been using the necklace holder since the day I first received it. It holds the G6 nicely and I have not experienced any issues at all with being concerned that my G6 would somehow fall out. I just dont see it happening.

  4. It's ok review by C-O

    It has a silky feeling, light, and it is not too tight. I have not had a problem with my G6 battery falling out while wearing it. It is soft on the skin and does not irritate. I also forget about it until I go looking for a vape. I am concerned about it's strength in the future. It has held up well but one strand has begun to fray. I may buy some black thin steel to weave into it as I bought it for riding my motorcycle.

  5. Almost Perfect review by Saff

    I love wearing this around my neck..Sometimes just to show it off even if I'm carrying a vapor-pen (which is what I call most tank vaporizers as opposed to calling the G6's an "e-cig" ). I've noticed though that I sometimes have trouble getting the e-cig back in after removing it for charging or switching to a different color or one that I have a different flavor on. I am not sure why, it slipped in just fine the 1st time I used it. But overall this is a great accessory and I hope to get a couple more sometime.

  6. I wore it all during Wondercon review by Brian

    It was a two day event and it held my g6 all weekend and I was not with out my vape.

    Yes, it is comfortable against my neck .

    Yes, it is well made.

    No, your G6 will not fall out of it.

    Yes, it looks cool.

    Yes, it will help you pick up chicks. (everyone digs a vaper)

  7. Worth the price of a new battery review by doug

    This thing saves me from dropping my ecig all the time.

  8. Excellent review by Debra

    I bought 2 of the necklaces previously and just purchased 2 more. They are great. Before getting these I was forever running around looking for my G-6. Now I always know where it is. This is a purchase that no one will regret making. They are well worth the money and your G6 fits snugly in the necklace so you don't have to be concerned about losing it.

  9. Very nice to wear around your neck. review by Mikey

    This silky necklace fits your G6 perfectly for vaping on the go! I would definitely buy extra to bring around wherever I go! You won't regret buying this! It looks really stylish, to the extent that everyone thought it was simply a fashion necklace. Your G6 looks a 'part' of the necklace. I would suggest getting a white/titanium battery and cartomizer if you want the color to fit. There are other colors available depending on your taste. But the white one is still a favorite of mine. In fact, I wear it even when I'm not vaping! That says a lot about how fashionable this is. With a t-shirt it looks really nice!

  10. Soo Soft review by Jeff

    I bought this because I needed someway to carry around my e-cig without putting it in my pocket and collecting lint or leaking. It works perfectly!! It's always right there when I need it. Sometimes a barely even feel it around my neck. It is super soft so it won't irritate your skin at all. Well worth it in my opinion.

Quantity Included1
Chain Length28 inch
Max Ecig Width3/8" Diameter
Max Ecig Length6 inches
Necklace Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase