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Reactor Mega Starter Kit

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Quick Overview

Equipped with a 5000 mAh battery that ranges from 1-80W, the Reactor Mega features adjustable power, temperature control, and a smart mode, which stores resistance and power levels for up to 10 different tanks. The Reactor Mega mod starter kit also includes a Reactor tank, which holds up 5 ml of e-liquid and houses a .15 ohm Ni200 coil head. Finally customize your entire vaping experience with the Reactor Mega mod starter kit.

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Available in five colors, the 80W Reactor Starter Kit offers the ability to fully customize your vaping experience with integrated temperature control. The enormous 5,000 mAh battery capacity has adjustable power ranging from 1W–80W. Equipped with a convenient top-fill feature, the Reactor Tank holds up to 5 ml of e-liquid and boasts massive airflow increments that produce huge clouds of vapor. The easy-to-use temperature control feature works with Ni200, titanium, and stainless steel coils to maximize flavor while preventing dry hits.

The Reactor Mega Starter Kit Includes:
  • 1x REACTOR 80W Battery (TC)
  • 1x REACTOR Tank (v.2)
  • 2x Ni200 Coil Heads (.15 ohm)
  • 1x Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
  • 1x USB Adapter
  • 1x Wall Charger
  • 1x Instruction Manual
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    1. Great mod review by Doug

      Spent 2 years on a competitors tube type e-cig. Was never real impressed, but they got me off analogs. They had a coil tank combo that only lasted about a week and were $10 each. I looked into Halo and got a Mega starter kit. Love it. Nice build and craftsmanship. Lots of adjustments and options for coils. I liked this so much I got the Regular Reactor and the Mini Reactor too. Each one is super reliable and easy to use. I can go weeks on a coil on each of them.

    2. Great Starter Kit! review by Jason

      The Reactor Mega is a powerful box mod! The control it gives you over your vaping experience is unparalleled and definitely rises to the occasion. From temperature, to wattage the ability to store up to 10 settings for whatever you desire is great! My only concern is the tank. It's a great tank, but I would've liked to see the air control on the top of the tank instead of the bottom. If you're not careful, it may leak a bit. But once you get used to it, you can avoid it most of the time. I've heard the JAG6 tank makes this issue resolve itself. Overall, I would definitely recommend this device!

    3. Best Starter Kit to get Serious review by M

      Before getting this kit, I had pretty much only used pen-style vapes, and I always found them to be unsatisfying. Then, I got this baby a year ago and I've never looked back. It's easy to maintain, the replacement coils are inexpensive compared to other systems, and it performs like a champ. Flavors come through stronger, and the clouds are huge; so, I've backed off to 1.5 or 3 mg/ml nic because I just don't need more than that with how productive this vape is. And it's still going strong even with how rough I've been to it. This is a definite winner for those ready to get more serious about their vaping.

    4. Best sub-ohm starter kit for beginners review by Cardano

      OK, I am a cig ex-smoker and was looking for an alternative. I heard about e-cigs and vaping, and I had no clue how the devices worked and how to choose one. So, I spent days, no, weeks researching the whole vape space figuring out what the hell VG/PG, RDA/RTA, Kantal/Ni200/Ni80/SS/Ti coils, VW/TC/TCR, watt vs ohms vs volts meant. Not to mention all the different tank configs and the chemicals that go into making e-liquids.

      As regards the Mega Reactor Starter Kit, which is what I got, I have to say it's perfect for the total noob. Besides a good design (the logo on the side of the battery could have been larger--when something is awesome, you gotta show it, right?), the device is super easy to use and works as advertised.

      It's nice they include 2 Nickel 200 double coils (Ni200 is pure nickel, almost 100%, so none of that other sh*t like aluminum or chromium in there). Also, it is super awesome to have a battery with such a large charge capacity. It lasts and lasts. Same with the over-sized tank, which is well engineered, and being mostly metal and glass, feels solid and not like some of the cheap aluminum and/or plastic crap I have seen online.

      Finally, as I said, being a total noob when it comes to vaping, I have been using only the TC (temp control) mode so far. Well, I only have the coils for TC, so no choice but to TC. But that's a good thing, in fact because if you are a first time user and/or just making the switch from cigs and are not sure what you are doing, not only will you not exceed the max temp you set, but the device's safety features will not let you burn the coil down to a toxic crisp that would make you sick.

      That's it for me. Vape safely!

    5. Switched from 17 years of smoking. review by Jina

      I've spent days researching and finally ordered the Triton II. I was satisfied with the pen and never touched a cig since. I've used Triton II for couple months and was curious to try out a "mod". So I ordered a Reactor Mini first. Oh what an upgrade from Triton II! I loved every thing about it, minus the small tank. I drove for 20 miles and ran out of a full tank juice. That's when I ordered a Reactor Mega. It has a HUGE tank! I vape it at 60w 450 temp with a .15 ohm Ni200 Coil, airflow halfway closed and never run out of juice when I'm out and about. The battery life is great as well. I charge it every other night and it lasts a good amount of time.
      My Reactor Mini and Mega tanks leaked almost half the juice through the airflow when I used the PG juices. It was so frustrating as I had no clue what caused it until I switched to high VG juices. It never leaked with high VG juices. I'm proud to say I haven't touched a cig since Feb 2018 thanks to Halo's awesome devices.
      On a side note, Halo's juices are awesome. I use Cookie Karma mixed with SubZero in one vape, and Cobalt Crush mixed with SubZero in the other. Their shipping is ridiculously fast too. I reside in California and it comes within 2~3 days after I order. They pack it well, but I've had couple bottles arrive leaking a drop or two from the top. But that doesn't bother me much. It always comes with a coupon for my next order as well. Love it!

    (5 out of 32 loaded.)
    Quantity Included1
    Battery LogoHalo / Flame
    Battery ColorNo
    Battery ThreadStainless Steel
    Button ColorBlack
    Battery TypeManual
    Battery Cut-Off Time10 Seconds
    Battery Length84 mm
    Battery Width50 mm
    Battery Capacity5000 mAh
    Battery ChargeNo
    Battery Lifespan300 cycles
    Battery Voltage TypeVariable
    Battery Actual VoltageNo
    Battery Rated VoltageNo
    Battery Warranty60 Days from Date of Purchase
    Quantity Included1
    Tank LogoHalo
    Tank ColorStainless Steel
    Tank ThreadNo
    Tip ColorStainless Steel
    Tank ResistanceNo
    Tank Length75.8 mm
    Tank WidthNo
    Tank Capacity5.0 ml
    Tank WarrantyN/A
    Coil Resistance.50 ohm Dual Vertical Coil
    Quantity Included1
    Charger LogoN/A
    Wall Charger ColorBlack
    Wall Charger Length54.25 mm
    Wall Charger Width41.25 mm
    Wall Charger Height17.25 mm
    Input Voltage110 volt (USA)
    Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
    Charger Frequency50/60 Hz
    Output Current1000 mA
    Wall Charger Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase
    Quantity Included1
    USB Adapter LogoN/A
    USB Adapter ColorBlack
    USB Adapter Length1027 mm
    USB Adapter Width15.0 mm
    USB Adapter Height8.10 mm
    Input Voltage5 volts (DC)
    Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
    Input CurrentNo
    Output Current1000 mA
    USB Adapter Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase