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Reactor Mega Starter Kit

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Quick Overview

Equipped with a 5000 mAh battery that ranges from 1-80W, the Reactor Mega features adjustable power, temperature control, and a smart mode, which stores resistance and power levels for up to 10 different tanks. The Reactor Mega mod starter kit also includes a Reactor tank, which holds up 5 ml of e-liquid and houses a .15 ohm Ni200 coil head. Finally customize your entire vaping experience with the Reactor Mega mod starter kit.

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Price as configured: $75.00

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Available in five colors, the 80W Reactor Starter Kit offers the ability to fully customize your vaping experience with integrated temperature control. The enormous 5,000 mAh battery capacity has adjustable power ranging from 1W–80W. Equipped with a convenient top-fill feature, the Reactor Tank holds up to 5 ml of e-liquid and boasts massive airflow increments that produce huge clouds of vapor. The easy-to-use temperature control feature works with Ni200, titanium, and stainless steel coils to maximize flavor while preventing dry hits.

The Reactor Mega Starter Kit Includes:
  • 1x REACTOR 80W Battery (TC)
  • 1x REACTOR Tank (v.2)
  • 2x Ni200 Coil Heads (.15 ohm)
  • 1x Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
  • 1x USB Adapter
  • 1x Wall Charger
  • 1x Instruction Manual
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    1. Great starter kit review by D

      This is the second vape I have ever bought, the first being a eleaf Pico--Still a newbie to the vape world however. The Reactor Mega came with everything you need to get started for cheaper than what I bought the eleaf for and that didn't even come with a tank or juice. Halo offers fast shipping even with just the standard option. I ordered it Wednesday morning and received it Friday. So far, I love this thing. The box itself is just like the pico (not sure, but they're so similar that they could be the same exact box just re branded). The tank that came with the kit is awesome. I love it, it comes apart easily and it's a top-fill which I think is better than bottom fillers. What a great product, I will definitely recommend.

    2. Great battery but flawed design. review by Martin

      A solid choice for a vape. The battery on this thing is huge. I vape fairly regularly and can go several days without having to charge it, which is handy as I am the kind of person who constantly forgets to plug in my vape/phone/laptop etc. There is nothing worse than being stuck with a dead battery. You'll never have to worry about that with this product. However, there is a rather big design flaw with this vape. The plug-in for the charger is on the underside of the vape, meaning you'll have to lay the vape on it's side. This can cause serious leakage. Other then that there are no significant issues. A great choice for first time buyers.

    3. Pure Power = Pure Flavor review by Linchetto

      The Reactor Mega is awesome! The variable voltage feature is superb because at 3.7-3.9, with the vents 1/4 closed, I always get this instant blast of warm, moist, favorable juice, and went three weeks after some pretty heavy use without needing to change the coil. The temperature adjustment is my true love of all because I can achieve flavor galore at 390- 400 and great drag time. Yeah, it burns through juice fast but as long as I get flavor without dry kits, plus less coil waste, I’ll gladly invest in the juice (the more I go through the more flavors and combinations I can try :)

      The Mega, is definitely worth every penny. Initially, I began vaping with a small Kangertech, that cost more than this unit, with coils lasting maybe a week or less, tiny bottom-fill tank and the paint peeling off everywhere. The Mega fits perfect in my hand (small female hand) it has a great sturdy feel, beautiful immense tank, awesome appearance (color silver and then the grey to match my Mac Book :) and fills from the top. The only thing that I don’t like, is that it plugs in at the bottom, but so what, I just hang it off the edge of a table, to charge at night. It's easy to clean and to fill up--and when I initially got it and was having some leakage issue, the customer service was super nice and helpful......even though it was my error.

      I have the Standard Reactor and I like it, but it takes some serious volts and watts to get it to crank up, compared to the Mega. I purchased another Mega kit just because the battery life, coil life and vaping experience is just that awesome, plus you get an extra tank, 2 coils and a bottle of Halo which makes this even more of an excellent deal. I charge every night but the battery has hardly drained after a day of use so I could probably get almost 3 days if drained it to the core.
      If anyone is looking at kits and pondering which to get, I would definitely recommend this kit, over all of them. Oh yes, and for those that care, you cannot help but create huge clouds :)

    4. New to Vaping review by Justin

      Recently I decided to give vaping another chance. I had tried in the past with some of the gas station e-cigs but they didn't cut it at all. I decided this time I would do it differently and try an actual kit. I did some research and Halo had good recommendations so I decided to try them out. I figured go big or go home right? So I went with the Reactor Mega!

      This device is pretty nice. I recommend getting some extra coils. I prefer the 0.50 Kanthal dual vertical coils so far. The nickel ones that came with the kit itself. I don't know if I mistreated them or what (I'm guessing so after reading other reviews) but they didn't do very well. After picking up a box of the Kanthals and finding the right liquid it's definitely coming together.

      I wasn't sure exactly what e-liquids I wanted to vape, but I finally settled on some menthol flavors. I tried Halo's SubZero, but all I tried so far was the PG version. Even as a heavy menthol smoker (camel crush pack a day for at least the last 10 years) that was too harsh for me. I still need to come back and try the VG version but I haven't yet. I think this type of mod works better with VG liquids anyway after learning more.

      If you experience any leaking at all when you fill using the top , make sure you seal it back. It's kind of difficult to get it sealed, but once it turns and its air tight it won't leak at all. Another thing I wish I had known--Don't fire off on a dry coil. You can wet it a little with some of the juice you prefer.

      I've been vaping another menthol e-liquid for over two weeks on the same coil. This mod produces great clouds which I didn't even care about before, but now vapor production is a big deal. It also has amazing battery life. It's usually at 75% for me after a full day of use at 35W.

      All in all, I can definitely recommend this kit. I can't personally compare it against other mods or anything out there because right now it's all I have. I will however, say though I still have two packs of cigarettes that have just sat here untouched since I got the Reactor Mega working a few weeks ago.....so that's definitely something!

    5. Great First Vape review by Zachary

      This is an amazing first time vape experience. Huge clouds, easy to use. Couldn't ask for a better kit!

    (5 out of 16 loaded.)
    Quantity Included1
    Battery LogoHalo / Flame
    Battery ColorNo
    Battery ThreadStainless Steel
    Button ColorBlack
    Battery TypeManual
    Battery Cut-Off Time10 Seconds
    Battery Length84 mm
    Battery Width50 mm
    Battery Capacity5000 mAh
    Battery ChargeNo
    Battery Lifespan300 cycles
    Battery Voltage TypeVariable
    Battery Actual VoltageNo
    Battery Rated VoltageNo
    Battery Warranty60 Days from Date of Purchase
    Quantity Included1
    Tank LogoHalo
    Tank ColorStainless Steel
    Tank ThreadNo
    Tip Color(1) Glass / (1) Stainless Steel
    Tank ResistanceNo
    Tank Length75.8 mm
    Tank WidthNo
    Tank Capacity5.0 ml
    Tank WarrantyN/A
    Coil Resistance.50 ohm Dual Vertical Coil
    Quantity Included1
    Charger LogoN/A
    Wall Charger ColorBlack
    Wall Charger Length54.25 mm
    Wall Charger Width41.25 mm
    Wall Charger Height17.25 mm
    Input Voltage110 volt (USA)
    Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
    Charger Frequency50/60 Hz
    Output Current1000 mA
    Wall Charger Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase
    Quantity Included1
    USB Adapter LogoN/A
    USB Adapter ColorBlack
    USB Adapter Length1027 mm
    USB Adapter Width15.0 mm
    USB Adapter Height8.10 mm
    Input Voltage5 volts (DC)
    Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
    Input CurrentNo
    Output Current1000 mA
    USB Adapter Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase