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  1. 30ml Wild Watermelon

    Lip-Smacking Watermelon
    Get a taste of summer any time of year with the delightfully sweet taste of Wild Watermelon. We’ve taken the delicious taste of ripe, red Watermelon and turned it into one of our most popular E-juice flavors.
  2. 30ml Voodoo

    Sugar and Spice
    Mild tobacco based E-liquid featuring a complex assortment of exotic notes.
  3. 30ml Turkish Tobacco

    Smooth Light Tobacco
    Our Turkish Tobacco E-liquid blend is mild and great if your preference is that of a “light” cigarette.
  4. 30ml Tribeca

    Ultra-Smooth Tobacco
    Halo’s signature tobacco E-liquid features a semi-sweet top note reminiscent of RY4.
  5. 30ml Torque56

    Unfiltered Tobacco
    This award-winning E-liquid has no frills, just pure, traditional unfiltered tobacco flavor.
  6. 30ml Tiki Juice

    Tropical Tobacco Mix
    This tropical E-juice splits the difference between tobacco and dessert flavors.
  7. 30ml Tangerine Swirl

    Tangerine and Vanilla
    We start with the sweet flavor of ripe tangerines and slowly blend in creamy vanilla notes to create Tangerine Swirl—a unique creamsicle E-juice experience.
  8. 30ml Summer Peach

    Sweet Sliced Peaches
    Enjoy one of the South’s favorite summer treats. We’ve taken the robust flavor of sliced peaches and created an E-juice with a delicious, dry sweetness that vapes perfectly any time of year.
  9. 30ml SubZero

    Extra Strength Menthol
    Triple the cool mint blast of our other menthol E-liquids with a sweet aftertaste.
  10. 30ml Spiced Apple

    Spiced 'Granny-Smith' Apples
    Have a small piece of Thanksgiving anytime—whether it’s November or not—with Spiced Apple. We take ripe “Granny Smith” apple notes and add just a hint of spice to create one of our most memorable E-juice experiences.
  11. 30ml Southern Classic

    Southern Tobacco
    A light tobacco base layered with a touch of vanilla, honey, citrus and cloves.
  12. 30ml Shamrock

    Rich Mint Chocolate
    Unique E-liquid that tastes like you’re vaping mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  13. 30ml Pure Pomegranate

    Delectable Pomegranate Blend
    We took the deep red seeds of a Mediterranean pomegranate and created Pure Pomegranate, one of our most unique E-juices. With a smooth, sweet finish, this is one E-juice you’ll want to vape all day.
  14. 30ml Prime15

    Bold Nutty Tobacco
    Complex tobacco flavor—Earthy and Dry—that vapes like a traditional cigarette.
  15. 30ml Piña Colada

    Lime-Infused Piña Colada
    We started with delicious coconut notes, added a splash of pineapple juice and a touch of sugarcane, then we splashed in a hint of lime juice to create our Piña Colada E-juice. Try it, you’ll feel like you’re sitting poolside at a Tropical Resort.
  16. 30ml Nutty Caramel

    Caramel Covered Nuts
    Baked pecans, roasted almonds, salted cashews and delectable, sweet caramel notes all come together to create Nutty Caramel, a unique E-liquid flavor that will have you craving dessert at all times of the day.
  17. 30ml Mystic

    Menthol Tobacco Blend
    Robust menthol E-liquid with no tobacco undertones and great vapor production.
  18. 30ml Midnight Apple

    Spiced Apple Tobacco
    Award-winning E-juice featuring a rich tobacco blend with a hint of sour apple.
  19. 30ml Menthol V

    Crisp Clean Menthol
    Ultra-smooth E-liquid with elements of eucalyptus, peppermint and sweet tobacco.
  20. 30ml Menthol Ice

    Cool Crisp Menthol
    A smooth, refreshing menthol E-liquid experience with great taste in every drag.
  21. 30ml Malibu

    Tropical Menthol Blend
    One-of-a-kind E-juice tastes like a Piña Colada with a touch of menthol.
  22. 30ml LongHorn

    Corojo and Cavendish
    Fire-cured tobacco coupled with Corojo and Cavendish—vapes like a light cigar.
  23. 30ml Limelight

    Fresh Key Lime
    Citrus lovers will be thrilled with the sweet, tart burst of Key lime flavor in Limelight. Whether you’re enjoying a tropical summer—or months and miles from it—one breath full of Limelight will put you right in the mindset.
  24. 30ml Kringle's Curse

    Sweet Peppermint
    Mouth-tingling peppermint flavored E-liquid with no underlying tobacco taste.
  25. 30ml HX3

    Menthol Hybrid
    A perfect blend of dry, sweet tobacco with an exhilarating burst of menthol.
  26. 30ml Hazelnut Cappuccino

    30ml Hazelnut Cappuccino

    Cappuccino with Hazelnut
    We start with our cappuccino base and then blend in dried hazelnut notes to create a robust E-liquid flavor that we’ve cleverly named Hazelnut Cappuccino. It’s a perfect morning vape, or evening vape—or anytime, really.
  27. 30ml Grape Vape

    30ml Grape Vape

    Candy Grape Blend
    We infused the delicious flavor of ripe red grapes with a sweetness typically reserved for candies to create Grape Vape—the result is a mouth-watering experience that you’ll want to vape all day long.
  28. 30ml Golden Kiwi

    Sweet and Tart
    Our Golden Kiwi E-juice is the perfect combination of sweetness and tartness—one that amounts to the smooth taste and aroma of a freshly sliced Kiwi. This is one E-juice that is light, delicious and hits all the right notes.
  29. 30ml Fusion

    Unflavored DIY Base
    Halo’s unflavored nicotine base is the ultimate do-it-yourself E-liquid providing you with the means to create your own flavors.
  30. 30ml FruitApalooza

    Delicious Fruit Blend
    Crisp cherries, ripe red grapes and a splash of tangy orange, sour lemon and sweet lime flavors all come together to form our one-of-a-kind fruit punch E-juice. It’s true to its name, too—this tastes like a fruity lollapalooza.
  31. 30ml Freedom Juice

    Robust Tobacco Flavor
    This all-day vape has a mild but distinctly satisfying tobacco taste.
  32. 30ml Devlin E-liquid

    Sweet Caramel
    Rich caramel notes come together to create Devlin, a delectable gourmet E-liquid that is always smooth with a sweet finish.
  33. 30ml Cordoba

    Fine Cigar Blend
    A rich, woodsy E-liquid with a hint of caramel that vapes like a high-end cigar.
  34. 30ml CoolMist

    Sweet Smooth Menthol
    With a perfect blast of mint in every drag this is ideal for menthol lovers.
  35. 30ml Captain Jack

    Classic Pipe Tobacco
    A unique E-liquid with bold pipe tobacco taste and intense throat hit.
  36. 30ml Cantaloupia

    Sweet Crisp Cantaloupe
    If you love the taste of Cantaloupe, this might just be your new favorite flavor. Cantaloupia features the crisp, sweet flavor of its namesake in a way that has to be tasted to be believed.
  37. 30ml Cafe Mocha

    Robust Chocolate Coffee
    An E-liquid with rich cappuccino flavor layered with mocha and hazelnut notes.
  38. 30ml Black Calico

    Cavendish Tobacco
    Halo’s newest rising star is this Danish-style pipe tobacco blend.
  39. 30ml Berry Blast

    Sweet Berry Blend
    We take a variety of berries, both sweet and tart, and blend them together to create one of our most popular E-juices—eVo Berry Blast is balanced perfectly and makes for a great all-day vape.
  40. 30ml Belgian Cocoa

    Rich Chocolate Blend
    A gourmet E-liquid that masterfully blends rich cocoa notes with sweet chocolate.
  41. 30ml Backwoods Blueberry

    Delicious Blueberries
    This wild blueberry E-juice is one of eVo’s best-selling products for a reason. With a smooth, natural blueberry flavor and no lingering aftertaste, you’ll find that eVo’s Backwoods Blueberry will quickly become a regular part of your E-juice rotation.
  42. 30ml Apricota

    Tree-Ripe Apricots
    They say an Apricot tree will not grow far from its mother tree, which is why we go straight to the source and use only tree-ripe Turkish apricots—never too sweet or too tart—to create this one-of-a-kind E-juice. Apricota is sure to delight the palates of even the most sophisticated vapers.
  43. 30ml Apple Pom Smoothie

    Apple Pomegranate Blend
    Get the great taste of a smoothie—no blender required. We start with the deep red seeds of a Mediterranean pomegranate and mix in notes from Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples in order to achieve the delectable flavor profile that is Apple Pom Smoothie E-juice.
Set Ascending Direction


43 Item(s)