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  1. 30ml Wild Watermelon

    Lip-Smacking Watermelon
    Get a taste of summer any time of year with the delightfully sweet taste of Wild Watermelon. We’ve taken the delicious taste of ripe, red Watermelon and turned it into one of our most popular E-juice flavors.
  2. 30ml Voodoo

    Sugar and Spice
    Mild tobacco based E-liquid featuring a complex assortment of exotic notes.
  3. 30ml Turkish Tobacco

    Smooth Light Tobacco
    Our Turkish Tobacco E-liquid blend is mild and great if your preference is that of a “light” cigarette.
  4. 30ml Tribeca

    Ultra-Smooth Tobacco
    Halo’s signature tobacco E-liquid features a semi-sweet top note reminiscent of RY4.
  5. 30ml Torque56

    Unfiltered Tobacco
    This award-winning E-liquid has no frills, just pure, traditional unfiltered tobacco flavor.
  6. 30ml Tiki Juice

    Tropical Tobacco Mix
    This tropical E-juice splits the difference between tobacco and dessert flavors.
  7. 30ml Tangerine Swirl

    Tangerine and Vanilla
    We start with the sweet flavor of ripe tangerines and slowly blend in creamy vanilla notes to create Tangerine Swirl—a unique creamsicle E-juice experience.
  8. 30ml Summer Peach

    Sweet Sliced Peaches
    Enjoy one of the South’s favorite summer treats. We’ve taken the robust flavor of sliced peaches and created an E-juice with a delicious, dry sweetness that vapes perfectly any time of year.
  9. 30ml SubZero

    Extra Strength Menthol
    Triple the cool mint blast of our other menthol E-liquids with a sweet aftertaste.
  10. 30ml Spiced Apple

    Spiced 'Granny-Smith' Apples
    Have a small piece of Thanksgiving anytime—whether it’s November or not—with Spiced Apple. We take ripe “Granny Smith” apple notes and add just a hint of spice to create one of our most memorable E-juice experiences.
Set Ascending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 43 total