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In these times, we have all become more focused on personal care and wellness. We care more about what we put into and on our bodies. For this reason, we have taken our commitment to quality and American manufacturing best-practices, and applied them to our wellness products.

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We offer antibecterial products in both easy-to-squeeze unicorn bottles that you're familiar with, or a pump-spray bottle designed for convenient, on-the-go use.

Sani+Pure 60ml anitbacterial hand gel in eazy to squeeze PET bottle with unicorn tip


Antibacterial Gel

Inexpensive. High Quality. Includes aloe extracts to keep skin nourished. Light citrus scent!

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HX3 Antibacterial Ligt Citrus Hand Gel in a 60ml PET bottle with unicorn tip

HX3 Citrus Antibacterial Hand Gel

Travel-friendly size

Doctor formulated to meet CDC recommendations for alcohol content, and designed to be gentle on skin.

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HX3 Hand Spray in an easy-to-use pump spray bottle

HX3 Citrus Antibacterial Hand Spray

Convenient Pump-Spray Dispenser

This little bottle can handle a beating, so toss one in your gym bag or backpack!

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HX3 Citrus Hand and Surface Spray Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

This 16.9 oz. dual-action spray packs a punch with two active ingredients. The carefully selected ingredients have been doctor-formulated to meet the CDC recommendations for alcohol content plus contain the antimicrobial benefits of Banzalkonium Chloride. Safe for hands and non-porous surfaces!

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HX3 Citrus hand and surface spray bottle with trigger spray nozzle - all black

Topical Creams

Our CBD topical creams come in three formulations to fit your needs: Soothing, After Sun and Cooling!

Spiro Lavender Soothe CBD Cream in wide-mouth screw-top blue jar with white lid

SPIRO Soothe Cream

This cream offers soothing relief when applied to muscles, joints and other problematic areas, and comes in a light lavender scent!

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SPIRO After Sun Soothe CBD cream with a light citrus scent in a blue wide-mouth screw-top jar and white lid

SPIRO After-Sun Cream

This cream provide after-sun relief with CBD and the addition of aloe extracts, perfect for after those summer outings, or just as an everyday topical cream. Available in a light citrus scent.

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HX3 CBD Cooling Cream unscented in a blue wide-mouth jar and black screw-top lid

HX3 Cooling Cream

This penetrating cooling cream is designed for fast-acting relief. Absorbs in seconds with no filmy residue and is unscented with a comfortable cooling sensation!

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F* Politics Mask Stay safe and make your statement

Whether you believe in wearing a mask or you don't, sometimes you have to. For those times, make a statement by wearing our F* Politics mask! We designed this mask to let people voice their support for vaping. Maybe you want to wear it for that reason, or maybe you want to wear it for other reasons. Either way, it's definitely a conversation starter!

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F-politics black mask with red white and blue text stating: f#!K politics save lives

CBD On The Go

CBD oral mist and roll-on! Throw them in your bag for any occasion!

SPIRO brand CBD travel size roll-on


Use this to focus on specific areas of the body for fast relief on the go! It comes in a convenient travel size so you can bring it with you everywhere you go!

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SPIRO CBD Oral mist breath freshener in cinnamon flavor

SPIRO Oral Mist

You can have the power of plant-based bacteria fighters at your fingertips! Improve the taste and feel of an uncomfortable dry mouth with this great oral spray. Available in cinnamon or mint flavors!

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Quality Production

We put the best of ourselves into our products:

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All of our CBD comes from American-grown, organic Colorado hemp.

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Our anitbacterial products are doctor formulated for optimum performance and safety when used as directed.

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We put a lot of thought into our easy-to-use and dispense packaging with your convenience and safety in mind.