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New to Vaping?

Vaping Hardware and E-Liquids Explained

Need in-depth information on vaping? These frequently asked questions can help you at any stage of your vaping journey.

How Do Vaping Devices Work?

A vaping device is typically comprised of three main components:

  • The tank, or sometimes a cartridge, which is filled with flavored e-liquid
  • A heating coil, sometimes called an atomizer
  • A battery

The battery powers the heating coil, which in turn heats the e-liquid in the tank. This creates the rich, pleasant vapor for you to inhale. The exhale produces a cloud that resembles cigarette smoke but is simply water vapor.


The most complex component of the device is the battery. The capacity of a battery, or the amount of charge it holds, is measured by milliamp hours (mAh). Wattage (watts) and voltage (volts) are a measure of the amount of power being generated; these can be adjusted manually on some batteries.


The coil is sometimes called an atomizer. It heats the e-liquid to create vapor. Coils take many forms. Some have wicks while others are made from wire and wrapped in cotton. All vaporize e-liquid.


A tank is the most common e-liquid receptacle. Some cig-a-likes, like the Halo G6, use a cartridge system that combines the atomizer with the tank to create a single unit called a cartomizer. More powerful vaping devices require larger tanks but vaporize e-liquid faster.

What Exactly is E-liquid?

E-Liquid, also called e-juice, is the fluid that your vaping device turns into vapor. It consists of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring, and nicotine, if desired.

How is E-liquid Made?

Halo e-liquids are blended by skilled chemists in a state-of-the-art cleanroom in Gainesville, Florida. We use only the finest ingredients, and we independently test all our flavorings. Each e-liquid is steeped to achieve maximum flavor before being put into our iconic cobalt blue bottles. All are packaged with child-resistant caps — Halo was one of the first manufacturers to offer these — and include best-by dating and trackable lot numbers on the label to ensure freshness and quality.

See the Process


Once a formula has been tested and perfected it is sent to our production center, where it’s blended by trained chemists in a cleanroom environment. We use precision mixing and filling equipment, in conjunction with our proprietary steeping process, to maintain consistent taste and quality in every batch.


After an e-liquid has been blended it is given time to steep. As in the production of fine wine, it’s important to allow the various ingredients to marry in order to achieve peak flavor. Once sufficient time has passed the e-liquid is tested for quality and bottled.


After steeping is complete, the e-liquid is bottled in glass. For smaller amounts — 7 and 10 ml — a durable plastic bottle is used and inserted into a light-proof box.

PG vs. VG

You may occasionally see an e-liquid marketed as high VG, or even 100% VG. This relates to the amount of vapor the e-liquid produces. While both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used as an e-liquid base, bases that feature more VG tend to produce a greater amount of vapor.

Many vapers who have just transitioned from smoking prefer higher PG for its throat hit — the sensation you get when the inhaled nicotine hits the back of your throat. High VG liquids offer a lesser throat hit.

What Distinguishes a Quality E-Liquid?

Good e-liquid can provide you with a top-of-the-line vaping experience. Bad e-liquid is unsatisfying at best and unsafe at worst. It’s in your best interest to be discerning.

Before you buy an e-liquid, the manufacturer has a responsibility to let you know what’s in it, where its ingredients came from, and whether it’s been tested. If they won’t furnish that information, you may want to choose another brand. Halo is always proud to provide that information to you.

For more information on Halo e-liquids, click on the FAQ link below:


Cost-Wise, How Does Vaping Compare?

You’ll first need to pick out your hardware. Prices vary by device. But in the long run, vaping can save you a lot of money.

One 30 ml bottle of Halo premium e-liquid, for example, costs about $19.99 — a fraction of the ever-rising cost of a carton of cigarettes. That bottle equals up to three cartons, depending on your nicotine level and usage.

To put it another way, one 30 ml bottle of Halo e-liquid can potentially last as long as 20 to 30 packs of your favorite brand of smokes!

Which Vaping Device Is Best for Me?

This depends on how advanced a vaper you are. There are cig-a-likes such as the G6, which resemble traditional cigarettes and are favored by new vapers. There are vape pens like the Triton. And then there are more sophisticated vaporizers, like the Tracer and Reactor, often used by seasoned vapers for a longer vape and better cloud production. In addition, JAG6 tanks enable DIY users to rebuild some internal components.

The G6

Let’s start with the G6 E-cigarette. Most new vapers, the colloquial term for E-cigarette users, like to transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes with a model that looks and feels like what they’re already used to. That’s why the G6 is a perfect starting point for new E-cigarette users.

Click here for G6 FAQ

The Triton Tank System

While many former smokers are content to stay with the G6, others move on to a more advanced vaporizer or “vape pen.” Meet the Triton Tank System. While it feels a little different, the Triton has many attractive features such as a larger tank, extended battery life and improved taste.

Click here for Triton FAQ

Tracer Series

At the other end of the vaping spectrum is the Tracer. This is for more advanced vapers that enjoy blowing large clouds and are looking for elite performance. If you fit that bill, a unit like the Tracer is sure to deliver. Powered by a heavy duty 2300 mAh battery and an extremely powerful sub-ohm coil, the Tracer creates massive vapor, the likes of which you would see in a cloud-chasing competition.

Click here for Tracer FAQ

Reactor Series

The ultimate in vaping technology, the Reactor allows vapers to control every aspect of their experience. From the massive tank and dual vertical coil, to a battery that allows for adjustments of wattage and voltage, the Reactor allows you to tailor your experience to your vaping preferences while getting immense flavor and vapor production.

Click here for Reactor FAQ

What flavor of E-liquid is best for me?

That all comes down to preference. Many people who are using vaping as an alternative to smoking tend to stick with what’s familiar—tobacco and menthol flavors with a higher PG base to get a solid throat hit.

But in our experience, that’s a phase. While there may always be a place in your heart for tobacco or menthol flavors, many of our customers quickly discover the joys of vaping more adventurous flavored e-liquids – like Malibu or Twisted Turnover– and start to make those a regular part of their rotation.

In vaping, there really is something for everyone.