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Menthol Sample Pack

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Our Menthol E-liquid Sample Pack features six 10 ml bottles and is sure to meet your expectations in getting the crisp, clean mint menthol flavor you’re looking for.

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Our Menthol E-liquid Sample Pack is sure to meet your expectations in getting the crisp, clean mint menthol flavor you’re looking for. We have handpicked our most distinguished menthol blends and included them in this sampler. Included are are six 10 ml bottles of our SubZero, Menthol V, Mystic, Kringle’s Curse, Menthol ICE, and CoolMist E-liquids.

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  1. Amazing review by Brandi

    My first experience vaping was with Halo e-cigarettes. Their products have the best quality, the completion of orders and shipping are amazing, and customer service too. They will answer any questions you have. When you need assistance with product malfunctions, they made the process seemingly effortless. I'll always continue ordering through Halo!

  2. Try them all review by Christopher

    A menthol lover’s dream. All favors are top notch and you won't be disappointed—light to strong, your choice.

  3. Excellent way to try different flavors at an economical rate review by Glen

    I bought this sample pack and was blown away by the variety. I found SubZero and Kringle's Curse a bit too strong in flavor but added some 0 mg Southern Comfort, which toned down the intensity. All in all, a brilliant idea to sample different flavors before you buy the 30 ml bottles once you have chosen your favorites. Excellent idea, Halo. Congrats.

  4. Newport pack a day--love this sample pack review by Stephanie

    I think these are a wonderful way to try a bunch of different flavors for a very fair price. I have tried the gourmet, variety and menthol samples packs and each were great; but this one is by far my favorite. I liked all of the flavors and I honestly don’t think I would have bought them separately. I am a menthol smoker and I was worried about not liking a few of them or I wouldn’t think they were strong enough—boy was I wrong. I kept seeing all of these reviews for the Malibu and Kringle's Curse and how great they were. I was going to just bite the bullet and buy them but I figured if I got this sample pack I could try a bunch of other ones as well. It’s funny because the Kringle’s Curse and the Malibu are my two favorite e-liquids from Halo now. I am so happy that I tried this sample pack, otherwise I don’t think I would have bought them individually for a while; I always have to at least have one or the other of the smaller bottles in my purse. The Kringle's Curse and the SubZero are both perfect liquids to mix with other liquids. If you are unsure of what flavors you like, I would highly suggest buying this sample pack. My third favorite flavor is SubZero. It has a bit of a bite to it, which I love because I am a menthol smoker. I continuously buy this variety pack because 3 of the 6 in here are my favorite! Sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a bit and have something fruity, menthol, regular full flavor and this variety pack has it all. Therefore, if you are new to Halo and don’t know which liquids to try (they are all amazing and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any of them) but this variety pack is 100% the way to go. Plus you really cannot beat it for the price!

  5. Great alone or mixed with traditional flavors review by Michele

    I love that Halo offers various sample packs for customers to try out. These 7ml bottles of e-liquid come in a nice tin. There are 6 e-liquids available in the menthol sample tin: Sub Zero, Menthol V, Mystic, Kringle’s Curse, Menthol ICE, and Cool Mist. Each menthol flavor has a different blend of menthol signatures. Some are more intense than others. These liquids are great when vaping by themselves or mixed in your favorite Halo tobacco flavors. One of my favorite menthol e-liquids is the Menthol ICE. It has a blast of intense menthol flavor. I enjoy vaping menthol even more when my throat is sore. They are less harsh than others due to the menthol.

  6. Best way to find your ADV review by CaptDJB

    Halo manages to have an awesome variety of menthols - not one tastes close to another. Of course my favorite is SubZero and after almost 2 years, still is! Add to that no price increase; that is customer service! Keeping vaping affordable for the new vaper or long time. Way to go Johnny Blaze and Halo Customer Service. They never let you down!

  7. Find your menthol level review by victor

    This is a great way to find out your kick and menthol level. For me, SubZero was by far the best flavor in the sample pack.

  8. Nice collection review by Brian

    This sample pack is amazing, I am having fun trying each one and I must say that mixing flavors has been interesting as I find my taste. SubZero has been one of my favorites so far!

  9. A great way to pick a flavor review by James

    I bought this trying to figure out what flavor I wanted to go with. I enjoyed the Menthol ICE, SubZero, and my favorite is Kringle's Curse. It tastes like a candy cane! This kit is great if you like menthol flavors.

  10. Convenient & inexpensive way to find your favorites review by Bob

    These sample packs are a great way to find your favorite e-liquids, and maybe discover something new that you may not have tried yet! Always remember that many of the flavors change if left open for a while. If you find a flavor overpowering, it will mellow if you steep it.

  11. Taste Them All! review by Dawn

    A perfect sized samples at a great price. I love the fact that I could taste all these yummy flavors. I can now pick out my favorites and buy larger bottles. I would like to point out that everyone loves an after dinner mint. Also, with this this sample pack, you can choose which one you want. A tobacco, menthol, gourmet, or variety sample pack. I have a different flavor everyday. It is nice to be able to spoil yourself without spending a fortune. Thank you Halo for selling these samples.

  12. Dual-purpose tins review by Katherine

    I have ordered three sample packs. The sudden need for organization inspired this idea. I removed the lid, turned it on it's back, and hot glued the foam insert to the inside of the lid to create a perfect tank holder. I put all of the 7ml bottles in the lidless tins and wrote the names of the e-liquid with a Sharpie on the slanted sides of the caps. They are easily readable when looking at from above. All of these fit easily into the old sewing table I use as my vape station. The table has three small deep drawers on each side. When you slide open one drawer for a bottle of e-liquid, slide open another to select a filled tank, another drawer for accessories, and larger bottles. This is the perfect setup and no more trying to ready tiny labels!

  13. Really good starter kit review by Farshid

    My favorite e-liquid from this is Kringle's Curse and all of the other are great too!

  14. Gotta Try 'em All review by Randi

    I am totally new to the vaping world and I had absolutely no idea where to start. Luckily, I picked the right sample pack to go along with my Triton. I received all the advertised flavors and happily discovered a mysterious 10ml bottle of Menthol Ice. I have only tried the Subzero in the week that I have had the products. It has taken me that long to almost deplete my first filling of the 2.5ml tank. The 18mg seems to be agreeing with me quite spledidly. 5 stars all day and everyday.

  15. pretty good review by Chris

    I purchased this before I realized I did not fully enjoy menthol flavors. However, I will say by the time I was done I had a new appreciation for menthol flavors. Some of the e-liquids are different and have different tangs to them such as eucalyptus.

  16. An excellent sample pack review by Martin

    I purchased this sample pack with a G6 starter kit. The menthol sample pack offers a great sampling of all the Halo menthol flavors. It is much easier and a cheaper way to find out what I liked.

  17. Good review by nick

    I enjoyed all of them so far besides HX3. It isn't terrible but it has an odd flavor some may like it. It is not menthol or a mint flavor at all. The only one I haven't tried yet is Subzero.

  18. Great sampler. review by Kelly

    I am so glad I was able to try several menthol e-liquids. I highly recommend this if you like menthol. I liked every single liquid in this sample pack! Menthol Ice and Subzero were definitely on the edge.

  19. Wow... just wow review by Matthew

    Every time I try a flavor out of this sample pack, I am pleasantly surprised. Kringle's Curse and Subzero are currently my favorite e-liquids. You can't go wrong with this sample pack!

  20. Full Of Flavor review by Kristy

    There are some great flavors in this sample pack for people who enjoy menthol flavors or a minty taste. I found three flavors that I will purchase in larger bottle. The liquids are Kringle's Curse, Menthol Ice, and Subzero. They are my favorite because they have the strongest flavors in my opinion. Kringle's Curse has a strong taste of peppermint and very refreshing. Subzero makes you feel like you just brushed your teeth that is how minty it is. Menthol Ice is a little less stronger in taste but it is a nice switch up when you want something a little more mellow. If you like less flavor CoolMist or Mystic is a good one. It is lighter in flavor but still strong enough to taste the menthol in it. The last one is HX3 which I am not a fan of the tobacco taste. It is too strong for me but may be good for you. This is a smart move to buy a sample pack first so you get to know what flavors are for you.

  21. Great sample pack if your a menthol person like me review by Christopher

    These are a great value if you want to test out all the menthol flavors. My friend and I split the cost of this and shared all of the liquids. It worked out great. The sample pack is a great way to try a bunch of different falvors at a great price. I like the Subzero the most and then Mystic. The other menthols have a very similar taste and none of them were strong as Subzero and Mystic. The HX3 has its own unique taste and is definitely a differnt kind of menthol flavor. HX3 has a bit more mint but in a good way. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wasnts to test menthol flavors Halo has to offer.

  22. Menthol smokers must have review by Justin

    The menthol sample packs is a definitely must buy. The sample pack comes in a nice tin can packaging and works well for storing future liquid purchases. Not every menthol flavor is good for everyone but when I purchased the sample pack it really gave me a chance to explore the flavors. Also, an added bonus of having multiple flavors is you can mix them to make the perfect flavor. I have found a 50/50 mix of Kringle's Curse and Subzero is the best minty menthol flavor.

  23. Fabulous Menthols! review by Endrea M

    Wow! I have not found my "perfect" menthol until now! Being that I enjoy menthol flavors, I have been on an exclusive search for a menthol e-liquid. This menthol sample pack is awesome! It ranges from very strong menthol to more subtle menthol flavors. Halo has hit out of the park! Kringle's Curse is at the top of the lis. It has a wonderful peppermint flavor, nice peppermint inhale, and mellows out on the exhale. It is very good! I have the Triton Tank Kit and I wish I would have found it prior to other types of e-cigarettes. This is totally worth the money! I may have to purchase the 1300 mAh battery next because I am constanly vape. They last just as everyone says! If you love menthol flavors then try this. I still have not tried all of the others in this pack.

  24. Value and Variety! review by Trish

    The menthol sample pack has an amazing taste of all great flavors. My personal downside was the HX3. It just doesn’t have enough menthol but I still think it is fantastic for the value of money!

  25. A Really Great Deal review by LVE

    If you’re not sure what you want, just want to try something new, or just looking for a great deal then you need to get the samples packs they are the way to go. However, with the Menthol Sample Pack, you get 4 of the 5 menthol flavors (presuming Halo’s new Menthol V will be moved in shortly). Plus Kringle's Curse(one of Halo’s most popular flavors) & HX3 – all for just $25.00. It gives you a good variety to try out and a savings of $10+ over that if you were to purchase each individually – almost like getting 2 bottles free.

  26. Still in shock and awe review by Zachary

    I can't seem to get over that I never liked menthol in any way or form. However, this menthol sample pack has me rethinking my choices in life and these flavors are amazing.

  27. Just what I needed. review by Terri

    I like menthol flavors and where I live there was only 1 store with one menthol e-liquid. I needed that menthol hit but I wanted to try different ones. This was just perfect and I got to try a bunch of menthol flavors and find what I liked the best.

  28. Bargain with all great flavors! review by Richard

    This menthol sample pack is not only a great bargain but every flavor is delicious. I recommend this product strongly.

  29. Great flavors, hard to choose the best review by Karen

    Going with 5 stars on this. All of the flavors except one was enjoyable. If you like something sweet and a light menthol flavor Mystic is for you. Kringle's Curse is excellent and I enjoy vaping on that after meals since it taste exactly like putting a pepper mint into your mouth. Menthol Ice is probably my 3rd favorite behind Mystic and Kringle's. Cool Mist is very interesting. At first, I did not like it due to it leaving a weird perfume type taste in my mouth or like I was drinking a bottle of cough syrup but after vaping it for a good 45 minutes I noticed it was improving. It's sweet with a slight hint of menthol. Mystic is now an all day vape for me.

  30. Nice Start review by Chelsea

    Purchasing the sample pack in the beginning was a great way for me to try all of the menthol flavors. This way, I was able to narrow down which ones I like best for future ordering.

  31. Amzing sample pack! review by Rob

    After trying both this and the gourmet sample pack, the menthol one is my favorite. I was very satisfied with every flavor included (all six of them), and as a result, every time I order my two favorites from this pack (Sub-Zero & Kringle's Curse) I always select the 30ml bottle size!

    Thanks Halo!

  32. Exceptional Value For Menthol Lovers review by Elik Anoa'i

    At $24.99 for 42 ml of delicious Menthol e juice, this is a great bargain for Menthol lovers everywhere. I included this sampler with my initial order of the Triton Tank starter kit and I love it! In this lineup, Mystic is the gold medal winner. Kringle's Curse takes the silver medal and Cool Mist gets the bronze. Menthol Ice comes in fourth and Sub Zero fifth. HX3 is dead last just because there's very little Menthol flavor. I can't say enough about this sampler... it's really really GOOD! When you place an order for this sampler pack, you have to try the Mystic. It's so good, and it's my menthol ADV. I have a suggestion for Halo: please remove HX3 from the Menthol Variety Sampler pack and replace it with Menthol V. It's a fabulous menthol blend. Get yourself a Menthol Variety Sampler today! You will not be disappointed.

  33. size and flavor review by Judy

    I had bought this sample pack a few month ago. They were nice sizes and each bottle filled my tank about 10 times. I tried all of the flavors, and there was only one I didn't like. Thanks to the sample pack, I know what flavors I like and don't like.

  34. Great for a sample pack review by Megan

    Awesome flavor pack. I LOVE the Kringles Curse. I also received the Menthol V as a bonus, and that has good flavor, too. I just wish there was a sample pack where the customers could pick the flavors.

  35. Surprisingly varied review by Stephen

    ...and you thought menthol was menthol. Apparently this e-cig experience is much more varied and tasty than cigs. I was very pleasantly surprised in the wide taste differences in this sample pack. I must also mention that the descriptions of the flavors were accurate.

  36. Great Sampler! review by CaptDJB

    If you are new to vaping - love mints and menthols?
    This is a MUST try - so YOU can find your ALL DAY VAPE
    Mystic sweetest minty variety - cool on the exhale and VERY NICE!
    Cool-Mist is just a lovely, slightly sweet minty plume of delectable e-liquid
    Menthol ICE is a little stronger on the "coolness" side (I really like it)!
    Kringles Kurse - want a sweet Peppermint? - this is IT!
    SUB-ZERO- NOW THIS IS FOR for ME (everyone's tastes are different) but this IS MY all day vape for sure!

    Again, you've seen repeatedly that TASTE is SUBJECTIVE! Due to this, samplers are the definite way to find YOUR favorite vapes.
    The tins these come in are awesome for holding tanks and bottles of juice/e-liquid. It is great for filling (lots of uses)!
    HX3 was the ONLY one that I was not overly fond of.
    I can't WAIT TO try the NEW MENTHOL V !!!!!
    Keep the HITS coming HALO!

  37. Great Sampler review by M

    Kringle's Curse and Mystic are certainly my favorites in this pack - both offer a sweet, light, minty flavor. Sub-Zero and Menthol Ice aren't sweet at all, but they're still impressive because of their powerful and long-lasting menthol effects - and when I say powerful, I mean it. Shamrock is reminiscent of a peppermint patty candy, so that's pleasant, but not ideal for every-day use. HX3 is really the only flavor that I don't understand; it's not a bad tasting or bad hitting e-liquid, but it has absolutely no menthol-like qualities.

  38. Good sampler review by Menthol4life

    Five stars because you get all the major menthol flavors plus the HX3.

    Coolmist -this was a bonus for me as it is my adv and will remain so. Love it.Nice, cool, crisp, it's just perfect.

    Mystic and Menthol Ice - to be honest I didn't taste much of a difference in these, a bit crisper than cool mist, like a Salem bite (without the tobacco).

    Sub Zero - Def the strongest of them all.Comparing this to an analog was easy for me, straight up Kool or Newport (without the tobacco).

    Kringles Curse - Yes, this is candy cane all the way. Not something I will vape often but something I will keep in my stock.

    HX3 - This flavor was not for me, loved the smell,sweet, with kinda of a wine smell and even a bit buttery. Very mellow, I could actually smell it all day but not a vape for me. Not a fan of tobacco flavors.Giving this to a friend who likes the tobacco flavors. When vaped it was pretty dry and I'll say this again, reminiscent of wine.

    All in all, what I have left of this sample pack will stay in my stock till I do end up vaping it, I ordered it to see if there was anything I'd like more than the Coolmist , didn't find it in this sample pack. Which is ok, I now have some flavors to mix things up once in a while.

  39. Hello you doing? review by Brian

    What a great way to meet the Halo Menthol line.

    A nice mix here, of Halo's menthol lineup.

    Starting with the slightly desserty Kringles Curse, all the way to the almost overpowering menthol that is SubZero. With great stopping points in between.

    The HX3.. is the real surprise in the bunch for me, it was... it is... unique. Sort of like a RY4 but the menthol idea of it.

  40. LOVE this! review by Ashley

    I LOVE the fact that Halo makes "sample packs"! The menthol one is my favorite by far when I just want a little bit of everything. I have suggested this one to all of my friends. The only thing that would make the sample packs better is if you could create your own!

  41. Menthol Sample Pack review by Audrey

    I purchased the Menthol Sample Pack when I did my 1st order with Halo. I thought it would be a great way to sample all the flavors to decide what one i would order in the future, I really loved all the menthol flavors. I can't remember now but sub zero or menthol ice were the strongest in flavor. My first drag of the strong one about blew me out of my seat! lol, I think I will continue to purchase my vapors in the sample pack, that way i can change once in a while because I really loved the flavors.

  42. Usefull for finding favorite menthol flavor review by Don

    If you have never tried a menthol flavor then I would recommend buying this sample pack to see what you like. Menthol flavors have a very soothing taste that is not very strong. You will get a full taste from it but it will not stay in your mouth too long. If you have tried menthol flavors and prefer them to stronger tastes then pick this up. You can also try mixing these different flavors to find some unique tastes. They also go great for mixing with gourmet flavors. If you just want to relax and enjoy some nice and subtle tastes, then pick this pack up.

  43. perfect pack review by stephen

    All the flavors in this pack are a great intro for the menthol lovers out there.

  44. Great Full Menthol Flavor review by Todd

    Just received my sample pack of menthol flavors and must say every one is awesome full flavor menthol. I switch between tobacco and menthol to wake up my taste buds. Really all flavors in this pack is exactly as described in my opinion.

  45. Menthol Sampler review by Ryan

    All of these flavors are awesome and unique in my opinion. I am new to the e-cig/e-juice world and just got my stuff in the mail 2 days ago. Loving the products from Halo... already have referred some friends... Anyhow I'm not certain that I have a favorite as they are all different. Not a huge fan of the HX3 stuff but i'm sure I can mix it with other flavors (menthol or gourmet) and it'll be just fine.

    The Kringle's Curse is good stand alone or is a great mix with almost anything! Adds some life to the menthol liquids in my opinion. If I had to pick a favorite I would say Cool Mist or Menthol Ice. SubZero is a bit much menthol but if u just drip in another liquid or some Kringle's Curse... it's just fine!

    I highly recommend this sampler and Halo products for any e-liquid user at any level!

  46. Not bad at all. review by Francois

    This is a great sampler pack if you are a big fan of the menthol flavors. There are a few liquids that stand out here with really unique flavors. First, the subzero flavor is unmatchable by any other menthol out there. It's the strongest, coolest menthol vape you're gonna get. It has a slight hint of licorice to it and you honestly feel like you've been chewing on mints all day after vaping this. Must try. Next up is Kringle's Curse. This is a much more subtle menthol that has almost a sugar water and peppermint flavor to it. It's sweet and doesn't hit you in the face with mint as hard. The HX3 liquid seems a little out of place for this sampler in that the prominent flavor is more tobacco/lime than mint, but it's very interesting to see that end of the menthol spectrum too. Ironically this became my favorite eliquid and it's great to mix it up when you've been vaping purely menthols for a while and need something different. The other flavors in this sampler have subtle differences and are similar to the subzero for me but a little more subdued in the kick. Great throat hits from every liquid in this sample.

  47. Menthol craziness! review by Billy

    They all taste great and give off mad vapor! My favorite is Kringle's Curse, twisted peppermint/candy cane favors that will make you want to smack Santa Clause himself! I will be ordering big bottles of that. Good stuff...

  48. Would recommend highly! review by Sonuts

    Being new to vaping I had no clue where to start with flavors, strength etc, So I was pleasantly surprised when I happened upon this sample pack on your site. I would suggest this set to anyone who can't decide on a flavor. I particularly like the subzero with it's burst of fresh mint flavor. Some people may find it overpowering which is why I only smoke this one when I want a pick me up. Menthol Ice is the one I have finally settled on from this pack, Nice throat hit with no irritation after prolonged use. The HX3 was the only one I truly disliked, It tasted like buttered popcorn which I found quite disturbing and also has that that weird oily after taste . All in all though I had the chance to enjoy some great product for a reasonable price.

  49. Great way review by BRUNO

    This is the best way to get to know all Halo´s Menthol juices. And they all rock! Although this is just menthol flavors, you can clearly see and experiment the subtle differences between then. My favorites was Kringles and Sub zero. Find yours!

  50. Minty Freshness review by Herbert

    I got this sample pack and have tried a few of the flavors. First off, the presentation in the tin is fantastic! Thumbs up to Halo once again! My favorite flavors are SubZero, Kringle’s Curse for sure! I actually moved up to buying the 30ML bottles.

  51. Good starter pack review by Matthew

    This is a good way to keep from over spending on flavors you're not too sure of.
    Wasn't a fan of half of them but at least found what two flavors I really enjoy.

  52. Great variety pack! review by Joseph

    I really like all the flavors, but Sub Zero, of course, takes the cake. Menthol Ice is great if you think Sub Zero is too strong. I'm glad they offer a variety pack like this so you don't end up wasting your money on flavors you wouldn't really like.

  53. Great Value review by Teresa

    I have been searching for a good menthol. I have tried numerous ones and have been unhappy.
    I was so happy when I got my Halo menthol sample pack... Nice little tin that it comes in. Yes the center is empty but since I ordered a fushion sample also... it fits nicely in there.
    I have no doubt that there will be a menthol flavor in the pack that suits every type of menthol lover.... Sub zero is too strong for me, but it can be mixed with something else so it will not go to waste. Menthol ice is my favorite menthol flavor. HX3 doesn't have enough menthol and yet I love it. In fact I have begun to crave it lol.... It has a unique flavor! And I love the smell. I mixed it with a little sub zero to give it a kick and WOW. I just love it. Some have said they don't care for it, but to each his own. I have tasted so many, I am just so happy to have found the right liquid for me. It is important to get quality. Sure we all like to save a few dollars. Halo's prices are reasonable and their quality is excellent. So even thought I originally got the sample pack to figure out which menthol is for me. I will be buying the sample pack again because its like getting 2 little bottles for free along with the tin... price wise. Some of the flavors are great to mix with other Halo liquids.

  54. 5/6 35ml for $27 review by Arct0sa

    Worse to best : Hx3 | Kringle's Curse | Coolmist | Menthol Ice | Mystic I Sub-Zero (In my opinion).
    Tin can 3.5 inch in Diameter 2 inch Length, inside has a nice foam-roulette-style that sits 6 flavor and a cylinder foam in the middle. Hx3 .. I have no words my words have failed me(no clue why they added this flavor don't remember if its even has a menthol taste). Kringle's Curse taste like those mint candy you get from Christmas. Coolmist, watered down Menthol Ice and Mystic good but not great. Menthol Ice flavor is great taste, like Mystic but more on the Menthol side. Mystic, pretty.. pretty....pretty.....preeeetty good taste, would recommend getting the full bottle has a hint of Menthol. Sub-Zero by far the best refreshing menthol taste, chill your throat really well. ( Sorry for the wall of text).

  55. Good to try it all to find my preference review by Carolyn

    I really liked being able to try all the menthol flavors, though I wasn't a fan of all of them it was good to get an idea of what I liked. Cool Mist and Menthol Ice had to be my favorites. HX3 was interesting flavor and I didn't understand why it was in the menthol pack. Subzero was strong and killed my throat but Hx3 and Subzero together was amazing and definitely my all day vape. Kringles curse I enjoyed but it was another one that hit my throat hard still enjoyable but not all day. I gave 5 stars because I knew I was trying them all and it was hit or miss.

  56. Great way to try several flavors review by Erica

    This is such a clever idea - an inexpensive and easy way to sample several different flavors, in a very high quality metal container.

    Kringle's Curse - more of a mint than a menthol, but very tasty. Almost gives you that "just brushed" feeling!

    Sub-Zero - very, very strong menthol, almost like a mentholated cough drop. I like it, and it's especially good for in the mornings, and I imagine it would also be good if you had a cold.

    Menthol Ice, Mystic, and Cool Mint - I like all three, still trying to decide which of the 3 I like best.

    HX3 - um, well, I have to say, not my favorite.

  57. Great sampler review by Cheryl

    If you want to try how GREAT Halo is and are a menthol user, this Is for you! I am hooked on Halo forever! Will not smoke any other e juice from any other distributor. You can try all the menthol flavors in one little sweet tin! Only one I did not enjoy was the HX3. Not for me, but the rest is the BOMB! WTG Halo!!!!

  58. What flavor to buy? review by Ryan

    Not knowing what flavor of e-liquid to buy I purchased the menthol sample pack in 18mg nicotine. The flavors are very good. Four of them are really good. Sub Zero was a little too strong, kinda like that ice chewing gum but some people might like this one. HX3 wasn't bad but I didn't get a lot of menthol flavor. The remaining 4 are great, with different levels of menthol. I use those the most. I would recommend that you try a sample pack to help decide what flavor is right for you before committing to a large bottle.

  59. If you're not sure which to settle on... review by Eric

    This is a great place to start. If you've tried menthols from other companies and you're looking to switch or you're trying to find your particular flavor, the same pack is a pretty nice place to start. After getting other companies ejuices in a wad taped up with bubble wrap, getting a tin with a form fitting insert for each bottle was a pleasant. It's not just a pretty display for their site, you actually get what you see! Each flavor, despite being based around the same base (Menthol is this case), each has differences from the subtle to the extreme ends of the spectrum of flavor. If you're not sure which one you think would be the best fit, you can't go wrong with the sampler.

  60. Menthol Mix review by Michael

    The Menthol E-liquid Sample Pack includes Halo's top six menthol vapes. It's an excellent way to find your favorite flavor at a totally reasonable price. Definitely recommend this sample pack!

  61. Great for starters review by Logan

    Got one for me and one for my girlfriend to start out,we love the menthol flavors. This is a perfect way to find out which ones you will grow to love. The HX3 blend does not appear to be very menthol tasting though.

  62. quick way to try all the menthols review by Gene

    5 of the 6 flavors in the tin were new to me and the 6th (Kringles) is a favorite.

    For all being menthols, Halo has done a good job of making each of them a unique "twist" on the idea.

    I also love the tin. It can hold the small bottles, and it makes a great holder for my Triton tanks and spare batteries. Also great for travel as you can fit 7 small sized liquids (if you take out the center plug) to go.

    I think they should sell the tins on the side as they'd be quite popular I believe.

  63. Flavors are amazing review by Phillip

    This was my first e-liquid that I had gotten. I was amazed by the flavors. They were all very good. The mystic is my personal favorite. Smooth and sweet. The tin that the samples come in, is a true keeper for me. Keeps little fingers of my 2 year old, out of my e-liquid. Once again, thank you Halo!

  64. excellent best ecig ever review by WILLIAM

    I've used many other ecigs before halo is the best ever. They have superior quality batteries and liquids will use the g6 for a while more then upgrade to their triton which I've already tried and loved.

  65. A great deal review by Shawn

    This is a great idea for Halo to produce these packs. I was able to find two of my favorite flavors from buying one of these packs. They are all good flavors, but finding the right ones for you can be difficult. Halo's packs makes the search for your favorite flavors a breeze. Thank you Halo.

  66. Insanely Perfect!!! review by Nicholas

    I thought I loved the first flavor I tried, then the second was better, then the third was better. I loved all of the flavors in this sample pack. It comes in a neat little tin with a secret seventh slot to use as an e-cig stand. I was so impressed with every flavor in this tin, and for such a great value, I might just keep buying this sample pack over and over.

  67. Good spread of menthols, but missing Malibu review by M

    This is probably my favorite Halo variety pack, not because I'm a huge menthol fun but because it really gives you the spread of what they have available at a lower price per milliliter so you can see what you really like. I do have one caveat -- I'm not even sure Kringle's Curse is menthol, I really got more of a straight peppermint kick from it, but Malibu isn't in here for some reason and that definitely has a menthol finish. So, if you really want the spread, add in a bottle of Malibu.

  68. Even for someone who doesn't like menthols all the time! review by John F.

    When I switched over to Halo products from Blu, I really didn't know what flavors to order. I know I tend to enjoy more of the "flavored" juices, but being that Halo has such an awesome reputation for producing quality products, I didn't not want to try the menthol flavors. So, I ordered one of these packs so I could try all of them. And, I didn't care for all of them, but NONE of them were what I would call bad at all. Getting something like this allows you to get a great sampling of everything they have to offer and to help you decide what you really want to invest more money in BEFORE you go buy a 30 ml bottle of something that you really don't care for. As far as the value for the money, you just can't beat this!

  69. Awesome starter for those that can't make a decision review by Brian

    I've been vaping for about 6 months now. I tried different liquids from other retailers and they just weren't providing the satisfaction I wanted. I came across a bunch of forums that suggested using Halo. I couldn't make a decision on which liquid I wanted to use so I went with three Menthol samplers to last a while. I must say that I was very impressed with not only the product but the shipping was impeccable.

    On with the flavors:

    I LOVE Sub Zero! I was kind of upset that the 3 bottles ran out quickly. It's a sharp minty taste but not like gum or a breath mint. I sat at my work all day vaping with this.

    My next favorites were Menthol ICE and Cool Mist. The tasted very similar to the point that I really didn't notice a difference between them. They weren't as strong as Sub Zero so I tried a 50/50 mix between either and Prime 15 (Tobacco liquid). The mix is actually pretty good.

    Mystic was just okay in my opinion. I'll give it a plus for being very good for all day vaping if you want something lighter. To me, it has a light pineapple finish to it but that could be just my taste buds.

    Kringle's Curse was not that great to me and I absolutely hated H3X. I tried H3X once and had to clear out the clearomizer to get rid of the taste and forget the experience.

  70. Good starter kit review by Jer739

    I purchased this kit along with my Triton starter kit and was amazed by the flavor. I would highly recommend trying a sample kit like this for your first purchase. There are so many great flavors of menthol, my favorite being Kringle's Curse and Menthol ICE. After sampling these you can get a better idea on what you may want to purchase in the larger bottles to save some money. On a fully charged (standard "kit" battery) I can last all day and go through an entire 2.4ml Triton Tank. Oh, and you definitely get the nicotine your body is craving! My first purchase included the XHigh Nicotine and I was literally twitching! I'm down to Medium now and am slowly tapering off to low. I don't do many reviews, but this is the best system out there and I would recommend this to anyone.

  71. Great selection with great flavors review by Shawn

    I really enjoyed this sample pack. Sub-zero is a blasting menthol, which I use when I really want a bold menthol flavor. Cool mist is a great bold flavor, but it seems to be held back a little bit compared to the sub-zero flavor. Last but not least is HX3. I am glad that this was provided in this sample pack as this is one of my favorite flavors, so far. It has a hint of menthol, but has a kind of nutty after taste, which is great. I have a feeling that HX3 is going to be my daily vape.

  72. Loved 5 out of 6 review by Evonda

    My favorites are Mystic and Menthol Ice for an all day vape. The Kringle's Curse I absolutly loved!!!!!! The Coolmist and Sub-Zero are very good. But I didn't really like the HX3 it is more of a Tobacco menthol. I personally don't like the Tobacco flavors. But all these juices had great vapor and flavor. I purchased 30ml bottles of Mystic, Menthol Ice, Sub-Zero and Kringle's Curse after trying this sampler set.

  73. Sample review by Matthew

    This was a good idea to get started with to figure what my tastes buds would prefer. Saved a lot of money, thank you!

  74. Love sampler packs review by Jessica

    I loved the sample pack. When I decided to try an e-cig, one of my big concerns was choosing a flavor. The menthol sample pack let me try all the menthol flavors without having to fork out a lot of money. The Kringle's Kurse was by far my favorite, loved the candy cane like taste! The rest of the flavors were also very good, with the exception of the HX3. It seems to have a spicier taste to it, almost a black licorice flavor to me. One thing I would love to see is a create your own sample pack!

  75. Not for me. review by Spatch

    While the flavors where quality it was not what I was expecting. The flavors to me are more of a peppermint on my palate. Out of all the flavors in this pack the only one I would purchase again is the HX3.

  76. wonderful review by ann

    Just received today and have tried out the cool mist and subzero, these taste great .

  77. Use this to figure out your favorite! review by Michael

    This is a great starter kit for any menthol fan. You must try this when you get your G6 or Triton Tank system, even if you don't like menthol! The flavors are so different and I believe they have something for everyone. Try the Kringle's Curse if you want a sweet, intense peppermint unlike anything you've vaped before. Subzero and Cool Mist are also great to vape on all day.

  78. awesome review by Daniel

    My girlfriend and I go the menthol one and the gourmet one. Sub zero is incredible. Actually they're all yummy! The tin it comes in is great because if you buy the smaller bottles you can store them in it. Also I put my Triton tank in it when I'm switching tanks. Quality in everything Halo does.

  79. Good pack. But halo has better ones review by Naseeruddin

    This sample pack has the 7ml bottles of the 4 menthol flavors (Mystic, Menthol ICE, Cool Mist and Sub Zero), 1 tobacco flavor (HX3) and 1 Gourmet flavor (Kringle's Curse).
    Sub Zero is the killer menthol flavor. But cannot be an all day vape for many out there, including me. Once in a while's WOW!
    Menthol ICE and Cool Mist don't have much difference between them, an also don't have that much going for them. I did not find them compelling.
    Mystic can easily be an all day vape, and that's the flavor I would rate as number #1.
    Kringle's Curse, though not being a menthol juice, is next only to mystic if you want to cool down your throat every once in a while.
    And lasly, HX3. I'm sorry to say, but this is the worst of all the 22 flavors halo currently produces. Whenever I took a puff on this stuff, I immediately put it down and feel like rinsing my mouth. This flavor in the pack is what made my rating 4 stars.

  80. Favorites Chosen review by Skip

    The packaging of the sample pack sets the stage quite nicely for the sensational flavor you're about to experience. For packaging alone, Halo outshines every last competitor I've ever given business to.

    I had never tried Halo e-liquid before ordering the menthol sample pack. I was using another brand of vaporizer when I first started trying the different flavors, but that brand didn't like Halo e-liquid and, like clockwork, would kill my coils after only a few drags. Since I really liked the Halo e-liquid flavors, less than a week later I ordered the Triton - no more problems.

    I have searched high and low for great tasting, consistent burning e-liquid. I'm glad I tried Halo. Here are my favorites.

    #1 - Kringle's Curse.
    I love peppermint candy canes and that's exactly what this tastes like from the first drag to the last.

    #2 - Mystic.
    With a hint of mint mixed with menthol, it really is a wonderful blend.

    My least favorite is HX3, but that's only because I got away from tobacco flavoring several months ago. It was still okay - just not the best for me.

  81. Good Value review by Steve

    The sample packs are a good value and to experiment the different flavors. At first I thought the bottles inside wasn't going to last me long because they were the small bottles, but so far I haven't even finished using 1 bottle after 2 weeks. I also wasn't sure which menthol flavor to get, but now that I get to try them all and so far my favorite is the Kris Kringle's Curse.

  82. Best-tasting menthol to date! review by James Tan

    Halocigs offer THE BEST menthol e-liquid and pre-filled caromizers around. Having tried all the e-liquids from all of the major competitors, including both Chinese and USA-made liquids, I've come to the conclusion that Halo's are simply the highest-quality, and have the purest taste. These menthol packs are my daily vape, and they provide me with a cooling and refreshing CLEAN vape. My current all-time favourite is Methol-ICE. It is very refreshing and simple - NO toothpasty taste, NO medicinal taste. It tastes a lot like the regular menthol cigarettes you would buy from the store!

  83. good for starters review by Jeff

    If you're just starting vaping or if you're just new to this brand, and you're a menthol smoker, this sample pack is for you. Whether you prefer very strong menthol, or mainly tobacco flavors, there is something in this pack for you. I like a lot of menthol so I quickly found that my perfect flavor is a mix of Mystic and Subzero. However, if a lot of menthol is not your thing, there are 5 other flavors that might suit your fancy. Either way, the price of this e liquid pack is phenomenal. if you bought these bottles separately, you would pay 36 dollars. it is available here for 25, which I think is a great way to introduce new customer to your product, as start up costs for vaping are always expensive. Thank you Halo, for offering this sample pack at this great price to get people started on your superior product. It comes in a cool box too :)

  84. Good for starters review by Lilla

    The sample pack is a great way to get accustomed to the available menthol flavors. It is a worthy investment. If there are any flavors you don't like, mix them with ones that you do like. Win, win and win.

  85. Menthol Sample Pack - 100% SATISFIED review by Will

    Wanting to try some other Menthol flavors, I ordered the sample pack. I was impressed immediately. The sample pack was shipped in a Halo Tin - inside was a foam insert that secured the 6 bottles. The overall appearance and thought behind this is why we all have Halo in the first place.

    Add to that, the six flavors included all professional and quality. This would make an awesome Christmas gift. If you interested in trying new flavors, but leery to buy them individually then Halo Sample packs are by far the way to go. Six great flavors, professional appearance, top notch product. It's a Win - Win!!

  86. Love Menthol! review by CHAD

    The Kringles Curse and the Menthol Ice is Awesome! Havent tried them all yet but they are awesome!

  87. perfect review by Eric

    Just what you need for the new vapers to find out what flavor is best for you. Halo has great flavors so give em a try. Great price too.

  88. FABULOUS intro to HALO e-lquids! review by CaptDonna

    This sampler pack is a great introduction to HALO’s menthol line up at a reasonable price 42ml of e-juice for $24.99! I ordered mine at 12mg. Just a note for new vapers.. go a step above what you think you should order… it’ll keep the heebie-jeebies away until you can step down your nicotine level. If you find it too high or harsh, you can always get some lower nic level FUSION to dilute it without affecting flavor. Everyone’s tastes are different – but HALO has something different for everyone!
    Here’s my taste on MY menthol sampler flavors:
    SUB-ZERO: WOW just a powerful, clear out your sinuses blast! Actually I vaped this one all day (this turned out to be the last time I had an analog) IF I had a do-over I’d have vaped Menthol Ice or Mystic that first day as I did wake up with a for lack of a better explanation a throat hit throat lol! Definitely the TOP menthol as far as strength. Did go out to my local supply shop and got a 30ml bottle! Great alone or mixer!
    MYSTIC: Ahh yes this is just a very smooth, soothing menthol. Then there’s a hint of mint sweet on the exhale. Plainly put VERY NICE not too sweet, not too minty.
    COOL MIST: Just a pure clean menthol each time. No sweetness, not a mint a definite menthol flavor that made choosing a favorite VERY hard!
    MENTHOL ICE: Surprisingly THIS turned out to be my all day vape. Just pure menthol and a little bite, clean and crisp! First chance I had I ordered a 30ml bottle!
    KRINGLES CURSE: PURE peppermint sweetness! Since I purchased a Café’Mocha, I saved this bottle for adding to my cocoa’s and chocolate vapes to have my dessert vape with zero calories.
    HX3: Here I ran into a bit of a WHAT? I really couldn’t find any menthol in this (sorry HALO). I put it on the back shelf and let some time go by. When revisited well I was still looking for the menthol so I bammed it with Sub-Zero – DONE DEAL! This is one you just have to try for yourself.
    All in all taste is so subjective – this is well worth $24.99. I’ve kept the tin foam for filling, the tin for my smaller bottles (save them – easy to carry when you’re going out!) 5 out of 6 are definite re-orders! Whatever HALO does they do it with our reviews in mind. That is why I reorder. Thanks HALO for such a diverse line-up of quality e-juices!

  89. A Great Assortment! review by tseelee

    I was a menthol smoker so this was the first ejuice I purchased. I wanted to try all of the flavors. I loved all of them except for the HX3. Definitely not my flavor but my first pick is Mystic. Love it! 2nd - Cool Mist. 3rd - Sub Zero, 4th - Menthol Ice & 5th Kringles Curse. For a first time menthol user, this is a must have!

  90. Menthal vs candy peppermint review by Anne

    Ok I love menthol but I'm really not into peppermint candy. I feel there's a big difference. In this pack I really enjoyed Menthol Ice, Cool mist, and Mystic. All 3 have a sweet taste that I've really come to crave. I exhale very slow so I can enjoy the flavors. I can't even decide which is my favorite. HX3 I think it was I did not care for at all. That one was not menthol or peppermint, more like caramel buttered popcorn. And the other two would be great if I had the flu. I will hold onto them who knows maybe I can add it to another ejuice flavor. Minus one star for only liking half of the samples provided. And being as my starter pack came with menthol ice. This really only helped me find 2 new flavors that i enjoy. Wish it came with a fruity flavor maybe tiki or the apple one. I like menthol, i like sweet, but way too much peppermint on Subzero and Kringles Curse and no clue why the other one was even included. I will say Menthol Ice, Mystic and Cool Mist to me right now are 5 star juices. Will have to vape some more to determine which I enjoy better.

  91. Great review by Nat

    There is a a generous amount for being a sampler. I'm actually impressed by how much they give you. For anyone who wants to change up their menthol experience this is a great way to mix things up!

  92. Great Way to Start off review by Angie

    This is a great way to try out Halo's Menthols. You will find a favorite (or two, or three...)
    If you're new to Halo and don't know where to start (and you like menthols)-Get this sample pack! You won't be disappointed. It's a great value for the amount of high quality liquid you receive. Tons of flavor! You don't have to waste your money on "extra flavor shots" like some other companies.

    SubZero- An extreme cool. Definitely stronger than the others in this pack. No sweet taste with this one. Just pure icy menthol. I can even feel the coolness in my nose! My absolute favorite!

    Kringle's Curse- To me, this is one that I like when I'm running low on my other flavors. The Halo quality is there, I just don't care for the peppermint flavor. Reminded me of a certain peppermint liquor.

    CoolMist & Menthol ICE were very similar to me. Great menthol flavor.

    Mystic- My second favorite after SubZero. A very clean taste with just a hint of sweetness.

    HX3- I'll have to go back and try more of this at a later date. I don't like a lot of tobacco tasting eliquids so this didn't appeal to me. I could sense the menthol, just not enough in my opinion. Has a certain taste to it which is hard to describe.

  93. Killer deal! review by Justin

    Subzero and Kringle's Curse are amazing! Best menthol flavors I've found. Thick vapor and strong throat hit is insane. Cool mist is my all day vape. It would be awesome to have a 30 ml pack for sale.

  94. Great variety review by Joe H

    I was new to Halo and couldn't decide what menthol flavor I would like. Luckily they offer this sample pack at a good price. Comes in a nice tin also. I'm really enjoying Halo flavors, glad I made the change.

  95. Good mix of flavors and great packaging review by Albert

    It's the best way to check out the flavors. I do hope that Halo will create a "choose your own" sample pack. My least favorite is the hx3, as I like fresh clean menthol taste.

    The print in the back could be a bit bigger the small print really hard to read. Overall it's great.

  96. Great for first timers! review by Sarah

    I have been a menthol smokers for many years. I love the sampler pack. It gave me a chance to see which flavors were more like what I was used to. I look forward to trying future flavors!

  97. Delightful Menthol review by Michelle

    I am a brand new user to ecigs so I didn't know what to expect. I got the sampler pack as I didn't want to be stuck with a flavor I didn't like. These favors are fantastic! My favorite turned out to be the powerful peppermint Kringle's Curse, which I will be ordering in full size soon.

    Halo's products are so fantastic that I won't even try "shopping around" to other companies...why try to find something better when I'm already convinced Halo is the best?!

  98. great pack to try halo menthol flavors review by Lynn

    Halo has the best e liquids that I have found. I am a pack a day light menthol smoker so tried the menthol sample pack after a friend gave me a taste of one of Halo's e liquids.

    I have to say way to go Halo. I like 5 of the 6 flavors and even liked the Voodoo sample they sent with the pack. The only one I did not care for was the HX3, not sure why they added this to the menthol pack as I really found no menthol to it and actually discarded the bottle and clearomizer that I used.

    My favorite was Menthol Ice, I will be ordering some more. Not to put down the other flavors, compared to what I was using all the others were very solid. I rate the Cool Mist and Mystic better than anything I had before just not quit as good as the Menthol Ice.

    I think that after reading some reviews that I will have to order the Tobacco Sampler Pack, got to try everything once, you never know.

  99. Great value review by VV

    This menthol variety pack is a great value and a super way to try all the most popular flavors without buying a large bottle. There was only one that I wasn't crazy about. Two I absolutely loved and will buy full sized bottles in. It's substantially cheaper than buying the small bottles individually, and you get a really cool little storage tin. Tip-keep your small empty bottles of fave flavors to refill from your big one for portability during travel. You can experiment with making your own flavors by mixing a few drops of multiple flavors too, which is fun!

  100. Great line up review by Kenneth E

    Most of the juice you will get in this are very very good. I love menthol and this was a great buy. Sub Zero will blow your mind! It is super chilled and will please any die hard menthol fans. I really liked the Cool Mist as it is very close to a natural menthol. Mystic has a bit of sweetness. Kringle is an awesome peppermint. Menthol Ice is a great cooling vape (not as intense as Sub Zero) and HX3.... well I don't know why this is in here. I can only taste pineapple. It's not a sweet pineapple at all, more like the smell of a fresh one is pretty much what you taste.
    This is still a 5 star pack for me. I ordered all three sample pack offerings and a bunch of blank carts to make sure to try them all out. Overall, Halo makes some really great quality flavors.

  101. Great way to sample various menthol flavors review by Felipe

    I didn't know menthol could be reinvented in so many different ways!
    The sample pack is a great way to sample all the menthol flavors and select the one you like the most to purchase the 30ml bottles.

  102. What an amazing deal! review by Scott

    I was able to try all the menthol's I wanted plus a couple of the gourmet menthol's.
    For $25 you get 42 ml of e-juice!! That is a extremely good deal and a wonderful way to try new flavors.

  103. Delicious! review by Smasher

    All of the flavors have varying amounts of mint, menthol, and sweetness. Really great sample packs that all taste great!

  104. Fantastic preview of wide range of menthol flavors review by Alicia

    When I started using e-cigs I went to our local shop to see what they had to offer. They have lots of liquids for me to try. It wasn't easy to decide which liquid I wanted to buy. They had the small bottles for sale, but the prices were high considering how small the bottles were. Luckily sub zero was one of the flavors I sampled. I was hooked. Then I went online and saw the sample packs. The price is a great value! I had a chance to really see what menthols Halo offers. When I started with the crisp clean menthol of Sub Zero and gradually enjoyed a wide variety of flavors until I tried Kringle's Curse which is a peppermint patty. This sampler showed the depth and breathe of Halo's liquids.

  105. Not my favorite review by Richie

    This is the second sample pack I bought after I used up my tobacco pack. Personally I don't menthol cigarettes, so me liking the tobacco pack better makes sense. Even though I liked the tobacco pack better this pack was still a good investment. It let me try a bunch of new flavors, and expanded my knowledge of what kind of e liquids I prefer.

  106. If your curious, you gotta try it! review by Danny

    First things first. This is one cool sample pack! Right up front you should know that all of the flavors in this sample pack feature menthol, mint or some kind of cool.
    So, if your looking for that flavor in the cool to cold spectrum this is the way to go!
    A generous 7ml per flavor will help you work out the subtle differences in the bunch.
    From the mildly cool and sweet Cool Mist to the flat out 'chill your lungs' Sub Zero your bound to find a cool (or cold!) Halo juice to become a mainstay in your vaping rotation!

  107. Great juices review by JR

    If you were/are a menthol smoker or vaper, this sample pack is a must try. The strictly menthol flavors - Sub-Zero, Menthol Ice, Mystic and Cool Mist - taste very similar, but they vary in intensity (amount of flavor and throat hit). HX3 is similar to Tribecca with a hazelnut flavor and a touch of menthol in the finish. Kringle's Curse is more of a peppermint candy than a menthol, but it's just as good as everything else here.

    If you can't find a menthol flavor you like in this sampler, menthol just isn't for you.

  108. Excellent choice! review by Devin

    I am very pleased with my purchase of the sample pack. It lets you try out all of the various menthol flavors for a very reasonable price. If your new to E-liquid and are a fan of menthol, I highly recommend this to you. There's probably enough fluid in this to last me several weeks or more. The packaging it arrives in is also very nice.

  109. Great sample kit review by Tina

    I don't think Halo has a bad juice out there. Each one of their juices always tastes great. Everyone has different preferences. But every single juice in this sample kit I enjoyed. It seems Halo truly makes the flavor and vapor hit a true priority. For anyone who wants a great tasting juice or undecided on which you'd like a big bottle of. This kit is the way to go (or one of your choice) you won't be sorry. I sure wasn't.

Pack TypeMenthol Pack
Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle ColorClear
Select Bottle Size7ml
Cap ColorWhite
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper ControlN/A
Cap MaterialPET Plastic
Dispenser StyleEye Dropper
Dispenser MaterialPET Plastic