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Menthol ICE Cartomizers

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Menthol ICE Prefilled Cartomizers are great for menthol lovers and are bound to satisfy.

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Menthol ICE is always smooth and produces thick, full vapor—it’s one of our most popular flavors for a reason. It’s great for menthol lovers or for vapers just looking to mix things up a little bit with some minty freshness. No matter what, Menthol ICE is bound to satisfy.

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  1. Easy to use review by Stephanie

    These cartridges are great if you are just starting out and have no idea what to do. When I first went onto a website because I thought I might want to start vaping, I had no idea what to buy or where to start. I ended up buying the G6 kit with everything I needed. I have bought a few different flavors of the pre-filled cartridges and I like most of them. I am a Newport smoker so I tend to buy the stronger or menthol flavors. After these pre-filled cartridges run out, you just thrown them away and buy more. A few times I took some liquid that I had and tried to refill the cartridges; one time it worked fine and the other time it didn’t work as good. If you want refillable cartridges then I would suggest buying the blank cartridges. I used to buy these pre filled cartridges a lot but I feel like the liquid is a bit stronger. I also like the different colors these cartridges come. The cartridges are easy to use too; just pop them out of the container and screw them onto your battery – it’s really that simple. They are complete ready to go. I also like the cartridges because they don’t leak. I also have a tank I use for the liquid but it seems to leak out liquid from the top sometimes. These cartridges can be laid on their sides or upside down and the ones I have bought don’t seem to leak. Also, you get five cartridges for fewer than ten dollars which is a good deal. You cannot beat it. If you decide the cartridges aren’t strong enough (and have the G6 battery) and you want to try the liquid, all you have to do is buy the blank cartridges or the mini tanks. Screw that directly onto your battery—so having these batteries is very versatile in different ways you might want to vape--cartridge or liquid it’s your choice. The flavor of this Menthol Ice is amazing. It’s the closest thing to a menthol liquid I have tried and I absolutely love it. I have bought these cartridges and the liquid for my tanks and I am always satisfied after using this liquid.

  2. Love the cool minty vape review by Michele

    This product produces a delicious minty menthol flavor. Menthol ICE is not too strong and overpowering as some of the other menthols on the market. I prefer traditional e-liquid, but enjoy a menthol every once in a while. This product is perfect. You can also refill these cartomizers as well. I've been able to use one cartomizer for a few days by refilling. However, the flavor will not be as fresh after a few refills. This e-liquid pairs well with other tobacco e-liquids too!

  3. Great flavor! review by Kenny

    I really have enjoyed these cartomizers so far. They provide that icy menthol hit with a nice mint flavor. The cartomizer seems to last most of the day with moderate use. It's a much better experience than anything I've tried from the convenience stores.

  4. great review by Nicholas

    The Menthol Ice cartomizers have a very good throat hit and I like it a lot.

  5. good review by Nicholas

    I like Menthol Ice and menthol flavors. This has a very good throat hit too!

  6. Wow review by Nicholas

    Awesome product

  7. amazing light menthol taste review by Ashley

    It is light and you can still feel the menthol. You also get an outstanding throat hit! I haven't found any other e-cig brand that can do that for you like this. I totally recommend this flavor!

  8. Great! review by jacob

    Mentol Ice is very good tasting. It almost reminds me of a newport menthol cig.

  9. Works great! review by jacob

    Taste great, flavor lasted pretty long.

  10. love them review by Teresa

    Love these, love the menthol ice! I am not sure how many puffs or how long they last because I am still puffing on mine lol. But what I can say is that it has already out lasted the prefilled cartomizers that I had been buying from the smoke shop. Most only lasted half as long as advertised and then
    there was an incident where I got very sick from getting bad cartomizers from a smoke shop. So I did some research and found Halo's liquid was made in the USA and many people gave great feed back on their quality, flavor and reasonable prices. So I figured I would give vaping another try... So glad I did! I have to say... when it comes to something you are going to inhale into your lungs, looking for a good prices is wonderful, but you have to have quality. I would rather pay a bit more for great quality. And Halo offers that. Reasonable price, great flavor and great quality. And so far the cartomizer I am using has outlasted any of the other brands that I have tried! Sorry my review is so long, but I am so happy that I found Halo.

  11. Great flavor in a great package. review by Christopher

    I had originally got these with my starter kit to try. I loved the flavor so much I have ordered these multiple times already along with the liquid to refill. It has a nice smooth menthol taste that is very reminiscent of regular menthol cigs. It is not overly powerful either. The refill procedure is relatively easy and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. I am also able to reuse the same cartomizers multiple times before I notice an unpleasant burnt taste to them. In all honesty, I have been able to make a 5 pack stretch for just about a month before throwing them away. The black paper wrap on them does start to take its toll with everyday use. This just detracts from the appearance though, as it has no affect on the use. They also come packaged in a convenient plastic case that is small enough to fit in that fifth pocket on a pair of blue jeans. Each cartomizer is also packaged in two rubber condoms to prevent them from drying out. Such a great flavor and quality packaging. I will continue to order these in the future (unless I find another Halo flavor I prefer, but why fix something that isn't broken?)

  12. Entry level review by Brett

    This is the first cartomizer I tried. I ordered it with my starter kit. It has a distinctive, yet smooth menthol flavor. My favorite pre-filled cartomizer so far is the SUBZERO. It has a stronger menthol taste and that is what I like. This one is a good way to start if you are a menthol user.

  13. Professional Look with the Triton review by Shawn

    The one thing that I really like about the Triton system, is its ability to utilize these cartridges. Using them gives a sleek and professional look, so I am able to use my e-cigarette in situations that I might not otherwise be able to get away without answering questions on the Triton with the normal clearomizers. The taste with the filter also gives a more traditional cigarette taste, so that is an added bonus to using them.

  14. Man I do like these..... review by John F.

    I like menthol flavors every now and then, so I decided to try some of these and I was NOT disappointed. They have a good strong flavor with a solid throat hit as well. And, unlike some of the other brands of cartomizers, you just don't get that burnt taste when you smoke these. I'm sure after they've been filled several (hopefully more!) times, that they will begin to break down. But, after the first two or three refills, I still get a good taste with none of that bad after-taste!

  15. Great Liquid review by crimsontwist

    I have never been much of a fan of the menthol flavors. Decided to try this out to add a little variety to my collection. This has now become my favorite liquid. Great throat hit and the taste is top notch. Really nothing else to say about it. If you're a fan of menthol flavors or even if you're new and wanting a little variety, give it a shot.

  16. Love it! review by kristen

    Seriously awesome flavor - the best menthol I've had. Funny, I actually like the e-cig because of these awesome flavors. This is my favorite one! Very smooth with a strong menthol flavor. The flavor doesn't go stale like other e-cig flavors I have tried. Flavor stays strong through to the end. I tended to get rid of other cartridges before they were completely done with other brands because they started to taste bad - ends up being a waste. Not this one. Awesome.

  17. Delicious! review by Michael L

    This is one of the best-tasting menthol cartomizers I have ever tasted. It is simply refreshing without being 'minty' like a toothpaste. In fact, the taste is reminiscent of some of my favorite menthol cigarettes. This is currently my everyday vape and it 'hits' me with a wonderful fresh-menthol taste with every drag. Because I work in an office all day, this helps with getting stuff done and waking up. Halo's e-liquid is simply one of the best out there!

  18. Great! Keep going! review by Jeff

    I love your menthol ice flavor. It is far superior to all other brands i have tried in the last 3 years. PLEASE MAKE CARTOMIZERS IN SOME OF YOUR OTHER MENTHOL FLAVORS!! Your e-juice is amazing and many people use cartomizers for convenience at work or other situations when filling a tank is not ideal. I know of MANY, MANY people looking for a good menthol cartomizer and this is the one!!! i think the more variety you have for our menthol cartomizers, the more clients you are likely to attract, and more importantly, KEEP.

  19. My new brand review by Jeff

    After about 3 years of searching for the perfect menthol cartomizer, i found Halo. My initial reason for trying it was because it fit the thread of the battery I already had. I bought two packs just to try it and I was instantly in love. The vapor production is great. the flavor is great. I love these cartomizers!!! Oh, might I mention that the price for both your cartomizers and hardware are amazing!!! And the colors are great!!! I seriously love everything about this company. For all these reasons, I am currently placing my second order for cartomizers and also buying my first of your batteries. I'm pretty sure I'll be coming back for more of both soon. I also have the feeling that I will soon be trying your tank system and e-liquid. I'm just on the cartomizers right now for convenience. A lot of companies that also make tanks and liquid neglect their cartomizers, which often turn out crappy, for lack of a better word. You did not. You made the perfect cartomizer which just makes me more eager to try your tanks and liquid. Thank you for your hard work and PLEASE keep it up!

  20. Great Flavor, Great Cartomizer review by Jeff

    Menthol ice is one of my favorite Halo flavors. I use it in both these cartomizers as well as the mini tanks. The tanks are great, but these Cartomizers really come in handy. They are sturdy and I find myself using these when I just want to throw my e-cig in my pocket and go. The taste and vapor production is terrific. And the best part is that they are refillable. I love these and would definitely recommend them.

  21. Love it review by kati

    Recently I had to move back to Ohio. I decided to try halo products and I love it. The prefilled cartridges are great for trying new flavors and on the go you can just throw them all in your purse and go. Great choice.

  22. My PERFECT Juice to say hello to HALO ! review by CaptDonna

    Ordered these with my G6 starter kit at 12 mg. These are a great blend of tobacco and menthol – bang I found a way “home” lol !! Smooth on the inhale, great vapor and there was that perfect menthol through and through.
    VERY easy for me to start vaping without missing a step. Not too heavy so to speak on either side. That just right flavor!
    Thanks Halo for a great e-juice made in the USA!

  23. Great Start review by ashley

    I got the menthol ice cartomizers with my g6 starter kit. They have a much better throat hit than the gas station disposables. Opened a new world for me. Can't wait to dive into the other menthol flavors! I would say this flavor is fairly comparable to Camel Crush cigarettes, with a slightly more peppermint kick.

  24. MENTHOL ICE = LIQUID camel crushes. review by Matthew

    I recently decided to try e-cigs 2 months that time I have LITERALLY tried everything...Blu, FIN, V2, White Cloud, even off-brand gas-station ecigs. FIN and BLU came the closest to imitating smoking a came crush.... HALO menthol ice, however, IS a camel crush. I grabbed my ecig with menthol ice cart and took a drag and immediately felt like i was smoking on a cigarette.

    The BEST menthol taste I have EVER had!! The flavor lasts all day, the throat hit is soothing, the vapor production is top notch. SO happy I finally found my 'e-cig' brand of choice =)

Quantity Included5
Cartomizer LogoNone
Cartomizer ColorJet Black
Cartomizer ThreadSilver
Cartomizer Length35.5 mm
Cartomizer Width9.2 mm
Cartomizer Capacity1 ml
Cartomizer InteriorPolyfill
Cartomizer CapSoft Cap
Cartomizer Resistance2.4 - 2.8 ohms (Standard)
Cartomizer WarrantyN/A
Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved