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Low Resistance Blanks

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Halo’s Low Resistance Blank Cartomizers can be filled with your favorite Halo E-liquid multiple times, and are designed to heat E-liquid at a higher temperature, producing warmer vapor at higher volumes while also offering a more developed taste.

IMPORTANT: For best performance use with HALO Standard eliquids

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Halo’s Low Resistance Blank Cartomizers are designed to heat E-liquid at a higher temperature, producing warmer vapor at higher volumes while also offering intense taste. To use them, just remove the rubber piece at the tip, drip 15–20 drops of E-liquid—enough for it to completely absorb into the cotton—and then attach it to your G6 battery. Each cartomizer can be refilled multiple times before needing to be replaced.

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  1. LR review by C.

    In my opinion, the low resistance blank cartomizers are the best! They give a better flavor, hit, and easy for on the road if you have everything set up before hand. I keep extra cartomizers filled and carry all of it with me in my purse. I think cartomizers give you the best flavor and they fit the Triton battery too which is a plus! Thank you Halo for still having the Low resistance cartomizers!

  2. A lot in a small package review by Gregory

    These cartomizers have great vapor production and taste. They are very easy to fill and after trying them a few times, you shouldn't have any problems with overfilling. Some people only refill these a couple of days in a row, but I tend to get about a week out of each one. These work really well for how small and covert they really are.

  3. Love them! review by Jesse

    Refillable is the only way to go, once you learn how not to overfill them--which is quite easy to do if you’re not careful. They’ll last for great deal of refills. The best perk for me is that they're perfect for blending my own custom flavors—a bit of this, a bit of that, outstanding!

  4. Huge Vapor Clouds! review by Bodangles

    I purchased 2 sets of the Low Resistance cartomizers to replace the regular ones I got with my starter kit. They work amazing, as expected! I love how big the vapor clouds are with these. It hits closer to an analog cigarette, which is what I was looking for.

  5. Excellent Option review by Rich

    These blank low resistance cartomizers were exactly what I was looking for. You get a superior throat hit with the excellent vapor production. I also appreciate that they are labeled LR so I can't mix them up with my pre-filled. I like to mix the various tobacco favors. Halo is the best e-cig out there. The possibilities are endless.

  6. Only way to go review by Joshua

    I have yet to even try the regular blanks as I got these LR's with my starter kit. They were great with nice warm deep hits, that I can actually feel in my throat and chest like I wanted. I actually prefer these over the mini tanks due to the warmer vape.

  7. I was wrong: A correction on a previous review. review by Aidan

    I had written a review a few weeks ago referring to my poor experience with these cartridges. I take that back. My battery just wasn't fully charged. These things are great. They provide a warm, powerful flavor when you pull on the device. There is also an increase in vapor compared to the regular cartridges I used to buy. I plan to buy more in the future!

  8. Low resistance is the way to go! review by Constantine

    I love how Halo is offering these low resistance blanks. In a world where there is so much customization for electronic vaping, it’s nice that Halo has this for their customers. These basically produce warmer vapor and more flavor.

  9. Very Good review by Giz

    This is a great flavor with good vapor production and very good throat hit. I prefer these over the clearomizers. You don't have to worry about keeping them tilted back when you are getting low on e-liquid. They're also built very well too.

  10. Nice smooth hit review by alaina

    I like the regular cartomizers but the low resistance blanks gave me a bigger throat hit than the others. These are also easier to fill and use.

  11. Low Resistance Blanks review by David

    The low resistance tanks are the best. I have tried other brands and no one comes close to the product Halo has with these cartomizers. The flavor and vapor production are unmatched. Thank you Halo!

  12. Very Interesting review by CK

    I love the low resistance cartomizers! In my opinion, they are not different from the standard cartomizers but they provide a noticeable difference. The vapor is a little thicker and warmer and the flavor is more intense. If you put them together, you will have a very nice, warm throat hit, and flavor! I prefer these rather than the regular cartomizers.

  13. Nice Drag review by John

    I think I am starting to like these low resistance blanks better than the regular ones. They offer a great smoke for automatic batteries.

  14. Amazing Blanks! review by Dina

    At first I was not sure that the low resistance cartomizers were going to be something I would like. However, after trying them I will never use a normal cartomizer again. The vapor from the cartomizer is warmer. The warmer vaper produces a much better flavor too! Great job Halo!

  15. Even better than the regular! review by Kristen

    I used to buy Tribeca prefilled cartomizers but I decided to try filling my own. I saw these and decided to try them in addition to the regular black ones so that I could compare the two. I love, love, love, these! I will definitely be getting these from now on!

  16. Excellent vapor cloud review by Martin

    I like the low resistance blank cartomizers. In my opinion, they give a better vapor cloud than the standard blanks or tanks. I have refilled these about ten times and they are still working just fine.

  17. Great Vape production review by sara

    I just got to use these after purchasing them last month. Wow! I do see quite a difference in the amount of vape production and much less suction needed to get it. I will be using these from now on and the only change I would ask for is more colors!

  18. This is worth every penny!!!!!! review by Blair Thomas

    Outstanding and fast flow! It takes you where you need to be and the flavor is amazing with the lower resistance. This product is just as it is described no need to say anymore. Thank you Halo for giving us the best!

  19. Overall Not Bad review by Jonathan

    These actually work better than the other ones. It is easier to burn the flavor with these but you do get more intake, taste and amount.

  20. Great review by Donald

    Make sure you use up all your regular cartomizer's before buying these. You probably won't want them after trying the Low Resistance Blanks. These things are great. To me, the flavor of the juice remains the same, (Tribeca and Turkish Tobaccois the ONLY juice I use) but the draw is equal to a new battery and cartomizer. (Even when both are old) Hope they offer some different colors soon.

  21. good item review by normb4

    I like the low resistance blanks compared to the regular blanks. The taste of the liquid seems to fall closer to the mini tanks with the low resistance cartomizers.

  22. Same price- no gamble review by C-O

    They are the same price as regular blanks so buying them is not a gamble and no stars deducted. The throat hit and flavor improvement are minimal. They are there but you have to compare side by side to notice. It is a little warmer as well. All in all, I will either stick to my favorite color or buy pre-filled. I can't say anything negative about these because they have or exceed the requirements I expected. For a true improvement, go check out the mini tanks ;-)

  23. Something different to try. review by Kelly

    Myself, I couldn't tell a big difference using the low-resistance cartomizers. I did not notice increased flavor at all, though I think it did seem like a warmer vape. Ultimately, I think I prefer the regular cartomizers. I got the feeling these LR cartos were possibly hard on my batteries.

  24. I'm loving these! review by SethGC2011

    I was referred by one of my dads buddies about these low resistance blank cartomizers. He gave me one to try and liked it and I like the Menthol V flavor y'all have on here. Anyway, I just got a 5pack in the mail and I'm enjoying them. They get the job done better than the average blanks I have had.

  25. Works great but needs radial symmetry review by Kat

    I got these low resistance blanks with my starter kit. They work really well, but they have the small letters 'LR' on them which is somewhat unaesthetic because they tend not to line up with the battery's button or logo. Perhaps the letters should be smaller and repeated so they will always look aligned regardless of the way the paper is wrapped around the cartomizer.

  26. Excellent review by Jerry

    I received the LR Carts and I have to tell you what a great vape. They are convenient and easy to fill...just a little note if you use the Cart condom bottom (with the nipple inside) you can fill it up to the top of the nipple and insert the cart over it and then turn right side up. It takes about 2 cap fills and you are good to go. Much faster than trying to drip the e-liquid in without loading up the hole in the cart.

    Great product!!

  27. Excellent for Bigger, Longer Drags review by Nicholas

    Although you may go through your fills just a little bit more quickly, the Low Resistance cartomizer is exactly what you need when you want to take in a more potent puff. I still like to keep around some of the normal cartomizers, but these are great to have on hand.

  28. Makes for a better vaping experience! review by Chip

    I cannot say enough good things about the Low Resistance Blanks. Using the regular cartomizers with the G6 is satisfying, but using the Low Resistance cartomizers makes for a near perfect vaping experience. With these cartomizers, the vapor gets heated more, so it is more satisfying in the throat. Also, the amount of vapor increases substantially with these cartomizers. It's one of those things that's a little hard to describe, but you just have to trust the 5 star reviews and try them out yourself! These are definitely worth the investment!

  29. Amazing!!! A must get for any G6 user!!! review by Albert

    Shortly after receiving my first G6 starter kit, I ordered these along with some Sub Zero liquid. Even though I was pretty satisfied with the starter kit set up, I still had a small yearning for a deeper and more flavorful hit. Let me tell you, these did the job and then some! Agreeing with the other reviewers of this product, this does make a HUGE improvement on an already great product from Halo. Very satisfied customer here.

  30. Great cartomizer but only use with variable voltage on the triton review by M

    These are great if you'd prefer a warmer vape than the standard resistance cartomizer. Because it's a lower resistance, it can even save battery life too as you need less electricity to get the coil heated. However, you should be aware some eliquids will be more likely to "burn" on standard voltages, so you'll just have to be aware. I wouldn't use these with the Triton unless you get the variable voltage which lets you lower the standard voltage.

  31. WOW! What a difference. review by Ryan

    I just received my order of LR blanks today and all I can say is OMG! Increased performance over the already great standard Blank cartomizers. The flavors are stronger and more pronounced, and the vapor production is better. I only wish they were available in all the color choices, but for now I'll roll with the black ones because they work great.

  32. Improved experience review by Sean

    These low resistance blanks are one of the best features of the G6, very noticeable difference in throat hit and taste. I love the warm feeling on the lips as well. I have not noticed any issue with burnt taste even when getting near empty plus my battery last longer because its easier to get a satisfying drag.

  33. Packs a punch! review by Dawn

    Got these after getting a G6 starter kit and wanted to see what these blanks had to offer. A very pleasant surprise! The increase in flavor was noticed immediately. I strongly suggest these for anyone wanting a more throaty, flavorful vape.

  34. Perfect review by Steepy

    Ordered these LR blanks with my starter kit and they are perfect. Very close to dragging from a analog. I'll definitely be ordering more.

  35. Give them a try! review by Shawn

    One thing that drew me to the Triton was the ability to use the cartridges to reduce the footprint of the ecig. I tried the regular cartridges, but they did not work for me, but then I noticed the low resistance and did some research. The low resistance brings out more flavor and is closer to the regular tanks. They are much better and I will be purchasing more for sure.

  36. Great throat hit and vapor production! review by Kelly

    If you are like me and like a big throat hit and a little warmer vapor then this is for you. These are the same size of the standard resistance, but have LR on them to easily identify that they are low resistance. I think some of the e liquids do much better in these LR cartomizers and produce a bigger throat hit and more vapor. The only caveat is they supposedly drain your battery faster so if you are going to be using these maybe get a 102mm battery to go with it if you are on the go. Overall I highly recommend and look forward to experimenting with these more on different e liquids.

  37. Using carts but don't want to upgrade to the Mini-Tanks? Heres your solution! review by Joseph

    After using prefilled carts on other brands of e-cigs I was tired of having a harder drag and not getting the full flavor of my vape. After hearing about Halo from a friend and trying out their G6 with the LRs equipped I was amazed with how much vapor, flavor and throat hit I was getting.
    I ordered them with the starter kit and with a couple of Mini-Tanks. I wanted the Mini-Tanks because I knew they would offer even more vapor, flavor and throat hit. So naturally I tried the tanks first and after I used the tank once I tried the LRs next. I couldn't believe how similar in vapor, flavor and throat hit I was getting in comparison to the Mini-Tanks. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to continue to use carts but wants more out of their favorite E-Juices.

  38. Just WOW! review by Gail

    I purchased these cartomizers a couple of months ago, and kind of forgot about them. I recently pulled them out, and was greatly impressed at the increase in flavor, especially with the tobacco flavors. I use them on my G6. Good job Halo. I will be purchasing more of these in the future.

  39. Easier pull review by Diana

    There is a much easier pull with these cartomizers vs. the regular ones. I only use these and the mini tanks with my G6. If you notice it is hard to drag the regular cartomizers, try these, because you will not be disappointed after you get a much easier drag, more vape, and better flavor.

  40. love these! review by Barbara

    I got a pack of these on my last order to try out. I am a mini tank loving girl, but hey, thought it would be fun to give it a whirl. All I can say is WOW! I will be ordering them again. A much big throat hit than the regular carts, and warm. I have refilled them at least 6 times each now, and they are still just fine. These and some Freedom juice, a perfect combination!

  41. If you want extra, this is for you. review by Eben

    These Cartomizers are great!! I have a black G6 battery and these look perfect on it. If you are looking for a little more vapor production and throat hit then get these. For the price you will not do better. These kick it up a notch from the regular Cartomizers. They also last a long time and can be refilled. Great addition to my G6. Very happy with this purchase.

  42. Low resistance carts review by matthew

    After using the standard carts all I can say is wow. Easier pull, flavor improvement, and clouds upon clouds of vapor. It will drain your battery faster so be sure to have that spare handy. The standard carts would last me until the next day but these would last until the end of the day. So the battery drain isn't THAT huge but you would notice. Totally worth it though. If you are on the fence about buying these don't be. Go for it. You can thank me later.

  43. Comparable to the mini tanks! review by Steve

    Since I ordered these I've alternated between the LRs and the mini tanks and I have to say, the flavor that I get out of these cartomizers is incredibly similar to what I get with my mini tanks. These carts are straight up amazing. They are really easy to refill, I was amazed at how easy it was to get the tops off to refill and yet they stay on sturdy throughout the day. Every flavor I've tried with them comes out tasting just as good as when they are vaped with the mini tanks, but you definitely get a much warmer feeling with these since they heat up the liquid much hotter. They're great for vaping on the go and very easy to use. If you're out growing the regular cartomizers but not quite ready to try a tank or even mini tank, this is the best next step for you.

  44. Even better than the real thing review by Jim

    You could not possibly ask for a better cartomizer in terms of throat hit and vapor production than these. Look no further than the G6 Low Resistance Cartomizer.

  45. vape-icious! review by SweetVaper

    I don't think I've ever heard or read anyone who did not like these LRs! You get richer flavor, more warmth, more vapor, and the same price. You'll have to recharge your battery sooner, so be sure to take along your spare, but the taste more than makes up for that.

    LRs are sort of a compromise between the regular cartomizers and the mini-tanks. It still looks like a conventional cig, but the warmth and taste are a bit like the tanks provide. If taste is your #1 goal, add a mini-tank to your order. If conventional appearance is #1 for you, stock up on these, because you won't want the regular ones after trying LR.

  46. Really improves flavor review by Tyler

    Order a pack of LR cartomizers just to try but now I don't even want the regular ones any more. REALLY brings out amazing flavors in Tribeca!!

  47. These are the cartomizers you have been looking for. review by skaughtz

    This product does not disappoint. I enjoy using the G6 batteries with the cartomizers because of how closely it resembles a traditional cigarette in both look, feel, and function. However, eventually I tried the mini tanks and found the experience to be quite superior to the regular cartomizers. I would still be solely utilizing the mini tanks had I not found these low resistance cartomizers.

    These low resistance cartomizers produce a much better hit than their higher resistance siblings. The vapor production is noticeably greater, as is the sensation of the vapor hitting your throat and exhaling through your mouth and nose. Additionally, they seem to be both quieter and much smoother when drawing on them The vapor produced is initially warm but then cools as it exists your body. It is really quite an enjoyable experience. The only downside to these cartomizers is that due to their design, they consume more energy and as such drain your battery faster. It is difficult for me to say just how much more energy they use since my vaping varies quite a bit from day to day. But, if I had to guess, I would say that these low resistance cartomizers will drop your battery life to about 60% to 70% of what it would be with standard cartomizers (using a 78mm automatic G6 battery). That is a completely arbitrary number that I have in no way researched, but it is the best guess I have based on my observations. If you are a heavy vaper then you will definitely want to have at least one or two more batteries handy.

    I have been in love ever since purchasing these low resistance cartomizers. They are the only thing that I have been using and I plan on picking up plenty more when necessary. If you enjoy using cartomizers on your G6 batteries, I highly recommend that you try them.

  48. These are awesome! review by Emily

    I wanted to try the LR after reading other reviews. They do not disappoint. These arrived on Sep 17th and I filled just one. It's still going strong after 4 days and three refills of Tribeca. Try them with a drip tip, I find it's even a better experience.

  49. LR blanks review by Brian

    I love these low resistance customizers. They make all the e-juice taste better!

  50. Tried them and had to get more review by Nick

    Brings the most out of your G6 when using with tobacco flavors. Makes for an even more satisfying experience.

  51. Great in the beginning... review by Lolaney

    When you first add the delicious e-liquid to the cartos, the hits for the first couple of days are the best- like the first time you tried your favorite flavor. Sadly, it doesn't take very long before they begin to have a burnt taste :( Not sure why this happens, but it's kind of a let down after the initial natural high of tasting the yummy e-liquids from Halo, the warm throat hit & massive vapor production. Buy lots of them because even with me being a "light" vaper- 2 days max :/

  52. Love the LR cartos! review by Lolaney

    Bought a pack of the LR cartomizers a few weeks ago. Really love the throat hit & vapor they produce! The only thing I wish they'd add is colors, but knowing Halo's desire to please their customers, I'm sure they are working on making them available in assorted colors!!

  53. Better than expected review by Wayne

    I grabbed a pack of these to fill up and throw in my pocket for on the go vaping. I've tried the regular cartos so I wanted to see what the difference was with these guys. I was pleasantly surprised. I filled up with Tribeca and couldn't believe the taste difference from the regular carts. Nice warm thick tobacco flavored goodness. I will definitely purchase more of these in the future.

  54. Nice cartomizer but not drastically different review by Andrew

    The cart is great, it's warmer vapor and to my sight, produces more of it too. It's definitely better than their regular carts but also nothing paying extra money for.... And BINGO!! That's why halo is the best of the best...they DON'T cost any extra. Same price as regular carts, so I say go for them. Nothing to lose.

  55. A warmer, fuller vape review by Storko

    While I didn't find it to be the best choice for Kringle - and that probably goes for other "cooler" flavored juices as well - this carto is the bee's knees for Tribeca, Torque and other juices that benefit from a warmer vapor. Resistance of the samples I measured varied between 2.0 and 2.6 Ohms, not MUCH lower than the standard cartos but probably as low as you would want to go on a G6 battery, and definitely low enough to make a tangible difference in vapor production. The LR cartos do run your battery down faster but that's an inevitable consequence of Ohm's Law. So pack an extra battery and enjoy the richer vapor.

  56. Best cartomizers I've found! review by Cindy

    I wasn't a big fan of cartomizers, until I found these. Halo's low resistance cartomizers have totally won me over. The amount of warm vaper I get from these is just incredible. They can be refilled over and over again, the Halo drip tips fit perfectly on them and create a truly pleasurable vaping experience with my Triton batteries. I think these really are a must try, and I highly recommend them to both new and experienced vapors alike.

  57. Really smooth! review by GDSIII

    The Low Resistance Blanks are like no other cartomizer I have ever tried. They produce such a warm, smooth vapor you'd think it was the actual analog experience. I use them with my G6 and get a great throat hit and huge vapor production all with a really easy draw. It's no secret that Halo's e-liquids are top notch, truly some of the best out there, and these cartomizers compliment them perfectly. They really let those amazing flavors come through. It also shows that Halo's commitment to quality goes all the way down to the smallest detail. Even their CARTOMIZERS are unique, and high quality. Halo is my new home for all my e-cig needs! Thanks Halo!

  58. Great adition to use your own juice review by keith

    Now you can use, and fill your own juice, in blank LR cartos to get a great vape from your best blends. Instead of having to order a pre-filled carto with a flavor you possibly, might not like and waste your money, you can throw a pack or two of these in with your order and have on hand for a rainy day. If you have never used a LR carto, clearo, etc...these are a warmer vape than your standard res. and produce clouds of vapor, and an excellent TH paired with the right juice. Don't get caught without any supplies to vape with, throw in a pack of these with your next order, you will enjoy the vape.

  59. Better flavor and vapor review by SgmFranKo

    I totally recommend this for use with the Triton batteries. They're warmer and with more flavor that the normal ones. For better use try with a large capacity battery because they use a little more power.

  60. Far greater vapor and flavor than standard cartomizers! review by PeteC2

    I use the LR cartomizers with my Triton battery for a smaller "on the go" ecig. What I like about the LR's is that I get a warmer, stronger vape with great vapor and flavor. Tribeca and Malibu really "pop" using these!

  61. I like these. review by Danny

    First off, these are definitely better than the standard cartos. A bit better vapor production and warmer vapor. It seems the airflow might be better too. But it could just be the lower resistance allows the juice to be vaporized more efficiently. The vapor is thicker and has this nice, more powdery character too it. I'm not sure if I'd pick these over the mini-tanks and with lower resistance more power is used. Thus a bit shorter run time on the battery.

  62. Great carto review by B

    After trying a few other brands of carto's I will be sticking with these. They're easy to fill and produce a nice warm vapor. Currently using them on my Midnight Blue G6 with Menthol Ice and couldn't be happier. Just wish they made them in other colors like white to match my Classic White G6.

  63. So much vapor! review by Jerrick

    When I tried Halo's regular carts for the first time i couldn't get over them I thought they were the best things in the ecig world, then you add on even more increased vapor along with warmth... I will be buying these every time I make a purchase for now on.

  64. Very nice! review by SirVapesALot

    Halo did something no other mainstream ecig seller would do when they started selling these. What I loved is the "you don't need a mod to be smart" attitude they put out by giving us options. These can either harm a flavor a bit or make them way better. You really can't lose. These are bad for Kringles Curse. They are however good for Sub Zero menthol (they add sweetness to the flavor), Tribeca (makes a tobacco flavor even menthol vapers could enjoy), and good over all for gourmet flavors from other vendors as well. A must try for Halo users using the stick style vapes.

  65. Best of the Cartos review by Jeffrey

    If you have a G6, skip buying regular blanks and get these. Great production, warm vapor. Really brings out Tribeca!

Quantity Included5
Cartomizer LogoLR
Cartomizer ColorJet Black
Cartomizer ThreadSilver
Cartomizer Length35.5 mm
Cartomizer Width9.2 mm
Cartomizer Capacity1 ml
Cartomizer InteriorPolyfill
Cartomizer CapSoft Cap
Cartomizer Resistance2.1 - 2.3 ohms (Low)
Cartomizer WarrantyN/A
VG GradeNo
PG GradeNo
Nicotine GradeNo
Flavoring GradeNo