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Large Triton Cone

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Triton Large Cones are designed to cover up cartomizers that have been connected to your Triton Battery. Simply screw your cartomizer on to your battery, then screw the Triton Large Cone over it to create a new, more sophisticated looking Triton setup.

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Triton Large Cones are a great accessory to help add some additional style to your Triton. Available in all 11 standard Triton colors, these cones are designed to conceal cartomizers that have been attached to your Triton Battery. Simply screw your cartomizer on to your Triton battery, then screw the Triton Large Cone over it to create a new, more sophisticated-looking Triton setup.

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  1. Great accessory for your Triton! review by Kim

    I have the small and large cone. I love the large cone on my Triton especially when I am using cartomizers instead of the tanks. I know a lot of people say it only leaves a small amount of room for your lips but here's my advice to you, add a nice matching drip tip and it will make your vaping experience much better. Also, the Triton with a large cone looks much more refined, it's just straight awesome! The large cone and drip tips are very inexpensive, very well made, and durable accessories that make a world of difference! So dress your Triton up and make it more enjoyable at the same time!! You won't be disappointed!

  2. Iridescence Triton Cone review by Reanna

    The color of this is truly beautiful! Looks very nice with the matching battery. Wish it were a little longer though so to cover more of the cartomizers a bit more.

  3. I'll vape nothing else. review by Doris

    I ordered the demon red triton starter kit and the Tribeca flavor ejuice. I'm sold, from the first time I tried until today, it is nothing but Halo. This is a great product and the American made is just what I was looking. Don't be fooled by those other brands, Halo rocks!

  4. Smooth sleek and sexy! review by ATXGSXR

    This sleeve is simple to install and adds an aesthetic look to make everything look like one unit.

  5. Large triton cone review by John F.

    Since I got the triton cone, people are drawn to what it is that I am vaping. It really brings a more classy look to my vamping experience. I totally recommend that you try it.

  6. good looking product review by ryan

    Adds a nice touch, durable as well.

  7. Improves look review by Ed

    I found that I prefer the look of this size cone over the smaller one. It doesn’t leave much room on the cartridge for your mouth, though. You have to be careful to not cover the opening or you’ll block the airflow completely. These cones also don’t work with the mini tanks without modification. The tanks fit a little too tightly and there is no airflow at all when you use the cones. You can file the opening a little in order to fix this.

  8. Large Vs Standard Cones review by Heidi

    Just to clarify a Large cone leaves a small nub or the cartomizer sticking out while a standard cone leaves a small portion of the cartomizer sticking out. Use a large cone for a cigar like feel and a standard cone for the feel of the end of the cartomizer.

  9. Great Option for Cartomizers review by Jimmy

    When I received the cone in the Triton starter kit, I wasn't sure I would find it useful, but I was mistaken. The cone is a must have when I take my compact 400 mAh Triton out with a cartomizer. It gives the kit a more elegant appearance and reinforces/stabilizes the cartomizer to battery connection while the kit is in a shirt or pants pocket. I would add another star if the cone worked with the G6 mini-tanks as well (mine doesn't fit).

  10. Great look review by John F.

    Cone makes the system look more classy, love it.

  11. Not sure what to do with this review by Sam

    I got his with my starter kit and it looks really pretty but honestly i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do with it. I guess you have to buy the little G6 cartridges to be able to use it, yet they don't include any with the kit! Most likely mine is just going to sit in my box unused. Thanks anyway Halo!

  12. Great for the aesthetically conscious! review by Ravyn

    I use the Large Triton Cone to cover up my G6 mini-tanks paired with a 400Mah Triton battery. They're a great match and do fit with a bit of modification (filing). I just wish Halo made these to be a direct with with the G6 mini-tank instead of just the cartos. Otherwise, great product!

  13. Great addon review by Jason

    I've tried the G6 (cartomizers and mini-tanks) and I have used Triton with its large tank, the tank replacement coil system and the large battery..

    After being through it all I've come to the conclusion that I like a mix the best.

    I currently use a cartomizer, a long lasting 1300 mAh battery and the Large Triton Cone.

    If you think you would like something more akin to a cigar then this setup may interest you.

  14. Mostly excellent review by Travis..

    Overall, I really like these cones. Most times, I use the tanks. When I am going out to a nice eatery, etc; I sometimes want a smaller package. Combining a 650 battery with a G6 cart makes for a "very" compact setup. These cones complete the deal. I now have both a black (w/ the original start-up kit) and a demon red. The only downside to the large cone is the somewhat small purchase area for inhaling. The good looks outweighs the bit of bad for me. A big thumbs up here!

  15. Makes it sleek review by MOCO

    If you like using cartos than this is a must have addition to your Triton system. Keep in mind that this does not work with a mini tank. The cone is a perfect match to the battery and just makes it so sleek.

  16. Does not fit the mini tanks review by Naseeruddin

    This product looks great on the Triton batteries, but unfortunately just leaves very little of the standard cartos sticking out to vape on. The XL cartos work just fine. After moving on to the mini tanks, I almost never use the cartos, and sadly they cannot be used with this cone. Someone else suggested to file down the inside of the cone to make the mini fit, and I guess I will try that out. Halo needs to address this flaw and make the cones usable with the minis, as they do make the Triton setup look cool and complete.

  17. Makes for a great looking unit when using carts. review by John

    I like using carts with my Triton batts when "on the go"
    This cone makes the unit look very good, and the colors (so far) are perfectly matched with the battery colors, with the same awesome no-slip grip coating.

    Don't worry about sizes of the cone. Either size cone will work perfectly when using a drip tip. I like the looks of the larger cone myself.

    Thanks Halo Team!

  18. Sleek Look review by roadshow

    I received the large cone with my Triton Starter Kit, The cone is intended to use for e -cig cartomizers to keep the sleek clean appearance of the Triton. I wanted to use it for the Halo Mini tanks, but was a bit disappointed to find out that the top of the cone was a wee bit too small for the minis. So, I knew I could make it work with a small modification. I ordered an extra cone because I didn't want to Frankenstein the original. When I received the new cone, I fired up my bench grinder and after a few seconds had a cone that it the mini tanks. I took a fine file and cleaned up any rough edges to make it perfect. I am very happy with the results. I now have a cone to use with the mini tanks when I'm out and would rather have a smaller e-cig. Great product!

  19. Must have if you use cartos or mini tanks review by Anne

    The cone really adds some style to your triton. Makes it look more like a fancy pen than say a needle. I just wish it was a little bit longer

  20. HEAVEN!!! review by brenda

    I could not be happier...i have converted scores of people...i started with the i am up to the triton system....HEAVEN....thank you so much for your product..i could not be happier!!!

  21. Was pleased with this... review by Timothy

    I recently purchased the Triton starter kit from Halo, and found that it had the larger cone in the kit. I liked the cone because it made my Triton stylish when used with the cartomizers, but I did have difficulty pulling on the cartomizers because only a small bit stuck out from the tip. This is the reason for the four-star review. It was just too difficult to get a good drag without blocking some of the airflow.
    I will admit, however, that this product works exceptionally well with the XL cartomizers. I believe that this may have been the true purpose for the large cone, and maybe this will help some of you who are wondering which cone would be right for you.
    These cones make your Triton look sleek and stylish when on the go, plus they offer some protection to your cartomizer as well if you like to carry it in your pocket.

  22. Simple add-on but works great for carts review by JD

    I love the cone on my small Triton battery when using a cart with a drip tip. Makes my small battery look a little more stealthy. With the cone, this might become my daily carry stealth vape.

  23. Nice addition review by Joe

    I'm glad I added this with my Triton order. Must have if you plan to use cartos with your Triton. Its nice that it has the same rubber like finish as my battery has. I will also order the small cone as the large cone covers a little too much.

  24. Looks amazing! review by Scott

    The cone makes your Triton battery look amazing with those cartomizers. If you are going out and do not want the tank with you these are perfect. I have used it a couple of times because I did not want the tank to draw attention to me. Defiantly worth having a couple of these laying around.

  25. cool review by Alex

    Cone looks great on top of the triton battery and really does make for a sleeker, and low key appearance. My only issue is that most standard 808 cartomizers are a bit short when used with the cone. But I suppose that's where the halo XL carts come in handy. I also feel like there is just something much simpler about using a cart with the cone opposed to the tank. For me, I prefer the tank at home, and the carts with the cone while out.

  26. Must use for cartos review by JR

    I use the cone that came with my starter kit with XL cartos. Its a perfect fit. Not sure how the standard cartos would fit, as I haven't tried those.

    While the Triton and XL carto combo looks a lot better with the cone than without it, it serves other purposes - it protects the carto at it's base if it's in your pocket; my juices taste better with the cone on than off. It restricts just the right amount of airflow into the carto so there's not too much air.

    And the cone and XL carto combo on the Triton looks cool and sleek.

  27. Good cone...but a bit long for standard cartomizers review by PeteC2

    This is the only Triton piece that slightly misses the mark. The large cone, which is standard to the Triton kit is stylish to be sure, and fit and finish is great.

    For me it is ok, but I can see that some folks will have issues with it leaving too little of the cartomizer tip and blocking the air flow. The Triton small cone while not giving quite as sleek an appearance, may be the better cone for some users.

    I do like the cone, and am glad the kit comes with one. Having the Triton with a G6 cartomizer can be ideal at times as the 650 Triton battery and cartomizer makes for a nice compact "ecig" when on the run.

  28. Great Accesery review by Brian

    Great addition for my iridescent Triton battery. Perfect match and awesome feel. Highly recommend to all.

Quantity Included1
Cone LogoN/A
Cone ColorNo
Cone ThreadSilver
Cone Size35mm - Large
Cone Width14.2 mm
Cone Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase