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HX3 E-liquid

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Quick Overview

HX3 is an intense E-liquid blend with a flavor unlike anything you’ve tasted before. With a balance of sweet dry tobacco and the slightest hint of menthol, this full-flavored E-liquid offers a great throat hit and excellent vapor performance. HX3 E-liquid takes vaping to the next level.

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Regular Price: $8.49

Special Price $4.25

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HX3 is an intense E-liquid blend with a flavor unlike anything you’ve tasted before. With a balance of sweet dry tobacco and the slightest hint of menthol, this full-flavored E-liquid offers a great throat hit and excellent vapor performance. HX3 E-liquid takes vaping to the next level.

As part of Halo's dedication to quality and higher standards, all of our e-liquids undergo independent testing: HX3 E-liquid's test results

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  1. Seems to be the best substitute for menthol filtered cigars review by Ross

    I've tried a few liquids and this one and Freedom Juice are the only two that have the flavor that I was looking for. I will be ordering only those two flavors in larger quantities from now on. It doesn't really have any odd flavors mixed in. It is just a menthol and tobacco flavor, smooth, and not over bearing.

  2. Vey good menthol review by Nancy

    I like all the flavors I have tried from Halo so far. They make the best menthol e-liquids I have ever tasted. HX3 is one of the best and has a great blend of tobacco and menthol. I received my first bottle free, too.

  3. It was OK. review by Louis

    Got a free sample of this and did not like very much. Like reviews said it got a sweet taste to it but, just wasn't something I enjoyed. Not something I could vape all day but would if I had to.

  4. Great price! review by Raymond

    I'm hoping that HX3 will stay in Halo's market. It's a good flavor to mix other flavors with. It's also great on its own. For the clearance price right now, you can't go wrong.

  5. Another favorite menthol! review by Carol P.

    I've been buying Halo e-liquids since about 2010 and rarely, if ever, use any other brand. I recently tried HX3 and now have added this to my list of favorite Halo menthol flavors. It's got a great mix of menthol with a slight sweetness that makes it a great all-day vape liquid. I occasionally will change it up by adding a few drops of Halo Belgian Cocoa for a little more sweetness from time to time. Either way, I love this menthol. Good job, as usual Halo!

  6. Great vape for the price review by papa culo

    I purchased this because it was on sale, and what a deal. From the first pull, I was taken back to my grandmothers caramel covered popcorn balls when I was a kid. I then mixed it 50/50 with Kringle’s Curse and wow—peppermint popcorn balls during the holidays. This flavor is in my top five—well done Halo.

  7. Suprised me :) review by Chris

    I bought this out of the clearance section last week. At first I didn’t really know what to expect from it. The reviews seem a little mixed. But I was amazed at how good this juice is! Like others commenting, I have trouble identifying all of the flavors in this. It is pretty complex to me. But I love it, and I just ordered a 30ml bottle today. This could easily be an all-day vape for me.

  8. Great mix of flavors review by Michele

    The HX3 e-liquid has a slight hint of menthol mixed with a tobacco flavor. I have also detected a slightly sweet undertone. I have been vaping HX3 for the past few days before switching to any other e-liquid flavors. It does have an acquired taste at first, but after the first couple times, it is pretty awesome. I'm surprised that this liquid is in the clearance section. I am planning to purchase a bottle or two before the sale ends. HX3 has a decent throat hit and vape production. Tastes much better in the mini tanks.

  9. Great Flavor review by Christopher

    This is my favorite flavor. It's a little surprising that this one is always discounted because it's just about perfect. Just enough menthol to give it some bite without losing the tobacco undertone. Perfect for warm and cool weather alike- HX3 is a good flavor to use as your regular standby. I can't really think of any drawbacks, so I'll just say that I hope that HX3's regular appearances on the clearance page do not mean that it is slated to be discontinued.

  10. Enjoy but not as described review by Larry

    I almost taste a caramel vanilla. It's a very different liquid and I like menthols and it was on sale so I figured add it to my order. I was very displeased that it was nothing like described. I don't taste any menthol at all. But after a few drags I really started enjoying it. It's very strong in taste and not too sweet but I taste zero menthol. I can see the buttery popcorn description. It is a very quality liquid all in all.

  11. Surprising tobacco-menthol taste. review by Mark

    After reading many reviews, I decided to give a try to HX3 e-liquid. Let me tell you in the beginning, that I am not big fan, neither tobacco, either menthol flavors. After my first vape, there was my big surprise. The taste was very balanced, with lightly sweet and dry almost hidden tobacco and very light menthol. The taste of this e-liquid is very mellow, that could be all day pleasurable vape. There is no competitor, which make such a great tasting e-juice on the market right now. I like it very much, and recommend everybody to try it.

  12. Carts vs. Liquid review by Michael

    I originally bought this flavor in cartridges and liked it a lot. Although the description states that there is a hint of menthol, I did not notice a significant menthol flavor. Which is fine, because I liked it for its tobacco flavor. I then bought the liquid and was surprised that it tasted nothing like the cartridge. The liquid tasted more like a light pineapple, much like Malibu, only much more subtle. Perhaps it is just me, but that was my experience. Either way, it was pretty good.

  13. Good, sweet tobacco flavor review by Jonathan

    This is a pretty good flavor. It's a mild tobacco flavor with an almost bubble-gum-sweet overtone and a little bit of menthol coolness without too much of a mint taste. It's like a more sugary version of Tribeca. It probably won't be an all-day vape for me (my go-to flavors are Kringle's Curse, Midnight Apple and Malibu), but it's a pleasant vape, with good vapor production.

  14. Different review by Laura

    This e-juice has a different flavor than any other I've tried. It kind of tastes like buttery popcorn to me. I know that's strange but that is the flavor I get out of it. I can't vape this all the time but once in a while is ok.

  15. Excellent choice review by Kelley

    I usually stick to tobacco favors only. This is perfectly flavored with only a subtle hint of menthol. It’s not sweet but the flavor is very refreshing.

  16. It's pretty good and different review by Amy

    I don't know where to start with this one. Another reviewer described that it had a taste like juicy fruit gum. I agree with them. It's very different and has a satisfying throat hit. I like this one a lot and I hope my review helps.

  17. Great Flavor review by Kenneth

    I just tried this flavor and I'm impressed with it. It has a strong throat hit and the taste was actually a pleasant one. I didn't taste the menthol, but it does say a slight menthol was added to it. Overall, it is a great vapor and does make a good cloud when you exhale. I rate it a 7 out of 10.

  18. Great all day vape review by Gabriel

    I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this e-juice. It's a nice middle sweet vape with something more than a hint of menthol on the exhale. I blew through the 10ml bottle fairly quickly and I will be ordering more as soon as I try out some other flavors.

  19. Wow, love it! review by Angela

    Wow! I had no idea what to expect from this flavor. All of the reviews had different opinions, so I took a gamble on Halo and again they made me very happy! I honestly have no idea where to start with this one! All I know is that I was pretty sure I was not going to like it, but after my first puff I was extremely happy! It’s more on the dry tobacco side, but it seems to have a hint of menthol. Whatever it is, I love it and have been vaping this like crazy! It is now on my reorder list for the larger bottle!

  20. Very nice review by PNI089

    This was a bit of a surprise. It’s like a Tribeca but with a Juicy Fruit chewing gum flavor with it. If you are looking for a flavor with something a little different, try this one.

  21. Good review by Nicholas

    This came with my menthol sample pack, which I thought was weird because it's not under menthol flavors. It's not my favorite e-liquid, but I can vape it with no problem. It has a nice balance of tobacco and menthol flavor, but a sweet tobacco flavor. I will get this again.

  22. Unique review by Alex

    Although I enjoy this e-liquid, the buttery exhale is a little too much to make it an all day vape for me. I vape this when I'm looking for something a little different. It's definitely worth a try, you won't be disappointed.

  23. Perfect review by C.

    My favorite Halo flavor is HX3. My girlfriend doesn't mind the kiss taste which is a definite plus. I will keep buying HX3!

  24. Great!!! review by Christopher

    I received a 7ml bottle of HX3 with my order and I would say it is one of the best flavors I have ever tried. I didn't notice any hint of menthol but it was a solid tobacco flavor. I am sure I will try this one again.

  25. my first love review by Christen

    Halo's HX3 was the first e-liquid I have ever tried when I ordered my Triton Starter Kit 3 weeks ago. It was love on the first vape. Man, this stuff is great! I definitely taste the dry tobacco but to me it tastes like pineapple soda sometimes on the exhale and other times like a sweet vanilla pudding with tobacco undertones. I don't taste menthol but something about this e-liquid is refreshing so maybe that is what I am tasting. It is a crazy delicious all day vape and I plan on ordering another 30ml bottle very soon. I have recommended this to a couple and they loved it as well! A well done job by Halo!

  26. great transition into menthol review by Chris

    We got HX3 with the menthol sample pack and it isn't like most menthol flavors. The menthol flavor comes across sweet but with a bit custard taste. The tobacco is by far the most present, produces good vapor, and doesn't get old. I found I was mixing it with other tobacco flavors whenever I was in the mood for mre of a tobacco taste. However, I still want the sweetness and cool menthol effect.

  27. Mild Menthol review by Laura

    I received HX3 in the menthol sample pack and it quickly became one of my favorite menthols. I ordered the larger bottle to ensure I always have it on hand. The menthol hit and flavor are smooth and mild. HX3 is one of my all day vapes. It prodeuces a nice vape and throat hit. I have mixed this with Prime 15, Turkish Tobacco, and a few other Halo e-liquids and found it mixes well. Also, it gives my tobacco flavors just a hint of menthol. Overall, HX3 is a terrific mixer to play with. My taste preference for e-liquids has been for milder flavors. I have found that I prefer the menthol flavors because of the cool sensation it leaves in your mouth. HX3 is hard to describe as a true menthol. I would compare HX3 to Prime 15 with a cool finish. If you are searching for a strong menthol hit then HX3 may not suit your taste. I would highly recommend HX3 to anyone looking for a mild flavor with just a hint of coolness. the vape cloud is pretty much odorless which is perfect if you are vaping around others who might not wish to smell the vape. Also, this is great for those who want to be discrete about vaping without anyone really knowing. My job makes you vape or smoke in designated areas!

  28. Fabulous review by Deneb

    This is masterfully balanced e-liquid. It features subtle shades of tobacco blend with just the right amount of mint. It is not too crisp, slightly sweet, earthy, and never overwhelming. This blend can make a superb all day vape and is certainly one of the best flavor I have tried. Bravo Halo!

  29. Not My Taste review by Peter

    As I work my through the exceptional Halo brand of e-liquids I came across HX3. This e-liquid is "interesting", has a good throat hit, and produces nice vapor. However, I just can't get comfortable with the taste. I get a slight buttery flavor with just the slightest hint of menthol but it can be my taste buds. I prefer e-liquids with slightly sweeter undertones and this is too dry for my palate. The three stars that I gave this e-liquid should in no way reflect Halo quality. I have learned through experience that Halo e-liquid are among if not the best e-liquid available. Everyone has different taste preferences, what one person may like, may not be another person's cup of tea.

  30. Verrrry interesting. review by Kelly

    This is such an odd little fella but I have been calling it "Thai tobacco". It tastes like peanuts and lime if you can imagine that. However, this would not be my all day vape but I do like it.

  31. awesome! ! review by serena

    This was one of the first e-liquids I tried out of my menthol sample pack. At first, I didn't like it but decided to keep vaping it. It quickly became one of my favorites! The smell I think kind of blew me off. It is simialar to a buttery and cinnamon smell to me. The flavor is beyond delicious. The throat hit and vapor production is amazing.

  32. The Menthol Antidote review by Jojo

    HX3 has a moderate throat hit, a very awkward buttery like smell, but the flavor is superb. Don’t judge a book by its cover, you have to taste it in order to figure out the flavors.

  33. mixed with menthol review by ecigsmoker

    I didn’t care for HX3 at first but after mixing it with other menthol flavors, it is now one of my favorite. It has a great throat hit and vapor.

  34. My new favorite! review by Rachel

    I added HX3 to my order on a whim, and I am very glad I did! This is by far my favorite flavor. It has a smooth, mellow hit, with a light aftertaste of fresh mint. Also, if you mix it with Prime 15 it is very good. I will definitely order a large bottle of HX3 with my next order!

  35. awesome taste review by Mohamed

    HX3 has an awesome taste!

  36. Nice! review by joseph

    I don't like the menthol flavors but the hint of menthol in this is surprisingly mild and refreshing. I would not hesitate to try this even if you are not a menthol person.


    HX3 is yet another member of Halo's famous line of outstanding tobacco flavored e-liquids. Halo is known worldwide for having some of the best, if not the best, e-liquids on the market. This blend is a classic tobacco flavor with the addition of just a hint of crisp menthol that gives you a very refreshing ending to a medium bodied tobacco flavor. HX3 gives off a medium "throat hit" and produces a very respectable vapor production. All in all, HX3 will not disappoint you and will even leave the e-cigarette smoker with the highest standards of a smile on their face. If a great, classic tobacco flavor, with that extra twist of menthol is your cup of tea, then Halo's HX3 is definitely for you.

  38. Unique review by melissa

    This flavor is great and very very unique. It is a tobacco flavor with a little taste of a menthol. I think this flavor would be great for a menthol and non menthol vaper. It has just the slightest taste of menthol but it's just enough and I highly recommend this flavor. In my opinion everyone is going to love it!

  39. My top choice! review by James

    This one is my favorite Halo flavor. I have to admit I was not convinced immediately. First, I was surprised by its flavor and I have not experienced anything quite like it before. It wasn't long before I was vapign this flavor more than any other. It is tangy but it enhances the unique flavot and is satisfying.The throat his and vapor production is great too.

  40. HX3 review by Jesse

    I do not and cannot stand menthol anything. However, HX3 I could vape maybe 4 times a year because it has a perfect blend of smooth, menthol, and tobacco.

  41. Unique! review by Matt

    HX3 has a very unique flavor and it is what it says it is: a sweet tobacco flavor with a menthol undertone. In my opinion, the sweetness is fruity and probably not an all day vape for me but I do like it a lot!

  42. The absolute best review by Roger

    This flavor is great!! I mean WOW!!!! Most of the menthol flavors have just a minty flavor. However, HX3's flavor really gives me the taste that I crave not too much mint but with a great tobacco taste. It is by far my favorite. It took a few vapes to get used to but I will definitely be buying this in the 30ml bottle.

  43. Fantastic review by Brian

    First off, I love it with a lower nicotine. I was looking for a good throat hit and a hint of menthol which this delivers on both ends. Tribeca being my favorite and HX3 is now easily my number 2.

  44. Excellent review by Liviu

    Hard to judge this one. I tried tobacco flavors and hated them. Eventually, I found my way to menthol and have been loving Halo juices since. I gave HX3 a try because it was so recommend but it's not for me though. No tobacco flavors hit any spots for me anymore. To me, it tastes like an excellent, touch of caramel-like soft sweetness, with a hint of menthol at the end. A good throat hit with medium vapor production.

  45. Nice menthol tobacco review by Brandon

    This has good menthol flavor. The menthol doesn't overwhelm the tobacco like other menthol-tobacco flavors. It is a very enjoyable vape. This is a high quality product with nice flavor. It has a nice throat hit with a cool exhale and a robust tobacco flavor.

  46. the ONE review by william

    I have been vaping for over 3 1/2 years now and have tried over 20 flavors from various companies. This is BY FAR the best flavor I have tried. I have been using it as my daily liquid for almost 2 years now and I still love the flavor. Just the right sweetness with a very slight menthol hit. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for that perfect everyday vape!

  47. Juicy Fruit Gum With An Exotic Mint Finish review by Elik Anoa'i

    Alright guys, this one is a head scratcher for me. There are times when I'm not really sure what flavors I am detecting with this juice. My advice is to let this one sit a while. If you vape it out of the box, you will get an unpleasant chemical taste, mixed with alcohol and stale juicy fruit gum. After steeping for about 8 weeks or so, I tried it again and kind of liked it. I was blown away but the chemically taste went away and I kind of picked up some tropical fruit top notes with slight tobacco undertones and a minty finish. Is it an ADV for me? Nah! Will I buy a 7 ml bottle on occasion to mix things up? Sure! This juice reminds me of juicy fruit gum with a slight mentol twist to it. The throat hit is decent and it does produce a ton of vapor. But I give HX3 no thumbs.

  48. Love the light menthol review by Reagan

    I'm fairly new to vaping, and I'm not particularity adventurous when it comes to trying new flavors. I started out with Tribeca, but was interested in something a little different. I ordered a small bottle of HX3 and loved it. It has just enough menthol to give it a nice throat hit, and it also offers a hint of sweet aftertaste. I even like to mix it with Tribeca. Definitely will be buying more of this flavor!!

  49. Not your average cup of tea review by Sam

    This is a very unique flavor profile. Tobacco is definitely the dominate flavor with hints of mellow menthol. HX3 does have a strong scent, but the scent doesn't stay with you as you vape.

  50. As Advertised review by 69CamaroSS

    HX3 is indeed a mildly sweet, wonderful tobacco flavor with just the right amount of something similar to menthol but not quite. As a non-menthol smoker for over 25 years, I was reluctant to give HX3 a fair shot assuming that I wouldn't like it. I was totally wrong. HX3 isn't a "freeze your throat" type menthol at all. It's mildly sweetness is perfectly balanced with a very slight minty-like "menthol" flavor. A must try even if you think you'll not like it because you most likely will!! Halo, again, knocks it outta the park with expert feel for balancing of nuances and flavor profile!! This one may actually give my beloved Tribeca and Freedom a run for their money! What a pleasant surprise! Pull that trigger and get another Halo winner now!

  51. My Very First Experience review by Vikki

    Halo was the brand that was recommended to me when I first was introduced to the vaping experience nearly two years ago. HX3 became, and continues to be, my ultimate favorite! While I have tried other brands, I always come back to Halo because, in my opinion, the quality cannot be beat! Halo knows what they are doing! (Wish I could give them more than five stars ... they absolutely deserve it!)

  52. Still my favorite! review by Justin

    This is the first e-liquid I tried and I fell in love with it! I have tried numerous others and my favorite is still this one. It can't beat it. It is the perfect sweetness and it's wonderful for an all day vape. The menthol and tobacco are mixed perfectly. If you have not tried this yet please do! Trust me you won't regret it.

  53. Mysterious but good flavor. review by Ludmila

    There's no way to explain this flavor, but as with any other Halo product, it will not disappoint. This flavor is special in the sense that you never seem to get the same hit twice; every hit will give you a slight variation on the flavor, always leaving you wondering. Good throat hit and excellent vapor production.

  54. Great Flavor review by fstate33

    Good Tobacco vape. Unique with the sweet aftertaste and nice throat hit. Not enough menthol for me, but it is pretty nice. Add some shots of sub-zero and you have a real winner.

  55. Another Unique Flavor review by DaveOno

    But aren't all Halo flavors unique? This is not your mamma's menthol. I'm getting the sweet, then a menthol hit, but a menthol like I've never had before. Even if you aren't into menthol, ya gotta try this one.

  56. HX3 is great review by Stewart

    I'm fairly new to the ecig thing. Got a menthol sampler and, lucky for me, HX3 was one of the flavors. All of the menthol flavors I had tried before didn't have much tobacco taste to them. HX3 is what I was looking for. I usually add a little Menthol Ice to give it a little more menthol.

  57. Great flavor! review by Justin

    I'm new to e-cigs in general, but out of all the vapor flavors I've tried, this in my opinion is the best. Smells kinda strange when you first open it up, but don't let that fool you. The taste is a great mix of sweet tobacco with the perfect amount of menthol, also I taste a bit of banana in it, don't know if that's just me but I like it. Overall I'd definitely suggest this to anyone.

  58. Halo Rising to the Top review by Andre

    Ok, I have been vaping for quiet sometime. I have used Provape, Vapor King, Volcano, and South Beach Smoke. I am here to tell you that I can not believe I waited so long to use Halo. Let's go into detail. The liquid never leaves an after bite. The flavoring is masterful and the cost is not pricey at all. I am in the Navy serving in Japan and it cost money to have it shipped directly to my home vs the base. When it comes to certain products, I want it to arrive directly to my door step. Ladies and gents, Halo is one of those products. Again, I have sampled some of the top dogs in the business and I am telling you, these guys, Halo, will be the Aerosmith, Guns & Rose, Michael Jordan, or what ever you choose to call it of the Vapo-Sphere. Let's be clear, do not take my word for it. Try Halo for your self. I am very happy to do business with Halo. HX3 E-liquid is smooth, smells great, and is of top quality. You get what you pay for and Halo does not disappoint. So do it exactly the way I did it. Use separate tanks, line them up side be side. You and about four of your buddies do a tastes test. Here is how it panned out for us.
    #1. Halo
    #2. Volcano
    #3. Vapor King
    Note: Provape and South Beach Smoke ended up being non factors.

    Rated buy 2 Navy Chiefs, 1 USMC Gunnery Sargent, and 1 USMC Staff Sargent.
    Time, efficiency, and appearance is the core of our lives and Halo just help us out a lot. Thanks guys. Keep it moving.

  59. Awsome liquid review by Chuck

    I got this in the mail yesterday and tried it straight out of the mailbox. HX3 is my new favorite juice it has a great tobacco taste with the perfect amount of menthol. I've tried almost every tobacco flavor halo offers and you just can't go wrong with any of them.

  60. Not my thing review by Sledman

    I'm a huge fan of Halo. From the awesome Triton to the many amazing flavors of their juice. Although not a fan of tobacco flavors in general (more of a Menthol person), I gave this a try based on the reviews and interesting flavor combination. Unfortunately this juice was just unappealing on all levels. I gave it a try more then once just to be sure, but each time I came away with the same impression. The tobacco is just overpowering all the other flavors. So because I don't care for tobacco in general this flavor just didn't work for me.

  61. My Favorite review by lismterr

    HX3 is my favorite and all day vape. It has the right amount of menthol and a somewhat pineapple taste that lingers on exhale but not fruity by any means. It's not too sweet and has a great throat hit. I actually find the pineapple more pronounced when using a g6 mini tank. It does strangely smell like popcorn when you first open it. But surely doesn't taste like it!

  62. Great throat hit and strong flavor review by Don

    The HX3 definitely is one of the strongest tobacco flavors I have tried. It also has a soothing quality to it because the flavor is a very simple one. You can taste a sweet tobacco very well and your taste buds will not be confused. You will know what your tasting and you will feel it all the way down your throat. Very thick and strong vapor production that you will not be disappointed with. Goes great for mixing with Twisted Java if you want a really strong and awesome flavor, and even Kringle's Curse if you want a more soothing vape. Also mixes well with most of the menthol flavors. If you are thinking about buying a tobacco flavor, I recommend picking this one up.

  63. Great but... review by Andrew

    This has been one of my favorites but it seems to burn up my coils very easily with the VV battery. except on the 3.0 - 3.2 ohm coils but than it just tasted raw. the taste is great that little bit of menthol is all it needs. I'm going to try a few new flavors and see how they work or i'll switch back to some I know are okay.

    It's worth trying in my book though.

  64. Semi-sweet, very mild menthol and chocolate review by TJ

    Using a Kanger AeroTank, I found this to be very smooth, with a tiny hint of menthol and chocolate. I cannot detect any tobacco flavor at all with the AeroTank, which is why I rate it three stars. Overall it is a very good flavor, but if you're looking for authentic tobacco flavor and are using the AeroTank, pass this one by.

    It also has a hint of popcorn in the scent.

  65. Unique E-liquid review by Chip

    HX3 certainly is a unique offering from Halocigs. At first I thought this one tasted just like Prime15, with a hint of menthol aftertaste. However, the more I vaped it, the more my taste buds could pick up unique qualities in HX3. I taste tobacco, a hint of nuts (not nearly as overpowering as Prime15), and a menthol punch on exhale. I do enjoy vaping HX3 from time to time, but it is not my go-to tobacco vape. It does keep vaping interesting though!

  66. Good flavor review by Adam

    I liked this one, It's got a slightly fruity taste to it. Throat hit is good, vape production is good. However i feel as if it kind of blends in with the other tobacco tastes. It really doesn't stand out as i was hoping. I'll vape it if i have it, But this company delivers finer products than this one. It's good but not great. Needs a stronger tobacco flavor with a hint of whatever it is that halo mixes it with. The "hint" overpowers the tobacco flavor.

  67. I just didnt care for it. review by diana

    It has a strong perfumy flavor to it. I just couldnt get into it. Now ive tried several Halo flavors and loved them, just something about this one didnt sit right with me. Sorry Halo....I still love u guys and only buy your eliquids.

  68. Exactly as described review by Kyle

    I did not like the overall flavor of this at first, but the more I used it the more I appreciate the subtleties. I would say it's not for everyone, but I would definitely order more. The nutty aftertaste and hint of menthol really combine for a smooth drag. The description of this flavor is spot on.

  69. Did not care for this at all review by Jordan

    I purchased the menthol sample pack with my g6, and hx3 was the only flavor i did not like whatsoever. I tried each flavor on my vamo with mini protank 2, this seemed to taste like pancakes but no menthol or mint flavor. I will be giving this one away but i have really liked the other flavors in that starter kit just not this one.

  70. Not For Me! review by Ellenor

    Tried this flavor out of my sample menthol pack. I am a true menthol fan, but this just did not have the menthol flavor I like. It tasted like a burnt popcorn to me, and the smell of this product I just could not overcome. Have not tried it mixed with other menthol flavors, I will try mixing and see if I like it any better.

  71. I keep coming back to HX3 review by Kevin

    I purchased the Halo Menthol sample pack. HX3 was included in the sample pack, had a strong smell compared to the other menthols, not the distinctive minty scent as found in the others. It's barely menthol but it tastes great! Dry, nutty with a hint of menthol that keeps growing on me. No, it doesn't satisfy my quest for a menthol but it is absolutely great in its own way... I keep coming back to it and find it in my daily rotation of several other great Halo e-liquids.

  72. Great e-liquid review by Peter

    This is a lovely tasting e liquid and the first i have tried, it is my everyday e liquid also, i would defiantly recommend it to anyone.

  73. HX3 review by Stephen

    I wasn't sure what to expect from this juice, but found myself really pleased. It immediately has become my favorite of the more straight up tobacco style juices. It has a warm hazelnutty flavor to me. I like it a lot. I don't get any menthol flavor while vaping it, but I feel the coolness in my mouth between vapes and afterward. It is really subtle. This is one of my top vapes along with Tiki Juice and Midnight Apple. Halo juices really tend to be complex and nuanced, and this is no exception. I recommend it.

  74. WOW review by Francois

    I was very apprehensive about trying out tobacco flavored liquids for a while. Then I tried this and it blew my mind. HX3 has a really interesting flavor, almost like tribecca but with a minty lime flavor. The "lime" taste is whats dominant here and tastes kind of like a smooth corona beer flavor. Might just be me, but this is what it's reminiscent of when I vape it and I love it. I'm pretty sure this one is going to be my next all day vape.

  75. Delicious! review by Christopher

    This stuff is absolutely delicious (as if i'd expect less from Halo). I think it has an aftertaste of maple syrup covered pancakes and everyone I've had try it agrees. This, so far, is my favorite juice I've ever tried!

  76. Surprisingly Refreshing review by Paul

    Didn't know how to take this one at first. The subtle menthol undertones are definitely a pleasant surprise.
    Haven't tasted anything like it before and that's definitely not a bad thing.
    Bold but not overwhelming. Would be a good daily smoke.

  77. Could not have started with a better choice! review by Patty

    This is the flavor I chose for my first e-liquid experience from the Menthol Sample Pack. I smelled each of the bottles and kept coming back to this one. The flavor is a little sweet, smooth, a little menthol. I was a little leary of all the "flavors". Not anymore!!

    If you are a coffee fan, try adding a bit of Twisted Java to this. The flavor is amazing! I think I may have found something here.

  78. One of my new favorites review by Colin

    I expected this to have a lot more menthol flavor but I was pleasantly surprised by the very very mild menthol it contains. Ive shared this flavor with people who didnt regularly use menthol and they've all enjoyed it as much as I do.

  79. Unique review by Saiho

    This is the strangest vaping experience I've had so far. First I tried it in cartomizers and my first reaction was "Ok, tobacco flavors are not for me". Then, after a few days, I found myself missing it, even though I liked other flavors better, so I thought I'd give it a try in a mini-tank. I thought the taste was too harsh, but I was still missing it if I went a few days without it. Now I add a few drops of Southern Classic and Menthol Ice (it's menthol hint is not nearly enough for me) and it has become my ADV.

    It might not be for everyone, but it's definitely worth trying and experimenting with, you might discover something great.

  80. Unique review by Daniel

    If you want a change of pace and unique flavor this is one way to go. I really like the flavor overlays. I plan on making this my next ejuice purchase

  81. Nothing new here review by Tim

    This to me tastes like Tiki with a stronger tobacco influence. if you're both a gourmet and tobacco flavor user, you'll probably enjoy HX3. Me being a strictly tobacco guy, this isn't for me.

  82. Mature and Refined review by Michael

    HX3 reminds me of a cross between English pipe tobacco and American rolling tobacco. It has a refined and mature taste. It comes across light and dry with just a hint of sweetness. It lingers in your mouth after you vape. The linger from it is very similar to what you would get from a Black and Mild “Mild.” It is light and fuzzy with a hint of smoke and sweetness. This is a liquid for those times when you just need something a little different and relaxing.

    It definitely needs at least 24 hours to breath and steep.

  83. Not bad still 4 star product review by Nathan

    Well, I ordered my HX3 30ml bottle when I bought my Triton Starter pack. It definitely has a "Unique" taste. Some on the reviews mentioned a "butter popcorn, jelly bean" flavor. That couldn't be more true! Was not a fan of it at first, but the taste of this juice does grow and grow and grow some more on you. I do enjoy it, the vapor production is outstanding!

    Not quite sure I will order HX3 again, but just the same, I'm not opposed to it and it's a solid smoke. If you like more of a tobacco flavored sweet undertone, this product is for you!

  84. Buttery review by Emmett

    This is the first of the Halo flavors I haven't been into. It tastes like a buttered popcorn Jelly Belly. Some people may thoroughly enjoy the taste, but I don't care for it. It still has Halo's outstanding vapor quality and production and it may blend well with other flavors. By itself, though, it's not for me.

  85. Tart review by Jason

    For me, this eliquid has the flavor of some of the tart flavored energy drinks that I like. It is definitely a nice one to add to the rotation when its time to give my other favorites a break. I have tried maybe 20 different flavors and this would be one out of maybe 5 that I will continue using. I am glad I tried it out.

  86. A happy accident review by Brian

    New to Halo, I ordered a few of the Sample Packs. Reading the description of what HX3 is, I never would of ordered it alone, but since it came in one of the packs, I tried it.

    OMFG, what a pleasant surprise. I think the Halo staff hit open such a wonderful flavor profile. As you read other reviews, you will see that none of us can agree exactly on how to describe it, and maybe that is why the Halo description isnt that appealing.

    Allow me to try. HX3 is a light and subtle thing, it starts with a slight citrus menthol flavoring, and ends on a slightly nutty end. Not to heavy, just a light refresher. It is hard to categorize, it isnt a Menthol, it isnt a Tobacco or a Gourmet flavor.... It is a hybrid of all 3 of those, and it works perfectly. If you are in doubt, seriously try this flavor, it will give you an insight into the flavoring brilliance that Halo has.

  87. my overall favorite blend review by mike

    HX3 is the best liquid. It has a truly pure, yet not overwhelming, tobacco start followed by an over so slight sweet finish. When you try it you'll enjoy it.

  88. Surprised review by CorallineAlgae

    The halo Triton system is my first experiment with e-cigs so I thought I'd better get the menthol sample pack. After reading reviews of all of the flavors in the pack I was worried about trying HX3 so I saved it for last. I was expecting it to be the weakest of the bunch and I was dead wrong.

    I NEVER would've ordered HX3 on it's own based on the description. I love it. It's downright amazing! I taste mild vanilla, candied walnuts, light nutmeg, soft pipe tobacco, and only the faintest hint of menthol if I exhale through my nose. It's hard to describe. It's almost like the old fashioned candy "walnettos" mixed with a super mild pipe tobacco.

    Halo definitely made a great call putting it in the menthol sample pack, even though it has almost no menthol character. It's sweet, warm, nutty, mild goodness with a soothing cool inhale and exhale. I can't get over how much I love it.

  89. How can you explain this one review by Phillip

    It's a flavor that's hard to describe. It has sweetness, it has a hint of menthol. It almost king of reminded me of banana nut bread with a hint of mint. The flavor is out of this world. Good, wonderful.

  90. Excellent E-Liquid review by Sean

    I find HX3 to be a great balance between Tiki juice and Captain Jack, Its got a mild version of the pipe tobacco taste but with the slightest hint of menthol. Exactly what I was looking for something close to Tiki but with a slightly stronger tobacco taste and good vapor production.

  91. Meh review by Joan

    This one is a tobacco flavor that is light and bright with a little citrus and a pinch of mint. Nothing exciting for my taste buds and one that I just couldn't get past the buttered popcorn smell of both the liquid itself and the exhale in the room. The quality is up there with all the other Halo e liquids and it is a rather compex flavor but Halo makes several others that I much prefer.

  92. It's not bad, but not really special review by M

    I was pretty disappointed in HX3. It isn't bad, but it isn't all that special either. It's basically a light tobacco and a light menthol with a tiny amount of something citrus-ish. It sort of reminded me of a milder menthol Pall Mall, though I guess if that's your thing this could be great. The problem is I think you get a much better flavor when dealing with something like their "Southern Classic" though that doesn't have the menthol. Instead of this I'd get Southern Classic and add a dab of their Sub Zero.

  93. HX3 review by Michael

    HX3 E-liquid is a super intense e-liquid with a distinctly unique minty tobacco flavor. It has some sweet tobacco and menthol notes with excellent throat hit and huge clouds.

  94. A mainstay! review by Shawn

    When I got my menthol variety pack, I thought that it was weird that this one was in there, because of how it smelled inside the bottle. I am glad they included HX3 in the variety pack. This has turned out to be one of my favorite Halo liquid flavors. Not your traditional menthol flavor. The nutty taste sealed it for me. I will be surely purchasing more of this in the future.

  95. *Not Bad at all* review by Jim's Bro

    I was never a regular tobacco user but this and Tribeca so far have been my favorites. This flavor is not too overly strong, has a sweetness to it, and mixes great with my Mystic for an added tobacco kick.

  96. Not my flavor, but not bad either review by Christopher

    This was the first Halo e-liquid I tried. I'm normally a menthol guy, so I didn't expect HX3 to really knock my socks off, but I have to say that it's still a fairly pleasant vape - and that's a strong compliment coming from someone who normally prefers a strong menthol flavor when he vapes. As the description says, there is a slight undertone of menthol in the HX3. The majority of the flavor, though, is a semi-sweet, mild tobacco. I only detected the menthol while inhaling it. The aftertaste was purely the tobacco, albeit a very good quality one.

    Like all the Halo e-liquid flavors I've tried, HX3 delivers a solid throat hit and lots of vapor. Of course, someone who prefers tobacco-flavors will appreciate HX3 better than a menthol vaper who's simply curious about the non-menthol world.

  97. Great! review by Ricky

    I just tried this at my local taste bar and I walked out with a 30ml bottle, love it!

  98. It is the best for me review by Oleg

    I was trying to find a perfect e-liquid for me. Despite the fact that I like Tribeca a lot, it does not have enough throat hit as the HX3 has. Plus, HX3 has a very distinct tobacco smoke flavor, just enough to be perfect, not as harsh as Torque56.
    Currently, HX3 is my favorite.

  99. Super tasty review by Shawn

    This is my all day vape. The taste is fantastic! It goes great in the morning with coffee or that after dinner beer. Very full robust, smooth flavor with a very slight pineapple finish. When I switched from the G6 tanks to the Triton it was like discovering a whole new flavor.

  100. HX3 review by andrew

    First e liquid I ever tried and tried it at a local shop. The HX3 fit perfectly. The tobacco flavor with a good throat hit (maybe a little much at first) while ending smooth with a hint of menthol. HX3 and Tribeca are probably the two main e liquids I would use daily.

  101. Very Interesting review by robert

    I have been working my way thru a sample pack of menthol flavors and HX3 was the last one I tried. When I opened the bottle initially I was put off by the aroma at first, I couldn't tell exactly what but I did not like the smell. Well after trying the other 5 flavors this one was next. I have to say I was very skeptical, well I was pleasantly surprised. This has nice vapor production and a very nice throat hit. The flavor is a very complex layered effect. Initially I taste a buttery nut like flavor with some spice to it and a mild tobacco hint. On exhale I get a citrus tone and a cool feeling of menthol which seems to me to be the most authentic menthol I have yet to try.
    Overall I am very pleased and will add this to my favorites list.

  102. Just the best "menthol" type that I enjoy review by John F.

    For someone like me that occasionally likes a menthol, it is most definitely to my liking. I tend to lean more towards some of the less traditional juice flavors (Southern Classic and Tiki are at the absolute top of my list!), this one is one that I really enjoyed. The citrus flavoring mixed in with with the non-overpowering menthol really worked for me! Get a small bottle to try it for yourself... and then order a nice big one!

  103. Amazing with morning coffee or with an Iced Coffee in the Afternoon!! review by Beth Ann

    I am a menthol smoker and this flavor tricked me in a good way! I didn't taste tobacco at all and I thought it actually had a menthol base. This flavor is unique and very tasty. It has a buttery almond minty taste and is also very smooth. I really enjoy vaping this flavor either as an all day vape or a specialty sometimes vape. Contender for a flavor that could provide an all day smoke. Great with coffee in the morning or an iced coffee in the afternoon. When I go on a walk with my dogs outside I love to blow it out my nose because it tastes super good and I get a lot more flavor than when just blowing it out of my mouth. This is one of the best flavors to blow out of your nose (as well as my absolute favorite which would be the Menthol Sub-Zero flavor)

    Halo has an awesome website, excellent customer service, quick shipping, professional packaging and I love that everything is made in the USA! GO HALO!

  104. Intense Flavor. Better for Blends review by NewVap3

    The Citrus/Tobacco/Fruity flavor has a great throat hit but, as other reviewers have mentioned, one of the main problems of HX3 is that the flavor can be a bit intense if it is vaped alone. I find that HX3 goes much better if it use used to make a blend. I do like the components of HX3 but I like to blend it with something that will mellow out the intensity a bit and add a very complex edge to any vaping experience. I recommend 1/3 HX3, 1/3 Kringles Curse, and 1/3 Cool Mist for a complex Menthol and Mint flavor with a slight kick!

  105. Not for me review by Sandt38

    This just isn't my style. It is too sweet and has a perfume like flavor. The exhale is heavy with citrus. While I don't really want to say anything bad about Halo since all of their products, customer service, shipping, quality... heck everything about them is amazing, I do have to admit this juice will likely not be finished by me.

  106. No citrus for me review by Carrie

    I have decided to avoid citrus flavors, because after purchasing this and southern classic, I just do not like the taste. This stuff is strong, and even after cleaning my tank the only way I could get the smell out was to use some Torque 56! I have the bottle steeping now and hope it will make it more palatable. My tank was in my pocket the next day, and someone at work said they could smell "wet basement." Hey lots of people rave about this, but I guess I really don't like the citrus flavor in my eliquid.

  107. HX3 review by KCB

    I was shocked. I didn't like it at first. But now I can't get enough of it. It is the best juice I have ever vaped. It is way to expensive for me to make it my all day vape. What a shame. I will miss it.

  108. A little aromatic for my taste review by Robert

    Being a beginner I am still sampling different menthol flavors. I was overcome by the aroma when I first opened the package but it vapes smooth and has a nice taste. I don't think I will try this again...too stinky for me

  109. Not Getting Menthol review by Ahmad

    HX3 is not a bad liquid, it is just not my cup of tea. I mostly enjoy menthol vapes (Subzero is my favorite so far) but I just do not taste menthol in this liquid. I allowed it to sit for about three weeks and the taste did not change much. If anything, the menthol is a very light, very subtle undertone. The hit is very dry and there is some citrus flavor mixed in the bunch. The "tobacco" flavor does not taste like a cigarette or cigar but it does not taste bad. If you are a fan of torque 56 you might also be a fan of this liquid.

  110. Did not like this flavor review by Naseeruddin

    This is the one flavor that absolutely is a NO NO among all the halo e liquids. I still gave it 3 stars because it vapes smooth and puts out adequate vapor...but the taste and vapor smell leaves a lot to be desired. It tastes like tobacco gone bad, or something on those lines. Extremely strong taste. I did go back to trying it again after one month, but still the same. Personal opinion though.

  111. One of the best review by Ardees

    This is one of the best daily e-juices I've vaped so far. It is smooth, has a great vapor production and a hint of menthol in your throat but not too much. The throat kick is there but also not too strong. All in all a perfect everyday liquid!

  112. Okay..not my favorite review by Mandalin

    Sorry Halo, but this one is not one I would reorder. HX3 is way too dry for me. Produces get vapor but leaves me feeling blah. I tried mixing it with Tribeca and that makes it vapeable for me! I don't really get where the menthol comes in because I do not taste it at all.

  113. Really good but just needs more menthol review by Benjamin

    I find this flavor really satisfying except I would prefer more of a menthol added to it. Flavor is almost fruity/nutty, sweet yet dry. It has an aroma in the vapor but very pleasant. I am almost reminded of a cigar but smoother obviously. Very strong throat hit. My only problem is the menthol could be kicked up a tad.

  114. best yet review by Isaac

    So far this is the best I have tried. Very happy with the smooth flavor.

  115. Not what I expected review by Vid

    Nice throat hit with good vapor production.... Not sure what it is but I also get a hint of some kind of fruit flavor on the exhale. Taste kind of like citrus. Nice little surprise since that wasn't in the description of the liquid. I'm not one for menthol flavors but this is worth a try for sure!

  116. Nice Tobacco flavor with a hint of menthol review by Michael

    This is a great change of pace eLiquid. I really enjoy using the HX3 on the drive home after a long day at work. Thanks.

  117. Enjoyable review by Timothy

    I Believe The Mystery Ingredient Is Coriander. Almost Citrusy With A Bit Of Spice. Pretty Tasty With A Bit Of Menthol Finish. I Have a Hard Time With Most Of Halo's Liquids As Most Of Them Are Just Overpowering. This One Is Strong As Well But Overall Pretty Enjoyable. Almost A Bit Of Fruit Flavor As Well.... This Is One Of Halo's Better Liquids.

  118. yumalicious review by Daniel

    Wow different and delicious. Great pineapple sweetness with a menthol undertone. Yet another home run by Halo. Also produces a great vapor. It's getting to the point I don't know which one is my favorite anymore.

  119. Nice review by Green Frog

    I have tried almost all Halo's flavors and ended with by main duo of Tiki and Midnight Apple; I may be adding this to the mix. It's sorta like Turkish Tobacco + Midnight Apple + a drop of menthol. If you like Turkish Tobacco you might like this one. I found Turkish a tad to dry but I really like this one.

    I'm also surprised this flavor hasn't gotten more "press". It's really a nice complex flavor.

  120. HX3 is the ultimate vapor experience! review by Mindlockdown

    I recently started vaping, and was immediately caught in the cycle of buying and trying liquid from every local shop. I knew I had to find my all day vape, but I wasn't going to find it just anywhere. A friend turned me on to Halo and it wasn't long before I realized how much better Halo's premium juices taste. Then I found HX3.. it's sweet, with a hint of menthol and an all around full flavor which mimics the intensity of my old brand of cigarettes. Nice throat hit. Thanks halo for helping me find my ADV!

  121. Not for me. review by Aegis

    After attempting to vape this twice I'd have to say it's defiantly not for me.

    -Great vapor production just like most of the Halo liquids
    -Somewhat satisfying throat hit, though the flavor has been hindering me getting a good, deep vape.

    -Super dry for my taste. Very little to no sweetness.
    -Very strong Irish Spring soap like after taste, this was much more prevalent when I first tried to vape HX3 after a week of steeping this after taste dimmed but was still enough for me to put it down and pick up one of the other Halo liquids.

    Overall I can see the appeal of HX3 with people looking for a traditional analog (maybe menthol-like) experience. But that soapy after taste coats my tongue and stops me from enjoying it.

  122. Holy Cow review by michael

    This is what I have been trying to mix for myself. It has a great sweet tobaco taste with smooth menthol. It's the best of both worlds with a nice throat hit to top it off. Not my all day vape but great with a drink or at a party!

  123. Unique review by Donald

    Don't know why this came in the menthol variety pack, as I do not detect any menthol flavor. A lot of the reviewers did not like at first, but this is one that improves with age and steeping. I went back to it after a while and found it became very enjoyable and smooth. A unique tobacco taste that grows on you.

  124. Okay, But Not A Keeper review by Peter

    I found HX3 to be vapable, but not something I would reorder. The bit of sweetness and menthol was fine, but the Halo tobacco flavors (except Tribeca) have a pungent quality I do not like. To be fair, Halo was my first experience with e-liquids - I had no idea what I would like. I ordered around 10 liquids, and didn't care for any of them but Tribeca, which remains one of my favorites.

  125. Flavor is unique, if not strange. review by Michael

    Not my favorite flavor, but I thought it was similar to menthol cigarettes if that is what you are looking for.

  126. Unique flavor review by Matthew

    This is my first flavor ever to try and it is really different. It is very hard to describe, but I swear I taste fruit, peanut and spices. That may sound really strange, but it is pretty tasty. I do not taste any menthol. I think I will be trying other flavors, however, to have a better understanding for what Halo has to offer. Peanut butter and grape jelly with a hint of cinnamon anyone?

  127. Love review by Kane

    This flavor has a great smooth taste with a hint of menthol. Great all day vape.

  128. nice review by Drew

    I am relatively new to vaping and e-cigs in general; however, "HX3" is definitely one of my favorites. This is a fairly harsh liquid with a nice throat hit, I would not recommend this with high nicotine. It has a minty aftertaste. The vapor comes out thick for good tricks. I would definitely recommend this flavor to anyone who wants a bold full flavored liquid.

  129. Strange But I'm In Love review by Donna

    This is one strange liquid! I tried it and at first just couldn't make up my mind if I wanted to smoke it again. Then I came back to it...and then I couldn't put it down. It does have that buttered popcorn scent, as many others have written, and at first it's a bit off-putting. But after smoking it for some time now (on my second bottle) I don't notice that scent too much anymore. Upon exhale there's some kind of fruitiness - I gave up trying to figure out what it is. Makes a lot of smoke and hits the throat nicely - even the 0 mg. This is one I use daily - love it love it! If you try it and are turned off initially, give it a second chance!

  130. Complex, well rounded vape review by Sam

    This juice is hard to describe. I have trouble explaining what it's like to people, you just have to try it for yourself, as it is like nothing you have ever tasted in an e-juice. There's a complex fruit sweetness to it, but what kind of fruit I can't say. I would lean toward pineapple, but there are other flavors. Very light menthol that's not overpowering. Seems people either love it, or think it's just ok. I think it's worth the chance, because it will be one of your favorites if you like it. Give it a try!

  131. HX3 - review by Will

    The description is correct, it was unlike anything I had tried. Receiving this in the Menthol Sample Pack (which is also a 5 star), it was the first one I tried. Upon trying vapor, I stayed with the Menthol based liquids. The HX3 has more of tobacco taste rather than Menthol. On the tobacco side, it was very robust, while at the same time very smooth. I would describe it as a deep warm taste, with a hint of Menthol. My overall rating is 4.5 stars, only because I am a die hard Menthol guy. That being said, my Father tried it, and he gives it a 5 all the way.

  132. Just like menthol lights review by Jason

    Tastes and feels very similar to menthol lights analogs.

    Satisfying, warm but not overly sweet.

    Like it all day.

  133. Great liquid review by matthew

    This is the second liquid I've used. I really enjoy it. It has become my every day user. I'm not a fan of sweet flavors that get old so this one is perfect. It's got a light citrus/menthol flavor that never gets overwhelming.

  134. love it... my new fav. review by Diandra

    I just got this juice yesterday and tried it this morning. I was not expecting it to be so darn good. It's sweet with out a fruity taste & a hunt of menthol. Wow!! This is right up there with Tribeca. Will be getting this in a 30 ml bottle on my next order.

  135. The real flavor comes when using the mini-tanks review by Dariusz

    When I purchase this flavor, I let myself be guided by the excellent reviews I read from other users. I ordered cartomizers with HX3 and felt disappointed :( it was not taste as good as the southern classic for example. After that came my mini tanks, and I decided to give it another chance and there is different! You can taste something menthol flavor, something that I can't define, but definitely good. Use mini tanks!

  136. Yummmmmaaay! review by PAUL AWESOME

    Pineapple, with bubblegum, spicy tobacco, with a pinch of mint.. Good vape. This could be a all day vape if Torque wasn't so gosh darn good. But this works well as a palate cleanser smoke the HX3 for 5 minutes when you have vape tongue and all of a sudden your favorite flavor come back to life.You like fruity, this is a fruity but with enough tobacco so that the fruit is not overpowering. This is good stuff. Pineapple/bubblegum/spicy tobacco/mint doesn't taste terrible it taste delicious. So go on enjoy, no one will make fun of you, It's good stuff, you won't be disappointed.

  137. One of the best review by Nicholas

    HX3 has proven to be a sweet success story. With a perfect blend of tobacco, menthol, and fruity top notes, this e-liquid will satisfy almost any smoker (analog or digital). Keep the amazing flavors coming & we'll be here to buy Halo!

  138. Not what I expected review by Jeff

    The description of this product made me think it would be right up my ally, but it falls more into my 'ok' category. I did not detect any menthol, but am a big fan of menthol flavors so I may not be quite as sensitive to it. This is obviously a complex blend as the reviews differ so vastly. This is definitely one of the liquids you must steep to find some enjoyment out of or expect to be really turned off by your first few drags. I found the smell of the liquid and initial flavor to be that of buttered popcorn. I was actually surprised no other reviews have noted that association, but it just goes to show how taste buds vary. After aging awhile, the flavor more accurately matched the light tobacco description with a hint of lightly burnt popcorn. What I thought initially was a bad flavor has developed into something that certainly won't go to waste, although I likely won't be purchasing again either.

  139. Very nice tobacco flavor review by Patrick

    Very nice tobacco flavor, not overwhelming. Love that hint of menthol at the end. I was very surprised by this. I would defiantly have to say that this is a new all day vape for me! Job well done Halo!

  140. The only Halo Juice I havent loved..... review by Bryan

    Its not a bad vape. It's got a nice taste to it... but it just taste like a fruity mix to me... The vapor and throat hit are on par as always. I didn't taste any menthol at all. Maybe because I tried it in a clearo. I'll give it a go in a boge carto and see what that brings out and write an update!

  141. Did not care for it. review by Kimberly A.

    I think what I did wrong was that I didn't let it steep like suggested. I only had a small sample bottle and I wanted to try it right away. This is my least liked e liquid so far. I read the other reviews about this citrus taste on the exhale and I didn't get it. I am going to try this flavor again and steep it. I want to know what everyone is talking about. It sounds really good if done the right way. STEEP!

  142. Wonderful review by Robbie

    Very nice tobacco flavor, not overwhelming, with just a trace of menthol... and maybe something else? I swear I detect a slightly fruity after note. This is a wonderful flavor and one of the best actual tobacco flavors I have used to date.

  143. 2 words review by Tri

    Everyday Vape.

  144. Best menthol flavor review by daniel

    Has a smokey menthol taste. Close to a real cigarette.

  145. Good but not my favorite review by Nick

    A very subtle flavor, hard to describe. The menthol is most definitely in the background. I put it away for a while and came back to it recently. I am enjoying it more the second time around, so perhaps it needs a little time to steep.

  146. Quite Interesting review by Buzz

    I recently bought a sample pack (tobaccos) from Halo. Shipping was quick and efficient. There were several that I really liked, HX3 among them. This has a little citrus on the finish to my taste buds, but still has some real tobacco flavor. I wound up ordering another bottle of this, the Prime 15, and a 30ml of Torque. Three very different flavors, with this being the most unique among them because of the rather refreshing (maybe lime??) citrus kick. I'll give it a solid four stars. Try it, and see for yourself, but I was pleased.

  147. Another winner! review by jennifer

    Where to begin with this one. Wow! I have read other reviews that made me not really excited about trying this flavor but I'm so glad I did. Honestly not much menthol but did taste a light tobacco with some fruity top notes. I mixed a little Malibu with it and I was in heaven! OMG!!! This is my new favorite all day vape for sure ! Of course with a toot or two of Midnight Apple in between.

  148. Crazy Flavor, Great vapor! review by Corey

    Okay so I've ordered this juice a couple of times. I think it's one of those juices that either you love or you're just not going to get in too. I tried and tried but as the juice steeped, the flavor just got more and more like burnt popcorn and syrup. But there were times where I just craved it. I don't know how I feel, either love it or hate it.

  149. If at first you don't ..... review by CaptDonna

    Well I have to be honest right? I tried and tried… to get into this one. I just put it aside, went on with my other ADV juices. Thought.. just not for me. Well after a few days I was rummaging through my “e-juice rack” and figured try again.
    Found out I was pleasantly surprised! This just happens to be (for me) one that I shouldn’t have tried right away. VERY full tobacco flavor and others well I just couldn’t quite put a name to them (what ARE you doing in the HALO kitchen!? Lol! )
    I added a touch of Sub-Zero and BANG it all came together for me! Talk about VAPOR! Yes taste is very individual. This is one you just have to try for yourself!
    Thanks HALO !

  150. Next Level Is Right!! review by Martellius

    I've tried about half of Halos liquids at this point. It is not an "overstatement" when I say that HX3 has everything I've been looking for in a liquid! The mild, sweet tobacco base which is perfect layered with a flavor I can't recognize but still love wrapped in just the right level of menthol. This is exactly what I've been looking for! LONG LIVE HALO!

  151. Not too bad review by Pam

    Tried it for the first time, it wasn't too bad. Can taste the mint which I like, but too much of cinnamon flavor. It was kinda similar to Tiki juice. If you like spice type liquids, you'll probably like this one. Trying Twisted Java next, think that's closer to my kind of juice.

  152. Just can't get into it review by Dane

    I vape halo almost exclusively but I just couldn't get into this one. Of course it sounds good but the flavor is very strong and it's just too strange. I bought a 30ml and have let several other people try it so I could give it to them if they liked it. I have yet to find someone to accept this juice from me for free. Halo rocks but the odds you will enjoy this one are probably not good.

  153. Straight up pineapple review by Ken E

    I cannot detect any tobacco notes at all with HX3. Mostly pineapple. Which is why I have added this to my gourmet box. The flavor is actually incredible and would love to blend this with the Malibu and see what happens. The smell of this juice had me worried because it came off as buttered popcorn and honestly, this was the very last juice I tried because of that. But the vape flavor was no where near the actual smell of the juice. Very odd to me.

  154. Subtle Menthol review by Jay B

    Smoked Menthol cigs for over 10 years (Marlboro Smooth in particular), and this is as close to what I'm used to as I've had. A touch more menthol (Kringle or SubZero come to mind) and it's perfect.

  155. It just plain works review by Scott

    It's a pretty good vape and excellent throat hit. I wish there was just a tad bit more menthol but it is still pretty good. If you like tobacco based menthols then you will love this one.

  156. RE REVEIW of HX3 review by Chris

    I posted a review earlier for hx3 I vaped it as soon as I got it I didn't like it I decided to steep it I took the cap off and put in a closet for two days and to me it improved the flavor a lot so I suggest when you get it steep it for two days and it will be better. It has a decent throat hit and good vapor production it is better with a manual battery.

  157. I do like it! review by sarmen

    This has a very interesting flavor. I can definitely taste pineapple and a very subtle mint flavor as well. My friend said it tastes like buttery popcorn, but I disagree. I'm definitely glad I tried this flavor, I will purchase this again.

  158. Aquired taste review by Chris

    I just got my hx3 today I vaped it as soon as I took it out of the box this is not my favorite, it has a fruity taste on the inhale but the exhale is a weird bitter flavor so I decided to steep it to see if the taste changes and hopefully it will.

  159. Very nice review by Chad

    This is yet another great flavor from Halo. It may not be my favorite but I still really like this one. It has a great tobacco flavor and a barely there menthol. It also gives an excellent throat hit and lots of vapor. I've tried some flavors from other companies but I always end up coming back to Halo. Keep them coming!

  160. Excellent review by vaporclouds

    If your looking for great throat hit and vapor production that just feels natural and not overly produced this is it. I whip up a batch of this mixed with a few drops of Kringles curse and like 2-3 drops of menthol ice and you get a very similar smoking experience to a marlboro smooth.

  161. Baffled review by barefootgirl

    I'm still not giving up on HX3 but up to now I can't get into it. The smell was super strong and pungent. Smells and tastes like pineapple or grape with menthol. I don't get any tobacco. My least favorite Halo juice but as usual the Halo performance is there. I actually got a big bottle by mistake thinking I was ordering SubZero so I started off with a negative note on this one. I've had it steeping for a month now and it's still not working for me yet. Have to give this one 3 stars based on the performance only. I've tried over 10 Halo flavors and have given them all 5 stars so it pains me to have to do this.

  162. Very peculiar "savory" taste: most complex/unique juice I've tried so far review by Brian

    This is my first review and a difficult one to write as I'm still trying to wrap my head around what *exactly* I'm tasting with the HX3. I think the best way to describe it is "savory." Also known as "umami," the Japanese word for the so-called '5th taste" (after bitter/sweet/sour/salty) which describes a pleasing stimulation of taste/smell imparted by specific amino acids (proteins) from foods like fries+ketchup, miso or chicken soup, bacon, parmesan cheese, etc. That's not to say it tastes like those foods per say, just that all those foods have that 'richness' which comes partly from umami taste receptors.

    I do think that is the "hidden" element other people have tried to describe in their reviews and it would be neat if someone from Halo reading the reviews could comment on this. If I'm right and it's something meant to be kept secret, please e-mail me to let me know I figured it out :). I promise I won't tell! With that out of the way, let me move on to more specific metrics:

    Throat Hit: Solid, not overly strong. I'm a novice e-cig user and I ordered 18mg cartomizers for all but the Turkish Tobacco (which was 12mg) so they all have a strong throat hit from that alone, though this one doesn't seem as strong as Tribeca. I was a half-pack/day smoker of strong Turkish cigs (you know the ones) if that helps.

    Other flavor notes: Besides the (in my mind, dominant) savory taste, there is a hint of menthol but honestly I'm not sure I'd have noticed if it wasn't in the product description. There is of course a tobacco taste too. The sweetness is very low IMO compared to most blends, my guess is they really wanted to emphasize the savory flavor. I would also note here that the smell is extremely pungent (not in a bad way though). Because of this, if you're using blanks I recommend keeping your HX3's in a different case or the smell will overpower the others.

    All-day Vape?: I would prefer this as a vape for specific times of day like after dinner/breakfast because the flavor is so potent. It's a very deep, interesting flavor that invites you to figure out its mysteries, but at least for me, it's too much for an all-day vape. YMMV of course and judging by other reviews, I may be in the minority on this.

    Summary: It is a very satisfying and filling juice, with more complexity than any flavor I've tried, so it should keep you interested for a long time. I will say some may not enjoy its intensity of flavor and if you're looking for a menthol-tobacco hybrid, look elsewhere. HX3 is it's own thing! You have to try it yourself to know whether you'll like it because as my extremely long review has shown, it's very hard to describe :).

  163. Really unique hard to pin down flavor review by matt

    To me there is some kind of nutty/caramel top note with a light menthol/mint undertone. Overall it is just a good flavor and I enjoy it. Do your self a favor and try out a sample, you just have to try it to understand it.

  164. Not for me review by keith

    This is only one of the few Halo juices that I find not a favorite, but taste is subjective. This juice has too strong of a menthol flavor for me which i am not a fan of in the first place. While the description of the juice is a dry tobacco with a hint of menthol, all I get is the menthol flavor coming thru and just can't get past it. Halo juices in my opinion are the best blends in the world and this is one of only a few i do not care for. With taste being subjective this juice could possibly be one you would like.

  165. Intense! review by ELWIN

    This to me taste like a strong tobacco base menthol with a aggressive throat hit. I'm kinda new to vaping so this is too much for me to handle as a former cigar smoke, but I think experienced vapors and heavy analog menthol smokers would really appreciate this.

  166. Very Unique review by Aaron

    This flavor was a bit different than I was expecting. It has less of a tobacco taste and more of a medicinal taste. The best way to describe it is almost like tobacco from a different planet (something an alien would be smoking when they landed on earth, lol). There is a little hint of menthol but its not a standard menthol. There isn't many words to describe it, JUST GIVE IT A TRY

  167. Now one of my faves review by Garemlin

    Having been an exclusive Tribeca vaper I wanted to branch out a little. I was tying to stay away from the straight tobacco flavors. This one had me intrigued. Though the menthol almost almost shyed me away. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It has a bit sweeter taste than Tribeca with a spicy overtone and just a very slight hint of menthol on exhale. I would say even more minty than menthol. Leaves a very refreshing aftertaste. It has a few other flavors that I can't quite put my finger on. Think I am gonna order a big bottle to add to my arsenal for a switch from Tribeca from time to time.

  168. More tobacco than menthol. review by Devin

    The flavor of this fluid creates an adequate amount of pleasant vapor. I didn't find it to be overly harsh, but it has a mild throat hit (24 mg). If you enjoy a semi-sweet tobacco flavor with a light hint of menthol, then this would be a good choice for you. I was pretty happy with it overall, this being the first Halo E-liquid I've tried. The quality is definitely there.

  169. Definitely different. review by Danny

    This one definitely stands out in the Halo Tobacco line! I suspect its a blend of two to four of Halo's other tobacco flavors. I like to be able to identify individual flavor notes and HX3 has been driving me crazy on that end! I get an almond note like that of Prime 15 and the rest are notes that could come from Torque56, Longhorn and/or maybe Midnight Apple. So, smoky almond, dark cherry and some apple or plum like notes. This is all blended very well with a really good kick of menthol added! HX3 is growing on me!

  170. My "Menthol" Blend of Choice review by Harlequin

    I'm not a menthol guy. I never was, so I was hesitant about this one. Let me tell you though, I am glad I gave it a shot.

    This is a great vape all around. it seems to me like it's a blend of Tribeca with a menthol flavoring added in. The slight hint of menthol adds a lot of flavor without being overbearing; this is still a tobacco juice at it's core.

    Overall, it is very smooth and satisfying and I can easily vape on this all day. It also makes for a nice change of pace from the tobacco blends when I am looking for something a little different.

    If you're like me and love tobacco flavors, I would say to try HX3, as it really is not bad on the menthol taste. If, however, you are a menthol smoker, I'm not saying not to try this, but just realize it is heavier on the tobacco side.

  171. Very interesting taste review by JR

    HX3 is very different than my other favorites - Menthol Ice and Tiki Juice. It's become number 3 in my rotation, and I vape it daily.

    None of the flavors are overpowering. I get rich tobacco, hazlenut, and a touch of menthol. Very good throat hit and vapor. If I ran out of my other 2 main juices, I could easily vape this exclusively for a few days in my Triton tank system until the others came in.

    This is the strongest smelling juice I have. I easily smell it in a capped cartomizer, and my wife can smell it a little on me after I vape it (I only vape outside too). I took a couple drags in a friend's house, and he said he could smell it too. It's not strong or overbearing by any means, but if you want something no one else will smell, this may not be your best choice.

  172. Very good review by Yadier

    This one is very original juice. A combination of the fruity taste of Tribeca and the tobacco of Torque 56 with a hint of mint, very smooth, highly recommended.

  173. Much too sweet review by Alex

    The throat hit was the only thing that gave this flavor an extra star. The flavor itself tastes like a really strong butterscotch or caramel. I would not recommend this to anyone who dislikes any sort of sweet vape.

  174. Delicious!!! review by Mebahiah

    I just tried this liquid and found it very good, tastes sweet, very nice for vaping all day without having to change the flavor, I recommend it completely, I loved it :)

  175. Totally Unique, Perfectly Delicious review by John Castle

    HX3 was one of the first of Halo's juices I ever tried. Although I've been exploring Halo's wide assortment of juices, HX3 is the flavor I always come back to. What some reviewers have described as a flavor they couldn't quite pin down, I think I have -- Hazelnut.

    When I vape HX3, I get a strong, semi-sweet tobacco -- maybe Tribeca? -- but with a Hazelnut flavor providing the sweetness, and just that touch of spice and hint of mint on the exhale. My description doesn't really do this flavor justice, though -- it's just something you'll have to try. Those of us who have love it.

  176. NIce vape will definately add to my reserve review by Jason

    Clean taste with a hint of sweet mint. Great vapor with a decent throat hit. It has a very CLEAN taste to it, not medicinal at all

  177. My go to juice review by Moose

    My favorite all day vape! More robust than most of the other Halo e liquids I've tried. Intense full flavor juice with a touch of a sweet mentholy undertone. Tons of vapor! Excellent!!

  178. My favorite of all of them... review by CW

    I've been using Halo e-liquid for almost a year now and this is my "go to" mix. I try other flavors and they are never quite as good. This is a difficult taste to describe; I would use the words tobacco, chocolate, mint and coffee as well as something spicy, (maybe ginger?) The throat hit is incredible, taste very strong. Please don't stop selling this one! Another accolade I would like to give Halo is that their e-liquids do not clog up my tank carts nearly as fast as other brands do. Thanks!

  179. Unlike anything else! review by Gregory A.

    I try'd HX3 on impulse, good thing too,because it's just like you guys say mild tobacco, with a little strangely different menthol ( the menthol sweetness is great) but the strange is good too. Thanks Halo!

Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle Color07ml - Clear
10ml – Clear
30ml - Cobalt Blue
Select Bottle SizeNo
Cap Color07ml - White
10ml - White
30ml - White
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper Control07ml - N/A
10ml – N/A
30ml - Tamper Evident Band 
Cap Material07ml - PET Plastic
10ml – PET Plastic
30ml - PET Plastic
Dispenser Style07ml - Eye Dropper
10ml – Eye Dropper
30ml - Graduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser Material07ml - PET Plastic10ml – PET Plastic30ml - Glass