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HX3 Cartomizers

Quick Overview

HX3 Prefilled Cartomizers feature a tobacco blend with a hint of menthol.

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Regular Price: $9.99

Special Price $5.99

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HX3 is an intense E-liquid blend with a flavor unlike anything you’ve tasted before. With a balance of sweet dry tobacco and the slightest hint of menthol, this full-flavored E-liquid offers a great throat hit and excellent vapor production.

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  1. Great for on the go review by Michele

    The HX3 Cartomizers are great for those who don't want to bother with filling the mini tank while on-the-go. Five prefilled cartomizers arrive in a small plastic container. The e-liquid has a slight hint of menthol mixed with a tobacco flavor. These HX3 e-liquid filled cartomizers give a smooth throat hit and decent vapor production. Once the e-liquid is depleted, I'd suggest only refilling with the same flavor of e-liquid. These can be refilled a few times, but does start to lose flavor quality after a few refills. The plastic boxes that these arrive in can be upcycled instead of disposed of.

  2. Great taste, but consider trying mini tanks review by Philip

    Great flavor. Excellent menthol flavor without being overbearing. My only problem are the cartomizers themselves. I feel they don't last very long and wish they stayed "fresh" tasting longer. I would suggest trying the mini-tanks. They're not perfect, but I feel they're the way to go.

  3. Great review by Philip

    The feel of the cartomizer takes some getting used to. The flavor is excellent. If you just want a quick and easy vaping experience this is the product for you, but I would suggest taking a look into the mini tanks and e-liquid.

  4. Interesting tobacco taste, but probably not for me review by Saiho

    I got these with my starter kit. The smell when first opening the package was a little overwhelming and the menthol hint is too subtle for my taste (I wouldn't guess it's there if I hadn't read the description). I do like it more after giving myself a few days to adjust to it, but I doubt it will become a favorite.

    If you like tobacco flavors, it's certainly a good one, but for menthol fans I would recommend something from the menthol section rather than this one.

  5. Can't figure it out review by steve

    A friend of mine uses Halo cartos religiously, and gave me one of these. I can not for the life of me figure this flavor out, which only intrigues me more. The more I vape it the more I like it. The slight menthol finish is refreshing and the flavor is... ????? I don't know but its pretty good. If you like a good mystery its worth picking up just to keep guessing what's in there.

  6. Excellent review by Shawn

    I really enjoy the HX3 flavored e-liquid from Halo. The combination of such a good tasting e-liquid with the professional look of the cartridges is an amazing combo. The filter on this gives a more "real thing" taste compared to the tanks themselves.

  7. Not my favorite review by Brett

    I ordered this product and was weary at first because it is just a hint of menthol, and I am a menthol user. The combination of flavors in this cartomizer tastes more like a tortilla chip; as strange as that sounds. It is a decent flavor, but it is not my favorite. If you are a menthol user, I wouldn't recommend this flavor to you.

  8. Very good addition! review by Shawn

    I have a Halo Triton system that I purchased almost a month ago. One of the main reasons that I purchased it was because you are able to use the cone and cartomizers. Although the taste is not as strong as the liquid on the Trition it actually tastes more like an analog cigarette. The use of the cartomizer on the Trition makes it look professional and sleek.

  9. Great Taste review by Chris

    This was a fantastic flavor, and the first one I tried from Halo. The hint of menthol really is just a tiny hint.. I would say the HX3 fills the gap perfectly. I will definitely be ordering more!

  10. Very Flavorful and Consistent review by Ehren

    I absolutely love this flavor. And the vapor is very consistent. Extremely flavorful!

    One suggestion for the people at HaloCigs: make other colors available for prefilled-cartomizers! I wanted it in tan, but it's only available in black. Still awesome though.

  11. Favorite so far review by quester

    I have no idea what flavor it is but I love it. It's an acquired taste for sure.

  12. My fav flavor soo far review by blackwidow7293

    The quality of this is beyond my expectations the flavor is there all the way seems like I get a new flavor every time I take a vape it's very friendly with the taste buds.

  13. Not For Every One review by HALO4ME

    I really could not get into this one and maybe because I’m new to vaping. It’s not bad I just thought that the tobacco and menthol would be a good mixture of a normal cigarette taste but there was not much menthol more of a complex taste of flavors I could not recognize, but it does have a nice throat hit.

  14. If mild is what you want, here is the one for you. review by Michael

    This juice is not a bad juice, it is just very mild. I am also unable to detech any menthol in the juice. Give it a shot if that is what you are looking for.

    The cartomizer has worked well for me. I get consistent amounts of vapor out of it.

Quantity Included5
Cartomizer LogoNone
Cartomizer ColorJet Black
Cartomizer ThreadSilver
Cartomizer Length35.5 mm
Cartomizer Width9.2 mm
Cartomizer Capacity1 ml
Cartomizer InteriorPolyfill
Cartomizer CapSoft Cap
Cartomizer Resistance2.4 - 2.8 ohms (Standard)
Cartomizer WarrantyN/A
Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved