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Drip Tip

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Aluminum Drip Tips, which are contoured mouthpieces, are a great way to add style to your G6. Available in ten stylish colors, each with the Halo logo imprinted on the side, these drip tips are a must-have accessory.

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Aluminum Drip Tips—contoured mouthpieces—are a great way to personalize your E-cigarette. Available in ten stylish colors, each with the Halo logo imprinted on the side, these drip tips can add style to your G6. Just remove the rubber piece from the tip of your cartomizer and insert the drip tip into the end for a more sophisticated looking G6 setup.

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  1. 4 out of 5 stars review by Simon

    Awesome accessory for cartomizer users. It rests simply on your lips and is way more comfortable than just a regular cartomizer. Also, I like the added length.

  2. This makes the cartomizers so much better review by Y

    I purchased this just because I was about $2.00 short to have free shipping. I am so glad I did! When I am vaping with the cartomizer it makes my throat itchy for some reason but when I use the drip tip it doesn't itch. I personally love the Halo G6 design with cartomizers and find it a little frustrating that the drip tip makes the whole e-ciagrette a little longer and less beautiful. However, my throat is more important than the design. The drip tip makes the G6 so much better to vape on and this is why I gave it 5 stars.

  3. A great addition to my G6! review by Kristen

    On my last order, I decided to try these to see what they were all about. Everything I have purchased from Halo has been wonderful and these are definitely added to my favorites! I have never used it when I am filling my low resistance cartomizers but I love the feel when I am using my G6! It has a more natural feeling and I have actually found that I get a smoother draw when I use it. Also, it looks awesome in black, blue, and red. I love it!

  4. Enhances your Vaping Experience review by Helen

    These little gems just seem to make vaping a little more comfortable. I purchased the purple drip tip and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of it. It fits snuggly onto the cartomizer and feels nice on the lips. The drip tips keeps your mouth further from the battery and makes a cooler inhalation than using a plain cartomizer. In my opinion, the added length of these tips lend an elegance to the G6 e-cigarette.

  5. awesome, but doens't worked with mini tanks review by norm

    I really really wish these worked with the mini tanks or if they had tips similar that would be compatible with the mini tanks. They are awesome for the cartomizers but I would use mini tanks most of the time. I would love, love, love to have a different tip for the mini tanks.

  6. These are Great! review by Elizabeth

    I love these new drip tips! They feel very nice on my lips, I get a better throat hit, and they add a more classy look. I haven't refilled a cartomizer with one yet but that will happen very soon. I can even tell now it will be easier to refill when I do. I will definitely be ordering more in different colors because of the other two reviews about having a different color for each of the wonderful flavored Halo e-liquids. What a great idea!

  7. Best of the Best review by Blair Thomas

    If you do not have a drip tip, then you should invest in this high quality easy to use part for the G6 offered by Halo. I recently incvested in one and I would not change a thing. It makes refilling cartomizers twice as fast and twice as efficient. Halo is the very best with all of their unique parts that go along with the outstanding service you get as a Halo owner. Thank you for providing your customers with everything they need for a wonderful vaping experience.

  8. great quality review by Christopher

    The only reason I decided to pick up one of these in black was to get reward points for a recent purchase. With the being said, the quality on this little piece is nice. It stays in place well on the cartomizer and does make it a little easier to fill. I had no issue with removing the rubber cap. A few things I dont like about it is the added length. I use cartomizers when I am out and about as they don't leak. The other is the cold metal. I tend to bite the cart when vaping hands free while driving. The sticker on the cart feels a lot nicer than the drip tip between the teeth. However, the tip does fit nicely on the lips. Overall, this product may be for you but I don't see any point in using one.

  9. Drip tips rock!! review by Kerrie

    Based on the reviews, I decided to get one of the drip tips with my last order. Wow, what a difference! I love my G6 and the drip tip, it makes the whole experience even better. I love the feel and look of them. I get a much better draw and the flavors seem richer when I use the drip tip. Also, refilling is definitely easier with these drip tips. A great product at a great price! Thanks Halo!

  10. A Nice Touch review by Sarah

    I bought a drip tip with my initial order without actually trying to find out what items it was compatible with. I did get some blank cartomizers with my starter kit but for the most part I only use the mini tanks which I can't use the drip tips with. However, if I ever find myself in a situation where I need to use my "backup" cartomizers, I'll definitely use the drip tip. It's a lot like the tips that come on the mini tanks (except metal instead of plastic) and with the color choices it adds a touch of style.

  11. A must have! review by Crissy

    I have a few of these drip tips and I love them! They are super easy to get on the cartomizer and fit so they won't fall off. I've tried drip tips from other stores but I prefer these from Halo! Love the feel and look of them. The quality is excellent and a definite must have if you love to vape! Thanks Halo for yet another great product!

  12. Can't believe how much I love these!! review by Kim

    I've been using Halo's hardware (G6 and Triton) for a year now and just ordered two drip tips that I received today. I love them so much and will never ever use my G6 cartomizers without the drip tips ever again! Even if you don't want to use them to drip (which is awesome because it makes it easier to refill the cartomizers) you will love just using them as a tip instead of the plastic flat tips. No more getting liquid on my lips, yay! On top of being more comfortable to use because they are contoured to fit the lips better, they look really cool too! I've already had compliments and inquiries on where to get them, which I share happily! They are high quality (which everything Halo makes) and have nice metallic colors. I filled Tribeca in the cartomizers with a pink drip too and it looks so cute ladies!! They are a very inexpensive accessory which we ladies love, so go for it! I got pink and black and can't wait for my next order so I can get more colors too! Like another reviewer mentioned, they are also great for distinguishing what flavors you have in your carts. I never thought of that so thanks for tip! Thank you Halo for amazing, useful, high quality products!

  13. Great tool review by Betty

    Love it for sampling flavors and its ergonomically designed for the lips. It is also durable and visually sound its got color and curves.

  14. must have review by norm

    If you are using cartonmizers you want one or more of these. The shape and size is great and 100,000,000,000,000x better than the plastic ends on the cartonmizers! I love them, in fact really wish they would also work with the mini tanks.

  15. A must! review by Bryan

    The drip tips are extremely high quality and make re-filling cartomizers a breeze. For those not familiar, without using a drip tip, it is necessary to carry a tool (a heavey duty paper clip for me) in order to remove the stanard rubber mouth peice. The drip tip offers great protection from unwanted e-liquid reaching your pallet, in addition to making re-filling much easier. Ordering different colors can also help you keep track of different flavored cartomizers. These may seem like an optional luxury, but they are a must!

  16. Works Perfect With G6 Cartomizers! review by Frances

    I couldn't believe the difference the Drip Tip made on the G6 Cartomizers. My vaping experience was more satisfying! The throat hit was stronger, the vapors produced were much thicker, and the drip tips are shaped to fit your lips better. Thank you Halo!

  17. Cute, love the teal color review by Menthol4life

    I ordered this to go with some empty cartomizers so I could easily fill and try other flavors. It looked awesome on the purple battery and cartomizers.It's a metallic teal drip tip which I'm very happy with it. I will probably be ordering a few more next time I need cartomizers.

  18. my favorite review by Nicole

    These are very nice drip tips. Love all the colors too!!! Must try :)

  19. Love the tip review by Brenda

    My daughter got me one for my birthday and I will not go back to drawing on the G6 with the little plastic tip again. I got so tired of losing them little white tips and having to switch them out between cartomizers. It is one of the best birthday presents I got that year.
    Using the drip tip makes the flavor of the E Liquid taste much better and it is easier to draw the vapor wit it.

  20. works great review by Teresa

    I seen these and kept over looking them because I didn't realize they were for the cartomizers. They work great! Keeps me from getting the juice on my lips... which I hate! Also I feel like I get more vapor with them. It does change the taste a little, maybe because it cools down a little faster. But its not a big difference for me. Love the colors!

  21. Nice review by Mary

    This is a great quality tip!


    These are a great addition when using cartomizers. They are high quality like the rest of the stuff Halo sells. I've ordered a few of these Drip Tips and I'm thankful that I did. They fit into the carto nice and snug. They fit my mouth perfectly and are very comfortable to lip. Most importantly, they do stop the drip when using them with cartomizers. I wish they would make something like this for the Mini Tanks.

  23. Classy Touch review by DaveOno

    The good: Make vaping a carto great with the cone on a Triton bat. Fits the lips nice. Like the Halo name at the base. Cool color! And it cools the vape, changing the flavor a bit.
    The bad: It's cold, and it changes some flavors, some better, some not.
    More good: If it works on your carto and flavor, great. And if not, it's a few seconds to take off and replace with the standard silicon top.

  24. Great feel but color does not match red G6 review by Zeut

    Got one of these based on reviews, I like the feel of it and def like how much easier it is to refill (for those of you who, like me last week, don't know what that means, w/o this you have to use your fingernails to pull a flat plastic end-piece out which can be a pain *and* you might lose it, with this you just pull the whole mouthpiece out, refill, and snap it back in). I *don't* like that the red color does not perfectly match the 'demon red' G6 that i got it for- it's a lighter red, not drastic but I def notice when I look at it for a few seconds. I don't know if I'd like the black better or worse.

  25. Mini Tank Love review by Brett

    These seem like a great idea. I think Halo should invest in producing one for the G6 mini tanks! My wife and I love the mini tanks, but they are hard to take on the go because they leak when they are laying flat.

  26. Love these tips review by Jonathan

    These tips have a nice textured finish on them, which I really like. They don't feel like you're drawing through a surgical device. I use them on the G6 cartomizers because I HATE getting drops of liquid on my lips while vaping. The extra length these tips add to the cart prevents that. If you like using the G6 carts on a Triton battery, these make it a much nicer experience.

  27. Great addition to my starter kit. review by brandon

    This drip tip helped me a lot. Makes refilling easier and it's nicer to lip. Thumbs up in my opinion.

  28. A must for cartomizers review by Bobby

    I ordered a bright pink and use it with a cartomizers on my iridescent Triton battery and with the matching cone, it is very pretty and makes a statement. Everyone asks me, where did you get that. I politely tell them halo. Thanks halo for all your awesome products. The drip tip makes things sooooo much easier.

  29. Works perfect with cartomizers! review by Norm

    I ordered 2 of these and I should have ordered more. I really like the feel of these over just the cart by itself. The only thing is they did not work well for me with the mini tanks. The seal on these are just on the side so with the mini tanks the juice slips through. My wife and I both got some juice in our mouths when using these with the mini tanks. The tip that comes with the mini tank seals the sides and bottom so no juice comes through. with that being said, using these with the carts make the vapor experience so much better. I will need to get more for the other carts that have my other flavors. I just love these tips!! And since the juice is held in by the white stuff inside the carts no juice in the mouth. Lol

  30. THE BEST G6 Accessory review by Joanne

    I decided to order one of these tips with my starter kit honestly just because I thought they looked pretty and also because they are so inexpensive. At first, when I took it out of the package, I didn't think I would like it because it was really hard and cold as opposed to the amazing texture of the rest of the G6. However, when I tried it I LOVED it - it gives you an even tastier and fuller vapor!! And it actually feels nice in your mouth, it isn't cold for long and even lets you hold your e-cig in an even more natural position. It's a bit like using one of those glamorous cigarette holders and it does make my G6 look even sexier. I have the Princess Pink batteries, the black Low Resistance cartomizers, and the Pink Drip Tip (not the light pink - the Pink matches with the Princess Pink, the light pink seems more like a pastel pink - which would look lovely with an all black kit). Also, the best feature is how incredibly easy it is to refill your cartomizer with this on - there's no pulling out that little plastic bit with tweezers. I'd recommend this to anyone who has or is planning on getting the G6 system - for the price it's really a no brainer. My ONLY complaint (which isn't even really about THIS product) is that it doesn't fit that well in the carrying case. So far, until I come up with a better solution, I put it in one of the cartomizer slots and that works well.

  31. Great add-on tip review by Nick

    I purchased this to try it out seeing I had to purchase some extra "juice" anyways. This is a great add-on tip that is quite comfortable and high quality. It also gave me a "piece of mind" of having a bigger mouth piece and less of a chance to have juice contact my mouth if, in some way, it made it to travel that far while carrying it around (never has happened, but you never know). The only draw back is I ordered a lime green tip and what I received was a goldish looking tip, definitely not like in the picture online color wise.

  32. You must order this tip if you use cartomizers... review by John

    It's funny how the shape of the mouthpiece changes everything.
    A better seal around the lips makes all the difference in the world when vaping.
    The G6 is MUCH easier to hold in your mouth with the tip.
    Also, the tip on the G6 make the unit look quite classy.

    Thanks again Halo - I'm very impressed with everything I've ordered.
    Thanks as well for the absolutely awesome customer service!

  33. Good Drip Tip, decent price review by CABA

    I got this drip tip to be used when I use cartomizers with my Triton system. I had read many reviews which said that the space above the standard (large) cone and the top of the cartomizer was not very much since the air intakes at the top of the cone. in my opinion there are 2 ways to get around this when using the Trion system with cartomizers. First is to use one of these drip tips, to extend the inlet point, the second would be to buy the short cone. So far my favorite option when using my Triton with cartomizers is to use my drip tip. It looks excellent with the standard cone and works very well.
    There is not really much about this item not to like Pretty simple design, but a very good quality product. The price is comparable to other drip tips out there (maybe slightly more expensive) however these ones are about as good quality as you can find. Small Halo logo is a nice touch. About the only thing that I did not like was the fact that not all the color options are available. Seems that they've been sold out of some colors for a while now and I 'm not sure when they will get more. Good news is that I ordered red, since they did not have black at the time that I placed the order, and the red/black actually looks pretty cool.

  34. Love this. review by Ashley

    I love this drip tip. It is like metal or something not plastic. It will get dinged up if dropped but that's ok because they are cheap. Not cheaply made though. I'm going to order another with my next order for my other cig. I definitely recommend this drip tip it's much better than the one that comes on the mini tank.

  35. Great Drip tips review by Tammy

    These are great drip tips, fit is nice and snug and I have been using them for months and the color doesn't rub off.

  36. If using carts you want this... review by Anne

    I do not enjoy the carts at all without the tips. It really does change the taste and the vapor. Plus it makes refilling a breeze. You can also use different color tips to identify which flavors are in which carts. It gives your lips a real good seal. Also makes it easier to hold your G6 with your teeth. Very comfortable, natural feel to it. If using carts I highly recommend these. I think one should come with all starter kits just so you can see the difference it makes. Totally glad I bought one or I wouldn't be able to use my carts.

  37. Love these review by Jean

    Got the silver and grey for when out using my carts...adds a touch of class to the carts and boy, do people come up and ask questions. I give them Halo's web address every time. Halo products are the very best and speak for themselves!

  38. Love them review by Angela

    Ordered a purple one when I first ordered my starter kit. Now ordering two more.

  39. Great idea but... review by Lolaney

    I bought 2 of these drip tips. They are really beautiful & deliver a nice strong hit- but- since they are metal- if you haven't been vaping for a while- they are very COLD! Also not great if you have sensitive teeth and accidentally bite down on one. I'd LOVE to see these in a hard rubber or plastic- just like the tips on the mini tanks. I honestly cannot see using these tips in the winter...I think they could stick to your lip or tongue if they get too cold. They are beautiful & I love the little Halo logo at the bottom of the tip...hope they consider making these in rubber or plastic!

  40. Nice item review by Richard

    These are a great addition when using carts, they are high quality like the rest of the stuff Halo sells. I bought a couple drip tips from Halo and later a few from another retailer. The ones I got from the other place looked, felt and worked horrible compared to the Halo drip tips. The Halo drip tips are easy to add/remove from carts, and they fit perfectly, unlike the other ones I got and just feel like they are better made, from the actual metal to the o-ring. If I had known there would be such a big difference between drip tips depending where you got them I would not of tried to save a few pennies and got all my drip tips from Halo.

  41. Love these drip tips! review by Cindy

    I love these drip tips for so many reasons. They look good, they feel good. They're easier to remove than the little plastic caps on the cartomizers, which makes refilling faster and easier. Using the different colors makes it a convenient way to remember which flavor is in which cartomizers. They even have the Halo logo on them, and are the same high quality look, feel and fit I've come to expect from all things Halo. I bought two, but after using them, I want one in every color. :)

  42. Perfect review by Hereal

    These look, work, & fit perfect.

  43. Really Adds To Vaping Experiance review by Jeffrey

    I added the red tip to a standard cart and all I can say is wow day and night. Not sure why it makes it so better but the taste is a lot stronger and smoother. This is a must for any cart user and it also adds a lot flare.

  44. Perfect for the cartos review by SgmFranKo

    I bought 3 of these and ..wow...a big difference from using the cartos only with the plastic tip. First the seal is much better and second, which is more important to me ..the hygiene , you can wash them and not have the carto directly touching your mouth. Great!

  45. Very nice review by Richard

    Got my drip tip in today. I've been using it for awhile now and it's great! This tip is a lot better than the carto tip. The mouth to carto seal is giving me wonderful hits. The only bad thing about it is when I went to select the color I wanted, it wouldn't let me pick a black one. It says there's 10 colors to choose from but the black isn't there. It's all good though! The red I got looks nice with my red battery, but its not an exact match. Glad I got it!

  46. Fun review by Jessica

    Love these fun colored drip tips! They just add so much character and fun to my G6!

  47. Love these drip tips review by Tina

    We all know that the little silicone cap on the cartos are great for easily filling or refilling with the ejuice of our choice. But these drip tips take it one step better. I happened to have lost a few of those little caps while out and about. And I was pushing them down a bit so I then needed a small tweezers to fish them out. But I decided to try one of these little drip tips... & never again will I worry about losing a cap. Or having to fish one out on the go... These are a great little must have. Not to mention, I feel that it act makes the throat hot and vapor even better. Maybe just me. But I am thrilled with how these drip tips compliment the g6 as far as convenience and overall ease for adding juice just became EASIER!!!

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