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G6 PassThru Battery

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The G6 PassThru battery connects directly to any USB port and offers consistent power all day—just plug it in and start vaping. Only available in manual output, these batteries have silver threading, a rated voltage of 3.7v and can be fitted with any G6 cartomizer or Mini Tank.

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The G6 PassThru Battery is perfect for those looking for a steady stream of power to last them all day. The battery connects directly to any USB port and offers an uninterrupted vaping experience—just plug it in and start vaping. Only available in manual output, these batteries have a silver threading, a rated voltage of 3.7v and can be fitted with any G6 cartomizer or G6 Mini Tank. All G6 PassThru batteries come in Jet Black with the G6 logo imprinted on the side. The G6 PassThru Battery’s cord is not removable.

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  1. Great for work and home review by Jeff

    This is a must have if you use the G6 and are at a computer or in the car for a long time. Didn't think I was going to like the manual operation, but actually like it better than the auto batteries that came with the G6 starter kit As usual, the quality of Halo's products are unbeatable.

  2. A must have review by Bodangles

    This battery is exactly what I needed! I was always burning through my G6 batteries at home and never had a charged one ready when I needed it. Now I don't have to worry anymore! Just plug the puppy in and vape vape vape! I have always said good things to people when they ask about my G6. Now I have one more thing to rant and rave about. Thank you Halo for another great product!!

  3. So much better than the regular batteries! review by Ben

    Bought this because I mostly vape at home, and I didn't like to have to keep recharging my e-cig after every use. This PassThru Battery is great and really packs a punch—much more vapor then the regulars and also a lot more convenient. I would recommend 100%.

  4. Great for work or the car! review by Stephanie

    The G6 Pass Thru Battery is great! I recently bought a new car and I will not smoke in there, so I have this hooked up to the USB outlet in my car. I bought the mini tanks and Kringle’s Curse liquid to go in it (which I love) and I am so happy. First, I don’t have the nasty smell of the cigarettes in my car, no burn holes and no tar on the windshield. I have a half hour commute to work and I smoke this the entire time and I am completely satisfied. I don’t even feel the need for a real cigarette. Plus, my friends actually think these are great and a few of them are smoking these electronic cigarettes too. This pass thru battery is the perfect solution for a work environment or your car. I have one for my car and one for my desk. I work for a paper company and we are not allowed to smoke at all on the property, so I also have one of these that I plug into the USB on my computer--and it is the ONLY thing that gets me through my day. I cannot say anything bad about these. I have the portable batteries and this plug in one and I love the fact that these will always be charged. Therefore, they are perfect for exactly what I need them for. The colorful design of the mini tanks also brightens my day a little bit and I have had many people ask me, “What is that contraption?” I always reply back, “this is my life line!”

  5. Life Saver! review by Daniel

    We have all felt the terror of going out and ending up with a dead battery. This was my biggest concern, so when I saw this product I didn't think twice about getting it. This is a game changer! I normally use it in the car when I hit traffic. I don’t have to be afraid anymore in draining my batteries. Halo always delivers useful products and also high quality ones. Thanks Halo!

  6. AWESOME For The Home Body!! review by Diana

    My spouse gave me this to try because I am terrible at losing things. He had got me a starter kit with one manual and one automatic battery. I liked the automatic battery because it feels more like a cigarette. My son let me try the Triton tank system. I liked the better throat hit, flavor, but foudn it too bulky. I have been using the G6 PassThru battery for about a week not. The quality of all the products are above all opther brands I have tried. I have tried about 10-15 brands. The quality and I won't lose it!

  7. Love this product! review by Vapin Granny

    I was so tired of rotating my batteries constantly! I received my pass thru battery two days ago and can already tell I absolutely love this thing! I no longer have to remember to put three batteries on the chargers, wondering if it is charged, or if the e-liquid would taste better if I had a better battery. This gives a strong 100% vape each and every draw! Halo has great products!

  8. Wonderful product review by Cam

    I just used my friends G6 PassThru battery and even though I own a Triton system I plan on ordering one of these. I will be breaking my own G6 back out. A fresh vape every single time! I hope they will make one of these for the Triton soon!

  9. Not bad review by Roman

    This works as expected and it is very handy for the disc jockeys. The only thing I could change is the cable it is stiff.

  10. Excellent review by Brad

    This is probably the best product I have ever purchased from Halo. It made my life so much easier. Thank you Halo!

  11. Pefect accesory review by joseph

    I tried a friends G6 PassThru battery and I was hooked. I just ordered one for myself and can't wait to get it. However, other reviews say it extends battery life by making you charge them less. It makes sense so this should pay itself in no time.

  12. God Send review by Jennifer

    I am at a computer morning, noon, and night. I also would lose my head if it wasn't attached to my neck and have lost more batteries than I can remember. The G6 Pass thru battery has been a god send! I leave work unplug it, plug into my car, and then into my home computer. I haven't lost it yet! A+ Halo!

  13. Love, love, love! review by Tracy

    I wasn't sure what to expect because I've been using the automatic batteries. The manual battery is simple, works great, and gives more control over vaping. I work long hours on the computer, so this is a must-have. Instead of having to switch out and recharge batteries throughout the day, I just plug this into my computer and vape all day and night while working (or playing games, catching up on news, whatever). I can't imagine being without it now. GREAT product, Halo!

  14. roadtrip review by jackson

    This is perfect for road trips. You just have to charge your batteries up the night before and save for when you're not in the car. I use it every day to and from work.

  15. These are GREAT review by LVE

    Why waste your regular batteries when sitting at the computer? I just screw on a filled cartomizer or mini-tank and ready to go. I can’t vape at work, but at home – it’s perfect. It just sits by the computer, ready to plug in when I sit down. I can have my regular batteries on the wall charger and not have to worry about having a fully charged battery when I go out.

  16. Good but one issue review by C-O

    I love it and use it all day! I added it to my starter kit to conserve battery life and reduce charging. It's almost all I use especially at home, work, and the car. The only issue is, sometimes I have to press the button 2 or 3 times before it activates and sometimes it cuts off too quickly. But I opted not to contact customer service because I use it too much to go without while waiting for a replacement. It does work wonders beyond this one issue and saves me mountains of time.

  17. Complete necessity review by Jason

    It is simply put!! The pass thru battery is a must-have if you spend any significant time near a power source. It produces a consistent, strong vape, and saves the time of recharging batteries. It also helps extend battery life by requiring less recharges, so you will end up saving more than the pass thru will cost you. A brilliant device that is a perfect compliment to my set.

  18. vape as long as you like review by Steven

    This is a must have for anyone who sits at a computer. It will not die and always provides a full hit of your favorite flavor. I will never give mine up. Thank you HALO!

  19. best device ever review by nick

    I just got one of these in the mail today and owned one before from another company and loved it. However, that one is long gone so with my starter kit I purchased this pass thru and combined it with the great liquid halo has. It is just amazing! Also, if you are on a computer daily it is a must have.

  20. Forget about charging you batteries! review by Marina

    I was always running into issue, that my battery is dying when I'm taking it to my office. Recharging batter is uninterrupted process that cause 2 hours no vape break every time in case if there is no extra battery. But now I can use this pass thru battery all day long! Moreover, the vape is much stronger and more consistent then vape from regular battery, and taste is enriched with more flavors.

    I am using it with USB ports of my laptop and desktop pc with no issues. Also, I use it with regular car charger and usb wall charger, and it is working fine, though not recommended by official sources.

  21. Excellent review by Sean

    Use this all day at work (8-5 M/F) and have never had an issue with it. Strong consistent vape and quality feel to the product.

  22. Works well! review by Joette

    I purchased the pass-thru battery after loving the G6 manuals for on-the-go vaping. I love the consistency of each vape, the throat hit and size of the battery. Most of all I love not needing to recharge it! Its a great product.

    It would have received 5 stars had I been able to plug the USB into an electrical device instead of limiting its use to ports on your laptop or desktop/tower. I use it primarily on my tower and find that I have to pull/stretch the coiled wire each time I use it because it doesn't reach. I also have a usb port in my car and would have loved to been able to use it there for long trips.

  23. A must have product. review by Rafael

    Very good to be used while the batteries are charging or when vaping in front of the computer. It also worls well on the wall charger, so a computer is not always needed. You get the same hit as a fully charged battery every time.
    4 stars only because it does not work with the car charger.

  24. Another Great Tool from Halo review by Todd

    The G6 PassThru Battery is just perfect for sitting at your PC and browsing the web. Just plug in the usb and start enjoying. I'm enjoying mine right now while my battery's are charging. I'll never get caught with a low charge again while at home or in my car.
    The cord is just long enough to to get the job done but not so long that its cumbersome to use.
    Another A+ in my opinion.
    Thanks again Halo for thinking of all the little thing that make a big difference in my vaping experience.

  25. Favorite Product on This Site review by M

    I use my G6 abundantly, and found myself going through about 2-3 batteries a day. Its definitely a "first-world problem," but was kind of a hassle to wait around for the thing to charge. I ended up buying the Pass-Thru just so that I wouldn't have to wait while my batteries were charging... But now I'm using the Pass-Thru far more than the normal batteries. Its a spectacular invention. Convenient, delivers a full hit every time, and the cord is long/expandable enough to avoid ripping out of your computer when you roll away from your desk.

  26. A must-have for cartomizers or minitanks review by M

    The PassThru battery is a must-have if you're going to be vaping at a computer or near another power source. It'll work with the G6 cartomizers or mini-tanks, but not the tritons. The great thing is you'll absolutely save the life of your G6 batteries over time (they lose potency after awhile through use) and you can always plug it into a USB car adapter or AC adapter if you're on the go. It isn't very robust, the connector into the battery itself feels pretty flimsy, but as long as you aren't too hard on it it should be OK.

  27. another level of awesome for Halo review by Elswervo

    This thing saves the day while your batteries are charging. Also great for long trips in the car or when you want to share with friends and not worry about your battery running out. This thing is well made and certainly worth every penny. Buy it!

  28. wish it fit triton tanks review by drifter848

    For use with cartomizers this thing is a battery saver. You can sit at pc or anywhere usb is handy and vape to your hearts content. This is great for at home, lets face it batteries only last so many charges and this is a must for the moderate to heavy vaper you can constantly use this and save your batteries for when you leave the house and go outside. My only issue is the mini tanks that fit this aren't rebuildable they're basically throw aways. They really need to make one of these that fits the Triton tanks I'll be the first one to buy it or at least an adapter so the rebuildable tanks work on it. If you use carts or mini tanks this is a must to buy it works well and saves batteries. Please make this for triton and large cleromizer tanks then my halo products will be 100 percent complete. I highly recommend this even though its only for carts and small tanks tho you will more then triple your batteries life by substituting this when you're sitting in front of pc or indoor vaping saving the batteries for trips outside. A must buy for the serious vaper.

  29. great accessory and battery saver review by Tom

    Great for home or in the car. It will save your batteries in the long run. I had a faulty pass thru battery and Halo was quick to cover the warranty. The replacement is functioning great!

  30. This should be with the batteries! review by Lola

    Until I saw someone using one- I had no idea what these were called or where to find one. After much searching I found it in a very unexpected category. These should really be moved to G6 Batteries! It is called a Pass-through battery after all. Great for car trips, sitting behind the computer or just sitting around the house. It's fantastic with the darker, thicker eliquids. With the lighter eliquids like Tribeca, it dries out extremely fast & can cause the burnt taste fairly quickly. The passthrough is awesome in that you don't have to worry about charging a battery ahead of time. You can use this anywhere you have a power source & a USB adapter- it's fantastic!!

  31. Cool little product! review by Cam

    I love this thing, particularly when I am at work sitting at a desk.
    It allows me to essentially non-stop vape without worrying
    about my batteries charge.

    The convenience is wonderful.

    It is also made in Halo's typical awesome quality!
    Grab one and give it a try, I think you will find them worth it!

  32. Awesome review by Green Frog

    This is a great thing to have if you are at my computer for hours. I cannot vape at work but comes really in handy at home. I find a fully charged battery gives off hotter vaper, but this one is consistent. The vape is similar to a battery that is 3/4 charged - at least from my perspective.

  33. 24/7 vaping review by Nick

    Are you ever out of battery but need that hit? Get one of these and you'll never have to worry about it again, especially if you work or live behind a computer. I find that carts or mini tanks do burn at a lower amount of liquid remaining so try not to go down to a minimal amount of liquid.

  34. Great while sitting on your desk! review by Michael L

    This is a very good addition to my G6 kit I recently ordered. Firstly, it saves the time you need to charge and recharge the G6. Secondly, the vaping quality is superb! You could tell the manual drag and the power from the USB attached to your computer enabled the G6 PassThru to be stronger and more consistent. Thirdly, the material and wiring is of high-quality! I could see this being used for the years to come, without needing to buy a new one. In any case, I would suggest getting at least two of them - one for home, and one for work. For those of you who chain-vape a lot at home, this is a must have for those busy nights!

  35. Buy it! review by Ginger

    This has been the best buy from the whole site. I no longer use my other batteries (except in emergencies) because I usually only vape when I'm near my computer. This has saved me from having to wait for my batteries to charge and I love it. I'll be using this only from now on. I love it!

  36. Another must have! review by Shannon

    If you sit at a desk during the day this is the perfect e-cig for you! Always ready - perfect draw every time and the cord is long enough that it doesn't get in the way! My friend bought this as a gift for me and I just love it! I never would have bought it for myself and now I can't imagine not having it!

  37. a must have accessory review by mark

    Just received my g6 pass thru battery. It works perfectly. The battery is a must have accessory for those of us who have a long daily commute to work. I keep one g6 regular battery in the charger on the way to work and use the pass thru during the drive. The really nice thing is that you get a full power drag every time you press the button. I should note that I am very impressed with the G6 standard batteries, and still use them when I'm not in the vehicle. Bottom line.... another great Halo product.

  38. Awesome passthru for when I am at work review by JD

    I love this passthru! I use this with carts and tanks when I am at my desk at work to save my batteries for driving home. This thing is great! I get good vapes from carts and tanks. Between this and my batteries I can vape all day long and get to try new flavors with full power. I'm tempted to buy a second one of these to keep at home

  39. LOVE THE PASS THRU!! review by Lolaney

    I didn't even know these existed until during research saw someone using one. Had a sort of "Ah Ha!" moment & quickly came to the Halo site to see if they offered one. To my pleasant surprise- they DO! So wonderful on commutes & long car rides...awesome when stuck in front of the computer for several hours a day....even laying in bed at night watching TV- no need to worry about having a battery charged for the morning because you can use your pass thru while your batteries are plugged up charging at night! The only thing that I would change- move this to the G6 batteries so that people can find them. Being in categorized in accessories, I do not feel that they are getting the exposure they could. After all, it is called a pass thru BATTERY ;)

  40. Nice! review by Chuck

    Just got a pass thru battery. Works great...crazy long cord. Great for when I'm just sitting at the computer. Need to order a DC adapter so I can use it in the car. Would like to see one with a LED on it and as an automatic, but I am getting used to the manual. I don't know if I have a newer version, but the button is prominent and very easy to depress.

  41. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this!! review by Britney

    I am constantly at my computer when at home so this is extremely convenient. I don't have to dig through my purse for my batteries or kit. I just plug it in and puff away.

  42. Couldn’t live without it, look Ma – No batteries! review by Matthew

    I use it in my house then take it with me in the car and at work. Definitely saves my batteries! It works great and has a nice long cord. Thank you for offering this!

  43. So Thankful review by Christi

    I am so thankful for having this PassThru! Why waste battery life when you are in the car or at your computer? I simply use my PassThru! It is so great to save my batteries until I'm out and about moving around.

    My only complaint is the button is a little hard to press at times and it leaves a little indention on my finger from pressing it as hard as needed. Other than this it is great!

  44. Useful review by Storko

    Use this adaptor when you're near a source of USB power and save wear and tear on your batteries. It's as simple as that. It works well and my only complaint is that the cord is a bit stiff; if you set your e-cig down on a table, it might not stay put.

  45. Great for computer or car review by Owen

    This is what I use while I'm surfing the web or driving to save the charge on my normal g6. Its very convenient, plus you always get full charged hits! Only problem I've had is sometimes it won't work with my mini tank, which always works on my g6. The pass thru always works with both my g6 carts and vision clearomizer and was a great buy!

  46. Very Happy review by Danielle

    I've been having problems with V2's power and notebook cigs. I've had to return 4 so far. They have a great return policy but it's annoying when they just stop working so soon after getting them. So far halo's has been brilliant and it's half the price.

  47. Constant power review by Robert

    This is great for when your batteries die and you want to vape "RIGHT NOW" the big draw back is you are pretty much tied to your computer and you have a wire dangling off of your e-cig. It would be a good item for someone who works in an office and sits at desk all day.

Quantity Included1
Battery LogoG6
Battery ColorBlack
Battery ThreadSilver
Battery LEDNo
Button ColorBlack
Battery TypeManual
Battery Cut-Off TimeNo
Battery LengthNo
Battery Width9.2 mm
Battery CapacityNo
Battery ChargeNo
Battery LifespanNo
Battery Voltage TypeNo
Battery Actual VoltageNo
Battery Rated VoltageNo
Battery Warranty60 Days from Date of Purchase