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G6 Portable Charger Case

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Quick Overview

The G6 Portable Charger Case (PCC) has a 1,000 mAh capacity and can be used to charge your G6 battery up to three times throughout the day. Just charge the PCC in the morning and regardless of whether there’s a plug nearby, you’ll have access to power all day.

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Keep your G6 battery charged while you’re on the move. When you don’t have access to a wall socket or a USB port—the G6 Portable Charger Case (PCC) is the answer. Just charge the PCC before you leave in the morning and it can charge your G6 battery up to three times during the day. The G6 Portable Charger Case is one of the best portable chargers available, it has a 1,000 mAh capacity with a 5v output voltage. All PCC’s are compatible with 65 and 78mm batteries and come in Jet black with a G6 logo imprinted on the face.

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  1. Fantastic product review by Michele

    I know someone that has great things to say about this charger. They said that it is easy to charge up and take while on-the-go. This would be perfect to carry with me on my commute to my college courses. I am sometimes afraid to leave my battery plugged into the cigarette outlet when I go inside the building. This device will be extremely beneficial, and I could carry it in my backpack.

  2. work great! review by Chris

    I didn't know Halo sold these when I got my unit or maybe they didn’t sell them at the time. I purchased a one at a gas station and it was bulky and failed to work. This unit is much smaller and greta for the purpose of charging in your pocket. I use it on my motorcycle when I don't have anywhere else to charge.

  3. This charger is a "must"! review by Kristen

    This charger is awesome! It is light, easy to carry, and I can fully charge about 3 batteries before I have to plug it in again. I love it and take it with me everywhere. Plus, you can store another battery in it while you are charging one. It is definitely a great addition for anyone who uses their Halo e-cigarette on a regular basis!

  4. Cool accessory review by nathan

    I was really excited about this portable charger case when I saw it on the website. This is a great way to charge batteries on the go. My only dissapointment is that the case feels a bit more flimsy than I imagined. It can only hold a full extra e-cigarette with a cartomizer and not a tank. However, it is a cool case to have and very convenient. Thanks Halo!

  5. Awesome review by Kristy

    I really like this case it's very convenient and not only does it charge the batteries but you can carry it around with you. I was afraid of it being too heavy because it's a charger and I was surprised to feel how light it was. The best thing about the charger it lights up when charging and when the light shuts off you know it is ready.

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Quantity Included1
PCC LogoG6
PCC ColorBlack
PCC Capacity1000 mAh
PCC Input VoltageUSB (5v)
PCC Output Voltage5 volts
PCC Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase