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G6 Hemp Necklace

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Quick Overview

The G6 Hemp Necklace not only is functional as an electronic cigarette holder but also looks great around your neck.

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The G6 Hemp Necklace not only is functional as an electronic cigarette holder but also looks great around your neck. Handmade from genuine hemp, this necklace will conveniently hold all pen-style electronic cigarettes. This necklace has a great natural look and feel to it!

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  1. Lifesaver! review by Gabrielle

    I love the beachy feel of this G6 holder. I got the hemp because I thought it would last longer than the others Halo has available. I use this daily to hold my G6, since I'm a bit disorganized and seem to lose things quickly. But with this, I can just put it around my neck and not worry about it. I do have to say that with my first batteries (the mini manual) it was a bit awkward. It seems to be made for the specifically for the regular and XL size batteries.

  2. Excellent review by Kristin

    I love this one! I wear it all day at work and I don't even notice it is there. It must be something about the hemp because I have the silky one too. This one tugs on my neck more and is much better than having a tank in my pocket. I am always paranoid it is going to leak but not with this one though. It holds a regular siz and a mini G6 with a mini tank. It is perfect. Thank you Halo! Another satisfying, quality product.

  3. Its super strong and durable... review by Elik Anao'i

    A while back I had received one of these cool necklaces in the mail and I love this thing. Since I'm a personal trainer and I'm constantly on the go whether its training clients or starting up new Health Clubs. I like the convenience of having this on hand. I simply stick my G6 battery with either a cartomizer or mini tank and I vape away anywhere I want. I lost my original necklace so I ordered another one this week with an additional G6 starter kit in Black and more mini tanks. I definitely recommend this cool lanyard to every G6 user and now I only wish they would make a cool leather or suede lanyard for the Triton! I would suggest to get one or more of these necklaces you will love them.

  4. Love love love mine! review by Shannon

    I've had my G6 Hemp Necklace for over a year and still use it daily. Since it is made of hemp, it is durable & strong. The neutrality of the color allows for daily use without clashing with your attire. I have thrown mine in the washer (and air dried) and it comes out clean and as new as the day I bought it!
    I have never lost a battery! I have never misplaced a battery! Best of all, my batteries look brand new because they stay protected in the necklace. I'd be willing to go as far as to say that because I use the necklace all of the time my batteries last longer!!!

  5. Great way to hold onto your battery review by M

    If you are using a G6 battery then I highly recommend the G6 hemp necklace. I have the hemp and the nettle necklace and I perfer the hemp because it is more masculine. The coloring and texture seems more forgiving to wear. They aren't just for walking on the beach without pockets, you can walk around the house or even stand on the balcony without worrying if the battery is going to slip out of your hands. It feels sturdier than other brands.

(5 out of 5 loaded.)
Quantity Included1
Chain Length28 inch
Max Ecig Width3/8" Diameter
Max Ecig Length6 inches
Necklace Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase