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G6 Carry Case

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Quick Overview

Looking to add a little more flair to your G6? This smooth, black designer case comes in jet black with high-polish chrome trim and is embossed with the G6 logo on its lid. Each case holds two batteries and four cartomizers.

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Looking to add a little more flair to your G6? The G6 Carry Case is the way to go. This smooth, black designer case comes in jet black with high-polish chrome trim and is embossed with the G6 logo on its lid. The G6 Carry Case’s soft black interior stores four cartomizers and two G6 batteries—both 65mm or 78mm lengths. Most important, the G6 Carry Case is durable and sturdy—a perfect way to protect your G6 electronic cigarettes when you’re on the go.

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  1. Great protector! review by Gabrielle

    I got this the same time I bought my starter kit. I can put it in my purse and did not have to worry about my vape getting broken. The hinges seem sturdy enough to last a while. It holds up to four cartomizers and two regular sized batteries. The only thing I could wish for is something to put my XL size batteries and mini tanks in while traveling. Please consider this in the future, Halo!

  2. Buy with starter kit review by Bodangles

    I finally broke down and bought this case and boy do I wish I had sooner. I have been using the starter kit case up until now. It is nice to have a small case that I can fit in my pocket, instead of having to keep it in my lunchbox when I am at work. There are only two things I would have liked better—being able to fit a battery with a cartomizer attached so I don't have to keep removing the cartos to put my G6 in the case and a space to put the USB charger. I still give it 5 stars because it is a great little case none the less.

  3. A Must Have review by Michael

    If you have invested in a G6 E-Cigarette system, you really have to have this case to protect your batteries and cartridges. It only makes sense. This is a great price for the case, and it actually SAVES you money since your equipment will be protected. Everything fits in the case nicely. It will hold 4 cartridges and the 78mm batteries. The batteries fit snugly in place and don't come loose. It is very slim and fits easily into a pocket. As noted, the 102mm batteries and mini-tanks will NOT fit in this case. Use those at home and get this case for on the go!

  4. Perfect for my 9:00 to 5:00. review by Anthony

    I wish I'd bought this earlier. I've been traveling with the case that came with the starter kit but it was clumsy and took up too much room in my brief-case. This case is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing -as long you're happy with cartomizers, which I am. It's well built. It has a "classy" feel. I find it holds the cartomizers well-they do fit with one cap on the mouth end. It fits in my pocket without getting in the way. Now I commute with a couple charged G6s and a set of full cartos and vape my tanks and Triton more at home, parties, etc. Thanks again, Halo.

  5. Good Carrying Case review by James

    I really like the carrying case. It's great quality and allows me to carry my e-cig batteries and cartomizers in my pocket easily. The cartomizers will fit with the caps on them but it's a tight squeeze. The only reason I won't give 5 stars is because my mini tanks will not fit inside; making them a lot harder to carry with me conveniently.

  6. Great for the cartomizer consumer review by Michele

    This classy black carrying case holds 2 batteries and 4 cartomizers. The cartomizers are a bit snug inside of the case. This case is perfect for those who still use the standard cartomizers with the G6 electronic cigarette batteries. I would love to see a case for those who switch between using cartomizers and mini- tanks. The case will help protect your device from minor damage, but you should still take care of the product to prevent other potential damages.

  7. Great Case! review by Constantine

    The case is awesome quality and is perfect for a pocket. I really wanted this to protect my G6 on the go from collecting pocket lint and this does just the trick! The locking mechanism is well made and all the materials feel nice and sturdy.

  8. Great, but want one for mini tanks. review by Y

    This is great product but you need to cut the middle of the cartomizer part in order to fit a mini tank. The inside looks very neat but after cutting the middle out and the looks are not that great. Otherwise, it is very convenient!

  9. Excellent little case! review by Praxis

    I absolutely love the G6 carry case. The quality of the fit and finish is absolutely superb and it is just what I have expected from Halo. Also, not to mention how sleek and high end it looks and feels. The slots for the cartomizers in the carry case are too small to properly fit with the rubber end caps but I find that they actually hold in place better and don't fall out. I absolutely love it and take it with me everywhere. I strongly recommend that anyone with the G6 e-ciagrette should get one and you won't be disappointed. The only thing that I could suggest is that perhaps Halo couls make one with slots a little bigger to fit an assembled cartomizer and battery. Since you have to seperate them every time you want to store it or make a version that allows you to store mini tanks as well.

  10. The case for a case review by Guy

    I have had this case for about a week now and so far there are no issues. The G6 is up and if you have it upside down the cartomizers will fall out. I wish that the spaces for the cartomizers were a bit longer so I could put a spare tank in one. I wouldn't recommend sitting on the case but it fits in my shirt pocket and keeps everything in place. Nice job Halo!

  11. Perfectly fine case review by M

    This case does what it is designed to do holds your batteres and cartomizers. If you are carrying around your stuff everywhere you go then you will probably want one. There is nothing worse than having your cartomizers dry out or leaving your extra battery at home. The case will keep them right in place.

  12. Works Great! review by Zipper

    The G6 Carry Case is just as described it holds (4) cartomizers and (2) G6 Batteries. It is stylish, sleek looking, and fits great in your pocket or purse. You cannot fit the cartomizers with the protectors in it so sometimes they leak but its really not an issue. I just really wish my mini tanks would fit. All in all I am glad I got it!

  13. Love it, but want one for mini tanks as well review by Trekker

    This case is elegant, sturdy, and is the perfect size. It's great for carrying extra batteries and cartomizers in my purse when I'm on the go. I do prefer using the mini tanks and really wish there was a carry case for it. However, if that product is ever made available by Halo, I'll be one of the first customers ordering it!

  14. Simple and elegant-G6 review by C-O

    I ordered this item with my first purchase of the G6 starter kit. It's in a black color with a leather appearance and a G6 logo stamped on the top. It is skirted in metal with a textured chrome shine. (Think rugged & shiny). It has a hinge on the left and a push button release on the right. It feels sturdy and is very light weight. I use this item when attending social functions that demand some aesthetics and class to match a professional look. On the inside you will find a felt type casing to accommodate 2 standard or mini batteries and 4 carts. This is more than enough for a day or evening of fun for even a heavy smoker. The only thing I could see improvements on would be to make it slightly longer to accommodate a fully assembled G6 allow a slot for the mini tank and also make it available in wood trim but I personally like it the way it is.

  15. A must have if you are on the go. review by danny

    This case is a must have if you are on the go. It has a place for 2 batteries and 4 carts. You can vape 1 and carry 2 charged ones. Very reasonably priced and fits easily in your shirt or pants pockets. I love it, although102mm will not fit the case. I still have to rate it 5 stars.

  16. Great but not 5 stars review by Nicholas

    I bought this case to keep them safe and after an adjustment with my knife, the tanks stayed together. I would like however if the case could be altered to hold mini tanks. Totally worth the money and if you have mini tanks, cut the lining between the spaces to fit.

  17. Everything you need/ Alles wat je nodig hebt review by SOSOMEDIA

    A simple case to carry 2 batteries and 4 cartomizers. Keeps everything you need if you're outside in one place and clean. The G6 logo is a nice touch, but the inside of the case could be better.

    Een simple case om 2 batterijen en 4 cartomizers mee te nemen. Houdt alles wat je nodig hebt op een plek en schoon wanneer je buiten bent. De G6 logo is een leuke bijkomstigheid, maar de binnenkant van de case zou iets beter kunnen.

  18. Worth the money review by Nathan P.

    This case is definitely nice. It looks nice in person, and it's very sturdy on the outside. However, I give it 4 stars because the inside is made of cheaper materials and is a bit flimsy. But, I've had mine for a couple months with no issue. And at this price you can always get another!

    The inside has two battery slots and 4 cartomizer slots. However, the battery slots do fit the G6 tanks.

  19. You will have to take G6 apart to carry - dim 4 3/x 2 /15 review by normb4

    It's nice but I do wish it was made to fit a G6 with battery and tank/cartomizer attached. You have to detach the two parts to put in the case.

    It will carry two batteries (or one battery one mini tank) and 4 cartomizers (a tank will not fit in the cartomizer slots).

    Honestly, I wish they would make a case that carries one or two full set ups attached (battery and minitank). For me, a battery and a mintank will carry me a day, often several days, and I don't like to screw/unscrew every time. I would like to have a durable case to have in my purse or pocket that protects the setup.

    For what its in tended (2 batteries, 4 cartomizers), it is durable and works. It just is not exactly what I'm looking for.

  20. Convenient but wish there were more options review by Heavan

    This case is so convenient when you are out of the house. I can take my extra battery in case I need to swap on the fly, and it stores four cartos. I love the size and it looks like a cute little wallet. My friends love it. I just wish there were some cases for when you start upgrading. I would love to see a case that holds the longer extended G6 batteries and cartos (maybe even the XL cartos) or mini tanks, and also a case for the Triton battery and tank. More variety and customizable options would make this company even more popular.

  21. Worthwhile! review by H

    This is a great case for anyone who vapes on the go. It fits into a pocket well and can contain two batteries and four cartomizers - enough for a extended period. There is a little looseness, especially when opening the case from the wrong side. It's also not great for mini tanks.

  22. Useful case and worth the money review by Don

    This case is a good way to protect your e-cigs, and keep them clean. Keeping your e-cig in your pocket or backpack without the case can dirty the tip. I have found myself inhaling bits of lint and dust all the time which does not make me feel clean. This case is perfect for knowing you e-cig will be kept clean and ready to use. It has a good size and you will be able to carry this around. Not expensive either so it is worth the money if you find your tips getting dirty. Also useful to know where all your vaping things are in one place. The tips wont come lose and you wont be looking around for your battery or something if you have this case. Great tool in any vape collection.

  23. Case this review by Brenda

    My mother in law got this for me for my Birthday. Love it. Now when I go out for the day I can bring my charged batteries and 4 extra cartomizers and not worry if I am going to run out of my e liquid. I hated having to bring the whole starter kit with me where ever I went if I was only going to be out for the day.
    For those that still work you have to have this. Charge your batteries the night before or just one how ever you have to do it put your daily supplies in the case and you are set you don't have to worry about charging your battery through you computer which we all know takes longer then through the wall charger and when you get home you still have one charged and the other is still charged. Or if you are like me you have 3 batteries just to make sure. lol
    This is a must for the person on the go. Just saying.

  24. A must-have for G6 owners. review by Christopher

    The G6 Carry Case is a perfect addition to the G6 collection of hardware. It's very well designed and constructed. Chrome-plating adorns the edges, and the sides are covered in leather, tight-bound over a hard frame, with a chrome-plated button to release the latch on the opening edge. It's not just spring pressure that keeps it closed like some travel cases, but a positive latch, keeping the contents secure within. The interior is entirely covered in felt to protect the items inside.

    The interior has cutouts for 4 cartomizers and 2 G6 batteries (the 65mm or 78mm ones fit nicely - the 102mm XL models are too long for it). The G6 mini-tank is slightly too long to fit into a carto slot, but you can use one of the battery slots for it. In fact, I sometimes carry both a mini-tank and a drip tip for my cartos, both of which fit well into one battery slot.

    It's a very handsome accessory, and a necessity for G6ers on the road.

  25. Excellent product! review by Gil

    This case is great. I wasn't sure if I'd like this case or not because I really didn't know what size it was, but I ordered anyway. It is the perfect size for carrying your G6 on the go. The case is about the size of an iPod Touch, but a little thicker. Perfect for slipping in your pocket. It is quite sturdy too. Sure, it won't hold my mini tank but again, this an on-the-go type case. Two batteries, four carts, its great. A must-have for those of us that want to run around with more than just one battery/cart in our pocket.

  26. No more worries review by Sean

    I love this case its very small fits in any pocket, the interior is extremely strong. Absolutely worth the price you'll never have to worry about breaking or losing any components and it looks really great as well!

    the only problem with the case is that the interior is not as well designed as the exterior, the components have a tendency to slip out of the slots, but it has not proven to be much of an issue.

  27. Must have for the G6 e-cig review by Troy

    I really like this carrying case, the only reason I didn't give it a fifth star is that I cant carry my clear mini tank in it. I wish there was an option that let me carry two prefilled and one mini tank. Other than that I love this and it is a must have for anyone ordering the g6 e-cig.

  28. Not the best review by Brett

    I purchased this case for my wife with her stater kit since it is more convenient for her purse. The spots for the cartomizers are a little too small and you cannot fit them in unless you push them down. The only problem with pushing them down with enough force to get in to stay, is that the plastic on the inside cracks. She was not a fan of the case so she gave it to me. The cartomizers fall out most of the time and it is not enough space. Other than that, the outside is great, but the inside needs a little more TLC.

  29. Great Case : Worth The Money review by Shane

    I really liked this case. It's great for storing the G6 batteries and Cartomizers in, and one of the things I liked most about it was that it held two batteries and four cartomizers. One G6 battery simply didn't last me the day, and I like to switch between flavors. This case allowed me to carry two batteries (which was perfect) and four different cartomizers filled with liquid. A perfect and elegant solution.

    My main issue with this case was that the cartomizers tend to fall out of their slots. The batteries fit snugly and securely, but the cartomizers wouldn't stay put. I learned to open the case carefully at first, and shortly after, bought a small piece of velvet and glued it to the top of the case. After that, everything stayed put and I didn't experience any issues with the cartomizers.

    - The case itself was sleek and stylish.
    - It was the perfect size for carrying around in a pocket.
    - It held TWO batteries and FOUR cartomizers. Perfect capacity.

    - The cartomizers fit loosely into the case. Easy to fix, though.
    - There was no way to carry the mini-tanks in the case.

    If you prefer the cartomizers, this case is absolutely PERFECT, so long as you don't mind the carto's jostling about inside the case. If that becomes an issue, I was able to modify the case for about 15₵, which made it truly perfect.

  30. Good case but could use improvement review by Preston

    Good quality case for carrying your e cig but slots could use improvement. Maybe elastic bands to hold things in place... still the best carry case not shaped like an eyeglass case i've come across.

  31. Great on the outside, but the inside needs some work. review by Wheezal

    This case is the definition of duality.

    The good:

    The outside of the case is stellar. Beautiful, functional, not too big, easy to use, and stylish. Well made construction is evident right out of the box and the case is arguably the only one offered in the industry that looks like a classic noir cig case instead of a pack.

    The bad-ish:

    The cut-outs are simply to small and and at a weird angle. the length of the battery cutouts is ok (although it will not fit a 102mm battery or a battery with a carto attached. The carto slots are very tight and almost impossible to use carto's with the condoms on. The interior could be a little softer to be more malleable, that would alleviate a lot of "fit" issues, and more thought needs to be put into the geometry of the slots.

    All in all, a satisfying purchase, but in dire need of an update to make it truly outstanding.

  32. A decent carry case for on the go with some minor issues. review by Christopher

    The first thing I thought of upon receiving this case was how much it resembled the cases people use to hold hand rolled cigarettes. Very nice textured faux leather with a chrome trim around it. I'd like to think that it is a unisex item. Opening it up there are cutouts in a felt covered plastic for four cartomizers and two batteries. Both of my 78 batteries fit perfectly with quite a bit of space left over. They are also nice and tight and would take quite a bit of shaking to come out of their designated spots. The cartomizer spots on the other hand need some work. They are long enough to fit in the blank with no issues like others have stated. However, they are not deep enough or tight enough to hold them in place. If you simply turn the case upside down, three of the four cartomizers fall out with no effort. I think it really defeats the purpose of having cutouts for the carts. Maybe an elastic band would be a better option for holding these in place, or a large rectangular cutout for the plastic case that holds the five cartomizers that came in the starter kit. There is enough dead space in the case that either of these options could work. Also, if they would add a bit more thickness to the case (which is very small all things considered), you could add more cutouts to the "lid" to add storage for more batteries and cartomizers. A decent solution for taking your G6 on the go, but not perfect.

  33. Must have accessory for your G6 review by John F.

    It's a must-have for your G6, as it will keep your batteries & cartomizers/tanks all together and safe. The batteries (78 mm) fit perfectly in the two slots. However, I had to immediately do some "alterations" to mine, as I tend to carry the mini-tanks (as opposed to the cartomizers, which do fit perfectly). And, the tanks still to not fit tightly into the slots (they are a little bit wider than the slots), so you have to be careful when you open the case so as not to spill your mini-tanks out on the floor.

    Still, overall, it's a good place to keep everything that I need for my G6 (along with my PCC) and I hope that Halo will make another one that is pre-cut for the mini-tanks soon!

  34. Convenient review by Daniel

    I thought image looked a bit too "blingy" or sparkly along the edges, but it's not as bad in person. I would prefer something a bit plainer to fit my very laid back style, but it's so convenient I find that I don't really care. It's about double the thickness of a smart phone, but not as long so it fits easily in a pocket. It is way easier than fumbling through my pocket to find the loose cartomizers only to pull it out only to realize I accidentally pushed the rubber tip in too far in the process and need tweezers to pull it back out. I thought my next purchase would be the mini-tanks, but I'm liking the case so much I don't want to swap to anything that won't fit in it! I might have to apply some stickers to make it fit my style better, but other than that I love it.

  35. Passable, but not great review by Donny

    As others have said, this case will NOT hold cartos with the condoms still on them. Well, mostly. You CAN make them fit if you press them in real hard, but this usually makes the cap of the carto get shoved up into the carto itself, which is not ideal.

    Also, there is no space for the mini-tanks. I actually cut the case to allow for 2 cartos and one mini-tank, but it's not the greatest. I would LOVE for them to make a case, or a replacement insert for this case, that has room for 2 cartos and 2 tanks. There's enough room for them if they do it right.

  36. Great Case! review by Mikey

    This case is sturdy and of the highest quality. It fits the 2 batteries perfectly and is small enough to carry in your front pocket. Whenever I take this carry case out I feel a tinge of pride! It looks cool, and the G6 logo looks sleek and awesome. This is very essential as there is probably no other cooler way of carrying your G6 e-cigarettes. I would buy another just for backup! Don't forget to save the condoms of your cartomizers so you can store them safely in them without leaking. In any case, any leak would probably be OK with this carry case. Buy it, you'll feel its quality straight away!

  37. Nice Case review by Steve

    I purchased one of these cases to carry my extra spare batteries and cartomizers. The case is small enough to fit into your pocket. It's about the size of a cigarette pack. It's a good overall case if you need something to store your extras around. I just wish they had a case that would fit G6 mini tanks.

  38. Could be so much better review by Joanne

    I think that this case is a good start but it could be soooo much better. I'm either going to modify this one or fashion my own somehow because there are a bunch of things that I think are left out or not quite right. First of all, there is nowhere to fit the whole G6 put together - which I think is a HUGE oversight, and there's also no place for the drip tip either - which I use almost all of the time. Having a space where a put together G6 (ideally with the drip tip) fits seems obvious to me, is there some reason that it may be better to keep them apart unless you're using it? That's the only thing I can think of - but there's nothing in the instructions or on the site that mentions this. In addition to that space, I'd add a place for a pair of mini tweezers and a microfiber cloth to clean the tip off after using (especially important for women who wear lipstick or gloss). That's the kit that I'm going to put together anyway. I'll use this case as part of it to carry extra batteries and cartomizers and I got a set of mini tweezers that fit in there perfectly, so it definitely isn't a total waste - it could just be a lot better. Also, offering it in different colors (to match the battery colors) would be wonderful.

  39. All Around Carry Around review by Doug

    Just the thing for on the go. Two Batts and Four Cartomizers ensure you are never without a fresh vape.
    The case is small enough for a guy to front pocket in a pair of jeans (don't sit on it in a back pocket) or any inside jacket, sport coat or suit coat pocket.
    The chrome edges are a little rough on the hinge side but I think not enough to snag any material. I expect the product to improve over time because of review feedback because eventually we all will need a new one.

  40. Slightly flawed, still great review by Jim

    I'll get it out of the way that it's slightly annoying that it won't accommodate an assembled cartomizer and standard battery, as it winds up being too long. That's the only flaw, and it's certainly not a deal breaker. It's durable and stylish and it's nice to have the space for spare cartomizers and batteries to fit snugly into. A "must purchase" if you're looking for a compact way to protect your spare parts.

  41. Average carry case review by MOCO

    First of all, this case does offer more protection to your investment. The outside looks strong and fairly well made with the G6 logo right in the middle. The inside is not shown, so I will do my best to describe that for you. You open it up and you have a black velvet looking material that is basically the same as what is in the starter kit. There are 4 spots for cartomizers, but I would say this was designed for cartos without the caps. The only way these will actually fit is if you squeezed the caps closer together. Keep in mind, if you do this, it forces the white stopper so that is flush with the end of the carto. Personally, I prefer to always have the caps on when they are not being used to help keep the liquid from evaporating at a faster rate. If you don't mind the stopper being pushed inside, then this is perfect for you. keep in mind that you will need to pry it out after each time you want to take it back out to fill. My opinion is that if they would have just lengthened the slots, it would have fit with the caps on them. There is enough room there to do that. Hopefully they take this into consideration. Now comes the other 2 slots for the batteries. These 2 slots are just right for a 78mm or under battery. You cannot fit a battery with the carto attached in those slots, even with the 65mm battery. Over all, the only thing I can use this for is storing 1 battery and using the second battery slot to hold a couple cartos. I suppose you could remove some of the material to make room, but that just seems like too much trouble. If you like using the mini tanks, like I do, this case will only hold 1 of those in the battery slot. It won't fit a mini tank and a carto in the battery slot.

  42. okay review by E.E.

    I picked this up with my first order knowing it was going to get modified after reading other reviews. I took the preformed plastic out of the bottom and did a little customizing to keep the hardware secure/padded. Now the bottom is the top and the top is the bottom, but I can carry up to 2 batteries and 4 mini tanks. True you can not keep your G6 assembled in this case, but it only takes 2 seconds to twist your hardware together, not an issue for me. This is a decent case for the money with or without modification.

  43. Great for on-the-go review by Tyler

    This case is great if you carry your g6 to work or anywhere really. Fits easily in any pocket and no larger than a cell phone. Its pretty durable too. Only downside is it only holds 2 batteries and 4 cartomizers. Can't fit a mini-tank inside unless you only carry 1 battery. But it is a lot better than carrying that big case that the starter kit comes in.

  44. It Works review by GreenFrog

    Considering all the hardware that Halo offers, case design is a little problematic. The case was designed for four cartomizers and two batteries unscrewed. I ended up taking the plastic off and the case is now useful for my G6 or Triton setup. It's not ideal but it works and I like the size (almost the size of a pack of cigarettes).

  45. Not bad, but not great review by Zack

    I ordered this to get one of my purchases up to 75 dollars for free shipping, so it was pretty much a free item. But that being said, if I had to do it again I would go for something else. It's nice to have something to put the gear in, but it doesn't hold onto the things you put in it very well. I put my filled blanks in and they will roll to every other spot in the case while its closed. Also, I just got my mini tanks in (which are amazing) and the case can accommodate them if i don't bring batteries. If you just use blanks or pre-filleds and you don't mind them ending up everywhere they can go, this is a good value. But its not really for me.

  46. Great Case review by Jean

    I received my case today and was impressed with the quality and durability. I did have to remove the bottom portion so it could hold my G6 batteries and mini tanks. Fits in my purse with ease and does not take up a lot of space either. Thanks for another great product.

  47. Glad I ordered the G6 Carry Case review by Andrea

    My starter kit came with a really nice case that holds a 5-pack of cartomizers, two batteries, the wall charger, and USB charger but it is way too big to carry around in a purse or pocket.

    This carry case holds two spare batteries and four cartomizers and is roughly the size of a pack of 100s cigarettes so it will fit in the same places I used to carry my smokes.

    It's a nice case and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I really wish it could hold a battery with the cartomizer attached. Sometimes I need to put my ecig away, say to walk into my kids' school, and it would be nice to have a spot for an assembled ecig along with the spare batteries and cartomizers.

  48. Nice durable case for G6 review by JD

    I got this case so I could carry my G6 in my pocket. So far it's been dropped out of pockets, back packs and cars and no damage to the case or the G6 inside. It will hold two batteries and 4 carts which can get me through a day to day and a half.
    The only issue I had was that it doesn't hold the mini tanks while holding two batteries. I took out the bottom liner in mine and now I can hold two batteries, 4 carts and two tanks.

  49. great way to keep batteries safe review by Eric

    I really enjoy this case, it keeps my batteries and blanks safe (i have a bad habit of putting things in my pocket and forgetting they are there and sitting on them.

    I also tend to be scatterbrained and this case makes it harder for me to misplace my vaping tools good price to -- I only wish there was one a bit larger with one more slot (to hold the battery with the blank) along with the other holding spaces.


  50. GREAT FOR TRITON TANKS TOO!!! review by Matthew

    So, this case is AWESOME. Its durable, nice to look at and AMAZINGLY functional.

    For G6 batts and carts, works GREAT.

    If you upgrade to the TRITON, you can actually REMOVE the black plastic moldings and then the case can be used to hold any combination of 2-3 650Mah batts/Triton tanks, it is AWESOME!

    the BEST layout I have gotten was:

    650mah batt - mini- tank -650mah batt- -min-itank - mini tank vertically in space to the right or left

    So, EVEN if you have TRITON or are thinking of MOVING to Triton, until halo makes TRITON cases, this is an AMAZING alternative!

  51. A must have! review by Shannon

    I purchased a G6 Carry Case for my husband as a gift and HE LOVES IT! He works in a warehouse and this case has taken a beating from being dropped, kicked, stepped on and kept in a back pocket the remainder of the time (gets sat on a lot) and still LOOKS & WORKS AS NEW over a year later! It holds everything that he needs to get him through a 10 hour day and then some!

  52. Decent for the price, but design is too basic review by Jeff

    The case feels relatively well made with a nice soft touch and easy grip rubbery surface. The interior handles 4 cartomizers and 2 batteries. Unfortunately, you can not store a battery with the cartomizers attached. The cartridge slots don't accommodate the end caps on cartridges which I prefer to keep on to preserve freshness. The main purpose I purchased this for was to carry my e cigs worry free without being loose in my pocket, but having to screw on a cartomizer everytime for each vape session is too cumbersome so one battery with a cartomizer is left to face the elements in my pocket. If this was just a bit longer to accommodate a complete e cig then this case would be much more useful. Blu e cigs offer far inferior products compared to Halo with awful batteries, but the design of their cases having more of a cigarette pack feel and convenience is a design I hope Halo can incorporate into future products while adding their superior craftsmanship.

  53. Perfect Size review by Traci

    This case is just the perfect size for carrying batteries and cartomizers in my purse. Very good quality, too! I'm really glad that I got it!

  54. Good case review by Storko

    This is a very decent little case. It's just over 4" long and holds four cartomizers and two batteries up to 78mm in length. It DOES accomodate cartos with their end caps on, it's just a tight squeeze. The only caveat is to be sure the G6 logo is facing up when you open the case; otherwise your cartos might come tumbling out. The batteries are held in pretty well, though.

  55. Great case! review by Iceburgh71

    I just got 1 for my wife and 1 for me. Very nice quality. Very elegant looking too. It just looks so classy, you'll be very proud to carry it. It's small enough to fit in your pocket and purse. It can hold both 78mm and 65mm batteries and 4 cartos. If you're using one of your batteries, then you can also hold a couple of G6 tanks as well. BUT...4 stars being it's not made to hold any G6 tanks. There is enough room inside, so I wish they made 2 of the carto slots big enough to hold 2 G6 tanks. Other than that...GREAT CASE!!

  56. Does the job review by Nic

    The case is well made on the outside. Nice feel, quality latch and hinges. My issue with it is on the inside. The cartos don't fit real well inside their cutouts. If you open the case upside down, all spills out. Sizing them more appropriately and having them click into place would be nicer. Also, making the storage long enough for the G6 mini tanks would be nice. With that being said, if you just use cartos and simply open the case right side up this case is very nice. If you like the mini tanks, they still fit but it takes up a battery slot or just kind of floats in the carto cutout. It works, but it wasn't really made for the clearos. 3 stars due to the lack of retention for the cartos. I bought it knowing the mini tanks weren't an ideal fit, it is made for the cartos. Perhaps lining the case with the awesome rubber feel on the batteries would be nice. For $10 you will be happy. Improving it and charging $15 would be acceptable.

  57. Perfect fit review by Dan

    Great case for carrying G6 products in my sport jacket. Need the same for the Triton.

  58. Performance exceeds the price, but could be improved. review by Kevin

    Given its low price, one would have expected this case to be less well constructed. However, upon inspection and use, I have found its value far exceeds the asking price.
    The case is sturdy, stylish and performs exactly as promised, snugly holding up to two batteries and four cartomizers. The case, even when filled, is still light enough to comfortably fit in a shirt or pants pocket. Yet, its strong enough to handle being sat upon, when in your back jeans pocket.
    My only caveat is that the layout of two long (battery) and four short (cartomizer) slots limits the carrying possibilities. If, instead, there were simply four battery-sized slots, then someone could have any possible combination of batteries (up to four), cartomizers (up to eight, including caps), AND additionally, mini-tanks. Oh well, maybe in v2.0.

  59. More pictures would be beter review by Sergio

    The case isn't bad, it fits two batteries and four cartos (without the rubber caps). It's not as solid as the picture makes it out to look. My case came in with a slight dent (it wasn't dented by the postal service since the case came in a box and the box wasn't damaged at all). THIS CASE WILL NOT HOLD MINI TANKS!! I wish the picture on the website showed the inside of the case as well. 3 stars because you don't know what the case looks like on the inside until you receive it. 3 stars because I don't have high hopes for this case lasting very long because of the quality. Unless you really need a case for some reason I would skip over this product.

  60. Great case review by Chad

    I really like this case, and the price makes it even better. It, like everything Halo makes, is very high quality. The inside and outside is very nice and its very sturdy. I do kinda wish it would hold cartomizers with caps on but that is not a big deal. I also wish it had spot for a mini-tank but that's ok too since I will not take those with me very often. I've been keeping my G6 in my pocket with an extra carto or two but this is much better.

  61. Great price and case! review by Aaron

    This case is amazing for the price they are charging! It would be nice to be able to fit an assembled short battery though. Other than that it works great!

  62. Pocketable ecigs review by Keith

    Now you can take your G6's around with you and not worry about them getting damaged. Enough room in the case for four carto's and two batts. Lets you carry everything you need if you are going out for the night. The one down side to this would be the case does not charge one of the batts.This would come in handy even if it was enough to charge the batts one time. For the price and what it does you can't beat it.

  63. fits in your pocket review by mGuy

    About the size of a 100mm pack of cigarettes, but a little thinner.
    Length: 4.4 inches
    Width: 2.75 inches
    Depth: .70 inches

    Will not hold an assembled ecig. Can hold two batteries and 4 carts or one battery and six carts. Comfortable size for when you are out and about.

  64. Perfect Size review by Jeffrey

    This is by far my favorite accessory, very small thin and sleek, perfect in a pocket. I have been putting my G6 in my pocket and the finish is great and nothing has happened to it but I always worry I am going to scratch or ding it up and now no more worries. The only thing that would be better is if the slots for the carts were a little bigger not by much, so you could put them in the case with the rubber caps on them then it would be perfect, other than that I love this thing.

  65. Works perfect for me! review by Richard

    I wanted something to carry my G6 battery and carts and protect them from damage, the case is well made and has room for 4 carts and 2 batteries. It's about the same size as a pack of cigarettes so instead of carrying a pack of cigarettes like I used to, I carry this. It holds everything I need to last all day and protects them too...priceless!

Quantity Included1
Case LogoG6
Case Length108.1 mm
Case Width70.4 mm
Case Height18.3 mm
Case Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase