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G6 Carry Case

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Quick Overview

Looking to add a little more flair to your G6? This smooth, black designer case comes in jet black with high-polish chrome trim and is embossed with the G6 logo on its lid. Each case holds two batteries and four cartomizers.

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Looking to add a little more flair to your G6? The G6 Carry Case is the way to go. This smooth, black designer case comes in jet black with high-polish chrome trim and is embossed with the G6 logo on its lid. The G6 Carry Case’s soft black interior stores four cartomizers and two G6 batteries—both 65mm or 78mm lengths. Most important, the G6 Carry Case is durable and sturdy—a perfect way to protect your G6 electronic cigarettes when you’re on the go.

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  1. Solid And Sleek review by Jacob

    I purchased this to accommodate the second battery I bought for my G6. It holds 4-6 cartomizers (4 w/ both batteries in the case, 6 with just one). With both batteries and 4 full cartomizers, the case isn't too heavy, and it is slim enough to be kept in my front pants pocket easily. Definitely recommended to anyone needing the extra cartomizer or battery storage!

  2. Nice review by Devon

    Love this for storing all of my batteries/accessories. It's very handy to have.

  3. Figure out the key to this — thrilled now review by Carmen

    I was disappointed with the case at first. Though it looked nice inside and out, it had a few problems. First, the pseudo-velvet interior had a funky smell that made my cartomizers taste strange. Second, it could only hold two batteries. Third, the cartomizers wouldn't stay tightly inside, so they fell out when I opened it, and they REALLY wouldn't stay inside with the plastic caps on, which I like to do to prevent leakage.

    Here's the trick: Remove the interior velvet, but leave the white cardboard to catch any spills. I am absolutely in love with this case now that I've figured out how to "fix" it to serve my needs.

  4. Great protector! review by Gabrielle

    I got this the same time I bought my starter kit. I can put it in my purse and did not have to worry about my vape getting broken. The hinges seem sturdy enough to last a while. It holds up to four cartomizers and two regular sized batteries. The only thing I could wish for is something to put my XL size batteries and mini tanks in while traveling. Please consider this in the future, Halo!

  5. Buy with starter kit review by Bodangles

    I finally broke down and bought this case and boy do I wish I had sooner. I have been using the starter kit case up until now. It is nice to have a small case that I can fit in my pocket, instead of having to keep it in my lunchbox when I am at work. There are only two things I would have liked better—being able to fit a battery with a cartomizer attached so I don't have to keep removing the cartos to put my G6 in the case and a space to put the USB charger. I still give it 5 stars because it is a great little case none the less.

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Quantity Included1
Case LogoG6
Case Length108.1 mm
Case Width70.4 mm
Case Height18.3 mm
Case Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase