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30ml Torque56

Quick Overview

This award-winning E-liquid has no frills, just pure, traditional unfiltered tobacco flavor.
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Use your Halo Points to get our Torque56 E-liquid. Torque56 E-liquid provides unfiltered tobacco flavor for those that are looking for an E-liquid without the complexities of other flavors to take away from real tobacco flavor.

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  1. Best Vape Juice around, period. review by Tim

    I had been smoking Black & M_lds for years and my wife wanted me to try vaping and thus researched a vape juice that would best match that flavor. She is very good at finding things and this is what she came up with. I've been using this juice for 3+ years now and have yet to find anything that comes close to it. You simply can't get this anywhere else but here. This is straight up the closest thing you will find to pipe tobacco cigar taste without any additional "caramel" or cherry or other fruity crap.

  2. For a couple years running now, this is my all day vape and my all-time favorite flavor that I never grow tired of. review by Eric

    Ever since I was fortunate enough to have a friend let me try this in his vape, it has been my all-time favorite e-juice and is 110% my ADV. I'm lucky he had it because I'm not sure if I'd have stumbled across it otherwise, or even thought to try it based on the description because I'm not a big fan of "tobacco" flavors as they don't ever actually taste like tobacco. But this, I would purchase gallons of it if it was an option. I've tried dozens upon dozens of flavors from many of the top companies and while there's many I enjoy for bits at a time, this one reigns supreme for all-day use and I never get sick of it. I wouldn't call it unfiltered tobacco, honestly it tastes nothing even remotely like tobacco to me. I'd describe it as very smooth with an incredible throat hit, with very slight overtones reminiscent of maple cut and balanced perfectly with a crisp, fresh flavor that I can only describe as Torque 56. If you haven't tried this yet, you owe it to yourself to do so! I like Halo stuff, Devlin, Tribeca and Prime 15 are all decent, but this is the gold medalist in the line. Upon recently switching to a sub-ohm setup, the flavor I thought couldn't get any better actually did. Hopefully they add this to the new high VG line soon!

  3. Torque 56 Kicks Butt! (No pun intended) review by Joe L

    I tasted far and wide for a real tobacco flavor from my e-cig. Torque has it all—clouds of pure, tasty tobacco flavor, with a rocking throat hit! With all the newer LR coils and high voltage mods, Torque got even better. Looking for a 100% tobacco hit? This is it.

Additional Information

Category Name1000 Points
Flavor StrengthNo
Choose Your PG/VG RatioNo
Nicotine GradeUSP
Flavoring GradeFEMA/GRAS Approved
Eliquid WarrantyN/A
Bottle ColorCobalt Blue
Cap ColorWhite
Child ProtectionChild Resistant Cap (CRC)
Tamper ControlTamper Evident Band
Cap MaterialPET Plastic
Dispenser StyleGraduated Pipette Dropper
Dispenser MaterialGlass
Show WarrantyNo
Show Eliquid BarNo