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Triton Tank System FAQ


If you have been looking for a more advanced electronic cigarette system, our Triton Series may be a great option. Please read our Triton Tank FAQ for answers to some common questions and answers.

  • Why is my battery blinking when I try to vape?
    This usually indicates a connection issue between the battery and tank. Here are some things to check: ? Is the coil post loose or too tight? Try adjusting the post slightly before trying to vape again. ? Does this tank work on another battery? If it does, the battery connection area may need to be cleaned. If not, the coil has likely burned out and needs to be replaced.
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  • My button blinks when first connected to charge. Is this normal?
    Yes, the button on standard Triton batteries will blink when first connected, then the light on the button will turn off while charging.
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  • How do I know my Triton battery is charging?
    The USB adapter will blink blue/red while charging. The USB adapter will show a solid blue light when the battery has been fully charged.
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  • The light on my USB adapter is purple/blinks ? What does this mean?
    While charging your Triton battery, the USB adapter light may be red, purple, or even flicker and blink back and forth between red and blue. This is all normal. Once the light is solid blue, it means charging is complete.
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  • What is the average charging time for my Triton battery?
    One to two hours via wall charger (charging from a USB port on a computer may take slightly more time).
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  • How do I clean the Triton battery connection area?
    A cotton swab with rubbing alcohol can be used to clean off the battery connection area. A toothbrush can also be used to get into the grooves of the battery connection. Doing so will remove any film or debris that may have formed. We recommend cleaning once a week as regular maintenance.
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  • How come my Triton battery will not work when pressing the button?
    Triton batteries can be turned on and off. It’s possible that yours is currently off. To turn on your battery, press the button 5 to 7 times in rapid succession. Once the button lights up, your battery is on.
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  • How much juice does the Triton tank hold?
    The Triton tank holds 2.4 ml of E-liquid. We recommend keeping the tank filled to the 2.0 ml mark and above to extend the life of the coil as much as possible.
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  • My Triton tank gets very warm and is gurgling. Why is this happening?
    This will occur when your E-liquid gets into the coil post and floods it?. Either a loose coil or burned out coil could cause this.
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  • Why is my tank making a popping noise when I take a drag?
    The crackling sound you’re hearing is likely caused by the fast heating of the E-liquid. This is normal and does not indicate a defective product.
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  • Why am I getting no vapor?
    Typically, getting little to no vapor is caused by a burnt coil, build up on the battery connection threads or a coil that is too loose or too tight.
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  • Over time I begin to notice a burnt taste. Why is this happening?
    A burnt taste indicates the coil/wick has burned out and needs to be replaced.
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  • How do I replace my coil?
    To replace your coil, first remove the tank from the battery, then twist off the mouthpiece. After pouring out any remaining E-liquid, unscrew the coil by grabbing the rubber tip and twisting counter-clockwise. To screw in a new coil, make sure to get the threading down into the tank and then twist clock-wise. Add E-liquid and replace the mouthpiece, then re-attach the tank to the battery and resume vaping.
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  • How long will my Triton tank last?
    The Triton tank will continue to work as long as there is no physical damage.
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  • How long does each coil last?
    One to four weeks. This time period depends on your vaping habits.
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  • Do you recommend washing my Triton tank?
    A quick rinse under warm water can be done prior to installing a new coil. We suggest doing this sparingly and ensuring the tank is completely dry before inserting the new coil.
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  • Can I wash my coils/wicks?
    No, once a coil has burned out it should be replaced.
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