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Triton Tank System FAQ


If you have been looking for a more advanced electronic cigarette system, our Triton Series may be a great option. Please read our Triton Tank FAQ for answers to some common questions and answers.

  • Do you have an Instruction Manual for the Triton Tank System?

    Although the hardcopy of the Triton Tank System instruction Manual is currently being produced, we do have a PDF version available. Please feel free to download the Triton Tank Instruction Manual.

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  • Can I use my G6 USB Adapter to charge my Triton batteries?

    No, you should never use the G6 USB Adapter to charge Triton batteries. This can cause significant irreversible damage to your Triton battery due to the differences in voltage required for charging.

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  • Can I use my G6 Wall Charger in conjunction with the Triton USB Adpter/Battery?

    Yes, the G6 wall charger will work with the Triton USB adapter and battery. The G6 and Triton wall chargers have the same output voltage so will cause no issues when used interchangeably.

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  • How come my Triton battery will not work when pressing the button?

    Triton batteries must be turned on before using for the very first time. To turn on your battery, press the button 5 times in rapid succession. The battery will then remain “on” indefinitely, and you’ll just have to press the button normally to inhale.

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  • When should I turn “off” my Triton battery?

    There is no harm in leaving your battery “on” all day, as the battery life does not get consumed unless the button is pressed. You may want to turn off your battery when placing in your pocket or purse to ensure the button does not get pressed accidentally. To turn off your Triton battery, simply press the button 5 times again in rapid succession. You will need to turn it back “on” again before using.

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  • How do I fill/refill my Triton Tank?

    Filling the Triton Tank is simple, and much faster than refilling cartomizers. First, unscrew the entire tank from the battery to prevent damage due to overfilling. Once the entire tank is removed from the battery, unscrew the black tip from the top of the Triton Tank. Next, fill the outer cavity with e-liquid until it reaches the 2.4ml mark. Ensure the center post inside the tank is snug (do not overtighten) by turning it clockwise. Screw the black tip back onto the tank, and filling is complete.
    Important: Do not fill the higher center hole with e-liquid. The center hole is for air flow and will leak out if filled.

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