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E-liquid FAQ


There are many common questions when it comes to e-liquid. Whether you are curious about our most popular flavors, ingredients, storage, or return policies, we hope to answer any questions with our e-liquid FAQ.

  • What is your most popular flavor?

    Currently, Tribeca is our most popular Tobacco blend and Mystic is our most popular Menthol blend. We do have some exciting new flavors being introduced this year that may change this ranking.

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  • What ingredients are used in your E-liquid?

    Our ingredients contain USP-grade propylene glycol and USP-grade glycerin along with a proprietary blend of USP-grade natural and artificial flavorings. All ingredients are FEMA-/GRAS-approved food additives, and we use only the highest quality USP-grade nicotine with a Certificate of Analysis. Our nicotine is tested and documented to be a minimum of 99% pure before our E-liquid is created in our US facility.

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  • Should I refrigerate my E-liquid?

    No. Halo E-liquid should be kept consistently at room temperature for optimal flavor. The flavoring in cold E-liquid tends to separate from other ingredients, significantly reducing the flavor. In addition, if your E-liquid has been left outside in a cold mailbox during winter months, it is highly recommended that you allow it to sit at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours before vaping. This should be ample time for the flavoring to meld back with other ingredients, allowing for optimal results.

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  • What is the PG/VG ratio of your E-liquid?

    This is proprietary information that we are unable to share at this time. There are many companies looking to duplicate Halo E-liquid, and we prefer not to offer any specific information regarding ratios or specific ingredients.

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  • Does your E-liquid contain diacetyl?

    No. Halo does not contain diacetyl in any of our E-liquid formulas. This was a strict requirement for Halo far before it became a popular topic in the forums.

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  • Do you accept returns on E-liquid?

    Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns on E-liquid that does not meet personal flavor expectations. Taste is a very subjective sense that will vary greatly from person to person. We highly recommend purchasing a sample pack or 7 ml sample bottle from our site to determine if our E-liquid is a good match for your personal taste. In accordance with our strict Quality Control guidelines, returned E-liquid could never be re-used for any purpose, so will not be accepted.

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  • Could I have received a “bad batch”?

    This question should be prefaced by saying that to date we have not had any “bad batches”. Each one of our bottles has a Lot code which gives specific details about how the batch was processed and which ingredients were used for its production. We closely monitor feedback regarding specific batches, which would help us identify a “bad batch” if one were ever to arise. If you feel you received a “bad batch,” simply contact us for further information about the specific Lot number you received. You should also ensure that your E-liquid has been kept at room temperature for 48 hours before contacting us.

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  • What nicotine level should I choose?

    There are far too many variables for us to make this determination on your behalf. What types of cigarettes you currently smoke, the quantity smoked, how long you’ve smoked for, the length of each drag, and the strength of your drag are just some of the variables that determine the level of nicotine that is right for you. Halo always recommends starting with a lower nicotine level and working your way up until the desired results are achieved. This will help to keep you from absorbing too much nicotine and reducing the chance of potential side effects.

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