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Mini Wall Charger

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Quick Overview

The Halo Mini Wall Charger plugs into any standard US wall socket and connects with both the G6 and Triton USB chargers via its side USB port. To use it just plug your E-cigarette into its respective USB charger, connect that with the Mini Wall Charger and plug it into the wall.

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The Halo Mini Wall Charger comes in stylish black, imprinted with Halo’s iconic Flame logo. The charger plugs into any 110v (USA) outlet, has an output voltage of 5v and a frequency of 50/60 Hz. To use it, plug either your G6 or Triton USB charger into the port on its side and insert its prongs into an electrical outlet. If using the Mini Wall Charger to charge a G6 battery, the LED tip of the G6 battery will stay lit while charging and go out upon completion. The Halo Mini Wall charger works only in conjunction with Halo brand USB chargers and will not work on non-110v outlets.

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  1. Minor Design Flaw review by Suresh

    Ordinarily, I charge most of my devices on my PC, since it's always on. However, e-cigarette batteries tend to protrude nearly a foot from the front face of the computer. This leaves alot of scope for accidental damage. Halo was smart to circumvent this by positioning the USB slot on this wall adapter on the side. Did wonders for aesthetics too, as they were able to put their rather stylish logo smack in the middle of this sleek square. However, there is one drawback. The weight of the battery is pulling downward. And this too with the standard 650mAh battery.

  2. Good but needs a slight improvement review by Clive

    The USB charger port should be on the TOP SIDE OF THE CHARGER so the pen charges vertically. My USB connector has cracked at the seams due to the weight of the battery pulling it down and the added stress on the connector when inserting and removing it from the charger. It is now held together with an elastic band which sort of detracts from the nice design concept.

  3. Very thoughtful design review by kettegdirb

    The USB adapter plugs into this elegant little square on the side—a very thoughtful design! This way, while your e-cig is charging, it runs parallel to the wall instead of sticking straight out. I'm sure the design has saved many e-cigs from loss and or damage. Thanks again Halo-- yet another reason why you guys are awesome!

  4. Great quality -veristile! review by Stephanie

    These chargers are great and worth the price. I bought the starter kit and the USB charger and the mini wall charger both come in the kit. Therefore, you can use them separately or place the USB charger into the mini wall charger and use that in the outlet. I use both chargers both ways and each way works fine; I don’t think one way or the other charges the battery faster. The fact the chargers are interchangeable makes it convenient because you might not always have access to a USB outlet. You twist the battery into the USB charger and when the battery is fully charged the light stays blue and doesn’t blink. I have been using Halo for about 2 years now and I cannot say one bad thing about this company. I still have the original mini wall charger that I bought two years ago in the starter kit; I haven’t had to replace it yet. I had to replace the USB section of it because I accidently stepped on it, but I had the old charger for over a year and it never broke and this new one for about a year and it is still working fine. It is very difficult to find a company that makes a good product, stands behind their products and will answer your questions when you need help. I asked a question on how long the warranty was for a battery once because it wasn’t working and customer service wrote me back explaining how to clean the battery with alcohol. They were very informative and helpful and I appreciate that they take time out to explain things. It really makes a difference. Everything I have ever bought from Halo has been made of good quality and lasted me for years. Thanks Halo – your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!!!!

  5. Well built review by Chris

    This is a simple wall AC adapter with a single USB port—output at 5V, 500mAh. It is a perfect match to the Halo USB Battery Charger for Triton Batteries. It only sticks out about an inch from the AC socket—nice black gloss finish with the Halo logo. It seems well built, attractive, and professional looking.

  6. Love this wall charger review by Michele

    I really like this wall charger vs. the older wall charger that came with my first kit. This charger is much smaller and takes up less room on the outlet. I like that the USB port is located on the side rather than the front. I have had batteries destroyed by people walking by them while sticking out. With this new charger design, the battery is closer to the wall. The battery no longer sticks out in front. This charger works great, and I may purchase another one to put up.

  7. Lovely Halo Wall Charger! review by LionBoy360

    It has a cool design and spiffy look, but that’s not all! It’s also very safe, convenient to use, and has that Halo design that you can’t go wrong with. You can take this anywhere, as it’s very versatile in that way. I’m impressed, thank you Halo!

  8. Compact review by Dustin

    The G6 and Triton chargers work with any standard USB adapter. However, this one is small, looks nice, and is built solid. You really can't go wrong with this. You can use it with other USB devices as well, such as your cell phone.

  9. Great charger review by Amy

    I would suggest to spend the extra money and get this one over the standard charger. The quality is night and day.

  10. excellent review by Chris

    I don't own an apple phone so I didn't have any small wall chargers around. This product is great because it is slim and only takes uo one space on the power bar.

  11. Great product review by Matt

    You can never have enough wall chargers right. They are always useful.

  12. Compact, discrete, and does its job. review by MellowYellow

    This little wall charger is great. I have no issues over a year of usage. It has a good angle to insert the battery but be sure to have anything blocking it to the right of it. Obviously! The LED indicator is clutch when determining whether or not the charge is complete. I only charge it when the battery is completely drained, I try not to overcahrge my battery and leave it charged overnight. I don't know if the charger is designed to stop charging when it is complete. However, I frequently check and take it right out when the light turns blue!

  13. Good second charger but ignore the mini part review by M

    There isn't much of any difference between this and the charger that comes with the Triton kit. I still have a few of them. One in my bag for traveling and one at work just in case. You still have to plug the USB charger into them but the benefit is they charge up much faster than charging it from the computer. It is perfect for a second charger. The dimension difference isn't large enough to make any difference in practice but it works as it should.

  14. Works great! review by Sharon

    The mini wall charger is great and no problems!

  15. This charger is solid review by Jared

    When I ordered from Halo, I didn't realize I would need to order the wall charger separately. The customer service representative was extremely helpful and had this shipped to me within a couple of days. The unit is solid and I've had no problems keeping my battery charged.

  16. Great little charger! review by Chris

    I really like this charger. It is a good size, perfect angle, and it doesn't stick out. There is no chance of someone bumping into it with your battery sticking out. (like some other cheap chargers I have had before)

  17. Excellent quality review by Nebuler

    The mini wall charger is a sturdy design with a solid build.

  18. Compact and Efficient review by Nicolas

    Its not a bulky charger (an easy fit) and I love how it indicates when the battery is charging (red) and when it's charged (blue). It takes about 1.5-2 hours so I recommend the starter kit that way you have a 2nd battery charged while the other one is charging.

  19. Great USB wallplug review by John

    This mini wall charger looks good, clean, and matches with the batteries and other chargers. It is compact enough to carry in any kit and small enough. It doesn't blog other plugs when you use it.

  20. Awesome! review by Ricky

    This wall charger is a beast! It charges my batteries in less than an hour, for a day or more worth of vaping. Also, it has a very sleek look to it. It is small and very nice to have around. It comes with the starter kit, which has helped me tremendously.

  21. Universal! review by Matthew

    Universal with the G6 and Triton...I strongly suggest getting an additional charger. My wife got hooked and quickly realized that one charger was NOT enough. Bummer to be waiting for the charger to be free so I could charge mine! Long story short...get an extra, and in the event your primary one breaks...you won't be waiting at your computer!!!

  22. You must have this charger. You can't always carry your computer, but you can always find a wall plug to plug it into. review by danny

    The mini wall charger is something you just have to have. It accepts the USB charger so you can charge from 110v wall receptacle. You don't always have your computer with you, but you can always find a wall plug. It surely wins a 5 star rating.

  23. Small But very effective! review by Elik Anoa'i

    Let me begin this review by stating the obvious about this wall charger: it's freaking tiny! Nice! I love the size and it also has Halo's logo on the front. This thing charges my 400 mah batteries in 30 minutes and the 650 mah in less than one hour. Wow! My 1300 mah Demon Red battery is fully charged in less than an hour and a half and it charges my VV Twist Jet Black battery in just 2 hours and 15 minutes. That's fast! I love this little charger, and I plan on ordering more so I can charge multiple batteries at the same time and keep one on hand in case one burns out. However, so far, I've had mine for 4 months and it's going strong. Two thumbs up and 5 Stars from me.

  24. Battery Protection review by Stephen

    After months of heavy use, the batteries continue to work like new with no degradation in performance or longevity. As per recommendations, I use only the charger provided by Halo to charge my batteries. I am very happy with the batteries and the charging system.

  25. Didn't last very long review by Leilana

    Unfortunately, my wall charger quit working after 3 months of use! Hopefully that one was just a dud, as the only option is to buy another Halo brand wall charger as Halo products aren't compatible with other brands.

  26. Very efficient review by william

    This charger always delivers with fast full charges delivered to all my Triton batteries.

  27. Charges my 650mAh amazingly fast! review by Chris

    This charger works better than most chargers I have used, and when I put my 650mAh Triton Batteries on it they are fully charged in under 45 minutes! This perfect little charger is also compact and easy to carry when you travel.

  28. will have your battery charged in an hour & 10 minutes review by mike

    The mini wall charger will charge your batteries fast & at any 110v wall outlet. It works in conjunction with the sub adapter & has fully charged my 900 sized battery in only an hour & minutes.

  29. Great charger! review by Bryan

    Got this with my starter kit, looks and works great. Love the Halo logo on front and it's small compact size, doesn't take up your whole outlet. Perfect for taking on trips and easy to pack. Get an extra for multiple locations like work or another room. A+++

  30. Compact and sleek review by Joan

    Very good little charger that is nice to look at and does what it is supposed to. It is compact and doesn't stick out from the wall very far, which is nice and it is one that doesn't stand out and pleasing to the eye. It rather blends well and seems well made.

  31. Its so tiny! review by M

    I like this wall charger mainly because it doesn't take up the whole electrical socket and it doesn't stick out too far from the wall. I'm not entirely sure if the standard-sized version charges batteries faster, but this little thing seems to do the trick just fine. It only takes a few hours to fully load the G6 battery. My only complaint is that there's a barely audible buzz when you plug it in, but like I said, it's barely audible... so I guess that's not really a complaint at all. Good buy!

  32. Mini Wall Charger is a great option! review by Chip

    This is a great little wall charger. It fits snugly into an outlet, and is very compact so storage is convenient. I like that the Halo brand name is written on the front, so it is very distinct and identifiable from various other chargers you might have. I have noticed that the wall charger is the fastest option for charging your G6 battery. The usb connector works great connected to a PC, but if you want it charged faster, this Mini Wall Charger is your best option. It's definitely worth buying.

  33. Great charger review by Addison

    This wall charger is great. Very well made and identifiable. It keeps the usb charger in good condition for long term use. It is good to have more than one charger if you have a few batteries so you can have many charging at the same time. It is lasting very long with no wear at all. I like it.

  34. Good little gadget review by Sam

    Love this combined with the USB connector. They both came included in the starter kit and although I had many of these laying around from other electronic devices I still find myself liking this one better than my others. Its seems to stay in the wall better than any other USB to wall connectors that I own. It stays put even with the added weight of the battery. Great little charger!

  35. Compact and fits outlet securely. review by LVE

    These little wall chargers are great, and batteries usually charge faster when plugged into an electrical outlet over just plugged into a USB port on the computer. Their compact size allows them to be plugged into outlets with minimal access and, with the USB port on the side, the battery goes out to the side instead of sticking out into the room (or the side of a desk, etc). I usually leave the USB adapter plugged into the charger, laying on the desk – then, when I want to charge a battery, I screw on the battery and then plug the whole thing into the outlet. These chargers fit the outlet snugly, so will not fall out or lose their connection. Get 2 sets (wall charger & USB adapter) – one for home, and one for under the desk at work.

  36. Works Great review by Herbert

    This charger came with my starter kit. I really like it a lot. Seem to charge my 78mm G6 batteries in about an hour. Classy looking Halo logo on it adds to the classiness of he hardware!

  37. Reliable! review by Brandon

    Very reliable. Great having an extra one around. Two thumbs up!

  38. Plug it in! review by Danny

    Halo has thought of everything. This charger came stock with my starter kit. It is very little and very compact. Also, has the cool Halo logo on it to give it that gnarly look. It seems to charge the batteries a little faster than simply using the usb charger alone... which is a plus. It never hurts to have an extra wall charger lying around either. What else can I say? 5 stars!

  39. Pretty little charger review by M

    This is a cute little guy compared to the larger charger, which can make it easier to use with some outlets compared to the larger version. Otherwise, it's as well made as all the larger version and does what it's supposed to do. The halo logo is obvious but it isn't gaudy or anything, so you end up with something attractive plugged into the wall.

  40. Wall Charger review by Michael

    Exactly as described! Quick AC wall charger...G6 fully charged in a couple hours. Easy to use and very portable!

  41. Nice hardware review by Herbert

    This charger came with my starter kit. I really like it a lot. Seem to charge my 78mm G6 batteries in about an hour. Classy looking Halo logo on it adds to the classiness of he hardware!

  42. Charges quickly review by Stephanie

    This charger works great at charging my Triton batteries very quickly. It is small to be very versatile in where it is used and also works well to be able to travel with.

  43. Basic functional charger review by Christopher

    This charger is the same one that comes in the starter kits. It is a very small design that has the halo logo printed on it. After quite a bit of use, the logo is still on there without showing any signs of fading. This is great if you have multiple usb chargers for all of your devices. The logo makes it easy to pick out the charger for your ecig amongst all the others. The usb adapter inserts into the side of the block. My only suggestion to improve the overall design would be to incorporate prongs that can fold in and out of the block. This would help out packing the wall charger for travel and make a smaller footprint in your luggage.

  44. Compact! Yes! review by Shawn

    I did a huge amount of research prior to deciding on the Triton Kit. One of the things that grabbed my attention was the compact size of the wall charger. Most companies have big bulky chargers that you need a cord on top of the bulk of the wall charger itself. Halo did a great job by bringing out a design that is compact. This is a wall charger and this is the perfect size. I also feel that the build quality is great. I have already purchased two kits, so I have two of these.

  45. small and powerful review by steve

    This thing in tiny, it will fit in any plug even in the most cramped and awkward area's. Don't let its size fool you, its a power house! Charges my 650 mAh batteries in like an hour. Great form and function. Another fantastic, quality product from Halo.

  46. Nice look and solid construction review by Nicholas

    The wall charger has a nice sleek black look with solid construction. I took off 1 star because if the USB is not plugged into the charger completely it will make an annoying whining sound

  47. Great... but review by Nicholas

    It is small, easy to fit into a pocket or a purse for the ladies. It is so simple, plug the usb adapter in, screw on the battery, plug it in and watch it charge in an hour or two. My only wish for these is that they had the usb port and a spot to screw the battery directly into it. If you lose the usb adapter, or (somehow) it breaks, you might be out of vaping for a little while, and nobody wants that! Still 5 stars for an excellent product.

  48. Nice system review by Brent

    I received the Wall Charger in my Triton Starter Kit and works as promised. Just enjoy vaping so much it is surprising to me that I'd enjoy it so much since I'm a recently new (by 2 days) vaper.

  49. Great Charger! review by Keith

    This mini wall charger was built very well. I loved the nice logo on the face of it, fits perfectly with the usb charger. They even got the flame logo on it! I like charging via the outlet vs. the usb. Take a shorter time, but I like having the option as well. Great product, great buy!

  50. Very Solid Mimi Wall Charger review by John

    This is and excellent charger... Easy to use just plug in USB Triton or G6 adapter. It is well built and works flawlessly. I have been very satisfied with it over many months of use. Same charger works for G6 and Triton you just need the different USB adapter for each. Can't go wrong here.

  51. Great quality!! review by Norm

    If you are like me you probably do not need another wall charger. But I have to say, this is one worth having around. It looks good while charging and is well made. It is a great addition to all the Halo products.

  52. Another one of those must have accessories! review by John F.

    This is one of those things that you just have to have to make your G6 more enjoyable and easier to use. If you're more tech-oriented (like I am) then you probably have ready-access to lots of USB ports or you have other AC-to-USB adapters that will do the trick just fine. However, if you're not more tech-oriented, then you really need a couple of these so you can always keep your batteries ready to go whenever you're needing a fresh charge.

    Don't forget to pick up some of the USB chargers as well (you'll definitely need those as well!).

  53. Great charger review by Rath

    Don't really know what to say other than it charges my battery's fast. If I could make a suggestion it would be to make the prongs rotate for different types of plugs.

  54. Not 'cheaply' review by Brooklynn

    Nice surprise to see this in my starter kit! Well made and looks to be durable. I noticed that the branding in very fine print looks to be a Samsung product that was branded with Halo's logo. Very nice to know its actually a quality product. Haven't had any issues. I like how the USB location is horizontal and not vertical, which would obstruct other outlets being used. Seems to be well thought out. Would be better if there were two ports and not just one. Overall, I'm satisfied!

  55. All you could ask for review by Chris

    Ok so there's not much to mess up here. But they do a solid job of keeping it clean simple, functional, and CHEAP! Great job Halo, another solid product that I would most definitely recommend.

  56. Great System! Quick Tip! review by Turbo

    Hey guys! This Halo Triton system is BY FAR the BEST System on the market! Get the Halo Triton Starter Kit and this wall charger comes included with the Kit! The Kit comes with this Wall Charger AND a USB Adapter. Quick Tip... Get the Triton Starter Kit and add to your Cart the Car Charger an and EXTRA USB Adapter. This makes charging extremely easy and convenient anywhere/anytime you're not at home. I also added another EXTRA Wall Charger and EXTRA USB Adapter to keep at my 2nd house, that's just me, but getting the Car Charger with its own USB Adapter is DEFINITELY the way to go! Happy Vaping Everyone!!! =)

  57. Nice, quick little wall charger review by Ray

    I was used to other brand wall chargers with the front-facing usb port, so this one with the side-facing port was a change for me. Turns out, the difference in usb port location is no big deal and the side-facing port does the trick just fine. I find the wall charger is faster than charging through a computer or laptop usb port. I am very happy with the Halo products I've ordered so far, including this one. Thank you, Halo. :-)

  58. Charges in a flash review by Ashleigh

    This wall adapter for the USB piece charges very quick when plugged into any wall outlet. I could not be more pleased as halo has shown their true integrity in designing such a ergonomic product. Thanks halo.

  59. Great Charger! review by Sam

    I am impressed with the convenience of this charger. What I like is how simple, yet professional it looks whether charging at home or in the office. The slot is on its side, as such there is no accidentally tripping over it if I plug it in my electric socket. Normally, I plug this wall charger and the USB port to charge the G6 unit overnight. If you purchased the starter kit, it fits nicely in the slot. This is a very high quality item that shows just how much Halo values its products! Compared to other brands, Halo still have THE BEST systems around.

  60. Great on the go review by Jeff

    Works as good as any other charger I've used while having a smaller travel friendly design. The side USB port is well located keeping your ecig from protruding straight out from the wall eliminating the potential of knocking into and breaking it.

  61. Input Voltage : 100-240 Volts review by Naseeruddin

    The Halo site displays just 110 Volts in the specs of this product. I'm sure this is just fine in USA, but I am from India, working in the Middle East, where 220 volts is the standard. When I ordered the G6 Starter Kit, I assumed I have to just throw away this charger and make do with charging the batteries on my PC, or buy a charger locally.
    But..... when I received the kit, I was pleasantly surprised at the rated voltage of 100-240v. Other reviewers have already mentioned all the good aspects of this product, and I fully agree with them. I will be ordering more of these chargers in the future. 5 star product hands down. Keep it up Halo! and please update your product specs for us International customers.

  62. Small & Attractive review by Cam

    I know it's simply a USB wall outlet, but wow is it attractive.

    It's heavy duty plastic mold form is sleek, and doesn't take up more
    room on my surge protector than it needs. It's USB is located on the side,
    allowing for the G6 Battery (and others) to charge without getting in the
    way of anything else you might have plugged in.

    Oh, and did I mention how attractive Halos logo on the top is?

    Buying a second one of these babies for my office!

  63. Must get if you're not on a computer all day everyday. review by James

    I think anyone who uses the Triton system will need this charger. I use my computer a lot, but many times when I need to charge my battery, I'm just not on the computer. This handy, small charger fixes that problem.

  64. Great Charging System review by Lori

    I love the ease of this little charging system. I use this wall charger and the USB port to charge the G6 unit overnight. It fits neatly in the halo box and I bring it to work to charge my second battery while working. Its discrete and charges next to my desk without drawing any attention. This is a quality system and I love the Halo marketing element. Very easy to use!

  65. Easy to use and well built review by Wheezal

    I was surprised to see a phone style charger in my starter kit, but having used it for over a month i'm very pleased with it afterall.

    It is a good size, yet still fits into any wall or surge protector outlet. And compact enough that it's not obtrusive when the usb charger and a battery is all plugged in at a right angle.

  66. Compact, quality. review by Mark

    As per usual, the quality of Halo products shines through with this wall socket/usb adaptor. Well built, not at all tacky like many others.

  67. Great design review by Anne

    I love how the usb plugs in on the side. So as not to have this battery poking out from the outlet. Its nice and compact. Great design on the charger. Halo is smart I tell ya.

  68. Awesome! review by Timothy

    I received this as a part of my Triton starter pack, and have been very pleased with its performance. Many chargers out there have no appearance of style, but this does. It has the Halo logo on the plug, and looks very cool.
    It also charges lightning fast as well! It only takes about two hours to completely charge my Triton batteries, which is phenomenal if you ask me. I don't think that I have ever had a product that charges so quickly when it comes to ecigs or tanks. I also think that it is great that it is possible to reorder just this single piece for a low price instead of having to buy the set. Great value!

  69. Compact review by Ryan

    Compact and charges quickly. Definitely a must have as you can't always be by a computer to charge via USB. Very low profile and I like that the battery lays flat against the wall so you don't knock into it by accident.

  70. Don't let the "mini" fool ya review by MOCO

    This is the perfect mate for the USB charger. The mini Charger, USB charger and the e cigarette all connect together like a charm. It is compact and a wonderful addition to the Halo line. A must!

  71. Works well! review by Daniel

    Charging the batteries is easy. Make sure you follow the manual as my battery has lasted three days with moderate use. I like how Halo took the little extra step by putting their logo on the accessories. It's a nice touch and makes them look much better. The whole presentation of the kit and accessories displays how Halo takes pride in their product. Glad I chose this for my first rechargeable e-cig.

  72. Compact and Quick review by Kirtan

    The Wall charger is the size of an 1 inch cube. Very Compact and easy to carry. When I use this with the USB charger, it is quick and charges my 600 mAh batteries within a couple of hours for a full charge. Great build quality, which is comparable to any cellphone USB charger that you get with top end Android or IPhones.

  73. Does exactly what it's supposed to do! review by Brad

    This is great! I use this thing for everything I own that has a USB charger! Has a cool compact design too!

  74. Unique Design review by Emily

    I ordered the starter kit and was surprised by the setup for the wall charger. I use a power strip on the floor (right next to my bed) to charge my batteries, and I'm concerned with this one holding up. Because the USB goes into the plug at a 90 degree angle, my battery ends up being suspended off the floor. Worried that over time, this may cause damage to either the charger or the battery. Would have rather had a set up where the USB plug is attached to a wire so the battery can rest on the floor. Other than that, my batteries have been charging quickly and it seems to be holding up well so far!

  75. Charging made stylish and easy! review by Melinda

    This charger is so easy to use and could not be more straightforward. Simply plug in the USB adapter with the battery and, DONE! I like that the Halo logo is on the charger and can easily be differentiated from my myriad of other chargers. It fits nicely in the starter kit box and is super easy to take anywhere. I like that there are no cords to get tangled in everything; providing fewer things for my cat to chew on. Good job Halo!

  76. Good compact charger review by Bryan

    The best feature is that it is compact. This unit fits very nicely into my power strip, and is small enough that it doesn't take up two slots, like some other adapters I've used.

    The only issue I have is that at some angles, when the battery is attached, it pops out of a wall socket. I have had more luck using my power strip or an extension cord. It fits more snugly into those.

    It seems to charge the G6 battery at a decent rate.

  77. AWESOMELYCOMPACT - great USB plug location review by Matthew

    One of the most ANNOYING things on the planet is when you have to plug something into a multi socket outlet and must use engineering skills to figure out how to make everything fit, not so with the mini-wall charger. It is TRULY MINI (comparable in size to an IPOD wall charger) and the location of the USB port (the side) makes it REALLY easy to squeeze the min wall charger in between other chargers and have your usb connector sneak out of the side.

  78. Great charger review by Scott

    it's simple but sometimes simplicity is the way to go. It's sturdy and does what it needs to do without a fault. Well worth the money to keep the Triton away from sticking out from the computer.

  79. Great product review by Chris

    This charger is awesome it's smaller and more compact it fits nicely in your pocket or in a travel bag if your on the go and takes up less space at home. This is a well made product.

  80. Charge up very fast review by Kyle

    I notice that this charger seems to charge my Triton batteries in half the time it takes when using my mini USB on a computer tower.

  81. High quality review by Aaron

    This is a very high quality and compact wall charger. Doesn't get better than this!!

  82. Smaller size review by Richie

    I like this charger more then the old G6 ones. It is smaller and looks cooler. I don't know if it charges faster or anything but its looks better so I'd buy it again.

  83. Electronically sound and good design. review by Devin

    I like the design of this unit mostly because the USB plugs into the side rather than on the front of the unit. I cant say how many times my old e-cig and charger got knocked out of the receptacle because it was jutting 7 inches away from the wall. Its also relatively small compared to other similar devices and charges my Triton pretty quickly. It seems well made, and it actually has a logo on it, most other brands give you a generic cheaply made charger. I give it five stars, for design, size, speed of charge, quality and originality.

  84. It works, there are a couple things to note though. review by Ex Smoker

    I got this in my starter kit and it's been holding up very well. I never use a computer to charge my batteries so I think it's pretty neat that this wall adapter is available. If I could change anything, I would have the usb area be on the top instead of the side so it wouldn't sag the way that it does. I could see it getting looser and falling out in the future but for now, it's just a little droopy.
    One thing I've noticed, is that my batteries have been taking about three hours before the led in the usb turns blue. I followed the instructions from day one and all three of my batteries have always behaved this way, so I'm not sure if it's this charger or what but thought it was worth mentioning. Either way, my batteries usually last 24+ hours, so even though it doesn't just take about an hour (though two is recommended) to charge as Halo claims, I'm fine with it as the charge is good for a really long time once it's in use.

  85. Fast review by Hereal

    This charger is awesome because it works fast & does not over charge the battery like the last company I was with did. Love the Halo logo on it too.

  86. It's a charger! review by Jason

    Well there is not much to say about it. It's a charger that charges the triton battery. I've been using this for about a month and it works well. I have both the wall and usb charger which connect together if you wish to use it in the wall. This charges a 650 mah battery in about a hour and the usb portion has a indicator light which lets you know when the battery is done charging.

  87. Compact, gets the job done review by PeteC2

    Nice and compact with a quality feel about it. As with the usb charger, it is handy to have a second wall charger and the cost is reasonable.

  88. Nice and Compact. review by Danny

    Feels nice. Works well with the USB charger. It's about as small as they could make it. So with the USB port being located on the side you can plug it in last outlet in your power strip with the battery pointed out and then you won't cover any other outlets.

Quantity Included1
Charger LogoHalo Flame
Wall Charger ColorBlack
Wall Charger Length46.6 mm
Wall Charger Width31.6 mm
Wall Charger Height30.1 mm
Input Voltage110 volt (USA)
Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
Charger Frequency50/60 Hz
Output Current500 mA
Wall Charger Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase