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Mini Auto Charger

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Quick Overview

The Halo Mini Car Charger works in conjunction with both G6 and Triton USB chargers, and is perfect for charging your E-cigarette in your automobile. Just plug your E-cig into its USB charger, connect it to the USB port in the car charger and plug it into any standard 12v vehicle outlet.

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The Halo Mini Car Charger is the ideal option for charging your Triton or G6 electronic cigarette in your automobile. This stylish black auto charger fits into any standard 12v vehicle outlet. The Halo Mini Car Charger works only in conjunction with G6 or Triton USB chargers. To use it, simply attach your Triton or G6 to its respective USB charger, plug the charger into the USB port on the car charger and place the other end into your vehicle’s outlet. If using the Car Charger with a G6 battery, the LED tip of the G6 Battery will stay lit while charging and go out upon completion. If using the Car Charger with a Triton Tank System battery, the firing button on the Triton Battery will stay lit while charging.

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  1. Should be on ever vapor's shopping list review by Michele

    These mini USB car chargers are perfect for those that spend a great deal of time in the vehicle. I love having them in my truck while commuting, mini getaways, casual driving, etc. It is simple to use one of these chargers—just plug the USB into the port and let it charge. The only thing is you must be careful not to bump the battery while it is charging—bumping the battery could cause damage to either the battery or USB.

  2. great review by Chris

    I used it slightly in a different way although they all seem the same. The screw as seen in the photo made it possible to remove the housing and install directly in my dash. I wish I could upload a photo but if you look up "in dash USB" you will find a million write ups on how to do this. Someone could even really nerd out and made an in dash Triton charger so there is no need for a cord or adapter.

  3. Good charger, wish it was corded review by M

    This charger is great. It doesn't feel super cheap and it is not hard to charge when traveling. It comes in handy for topping off your batteries when you are stuck in traffic. It can plug into the cigarette lighter but the battery sticks out a little. I can charge it in one car but in the other car I have problem because it stick out to much and hits the shifter and cup holder. I would recommend this to be corded because then it can sit on the seat or cupholder. It seems to charge about the same as the USB adapter. However, it is a bit slower than the wall charger.

  4. Great buy! review by Ricky

    My wife bought this and I always find myself running out of battery when I drive. It is super convenient to have around in your car just in-case you're on a long road trip or just like to smoke and drive a lot like me.

  5. Have a peace of mind review by Rob

    This product is a must have for any Triton/G6 owner. Now when I leave the house, I will always have a peace of mind knowing that I can charge my Triton while im in my vehicle. Without it, you are pretty much gambling whether or not your battery has enough charge left to last your entire drive!

  6. Car Charger review by Sandra

    Found out the hard way, that these are a must have. (No matter how well prepared you think you are. I'm a camper!)

  7. a lifesaver on road trips review by mike

    The car charger offers the highest level of convenience for the on the move commuter that spends a great deal of time driving. Perfect for truck drivers. A dead battery is never a problem with the 12 volt vehicle charger. Every vapor enthusiast should have this handy tool.

  8. Very high quality review by Brad

    The Halo car charger looks great and works perfectly, you can tell it's a quality product just by looking at its build quality. The Halo car charger is very handy for myself as I own an electrical contracting company and spend between 6 to 8 hrs on the road every day during the week.

  9. Great back-up system review by Nancy

    A 14 hour drive from the snow to the sunny beach was made with little concern with the auto charger on hand. Had to use it in the back seat area so I don't know how long it look to recharge the battery but there was comfort in knowing I would not be caught with a dead one during the trip. With such a harsh winter I was also worried about the electricity going out which can happen with bad summer storms so having the auto charger is like having a back-up generator when the regular charger is unavailable.

  10. Great for on the go review by Sam

    This is a great little gadget for when your out and about and want to make sure your batteries stay charged. Stays put even with the weight of the larger batteries. I keep one in both of my cars. Inexpensive and useful.

  11. Extremely Nice! review by Robert

    This is a direct reflection of how great the workmanship is of Halo gear. This is not cheaply made and quite nice. Has a low profile so that there's sufficient room for battery without it being in one's way for driving, operating sound system, and shifting.
    Great accessory for long trips, camping, and to never be in a position of not being able to charge your Triton Battery. A must have as well is the USB attachment; placing both in car so as to never have to worry about forgetting it. Considering the small cost to awesome workmanship--I am thoroughly impressed.
    MADE IN USA!! This is important to me as a military Veteran and American.

  12. a must have review by woods racer

    My wife and I each have 1 of these because we are on the road a lot so you just never know when you are going to need a recharge.
    They work great and are very convenient.

  13. Not just for long trips. review by LVE

    A car charger is obviously a must-have for trips or camping (with no electricity), etc, but it also comes in very handy closer to home. Most e-cig users know pretty much exactly how many batteries they will need for a particular task (work, errands, dining out, etc) but it’s those impromptu get-togethers or unexpected delays which will throw you off. So when the guys/gals at work suggest stopping at the pub for a ‘quick’ one – you don’t have to explain that you have to swing by the house. Or if the car won’t start and you get towed into the shop, you don’t have to frantically search for a nearby drug store for a temporary solution. Keeping a Car Charger and a USB Port in the glove box can really save the day.

  14. Saved my lungs more than once review by M

    Oh man the uses for this especially while traveling make it a must! My favorite is to use it with the G6 pass-through battery so you can vape in the car while your normal batteries stay charged up for when I get to work or wherever I happen to be going. It can really help to just keep it in the car in case plans change and you weren't able to get your batteries charged.

  15. Essential review by Kat

    Wish I had ordered this with my starter kit! It doesn't get as much use as my wall charger but is so handy when I am not at home or work to charge.

  16. Great addition review by Shawn

    This car charger is a great addition to my Halo Triton kit. I have had to use it once, so far and the quality is amazing. The quality of this far surpasses that of most of the home chargers from other companies. You can just tell this is sturdy. No movement from the battery or USB plug. Thank you, Halo.

  17. This is a MUST HAVE for those who drive frequently! review by Jeremey

    This along with another USB charger was my second purchase from halo. Imagine a long drive and suddenly your battery dies! Luckily you have the spare, but being able to plug in and charge the dead one gives me much piece of mind. I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to smoke more than usual when driving, so your batteries will go dead faster. You can even use the USB adapter if your vehicle has a built in charging port for USB products, or if you carry a laptop or tablet during your travels. I charged mine up while working on my laptop and it worked flawlessly. Definitely highly recommended "upgrades" in my opinion, I'm still using the same two stock batteries that came with my kit because I can charge them anywhere, anytime!

  18. Why would you not? review by Shawn

    I really like that Halo provides this as an option to the Triton kit. Why wouldn't you want the ability to charge on the go? The ability for this accessory to keep you powered up is amazing. I don't know about you, but for me this is a lifesaver. Thanks Halo!

  19. Juice on the Road review by Naseeruddin

    I went ahead and bought this car charger for the sake of completeness, as I could charge the Triton batteries at home with the wall charger, and at office with the usb charger. But now, this device makes so much sense, as I spend 2 hours in traffic on the road. Get it if you spend considerable time on the road, else you will run out of juice when you least expect it. Happened with me once, and that will be the last time, as I went ahead and bought it!

  20. great! review by tyler

    It's great when I'm driving on long trips, just plug it in and vape, I love it.

  21. Never failed me! review by Michael

    This product is of the highest quality! Using it under the hot sun for hours over months have never had any problems. Halo has outdone itself with this quality charger! It fits any car's cigarette lighter slot, having used it in 2 separate cars. It is very stylish attached in this slot, and have been complimented by friends and family of its sleekness and beauty. I will definitely buy extra for my wife's car. The only gripe I have is that it doesn't come in any other color, since I would like to match my battery's color. However, the quality of this product is unprecedented!

  22. A Must Have! review by Turbo

    As I'm sure you've read the Halo Triton is the best on the market by far, compared to all other brands. This car charger is a MUST have for charging convenience on the road, ESPECIALLY at the really cheap price, it's a no brainer!!! FYI, GREAT TIP... Get this Car Charger as well as an EXTRA USB Adapter. That way you will always have a car charger with USB Adaptor and you won't have to deal with remembering to bring the Wall Charger & USB Adapter every time you go on a trip or leave the house. (The Halo Triton Starter Kit comes with the Wall Charger and 1 USB Adapter). Again, the Halo Triton is hands down the BEST eCig on the market, by far!!! You won't be disappointed!! Here's to Happy Vaping! =)

  23. Perfect for on the go review by Scott

    If you travel a lot like I do either for work or vacation this is perfect for those long car rides. It can charge your E-cig pretty fast for being a car charger and allows you to charge one battery while you vape on the second.

  24. Compact and fast. review by Randall

    I've used my car charger several times on road trips and have no complaints with the charge time or design.

    I mentioned this in my USB charger review, but having a corded usb charger instead of the straight plug in design would be great for vehicle applications so you could lay the battery off to the side instead of having it stick straight out.

  25. A powerfully small charger. review by Kevin

    This car charger is a major improvement over Halo's competitors'. It delivers a full 5 volt charge to your batteries in a smaller, more attractive package, and at a fair price. A great value.

  26. Great for when on the go... review by Robert

    This is a handy device to keep in your car for when you may be away from a regular power source, it works just like any other USB charger.

Quantity Included1
Charger ColorBlack
Charger LogoN/A
Auto Charger Length57.5 mm
Auto Charger Width24.2 mm
Input Voltage12 volts (DC)
Output Voltage5 volts (DC)
Auto Charger Warranty90 Days from Date of Purchase