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Jet Black (XL) Blanks

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Quick Overview

The XL Blank Cartomizer is available in jet black and holds 50% more E-liquid than its standard counterparts. Each XL Cartomizer can be filled—and refilled—with your favorite Halo E-liquid multiple times before needing to be replaced.

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The XL Blank Cartomizer comes in jet black and holds 50% more E-liquid than its standard counterparts. With a 1.5ml capacity, you can vape more and refill less. XL Blanks also fit with both the G6 and the Triton series. To use an XL Cartomizer, just remove the rubber piece at the tip, add 20–30 drops of E-liquid—enough for it to completely absorb into the cotton—then connect it to your G6 or Triton battery.

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  1. Lasts longer than standard cartomizers review by Michele

    I use the mini tank more often now than I use to, but like to use the cartomizers on occasion. My favorite aspect about the XL cartomizers is that they last much longer than the standard cartomizers. They are easy to fill and can be refilled multiple times. They don't need to be filled as many times through the day. These cartomizers are easily portable and create minimal to no mess during proper transport. They are perfect for on-the-go. You can fill several at one time and not have to worry about carrying a bottle of e-liquid around. I would suggest not to mix liquids in these cartomizers. The flavor quality will not be as fresh if the liquids are mixed. These arrive in a pack of 5 and each cartomizer can hold its own flavor.

  2. Great for sampling review by Dustin

    I bought sample packs along with these. When I initially bought my G6, the cartomizers would wear out before the sample bottle was out. These cartomizers do not have these issues. Also, they don’t need to be refilled as often. The flavors I reorder are going in a mini tank but these are great for sampling. This is certainly much better than the standard cartomizers.

  3. XL Goes A Long Way review by Timothy

    These last me a lot longer than the standard size. I vape pretty much all day long so I really need them and was not disappointed.

  4. I put root beer in mine. review by Kim

    The XL is right way to go and it holds a lot of e-liquid. It produces great vapor, easy to fillm and the rubber cap is the best!

  5. last longer review by Teresa

    I love these because they last longer and hold more. For me they seem to change the taste a little and its for the better. Maybe its just me, I don't know. The only draw back is that they only come in black. I would love it it they came in different colors because I like to fill certain colors with certain e liquids, it helps me from getting them mixed up.

  6. Good length and capacity review by Addison

    I love the mouth feel of these and like how they hold more juice but I get juice in the center too often which drips onto the battery eventually If not done correctly. They are great but the mini tanks are more convenient.

  7. Perfect review by James

    Love having more capacity- these offer a much more time between refills compared to the normal sized cartomizers. Especially helpful for me as I spend a lot of time driving for my job. Thanks, Halo...

  8. Great cartomizer but only in black review by M

    I'm a big fan of the XL blank cartridges, the extra half a milliliter can really add up throughout a day! For me it's a difference of carrying out two XL cartomizers versus two standard cartomizers for a work day. The downside is they only come in black. Otherwise they work exactly the same as the standard, just last longer. I did have to retrain myself for how many drops I had to add to them.

  9. More juice less often review by DJB

    These XL cartos are the best! Don't have to refill as often - which just means SIMPLE common sense! Nice draw. Only wish they'd come in different colors so I could know which has what flavors.
    Thanks HALO for another quality product!
    I'll be back for more!

  10. The best review by Celeste

    This is the best by far, longer lasting so you won't be refilling, you can carry two of those and spend the day. Great!!!

  11. long-lasting, easy to use review by Erica

    Purchased these extra-long blanks along with the deep purple starter kit. These carts are very easy to fill, and thanks to their long length, they last quite a while, which I have found very convenient.

  12. Great for when you need something a little longer lasting review by Kelly

    This is perfect for when you need for your cartomizer to last a little longer if you are going to be away from the house. These cartomizers are 52.5 mm long and hold 1.5 ml compared to the regular 35.5mm/1ml. So they are about 50% bigger. Put one of these on the 102mm battery and you are set for the night. They function just like the regular size blanks and are the same resistance. Overall a 5/5 for those times when you need something longer lasting.

  13. Great review by Amanda

    These are very nice. I love that they hold more juice and that they make my ecig feel the length of a 100. They are easy to fill with your favorite juice, and none of mine were duds!! Easy to clean and reuse.

  14. Great for a quick change review by Bobby

    After receiving these, I immediately tried to fill one and use it. Mistake! Read the directions. After reading how to fill these and waiting the 30 minutes, they worked great. I normally use a triton tank. But I wanted to sample some new eliquida without wasting an entire tank to see if I really liked the new favors enough to fill an entire tank. Plus, with a pink drip tip and my cone attached, they look really cute on my triton battery.

  15. BEST BY FAR review by GARY


  16. Good capacity review by Ahmed

    These hold enough liquid to last you through the day. However, compared to tanks they are not the best at delivering the most flavor.

  17. Keeps refilling to a minimum... review by Traci

    These cartomizers definitely reduce the need to refill. They hold a good amount of e-liquid and the taste is GREAT! I will use these on my favorite flavors or sure!

  18. Very good for a cartomizer review by JR

    These cartos hold a lot of juice, produce very clean flavor, and have great vapor and throat hit. I bought them to go with my Triton starter kit, as I figured they be better for carrying around in my pocket than tanks. The tanks are far better in every way. But these are great for when I'm running errands or keeping a backup in my pocket - they come in a solid 4 pack case that I keep filled up in case I'm out and run out of juice in my tank.

    Compared to the one or two other brand cartos I've tried, they're far better all around. The others were a well respected brand too, not some mall kiosk or gas station brand.

  19. A nice option. review by Danny

    If your going to be at a place where it's inconvenient to refill these are a nice option. With a 1.5 ml capacity, that's two thirds more than the mini-tanks. They seem to offer a 'cooler' vape due to the larger size overall and a larger pocket of air at the top. That's because there's a bit more distance from the top of the filler and the top of the carto versus the standard and LR cartos. This is good for the dessert style liquids as they seem to taste better at bit cooler temps versus the LR carto (they create more heat) being a good match to my taste for the Tobacco juices. They are long. About half an inch shorter than the small 65mm battery.

Quantity Included4
Cartomizer LogoNone
Cartomizer ColorJet Black
Cartomizer ThreadSilver
Cartomizer Length52.5 mm
Cartomizer Width9.2 mm
Cartomizer Capacity1.5 ml
Cartomizer InteriorPolyfill
Cartomizer CapSoft Cap
Cartomizer Resistance2.4 - 2.8 ohms (Standard)
Cartomizer WarrantyN/A
VG GradeNo
PG GradeNo
Nicotine GradeNo
Flavoring GradeNo