Bootleggers Blends Eliquid (10ml)

Bootlegger's is the best racket in town and drops a shakedown of flavor in every tank. Get the big squeeze on historic taste that roars like the 20's.
Bottle Size: 10ml
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Capone’s Reserve (Sweet Cigar) Cured to perfection, Capone’s Reserve has the full flavor, cigar tobacco that satisfies even the toughest gangsters. We dug up an old vault and copied Capone’s favorite cigars to bring you a flavor so rich, it should be criminal!
Fat Tony’s Blueberry Cobbler Fat Tony used to whip up his mouthwatering blueberry cobbler to keep the meanest mobsters happy. Fat clouds of fresh blueberry and light flaky pastry will calm your toughest cravings for a sweet treat.
Moran’s Melon Ball Moran’s Melon Ball is killing the competition with crazy sweet clouds of honeydew and melon. If you’re dying to find the perfect balance of melon notes and sweet clouds, this vape is the one!
Pretty Boy’s Berry Hooch Pretty Boy used to mix his berry hooch in a basement bathtub. You’re going to like our way better! Vape yourself a gratifying cloud of ripe, sweet berries with a fizzy finish.
Purple Gang’s Grape Pop Be overrun by the amazing grape blast that seems to gang up on your taste buds! This blend delivers the juiciest grape soda flavor and has everyone joining the gang!
Tommy Gun Tobacco (Robust Tobacco) Blast yourself with rich, robust Tommy Gun Tobacco. The finest tobacco on the block for the most particular wise guys and dolls.
PG/VG Ratio High PG
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