How to Be a Zen Vaper

How to Be a Zen Vaper

How often has something like this happened to you? You’re enjoying your vape and minding your e-cig etiquette when someone nearby recognizes that you’re vaping but doesn’t understand why. Most times, they leave it alone; other times, they stare and quietly criticize; and once in a while, they make a comment. How should you respond?

Every vaper represents the fledgling industry, so when situations like this arise, they need to be ready with solid answers to diffuse these situations in a positive way, which brings us to our main point: Be a Zen vaper. (We promise no om mantras outside your own ohm chants.)

Responding to Non-Vapers

There will always be people that oppose e-cigarettes for one reason or another, and even if someone is using logic to attack a belief, it can still be difficult not to get angry and defensive. After all, when people are criticized they become uncomfortable and even distressed, but vapers need to remember it works both ways. Any sort of retort is not likely to help non-vapers see a different point of view but rather to reinforce their own. This is why it’s important for the vaper to ignore criticism and stop the cycle. Even in the most heated discussions about e-cigarettes, vapers should strive to stay calm and respectful when responding.

Reciprocate Kindness

If someone is nice to you, then it may inspire you to be nice right back to them. The principle of reciprocity is seen and demonstrated in cultures all over the world, but it isn’t always used positively. When people are aggressive, they will respond with aggression. If they are treated with disdain, then they will respond with disdain.

Don’t Expect to Win

Once someone makes a demonstrative statement, especially in public, they are less likely to change their minds because they want to remain consistent. They also may have been making such statements for a long time. If they have made statements over and over again about the dangers of e-cigarettes, you probably will not be able to convince them otherwise, even when they are faced with evidence.

While some people will simply never have their minds changed, it doesn’t mean that they’re hopeless. Sometimes just responding in an open and friendly way will open the door to someone on the other side of the debate.

What is the craziest question or comment about vaping you’ve heard from a non-vaper? Let us know in the comments below!

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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  • Diane

    The first time I was vaping next to my cousin who was smoking, he turned to me and said, “you know that’s worse for you than smoking”. At the time I was stymied and just said, “no, they’re not”. I should have simply asked him why he thinks that, then I could have explained it all to him.

  • Mark M

    Like Diane, I’ve had people tell me that vaping is worse than smoking. Where do people come up with these crazy ideas?

    • Halo BlogMATTster

      Thanks for sharing Mark! Unfortunately, there is a lot of hearsay, but Halo remains on top of all regulatory and vape safety issues. If you haven’t already, please check out articles from Halo’s General Counsel–
      Eventually all the nonsense will be settled, but until then, it’s up to us vapers to take an active role in building a consensus.

  • Brenda Levan

    I went to the Cincinnati Zoo last Spring. It’s smoke free but I discreetly vaped randomly. I heard a voice behind me saying ‘Excuse me. Ma’am. Excuse me!” I stopped and turned around to two, not one but two Security Guards. She said ‘there’s no smoking at the zoo!’ I told her I wasn’t smoking, I was vaping to which she replied ‘there’s no smoking OR vaping at the zoo. The animals don’t like it!’
    As opposed to living in a cage locked up I guess!

  • E-Zigarette Blog

    So far the craziest question non vaper asked me was.. Do vapers feel thirsty each time they vape? or do I feel hydrated because I am vaping juice. 🙂 Kidding aside, yes, I have to agree that arguing to someone who is close minded not just only in ecig issues but with a lot of things it would be useless. I learned to listen to them instead. Agree to them as much as you could. And each word they utter I take it as a lesson for me to learn. So guys, just have fun in vaping. Lets just spread good vibes.

    • Wow, that’s funny! There is most definitely a lack of education when it comes to vaping. Individuals form their own perceptions, but it’s up to us to politely correct them.

    • Halo BlogMATTster

      Wow, we sure admire your patience! Thanks for sharing, we always love to hear feedback.