World’s Best Vaping Artist

World’s Best Vaping Artist

You vape. You love it. But do you consider yourself a vaping artist? Do you think of vaping as an art form? Many people do, and there are actually a number of vaping competitions held each year around the world. Titus Edwards has become known as the world’s best ‘vaping artist’. He’s from Houston, Texas, and has been vaping for a couple of years but he only discovered his artistic talents recently.

Oceanic Depths

While Edwards’ signature move is the ‘jellyfish’, but he creates a number of other sea creatures as well. When he creates his jellyfish, Edwards blows one solid smoke ring and then blows right through it to create several curling tentacles of smoke, making it seem as if the jellyfish is moving. All of his creations move and shift at will.

King Titus

Edwards is known as ‘King Titus’ in vaping circles; he has an artist residency at Super Deluxe where he makes videos showcasing his talents. Super Deluxe is self-described as a “community of creative weirdos making videos that are more substantial than much of what you see on the internet.” Edwards has a following of over 28,000 on Instagram, where you’ll find plenty of those videos featured along with stills of his creations. One of his Super Deluxe vids has been watched over 20 million times. And speaking of a fan base, Edwards says he finds it ‘crazy’ that he has so many followers. He says the increase in fans happened almost overnight, as people saw his videos.

Edwards competes, and plans to keep on doing so. There are a number of cloud chasing competitions around the U.S. and the ‘World Series of Cloud Chasing’ has events which take place annually in both the U.S. and the UK. The main WSOCC event is held in the UK, where they hand out cash prizes totaling more than $100,000.

His Process

Edwards uses a typical mod to come up with his vape creations. He told us that in order to get inspiration for new art pieces he watches videos, he studies, and then he creates. He likes to zero in on one thing and build the art piece, and the video, from there. Right now he’s trying to create a video a day. He says the art pieces aren’t difficult, just time consuming.

We beg to differ; they look pretty difficult to us!

What do you think? Are you an artist like King Titus? Let us know your favorite trick in the comments below!

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