Woohoo! It’s Time for Bonnaroo

Woohoo! It’s Time for Bonnaroo

The 2017 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival — just “Bonnaroo” to most, or “Roo” to festival vets — kicks off today, June 8, and runs through June 11.

Inspired in part by California’s Coachella, Bonnaroo is a massive and highly anticipated annual music fest that began in 2002. It’s held in the scenic green fields of Manchester, Tennessee, giving people closer to the “Right Coast” a chance to host the party.

In case you’re wondering, “Bonnaroo” is a slang Creole term that translates roughly to “good stuff,” though you’ll find conflicting definitions. Festival attendees are called Bonnaroovians. There’s actually an entire Roo-themed lexicon, believe it or not! So, better brush up on your Bonnaroo!

Get Ready to Rock

What to bring/wear to Bonnaroo? The short story is this: Wear shorts. Or something similarly comfortable. Prepare for summer days and nights outdoors, rain or shine, in the balmy American South. Get the full story here.

Before we dive into the festivities, we need to make sure you know the First Rule of Bonnaroo: “You do not talk about Bonnaroo.” Seriously though, it’s “STAY HYDRATED.” Fresh water stations throughout the site will help you do that. Take advantage of ‘em.

Also, Bonnaroo is not the most vape-friendly event around, so keep that in mind if you’re going. You may want to politely suggest to festival management that allowing smoking but banning vaping makes little sense. Whatever the case, you’ll certainly want to pick out some good road vapes.


With at least 130 acts performing across at least 10 stages (not even the organizers seem to have an exact number), there will be abundant tuneage for all Bonnaroovians. Rock giants U2 and Red Hot Chili Peppers will be there, along with R&B VIP The Weeknd, and hip hop heavyweight Travis Scott.

It wouldn’t be Tennessee without some bluegrass, and there will be several of those artists as well, banjos in hand. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band will bring New Orleans sounds along. And the list goes on and on. (Check out our playlist below for more Bonnaroo 2017 artists.)

There’s music nearly around the clock at Bonnaroo, though it’s not always planned that way. One year Kanye West, noted for not letting others finish, wouldn’t start his set until his demands were met, ultimately taking the stage around 4:30 a.m. (He’s not in the 2017 lineup.)

If you ever get “tuned out,” there’s also a comedy and cinema venue to keep you entertained.

The Deal of the Art

Graffiti is encouraged at Bonnaroo, though NOT in the restroom stalls, please. There’s a huge wall designated for letting you unleash your inner vandal. Bonnaroovians express political views, critique festival performers, create genuine art masterpieces, and even propose marriage via the graffiti wall. If you need to express yourself, this is the place to do it. You’ll find the wall surrounding Centeroo.

Food of the Rock Gods

A bacon-themed eatery. A fleet of food trucks. Suds and ciders from dozens of breweries. Amish to Asian. Burgers to barbecue. Caribbean to corndogs. Bonnaroo is a veritable United Nations of food choices. Eat and drink up.

Side Items

Camping, yoga, parades, sustainability projects, a charity run, Silent Disco (you just have to see it), “Twerkouts” (ditto), corporate sponsorships, and product placement aplenty. It’s all there. Bonnaroo is a microcosm of society set up in small-town Tennessee. If you can’t find something interesting to do, check your pulse.

We hope you have an amazing and safe time at Bonnaroo. Enjoy!

Get in an early Twerkout now with our exclusive Halo-Roo 2017 playlist!

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