What’s Your State’s Favorite Flavor?

What’s Your State’s Favorite Flavor?

Everyone has favorites. Favorite cars. Favorite sports teams. Favorite vacation destinations. Some parents even have favorite children—sure they say they don’t, but you know … You know. And it’s no different when it comes to a favorite flavor of e-liquid.

It’s human nature to pick favorites. Whether it’s a tobacco blend, a menthol flavor or a gourmet one—everyone has a favorite. That led us to thinking: What is each state’s favorite E-liquid flavor? And which states vape the most? So we poured over our data and mined it for information on which states prefer which flavors along with how much they’re vaping.

The result is this list. We’ll start with a look at the ten states that vape the most—along with their flavor of choice—and then post the complete list of states and their favorite flavors at the bottom of this article.

In almost every single state, Tribeca was number one. While that’s a testament to why Tribeca is one of the top flavors in the whole industry, it doesn’t make for a very compelling list. So in many cases, we opted to go with the second most popular flavor—provided that it was in a comparable range. In cases where Tribeca was by-and-far the winner, we left it as the winner. But make no mistake about it, Tribeca is our number one flavor of all-time for a reason and as you’ll see—that is clearly reflected.

Now, without further ado, here is the countdown of the ten states that vape the most—along with their favorite flavor.

10.) Ohio – Torque 56

The Buckeye state comes in at no. 10 and seems to prefer tobacco flavors. Chief among them, Torque 56—a traditional tobacco flavor with a strong throat hit and just the right hint of sweetness.

9.) North Carolina – Turkish Tobacco

We have to admit, we find it a bit odd that a state that is synonymous with its tobacco industry (Tobacco Road, anyone?) would prefer an E-liquid flavor that pays homage to imported Turkish tobacco. But to each their own.

8.) Massachusetts – Menthol ICE

Massachusetts is clearly a menthol state, as is evidenced by the quantity of Menthol ICE it orders. Not that we’re knocking it, Menthol ICE is always smooth and mixes great with other flavors. You can’t go wrong with that.

7.) New Jersey – Tribeca

The Garden State knows what it likes and it’s not ashamed of it. Tribeca—Halo’s most popular flavor—was the clear cut winner here by nearly a 2:1 ratio.

6.) Illinois – Kringle’s Curse

Apparently the good folks in Illinois like to keep Christmas (to quote Dickens) the whole year round. Kringle’s Curse is our peppermint blend and the people in the Prairie State seem to love it.

5.) Pennsylvania – Menthol ICE

Pennsylvanians have at least one thing in common with the folks in Massachusetts—they both love Menthol ICE. Not that they’re alone, it’s one of our most popular E-liquid flavors.

4.) Texas – Torque 56

“No Frills, Nothing Fancy.” It’s the catchphrase for Torque 56 and it’s also apropos of the Longhorn state. The only flavor that would’ve been more fitting is, well, Longhorn.

3.) Florida – Malibu

Halo’s home state is another with an oddly appropriate choice of E-liquid. Florida, which is famous for its tourism industry, just loves Malibu—a Pina Colada flavored E-liquid with a hint of menthol.

2.) New York – Prime 15

New York, home of the Big Apple, adores Prime 15. Maybe it’s that name. Maybe with its Earthy undertones it serves as a brief escape from big city living. Who knows. All we know is New Yorkers love it.

1.) California – Turkish Tobacco

We have to be honest, this one made the least sense to us. If we showed you our flavor line-up and asked you to pick the most popular choice in California you’d say Malibu, right? Wrong. It’s Turkish Tobacco. Go figure.

Honorable Mention: Maryland – Tribeca

We just wanted to use this meme:
Maryland Vaping Meme - Halo Blog

States and their favorite E-liquid flavors

StateFavorite Flavor
AlabamaKringle’s Curse
AlaskaTorque 56
ArizonaSub Zero
CaliforniaTurkish Tobacco
ColoradoPrime 15
ConnecticutMenthol ICE
DCSub Zero
GeorgiaKringle’s Curse
IllinoisKringle’s Curse
IndianaKringle’s Curse
IowaSub Zero
LouisianaTorque 56
MassachusettsMenthol ICE
MichiganKringle’s Curse
MinnesotaSub Zero
MissouriTurkish Tobacco
NebraskaSub Zero
NevadaSouthern Classic
New HampshireSouthern Classic
New JerseyTorque 56
New MexicoTribeca
New YorkPrime 15
North CarolinaTurkish Tobacco
North DakotaTribeca
OhioTorque 56
OklahomaFreedom Juice
OregonKringle’s Curse
PennsylvaniaMenthol ICE
Rhode IslandTribeca
South CarolinaHX3
South DakotaTribeca
TexasTorque 56
UtahTurkish Tobacco
VirginiaKringle’s Curse
WashingtonPrime 15
West VirginiaTribeca
WisconsinCool Mist

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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  • Kimberly Oquist Johnson

    How interesting. I just got my Halo vape mail yesterday and with my order I picked my free 30 ml bottle of e liquid. It’s always hard to choose especially when it’s a special. I had to stock up on as much of HX3 and Southern Classic before they’re gone forever. My last orders I was able to stock up well with Twisted Java. I had to get my 50.00 worth of hardware with this order to get my free bottle. That was a very long intro to just say…….Ta Da…..I picked Turkish Tobacco and I’m in and born here. I haven’t had it in a while so I thought Hmmm, I need to get that. It is so hard to choose when there are so many flavors I love. I just how interesting it was after reading this article and I just got a bottle of Turkish in the mail yesterday. Love you Halo.

  • Brent Soirez

    My favorite ejuice flavors are Tribeca and Cool Mist.

  • lbfromnbma@aol.com

    I’m from MA and my picks are Tourqe and Tribeca and I mix some prime and captain jack in.

  • TK In IL

    Nice to know I’m consistent with my state! In every newsletter, you ask, “WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE HALO SOLD?” Where can I find the list of shops that carry Halo liquids?

    • We will have a store locator up on our website very soon. Keep an eye out for it!

  • Renee in Alabama

    Interesting. My favorite is Black Calico, but I also love Tribeca, Prime 15, and Cordoba. I can’t believe Black Calico didn’t make the list for any state, it’s divine! I’d be very interested to know the total percentage of sales for each flavor. Has that been posted anywhere yet?

  • Robert in Ohio

    Loved the list and find it interesting that I truly represent my State of OH in finding Torq56 my all time favorite and *just* received my order today from this Labor Day Sale…thanks, Halo! Have not touched a real cig in just shy of two years since I firstly started and stuck with Halo, thanks to my brother early on…feels great to breath properly again!
    Halo rocks…so does Ohio!

    • Robert in Ohio

      I agree with Renee in Alabama, because Black Calico *and* Cordoba have quickly become my all time favorites and mix them with my Torq56 and Fusion. That’s another thing, Fusion is AWSOME if you like to mix and be like a Mad Vapor, I know I am…and Halo Folk, you really need to place Fusion also in each and every Flavor Category on your otherwise Gr8 website. Where Fusion resides in Accessories or the like is actually something not very intuitive. Just trying to make the very best ever more so!
      Black Calico and Cordoba are incredible and was surprised, but they are newest to the flock.


  • John

    I feel like Torque 56 is only tops in Ohio because of how much of it I vape lol

    • Robert in Ohio

      Coupled with my heavy use of Torq56 and in Ohio, it was only inevitable. Voodoo would make me think of New Orleans…LOL!

  • JPerez

    Hey what happened with Twisted Java?, it is my favorite flavor, haven’t seen it in a while, hope it comes back….

    • T. Costanzo

      Want Twisted Java back!! was my all time fav.