Vaping Is Not a Fad

Vaping Is Not a Fad

Not that long ago, if you pulled out an e-cigarette, one of two things would happen: People would look at you with a side-eye or they would be blown away at how far technology has come. Encounters like these are growing less common as people get used to seeing vaping. Those who don’t use e-cigarettes probably know someone who does.


When electronic cigarettes hit the market in 2007, they were very hard to find. Few retailers sold them and options were limited.

From early on, there were community forums where you could talk about vaping, share experiences, and help others get started. This is where people began to discuss experimenting with their gear, taking their atomizers apart, modifying their devices, and sharing recipes for DIY e-juice.

Over the next several years, vaping continued to catch on and the technology quickly advanced from cig-a-likes to vape pens to adjustable wattage devices.


Vaping started to take off in 2012, but really skyrocketed around 2014. Today we have 200-watt box mods, temperature control devices, custom-made coils, and more flavors of e-juice than you could ever try in your lifetime.

In addition to the ever-advancing technology, vape culture has also become more mainstream. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of vape reviewers on YouTube. Vaping podcasts on iTunes. Monthly cloud competitions at vape shops. Instagram is home to some of the most amazing vape trick videos. Conventions draw thousands of attendees around the world.

If all that weren’t enough, vaping undoubtedly went legit when the word “vape” was Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year in 2014!

The Future

Over the past few years, Bonnie Herzog, a well-known analyst with Wells Fargo, estimated that the e-cig industry will reach up to $10 billion annually in by 2017 and could surpass tobacco cigarettes by 2025. And according to BIS Research, the vape industry is estimated to reach a market value of $50 billion by 2025. They expect growth of more than 22% over the next 10 years.

With the strong growth in the vaping industry, you’d expect to see nonstop innovation; this would probably be true if it weren’t for the August 2016 FDA regulations. Vaping will continue to grow worldwide with pro-vaping advocates everywhere continuing to fight these regulations.

So, Is Vaping a Fad?

Regulations aside, it’s clear that vaping isn’t going anywhere. Big tobacco companies have started selling their own vaping products and even admitted that the number of vapers will eventually surpass the amount of smokers!

Despite the massive influx of people moving toward e-cigarettes, there are still millions of adults who are smoking. It’s a lot of people to convert, but these adult smokers could be the next generation of vapers.

Vaping is definitely not a fad! Trends die quickly, but vaping has been thriving for a decade and is here to stay.

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