Vaping in Memphis: Top 4 Experiences

Vaping in Memphis: Top 4 Experiences

Award winning BBQ, Elvis lookalikes, the sounds of live blues and rock ‘n’ roll – you must be walking in Memphis! And you will be with this Memphis guide. Here are the top four experiences Memphis has to offer:

Beale Street

Also known as one of America’s most iconic streets, Beale Street is Tennessee’s most visited attraction and is the official home of the blues. If you’re a music lover you’ll love the scene of Beale Street – music streaming from every open door, memorials of music legends, and music history everywhere you look. Experience Beale Street like a local with these tips. The perfect vape for a scene like this is Torque 56. Fill up your tank and get moving down music’s walk of fame.

Eating in Memphis

There are three things you can’t avoid eating when you’re in Memphis: Barbeque, soul food, and brews. The barbecue in Memphis practically falls off the bone! There are over 100 barbeque joints to try in the Bluff City, and trust us, you’ll want to pack your stretchy pants. Memphis also has all the home-cooked meals you could ever want that feed the belly and the soul. And if you’re a vegetarian and somehow ended up here, well bless your heart! But don’t you worry, there are plenty of mouthwatering sides to fill you up. Don’t forget to try some of Memphis’ craft beer – with a touch of vape. It will give you a real authentic taste of the city.


Graceland was the home of rock ‘n’ roll legend Elvis Presley. He purchased Graceland when he was 22 years old at the start of his longtime career in music and film. Now, it’s the most famous rock ‘n’ roll residence in the world. You can tour Graceland and its original décor and get a real feel of Elvis’ life. And since Elvis was often seen smoking skinny cigars, you’ll want to bring some LongHorn with you to honor the king. (Vape outside the grounds, because it’s not permitted on the property.) If you’re a huge Elvis fan, you won’t want to miss the annual Elvis Week. Held every year in mid-August, Elvis Week is a celebration of the rock ‘n’ roll king. There’s something for all the Elvis fans, including the big draw each year, the annual Elvis Tribute Artist contest.

Sun Studio

The world comes together at Sun Studio in the name of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s the most famous recording studio in the world and birth place of rock ‘n’ roll. You can stand where Elvis and other music legends stood as you tour the Sun Studio. Despite the small structure of the studio, you can feel the presence of big dreams that came to life within its walls.

So, put on your blue suede shoes and go walking in Memphis. You won’t regret it.


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