Vaping & Driving: Five Tips to Follow While on the Road

Vaping & Driving: Five Tips to Follow While on the Road

Unless you’ve been off the grid for a solid 15 years or your last name is Van Winkle, you’ve probably noticed automakers have completely phased out the ashtray feature in all their vehicles. Those who disregard the hazards of smoking while driving can be easily spotted by the burn holes from smoldering embers on their car seat or favorite jeans, but is vaping any safer?

There are differing views for sure, however, many feel vaping while operating a vehicle is a better alternative to smoking cigarettes:

“The vapor that comes out is not going to be enough to cloud the driver’s vision,” says Patricia Vidal on “If anything, children in the car are probably more distracting to the driving than an E-cig.”

Patricia is obviously not a cloud-chaser, but there is some truth to her claims. Vaping and driving can be safe so long as the vaper adheres to one simple rule: have everything ready before getting behind the wheel. Author, Amber Whaley, accurately sums up the concern in “E-Cigs on the Go: Tips for Vaping and Driving”:

“Let’s face it … the car is a great place to vape … if you are ready and prepared. … but filling your tank or dripping E-liquid while operating a vehicle is not a very safe task. … fumbling around for your charger isn’t that safe either … make sure you have a fully charged and fully filled device. Consider bringing a back-up battery and a pre-filled cartridge.”

While Whaley poses some excellent points, let’s take a more in-depth look at the unwritten vaping rules of the road. The following are some safety guidelines to consider when vaping while driving:

1) Pack Accordingly

Before you start the car, your E-cig’s battery should be charged and tank filled so your vape is ready and raring to go.

The distance you have to travel will directly impact your plans. Longer trips may require you to carry a backup device or else count on stopping somewhere to make necessary adjustments. Regardless if you’re cruising from coast to coast or grabbing dinner at a neighborhood restaurant, refilling tanks or changing cartomizers while driving is as dangerous as texting and should be avoided.

2) Crack Your Car Windows and Clean Them Regularly

If you have a high-powered mod that creates thick vapor clouds, crack your window and open your sunroof to let the vapor out. It’s also best to try to blow the vapor towards an opening while the car is in motion and the air is circulating.

Massive vapor clouds can not only inhibit your vision, but also fog your windshield, which can be especially dangerous while driving at night. In order to prevent build-up, try cleaning your windows on a regular basis.

3) Keep Your Eyes on the Road

You accidentally dropped your vape; what do you do? It’s simple: Make like Paul McCartney and let it be. It won’t start a fire (sorry, Billy Joel) or burn a hole in your carpet like a traditional cigarette, so there is no need to panic or recklessly reach over and pick it up. Find a place where you can safely pull the car over before retrieving it. All is well in the world again.

4) Don’t Hurt Yourself

Do not put the drip tip too close to your teeth. Roads are dotted with potholes and other cracks and crevices that may cause your vape to rattle while it’s in your mouth, damaging your teeth and making for an expensive dental visit.

5) Refrain from Littering

Finally, don’t throw empty cartomizers out the window. Not only is it littering, but the shards of glass and plastic left behind can pierce car wheels and cause further destruction. Don’t be that vaper. Just keep the disposable components in the car until you can find an appropriate place to throw them away, also known as a trash can.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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