Vaping 101: What are PG and VG?

Vaping 101: What are PG and VG?

If you are new to Halo, and our extensive line of traditional and advanced E-cigarettes, it’s likely that you’ve stumbled across the abbreviations PG and VG during your journey here. If so, you probably also heard about ratios. And viscosities. And vaporization temperatures …

… and then you likely developed a migraine from the confusion. But fret not. Grab some aspirin and get comfortable. We’re here to help.

Before you purchase your first Halo E-cigarette and all of the essential components that go with it, it’s important to take the time to know about these two substances because PG and VG are the main bases of E-liquid solutions, and understanding how they work can greatly impact your vaping experience.

First, PG

Propylene glycol (PG) is the most commonly used base liquid for making E-liquids. It is clear and flavorless on its own, but serves as a highly effective vehicle for delivering our top-flight flavors, and vaporizes cleanly in our Triton vape tanks and G6 E-cig cartomizers. It has been deemed safe for human consumption, is found as a solvent in certain medicines and is frequently seen in packaged food products, among many other uses.

When used on its own, the vapor that is produced by PG-centric liquids is flavorful, but with somewhat thinner feel and vapor production, which can result in an overly harsh experience.

It should also be noted that a small percentage of vapers have experienced mild sensitivities to PG at various levels. This is why the lion’s share of E-liquids on the market contain varied balances of PG and VG.

Speaking of which

Now, VG

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a viscous, water-soluble liquid derived from plant materials that is also used in food, cosmetics and medicines. It is generally sweeter than PG and can be used on its own or mixed with PG in various ratios.

Because of its thicker composition and sweetness, E-liquids comprising mostly (or solely) VG produces tighter draws and somewhat muted flavors in all but the most powerful E-cigarettes. You know, the ones that basement hobbyists connect to circuit boards—or bus engines before they grace the local newscasts.

But higher VG content does have one notable benefit*mdash;a benefit that drives the aforementioned hobbyists to seek out the “ideal vape rig”: massive clouds of vapor.

If you’ve read up on some of the myriad E-liquid review sites and forums, you’ll notice that VG concentration is usually a primary focal point. With good reason. blowing thick clouds is a satisfying practice that hits all the right tactile notes for new and experienced vapers alike.

For some, that’s more than enough to satisfy. If you’re like us, however, vaping E-cigs isn’t just about making our offices resemble a Whitesnake reunion tour. It’s about finding the perfect balance of flavor, satisfaction and all-out enjoyment.

So, let’s break this down.

O.K., Mr. Wizard, What’s the Best Balance of PG and VG?

Halo Malibu E-liquid vape juice - Halo Blog

It required advanced algorithms, large teams of scientists and extra strength K-Cups. But after racking our brains, we determined one thing: There isn’t one.

Like anything taste-related, vaping is about personal preference. As a company that produces E-liquids, we have spent extensive periods of time blending flavors and ingredients and even more time assessing customer feedback. Based on what our customers have told us, we fine-tuned our recipes until we found the ideal balance for each of our premium E-liquids.

Many vapers prefer moderate VG–PG ratios, in hope of balancing the stronger flavor qualities of PG with the smoothness and vapor production of VG. It’s a never-ending quest for many E-cig enthusiasts, but one that is highly rewarding when that balance is achieved.

(Don’t forget: Nicotine levels also play a role in flavor and experience, but that’s another post for another time.)

Many companies treat vaping as a hobby. We feel it’s a lifestyle you should feel good about. Halo takes pride in using only the finest USP-grade ingredients, and our PG and VG is no exception. Whether buying prefilled cartomizers or a bottle of our premium E-liquid, you can rest assured you are getting only the best ingredients available.

In turn, we blend every batch of Halo E-liquid to specifications that bring our customers pure flavor, thick vapor, and an E-cig experience that keeps them coming back for more. In the end, all the ratios and percentages in the world don’t matter if you’re not tracking the most important piece of data: expert and customer satisfaction.

And we have that one locked down—just see for yourself.

But, since we’ve opened up the dialogue, we’re curious to see what you think about PG and VG levels in your E-cigs. What are your preferred levels? Do you feel Halo E-liquids find that elusive “perfect” balance of flavor, vapor and satisfaction?

Let us know in the comments, or through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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