Vapers’ Voting Guide

Vapers’ Voting Guide

This year, there is a lot on the plate November 8th. No matter who your candidate is, if you’re a vaper, there are some initiatives you may need to look closely at (depending upon your state). It’s a good idea to know where the candidates stand when it comes to vaping, but since that’s not always evident, the next best thing is to concentrate on any ballot initiative that deals directly (or indirectly) with the vaping industry. Check out our voting guide, as these initiatives could impact your future.

California Ballot Initiative

If you live in California, you’ll be voting on the California Tobacco Tax Act of 2016, or Prop 56. This initiative will increase taxes on tobacco products like cigarettes, but because of the current FDA regulations, California is including all vaping products.

If Prop 56 passes, a nearly 70% vaping tax will take effect almost immediately and the wholesale tax on vapor products would more than triple.

Colorado Ballot Initiative

In Colorado, you will be voting on Amendment 72. Currently, the proposed tax is just on tobacco products. However, the language of the initiative is such that it could, in the future, also apply to vaping products, especially considering the FDA ruling. The initiative, if passed, would triple the state’s cigarette excise tax and increase the wholesale tax on tobacco products by 62%.

Missouri Ballot Initiative

The same goes for those voting in Missouri. The ballot initiative, called Proposition A, would increase state taxes on tobacco products. As of right now, it applies only to ‘tobacco’ products, but in light of the FDA ruling, this could change in the future to include vaping products. Right now, the verbiage says the tax would increase tobacco prices by 5%, but of course, this could include vaping products in the future.

North Dakota Ballot Initiative

Those in North Dakota will vote on Initiated Statutory Measure 4. This measure will increase taxes on tobacco products. This initiative will lump vaping products into that category. The language includes all liquid nicotine and electronic vaping devices. It would raise taxes by 56% at the wholesale level and would constitute a 400% increase (yes, 400%) on your vaping products. Vape shop owners fear this new tax could bankrupt them.

Measure 4 would also require e-liquid sellers to register and follow regulations when altering the liquids in any way (as would the new FDA Deeming Rule).

You Vape, You Vote

If you’re a vaper, whether you live in one of these states or not, you need to vote. Do your homework on your candidate and see which way they lean as far as vaping goes. That goes for everyone on the ballot. Not everyone is transparent, but you should be able to find their voting history. Make an educated decision when you step into that booth (or before you mark your absentee ballot).

In these elections, every vote counts. Every voice needs to be heard. Every vaper’s voice needs to be heard.

What do you think of the proposed initiatives? Does this voting guide help? Let us know in the comments below.

The opinions and other information contained in these blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Nicopure Labs LLC, owner of the Halo and HaloCigs marks.

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